World of Tanks – Over The Hill

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

So Jingles… the title of todays’ video refers what you started suffering from 20 years ago, right?

Ha-ha-fucking ha.

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  1. No, MM in WG is completely skewed at the moment. Not necessarily in terms of tanks but in terms of skill. They routinely match say 10 players with sub 500 wn8 with teams of 10 with plus 1000 wn8 and maybe even a few plus 1500 wn8 for good measure.
    Matches are just not fun anymore. Its very rarely that you get a game that lasts the distance not that that is necessarily a problem but the matches are rarely competitive.
    You know from the start that your team of window lickers are going to collapse and you are therefore stuck in a conundrum; either be ultra aggressive and try and get as much damage as possible and probably assure your teams early demise or be cautious and hope that you can not overextend and still get some damage. Unfortunately the latter strategy usually end up with you facing 6 enemy tanks and you get fuck all damage

    • The reverse is also that case and if you are driving a slow tank you are screwed for damage unless those said window lickers drive directly at you

  2. The JPZ E100s 17 cm gun gold round has a max pen of 525 and its ave is 420.

  3. Kristoffer Johansson

    Did you notice that in the second game there was no OP premium heavy tanks? That improves game play experience…

  4. Regarding match lengths: Anything over 6 minutes seems long to me now. You remember when everyone was crying for skillbased match making? This is what you get. Thanks to idiots in Wargaming, WoT gets hardly any new players and everyone knows (more or less), how to play and use weakness in a flank to their advantage. Result: It can sometimes be enough if there is one bad tank/player in crucial point and team has lost, losses accumulate and there is no way to pull back. One of the reasons I cant be bothered and when I am, I play tiers 4-7.

  5. On the bright side Jingles when you are over the hill you can coast down the other side.

  6. +10 likes just for the use of the late, great Windsor Davis. My favorite saying whenever somebody complains over something petty

  7. “Oh dear, how sad, never mind” – The great Windsor Davies as Battery Sergeant Major Bryn Tudor Williams.

  8. It is the new meta , faster a battle is over more money in the pockets for WG . Very few battles last more then 6-7 minutes now . Most battles over in under 4 minutes . Score like15-2 , 15-3 is common.

  9. And far away! Yeah, Nightwish!!!!

  10. Jingles, theast match was expertly played. Cooperation and skill. A rarity in WoT.

  11. I remember that back in the day while I was still stupid enough to play this garbage game, I gave up trying to get Kranvagn because playing tier 9 Emil II was such a painful experience. That thing was awful! Unbelievably long reload, long reload between shots, only 3 shots and a terrible gun. Frustrating to play.

  12. “Shit or get off the pot!” XD

  13. Oh dear. ‘ow sad. Never mind.

  14. WoT is little more than a go kart arcade game these days. It’s dead

  15. I’m just saying but the British tech tree Cromwell has 750 hp and cos it’s a premium and has a few tyres on the turret it has 910 hp. Ooohhhhh WarGaming

  16. Thanks Jingles. An enjoyable view.

  17. Skittles but with chocolate inside

    wierd name for a cat

  18. The thing about the Kranvagn is that it’s very light; If you get into a slugfest in a city you can be bullied into a wall and flipped.

  19. Teamwork is an exploit that is seldom used.

  20. It’s kind of sad to see the game get to this stage visually, but you know its insides are absolutely rotten.
    Much like a super model.

    I’m just kidding.

  21. Btw, did anyone else see a big purple streak across the screen around the 3:57-3:58 mark?

  22. 6:30 – He’s running the Sabaton crew if I’m not mistaken, and from what I remember, they had some liberties with extra lines they could record. Still highly appropriate timing though.

  23. 6:23

  24. That “are you kidding me?!” Is Joakim Broden, from Sabaton (Primo Victoria crew)

  25. i don’t think jingles notest i am a member of SBN that is the same clan 06 walst runs the person who invented the kv train and the even 90 meme

  26. Well, I found out that I have somewhat better teams when Im running premium account then at times with no premium, are you sure about that “teamwork premium consumable” beeing not implemented yet? (this is Warships, not Tanks, but I wouldt be suprised at all with a bit of rigging the matchmaker if only a little bit)

  27. Last night, 3 battles IN A RAW, ended up in a draw, after time expired. Maybe it is time to start playing lottery.

  28. Good skill? Team work? Is that still in the game?😂😂😂😂

  29. Same problem in AW. When I used to play PVP (back in 2016) we had the snowball effect, probably still valid today. Now, the speed in AW is greater than in WoT. It used to be even greater, but these days in WoT they have plenty of fast vehicles. Fast vehicles in a PVP match means that once the defense is breached, a great number of tanks can move that fast that any effort to make a defense is pointless. Try to stop a T-90MS (MBT, like the heavies of WoT) going on 78km/h, or a T-249 (an AFV with a max speed of 68) that is able to destroy full health AFVs and TDs in 6-7 secs and MBTs in 9-10 secs. And let’s not talk about wheeled TDs going over 100 km/h, or the machine gun/missile launcher dual gun many TDs and AFV have. This dual gun means you never stop firing. Simply, once there is a small local victory that snow balls because there is no time for anyone to react, hence the ‘once-sided kerbstorms’.

  30. ofc the jagdpanzer e100 has 420mm of penetration
    why wouldnt it
    funny number go brrr

  31. God Wolfpacking is fun, I don’t play the PC wot but I play wot blitz and I miss the meta of just having a full team of meds rush in and focus fire

  32. You spoil us with 2 vids😲

  33. There was NOTHING more fun or satisfying as playing in a Wolfpack of Type 59’s. Nothing…. Then feasting on the tears of your hapless victims…. Come closer Clarise ….. and bring those F F F F F F f f f f Fava Beans… I have a nice Chianti

  34. jingles. You should try war on the sea that just came out, I’ve been glued to it.

  35. Fuck HE spam. Can’t wait for the sandbox changes to come to the live server.

  36. Wargaming: Platoons now require gold to send an invite and gold to accept a platoon invite.

  37. Over and under hills, barrel rider

  38. “the age old and get increasingly unpopular tactic of just being good”

  39. I know that dude in the gif. Aint he a Sgt Major of the British armed forces in Burma during WWII?

  40. Cromwell B platoons… Disgusting. Remember kids, always stomp on them before they can multiply! Least it wasn’t an even 90 platoon, those are distilled cancer.

  41. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a team collapse backwards on itself in such fantastic fashion. How the enemy team let such a wide flank turn into such a knife fight in less than two minutes is beyond me.

  42. Don’t worry, I am sure Wargaming is working on a way to ban teamwork.

  43. It wont bounce Jpz gold shell btw, unless at an extreme angle. Jingles was talking crap like usual.

  44. Maybe i’m the only one to notice, but why does the Kranvagn replay feel like it’s at 1.25x speed?

  45. You kinda of nailed how to pronounce Kranvagn gj

  46. Isn’t that a sabaton crew in the kranvagon ? Or is that a console only thing?

  47. sooo question: are there fast potatoes?

  48. 44magguy fish and more


  49. What commander does this dude have, cus the voiceover sounds cool

  50. Can we get a video where its just the cat narrating?

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