World of Tanks || Overlord: D-Day Map Preview!

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Check out the new Overlord: D-Day map coming in patch 9.7!

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From 18:00-CET / 17:00-GMT / 12:00-EST

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  1. I hope you guys enjoy this video of the upcoming Overlord map, I can’t wait
    to play it.

    I’m Livestreaming RIGHT NOW!

  2. omg 1st

  3. Martin Mayerhofer

    First ;)

  4. WOW! These maps are awesome! And no your not first.

  5. Cool:) QB great live stream

  6. Good video QB !

  7. Welcome to the 110’s club.Here we are more cool than 301’s club.


  9. map looks great

  10. Can’t wait for some of the AWESOME! stuff to come onto console and World of
    Tanks to go to Xbox One.

  11. This map looks amazing, i have been waiting soo long for a map like this
    one 😀 be cool if tanks would spawn in on the boats or troop/tank carriers
    that are on the beach coast line.

  12. It’s not Shire. It’s Normandy. So why are you put LOTR music QB? :)

  13. Is new map is to looks epic! Thank you for QuickBaby for to show! Is
    Claus is looks forwards for to play on new D-day map! Is for Claus is have
    even better idea for new Map! Is Claus for to share idea? Yes? YES! Is
    new map for to be called S-Day map. Is shorts form for Stupids Day Map!
    Is for to be map is come in rotation for only stupids player for haves
    wins rate for be less than 45%! So! If there be a stupids player is play
    always like stupids and have wins rate maybe 38% is gets to play on S-Day
    Map! Is map for to small so all for can spot everybody rights way. Is map
    for to be round for to have only one bush for be in middle of map. Is all
    rest map is for to be open field. Is game for starts and all stupids is for
    rush for to go hides in same bush! Is map so small is all for shoots and
    die for in 1 minute and game for to be over! Is all stupids who for have
    wins rate less than 45% is have to play S-Day map over and over all time!
    Is then there for to be less stupids player in normal game! Is goods
    idea? Yes? YES! If you for want learn more for how to not play like
    stupids is come see Claus replays on Claus Kellerman YouTubes channel! Is
    just clicks blue Claus Kellerman on tops! Yes? YES!

  14. Duke_Of_Hammertime TV

    You’re welcome QB. I was happy to help. Wanted to see this map myself
    considering I’ve still not played it once on the test server!

  15. Will really be nice for lights and meds i think ^^

  16. So cool! I’ve seen those german bunker guns and this map looks sooo cool!

  17. another map where arties will own everything

  18. T-95 driver says no, :D

  19. there should be 20 vs 20 battles on maps big like this.

  20. Those places where the tanks have good hulldown, Good arty will just pick
    on them. They are trapped there and only 1 way out. easy targets.

  21. the map looks good but i dont see where you would go in a maus. on a
    separate note going aggressively down the beach will be a great tactic in
    arty heavy games because the only way they can hit you while there is to be
    there themselves which means they wont be able to camp there if you rush
    fast enough and if their anywhere else they wont have shots until your
    coming out of the beach area. so for at least part of the match you would
    be getting clicked on.

  22. I think with a map like this the cooperation is essential. Before u know it
    u own one flank and get owned at the other one. But with this much room,
    cover and buildings i think the light and medium tanks wil have some
    benefit. Great that there is a new map and thanx for the preview.

  23. Was the windmill in the beginning spinning the wrong way? :D

  24. @Claus Kellerman Not sure if intentional bad english or just bad english…

  25. Bolaf Moonshouter

    would have been better seeing the bases at east and west rather than north
    and south

  26. this map seems to suit turret armor and gun depression

  27. This map might be a problem for my IS-2 with those ridge lines. 

  28. Just me ore the windmill at the end rotating the wrong way?

  29. Tank destroyers with great camo will dominate and heavy tanks will be even
    more dangerous than ever on this map. Looking forward for more maps from

  30. i just want to unleash the e25 on this map

  31. This will be a awesome map for the T32,T34 so all tanks with awesome good
    Turrets but its not so good for the Lights :/

  32. Looks really really nice!

  33. Can i play this game on a regular laptop

  34. For what tires is this map ?

  35. best map ever

  36. Whitedragonking Ocola


  37. Reminds me about CoD WaW (5) (Campaign)

  38. Why the beach is on the west instead of the north?

    I can imagine swearing Maus or T95 drivers ;)

  39. Is this map on the test server?

  40. The best map

  41. Many Ridgelines i think that the AMX CDC is important for this places, also
    for sniper places where you need Gun Depression!

