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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – M36 Jackson. Today 666Bankir666_2013 is outgunned in his T6 American tank destroyer, the M36 Jackson!

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  1. I hope you enjoy this cracking game from Bankir! F2P players will hopefully love it 🙂

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  2. Jack Vande Polder

    More t95 doom turtle!

  3. I think that by now there are only three categories of armour… Always penned, one that is viable for sidescraping at autobounce angle and armour that you need gold ammo to pen. And I think Jackson, even with its 110mm effective frontal armour, falls into the paper tank category.

  4. I’m putting money on WG stopped calling it the Slugger so they can reskin the normal Jackson and sell it as a premium and call the premium the Slugger.

  5. Yey my fav tank in very skilled player 😀

  6. i enjoy when you showcase replays of players doing really well in undesireable tanks. Be cause it can ease the grind up a line if you are ensured of that you can perform well in a bad vehicle if you play well enough.

  7. BIlly the SMall Bong thorton from india

    i prefer the jackson over the hellcat. i rather have that slight armor over speed.

  8. and here comes a bunch of console players in the jackson lol

  9. Quickybaby, I’ve subscribed to your WoT videos for a couple of years, now. I’d like to see a mix of mid tier replays in future. Also, it’d be nice to see you make a “welcome to WoT” video showcasing how to angle armor, sidescrape, double bush, etc. along with pointers like the demountable items, consumables and the like.
    Maybe cross link it with your “how to make credits” video, and plug your reviews so they can learn, as I have, where to aim at the enemy.

  10. updated tank reviews?

  11. “The O-Ho narrowly misses Bankir”
    *round lands 100 meters short*
    xD 5:11

  12. Would love to see you feature the Wolverine, QB. It’s like the Jackson, only a tier lower. Has the best DPM of any non premium TD at tier 5. It is by far my favorite tank in the game.

  13. 3:38 FV4202 is a premium medium tier 8 now???

  14. Am I the only one who likes the Jackson a whole lot more than the Hellcat?


  16. I have three marked the hellcat and would like to validate the advantages of the Jackson over the hellcat. My plays style keeps me away from the frontline and makes me snipe. This means that I can use the hellcats speed to keep the action in front of me at all times and the terrible dispersion values of the hellcat become less of an issue. However, the Jackson can do the same things. While slower to getting to position, the Jackson can snap shots so much better than the hellcat. It’s slower speed means the dispersion on the reticule doesn’t get so big. So yeah.

  17. TheUnoriginalGamer

    this guy is really skilled, props man

  18. Some great points…… but the hellcat looks cooler : D

  19. Great replay… i love Jackson, one of my favorites.. 😀

  20. This was a great replay. Not only because it was low tier but because it was great play in a less than spectacular tank and a basic load out. More like this pls QuickyBaby.

  21. I forgot to breath at the end

  22. I would like to watch some kind of “Rarest WoT medals” series. 🙂

  23. Thank you for featuring one of my favorite tanks! Also, would you mind (along with doing lower tiers) do “underpowered” tanks such as the T32 for example?

  24. QuickyWill… upload more vlogs from Tankfest or from your trip to Belarus
    I’d really love to see vlogs and something like that 😉

  25. QB please can we have more ELC AMX like if u agree

  26. i think the borsig is not aceable for normal players. i got 1906 exp but still 1. class. then i got 1600 and still 1. class wtf?

  27. Olivier Versteeg

    Always thought a jackson was bad

  28. Play more 5 to 7 tires

  29. The Jackson isn’t low tier, I’ve seen spectacular tier 4 games, now there’s you problem

  30. T1 cunningham Next!

  31. shoutout to the people who have 2 fps and 99kb wifi

  32. Watched the tail end of your live stream last night, you have an amazing audience! I’ll be watching it today so I can catch what you said about Gamescom.

  33. Bintang Wicaksono

    2moe on jackson 5% more go to 3moe 😀

  34. Gerrit Schlicksupp

    Not only the english community. Also the german community ?

  35. I wish my enemies were as retarded as those heavies

  36. i hate trump

  37. qb feature unpopular tanks! like t25/2, challenger, etc.

  38. Great game, please do more of this, quicky 🙂

  39. Wow this game was really skilled and impressive ! No unicum gold spam and so on… Very smart and skilled moves, thanks QB

  40. Did he just did more dmg than qb in foch? What a game!

  41. DubstepDeano 194

    I haven’t watched one of your videos in ages

  42. no qb, youre gulty of featuring gold spammer replays not because theyre high tiered

  43. That last battle against the O-Ho was so similar to the Fury – Tiger battle in Fury!

  44. Mid tier games good as I know what the tanks are

  45. Nice too see those scumbag japanese heavies bleed! Great replay!

  46. lol that e25 and su152 😀

  47. Thank you for low tier gameplay.

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