World of Tanks – Outside The Box

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

In which, after an extremely aggressive start, Lilleblom01 has start thinking outside the box in the 46 on Lakeville.

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  1. Jingles: He might have the 6th sense skill
    Me: Ya don’t say 🙂

  2. The way he plays the Progetto bothers me. He keeps dipping to his 3rd shell and he’s paying for it. If he was a bit more disciplined, he could’ve made even more aggressive plays and deal more damage.
    I also notice that he keeps rushing the shots even if it’s unnecessary. It’s almost unbearable to watch if not for Jingle’s commentary.

  3. Shame there aren’t any TOG replays. All Hail TOG!

  4. at this point Jingles, everyone has the sixth sense skill, wargaming made it that you don’t need to level it up anymore

  5. Oi! Jingles! I have been watching you for… like 10+ years now and none of my videos have been featured!
    Granted, I have not sent you any of them,… or even played WOT or WOWS for most of that… but I still expect compensation for the unfair treatment.

  6. Jingles: asking artillery for help.

    Me: which artillery?

    Never change Jingles. Never change 😄

  7. 6 years is a lengthy time, but I’ve been watching since I met my wife of 9 years!

  8. Why does ramming make tanks explode? Oh yeah, wargaming -_-

  9. I think, I have followed Jingles’s YouTube around 10 years now.

  10. i mean.. scorpy might be right.. when he moved to K2 8:23 , he could do that 2-3 minute earlier.. but instead he stay there when knowing the fact that the rest of his team including scorpy push forward to the enemy..

    • The biggest mistake people make is rushing into a position to soon. He was able to take out a TD and the Bourrasque because the enemy team wasn’t worried about him or the other heavy pushing. If he had pushed earlier who knows, maybe their guns would be pointed in his direction still. So stfu up and watch the video yeah? It’s easy to say well he could do this, this, this and this when you’re a spectator but it’s different in game.

    • @Mr x Lethal well.. i play the game, i know how the game works, i know the mechanics and the strategies that people have been used around many maps in this game for 6-7 years long.. also, i know how it feels on that specific situation, where you have to make a move to win the game or change the situation of the game..
      so i think you have no right to tell me to “shut up”.. all i said is opinion, the way i see and approach that situation from different perspective, from my team mate perspective.. and thats why i said ” SCORPY MIGHT BE RIGHT..”
      are you having LS blud..? cause, tbh you sound like one..

  11. Why did you stop playing wot

  12. “Outside the box.”

    Me: “There’s a box?”

    P.S. Been watching for eight years. D.S.

  13. Of course WG have put rocket tanks in the game😂 they are a SPECIAL lot😂

  14. Great game! Definitely worth the 6 year wait!

  15. I have but one small gripe with the title.

    By “Outside the Box” I kind of expected a Shitbarn Replay.

  16. Only 6 years? Pathetic…

  17. I remember when I used to play WOT, myself and 2 mates in cromwells doing the mad rush and having an absolute ball, a few team mates in mediums took the cue and followed us and just tore the enemy apart. The match was over so fast and we had an absolute riot! After the match, we were all just laughing our butts off in voice chat for 10 minutes…….ah the good old days!

  18. World of Tanks : A great game ruined by one shitty,,money-grubbing gaming company.

  19. BlancheKai, the Skorpion G idiot, has a 45% winrate. Is it any suprise?

  20. very nice medium game! congrats on getting featured!

  21. I wonder if the Scorpion G would like some tabasco to go with that crow. You should always be careful of how much of an ass you are in chat. You never now when you will have to eat crow in front of 29 people, but once in a while you will have to do it in front of 6K people. That number will keep growing.

  22. I don’t know why any one would play WoT

  23. Is six year a long waiting time? I waited eight years for my girlfriend to realise that she actually likes me enough to get together with me haha!

  24. Wargamming is on the pipe

  25. 3:47 What is that sound? Thank you for the entertainment!

  26. 6th sence is on all commanders now you filthy casual.

  27. Arne Pietruszewski

    Ähm Jingles, everybody and their dog has sixth sense in WOT nowadays cause WG decided in one of the last patches to give it to everybody for free. It is not a skill anymore.

  28. How many tanks in this match have actually been built in reality? I ask purely because Wargaming still insists on selling this game on ‘historical accuracy’ in their sponsored advertisements, and I almost never see anything that ever *actually* existed

  29. Most of us have been watching you for 9+ years!


  31. Nice victory

  32. It’s games like this that make me want to reinstall the game, but then you remember this is the top .01% of matches and the other games you’re top on damage with 2 kills and lose 15-4

    • Which is why I find it much more enjoyable to watch the replays posted by Jingles rather than playing. It’s not worth the frustration.

  33. Anyone notice the vk randomly asking for platoon from friendlies? 2 join just to die too

  34. Unorthodox win. Vk 100, had a bad day.

  35. Good match

  36. Jingles, all tanks commanders now have 6th sense, you truly have disconnected yourself from this game and I can’t blame you

  37. When was the last time jangles played this game?

  38. JATO packs on a tank!

  39. Please never go valley on lakeville.

  40. I think it’s safe to say that Jingles hasn’t actually played WoT himself for years

  41. 6 years thats a rookie been watching since ya did stuff with side strafe

  42. Loli Fox Queen Mikaru

    “you wouldn’t wait six years for anything else would you?” meanwhile every armored core fan in exsistance (myself included): “are we a joke to you?”

  43. When is the gnome overlord going to entertain us with another TOG replay? It’s been years.

  44. Aliens Ships, Station and Parts are Bull Shit, Ships Never existed and are Bull Shit, Tanks Never existed and are bull shit.. All pulled out of everyone’s asses.. Seeing a long runnig pattern here.. just hit me.. always start with a complaint about the equipment shown.. Its a video game.. Not a simulator or History lesson.. a game.. I’ve been a subscriber from way.. way back.. your first warships video, toon with Quicky.. and I actively seek your videos out daily (except sundays), I’m just pointing out your becoming redundant with stating “This is something they pulled out of their asses” “It never existed” “I’m not going to go on about it” and then spend the next five or ten minutes going on about it.. like the first Aliens video.. JS bud.. we are noticing.. Prayers for you as you continue to deal and help out Eddie .. We miss him too.

  45. Support BZ 176 = Win

  46. How did the VK end up in a platoon with the Skoda T27 and Kirovets? Clearly they both were much better players than that VK.

  47. Fun fact, actually – rocket boosted tanks was actually a thing tried out by either the Soviets or the Chinese during the Cold War, IIRC. So Wargaming at least have that going for them with the WZ-176, even if everybody who tried it decided the rockets weren’t worth it.

  48. Unfortunately our hero, while flanking (10 minute mark), ran through the cap. The enemy knew he was about as far away as you could be, and they rushed…

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