World of Tanks || OUTNUMBERED!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m going to be seriously outnumbered in a ! David versus Goliath!


World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. One might wonder if he is still talking and talking and talking …

  2. The title looks like it says World of tanks 2

    will there ever be one?

  3. How much longer until XVM is more stable quackybaby??

  4. Quickybaby!!!! When are you going to do some more good guy moments???

  5. HE shoot from distance! Omg bad game

  6. out played,
    u could’ve rest by HE and waited a bit so he think you are going from the valley then u advance as u did

  7. Will–you’re losing your hair….

  8. So many misplays and poor shots…

  9. your teammates who were shouting “no cap” deserve a loss.  Selfish pieces of crap.  Nice try though you made it close.

  10. I do love your brutal honesty in both calling out Wargaming and in showing defeats and the excellent descriptions of the realities of your battles and submitted replays, keep up the great work Quickybaby!

  11. QuickyBaby, have you noticed different times of the day having more experienced players?

  12. QB, I am trying to get some free experience, so I don’t have to play stock in my new tanks. But it is taking forever. I am using a personal reserve, and a free premuim tier 7 tank I got, but I am not getting anywhere with this strategy. I keep getting put in tier 10, so I can’t damage anyone. I am at 1,500 Free XP. I was at 1,300 2 hours ago. Can you help? None of my other tanks, like my maxed KV-85 are good enough. Artillery, fast death, tier 8 games, ect.

    • It is +/- 2 tier matchmaking so a tier 7 vehicle would at most see a tier 9 vehicle. Are you sure it is a tier 7 premium vehicle? Play the vehicles that you are good at and learn some tactics for those vehicles and the maps (perhaps through YouTube videos). You don’t have to reach tier 10 if you need so much experience points to unlock a certain module on some high tier vehicle to do well. Don’t make it to the point where you hate the game. If you had enough of World of Tanks for one day, rest. Play World of Tanks again at another time when you are in a good mood. Good luck comrade.

  13. “I dunno why that VK is firing HEAT, AP would be better in that situation probably…”
    Yes, you’re right, it can overmatch, and it has better shell velocity…

    But the HEAT has 350mm of pen which means that guy probably only has HEAT loaded because why think about where you’re aiming or what you’re aiming at when you can just cheese through almost anything with auto-aim, and cheese through anything with a bit of precise aiming…

    It’s not even like 246 AP pen is terrible…Same pen as E-75 and with some decent aiming is just as effective, but why aim when you can just load 350 HEAT and nullify any sort of armor you might face…

  14. Some people would rather lose the game and get more damage for marks of excellence than cap

  15. You played amazingly ?

  16. Another exciting game. I thought you would win. Oh well.

  17. More Soviet crap? Ughhh

  18. i must say the vk new ,what he was doing yeah. he was no scrub so well done vk and, quicky you cant win em all no matter how good you tank.

  19. I always wanted to get a Pascucci’s medal. Good work about the tactics QuickyBaby.

  20. Four vs QB.
    They were clearly outnumbered.

  21. Christopher O'Grady

    Still don’t understand the point of playing at tier 10 if a good game is going to cost me 54,286 credits using a premium account. How is this a thing?

  22. If it had been next week, when your beloved wife is back, I’ll bet you wouldn’t have backed over that old lady trying to drive to the druggist at 1:24, either! With women who love us = Civilization & Happiness. Without women who love us = Lord of the Flies!!!

  23. qb so stupid braindead london player

  24. great play anyway. well played as usual

  25. This is so sad

  26. george marnelakis

    And that there is the promblem with WoT, a Heavy tank with a monsterous cannon shooting HEAT to secure the game against a LIGHT tank!

  27. Fucking unicums shooting heat at a light tank. “World of tanks takes skill” my ass ??

  28. Had a heart pumping and heart breaking moment last night in a Chi-Ri …. 6 kills with 1 opponent left but he decided to hide out the match. But taking out an overconfident E25 was nice 🙂

  29. paying the price for missing that vk7201 TWICE!

  30. As much as I like the Tier 10 lights, I think they all need some love.

  31. That’s some pro play, well done.

  32. Hey quickybaby why do you do like a matchmaker academy where you look at less successful games and give advice on how people can improve

  33. Played against your T100 on redshire with my T10. Hopeless to spot you even if I knew you were on D7. Do I need to add that we lost the game? 🙂

  34. the blood in my feet went cold

  35. Quicky: You softy:-) Take Tanya out for a meal when she gets back.

  36. Get some sun you are looking pale

  37. Love how everyone gives the 705A shit in the match even though he lasted longer and was even in the cap circle trying to win while they sat in the chat and pointed fingers like it was his fault that they made dumb plays and didn’t adjust, ffs noobs. Gg 705A keep enjoying the game

  38. I didn’t think Russian tanks could lose like that. You missed snapshots and then died to a snapshot. You should submit a ticket and get those bugs fixed…

  39. was a wonderful game

  40. Meraj Hossen Akib Akib

    Try rainbow six siege . That game also can give u heart racing matches ???

  41. Technically the S-tank has the best camo at tier 10.

  42. Out of interest, what’s going to happen with Tanya post Brexit? Is she a resident?

  43. great game Quicky

  44. nice vids man, i always like to watch your vids when i have the free time

  45. click or treat part 3 !!!!!!!!

  46. QuickyBaby, you mentioned the exceptional penetration drop-over-range of the top-tier light tanks, but I have to tell you, you are wrong. I have checked the T-100LT vs the T-62A e.g., and they both loose 25% of penetration at 500 meters. It is the same for all APCR (well ok, the low-tier auto-cannons are a bit different).

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