World of Tanks | Out of Tank Experience | New Bug Discovered

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Source: TheRiisingSun

What the hell just happened
I have NO mods running in the 9.8 client.


GME(Generic Mod Enabler)

Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sound mod


  1. @Sync Misa

    Rename you res_mods.9.8 folder to res_mod.9.8.1 and everything should
    be fine :)

  2. Highflyer, you unlocked the immersive mode! 

  3. WOT Funpage [PL]

    the same history in Domination mode :)

  4. Serves you right HighFlyer, you NEVER get out of your tank during a match!
    Not even for ice cream!

  5. Seeing it from you point of view is even more fun than it was listening to
    it on ts xD

    But with that you can get some nice sideshots on your own tank :P

  6. What the actual f**k ???//?

  7. 10/10 lurk

  8. This is Wot…. full of bug and idiots !!

  9. STRONK wargaming!

  10. That Dorjan guy was commentating at the WG Finals event?

  11. jeffrey schreuder

    i have another bug foun anyone heard of it im loaded in but still see the
    loading screen.

    i see tank markers the life how people lose life
    also i hear sounds but i cant see anything else`

    some games i get this and some games not

    note that the T-46 in the 1st and 2nd shot changed place this is because i
    can move the camera around it seems

    • GriggsCk Gaming

      +jeffrey schreuder This is due to incompatible mods, the game just straight
      up won’t load until you delete the problematic mods. If you do not have
      mods install, well then I don’t know.

  12. Now that’s something…

  13. u are play the ultra realistic mode 😛 no zoom out :P

  14. It’s not a bug, it’s a feature!

  15. You say no mods
    I see the minimap mod

    • Thats not a mod… It comes with the game now as standard see it has no
      view range cirlces and square

    • +trobi I believe those are just client settings. 2 or 3 patches ago they
      added those features to the map.

    • GriggsCk Gaming

      +trobi That’s not mod, that’s built in features Wargaming introduced some
      patches ago, try reading patch notes, or at least watch the patch overview
      videos by World of tanks, really helpful.

  16. Never seen that happen before. Sure is wierd

  17. Wilson Hafe von Waterlowski

    thats WoT for you

  18. I have the same problem Christian, ever since they added the domination
    mode my mods just stoped working even the my sound mods and reticle mod.
    And xvm :(

  19. Rofl… well considering your bug… top damage and exp… *shamed*

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