  42. This is the kind of map I’ve been waiting for in WOT. Wonderful, lush,
    French countryside mixed with a tactically fascinating map.

  43. My is-3 will have fun :P

  44. this map looks verry nice, I think there will be a lot of positions where
    you will get pancaked by other tanks, especialy on the beach.

  45. My E25 is going to have a field day on this map.

  46. Those circular concrete pits are known as mortar pits as a mortar team
    would use them as cover and there was markings around the pit used as an
    aid for aiming the mortar. It was also usually stockpiled with many crates
    of mortar ammo.

  47. this is such a bullshit game i tried it and lost 22 games beofore i won one
    singe match

  48. i think that this is going to be nightmare for heavy tanks and a dream to
    all other tanks. looking so much forward to this map

  49. The new maps are made for lights and mediums as i see. Rip heavies and tds.
    Oh yes, FUCK ARTIES, of course

  50. Comon QB wtf is this ? This is the video ? Fucking bloody hell ! RAPED I am
    so fucking dissapointed just waiting 7 days to get fucking REKT! OMFG 🙂

  51. Herold der Vollkommenheit

    I can imagine listening that music on D-day with the mild sound of MG-42 in
    the background ;D

  52. nice map

  53. Emil Players will have fun on the cliffs ^_^

  54. At coastline nobody will be able to Kemp a bush and be unfair plane.

  55. The cliff diving potential. 😀 I think “why you heff to be mad” and RNG
    might have some funny new entries with this map around.

  56. wich beach is it bases off

  57. 0:20 – Disco windows

  58. This map will be so good for the AMX CDC 🙂 looking forward to it

  59. silly wargaming makes windmill turn the wrong way around

  60. arties will love this map.

  61. I wonder where the arty spawns will be… On other maps, arty spawns tend
    to be in really crappy locations for relocation, so I’m guessing A-2/K-2.

  62. Arty gonna love this map :/

  63. much better than mine ;-)

  64. Looks pretty good. But you only know after it is in game. Also I hope that
    Artys will be common on this map.Would make it easier to take out these
    strong hulldown positions that are unfair without arty.

  65. Where do I play my MT-25

  66. I am gonna to jus the hold down position with my is-7 I hope can have some
    monster games with it.

  67. Ugh, it looks like my British ATs are going to have a rough time on this

  68. lucas hother Hald

    That music at the start thog

  69. Great map!

  70. Struggling to watch this at all, even in 240p, in fact any video on
    youtube. between 6pm and 9 pm every day, youtube slows to a crawl, and
    before anybody blames it on my IP, this I the only website that does it,
    streaming twitch from source is no problem, streaming any video from any
    website has no issues, but youtube recently, starting to annoy the crap
    outta me.

  71. Happosai The Dawg

    10:00 ”Gory, gory what a helluva way to die, he ain’t gonna jump no

  72. About gun depression, I’d like to see you play the T7 German TD the Turer
    Emil in here, sinze you didn’t liked it hahah (sorry for may english :s)

  73. That windmill is rotating in reverse!

  74. My only thought when seeing it at 1:15 is how many people are going to be
    driving over or falling off that cliff.

  75. Bad map for russian heavy tanks

  76. Improving the game engine? Figuring a way how to “fix” arty and lessen the
    frustration of the arty victims? NOPE! Lets just give those poor fucks a
    new map and call it a day-and while they pay us loads of money because the
    grind is worse than life in N.Korea, lets make our employees sabotage

    I hope that WarGaming gets bombed alongside with Russian backstabbing

  77. with a difenrence this time , no american peasant will pass mhahhha

  78. Gun depression is king with turret armor being a good runnerup. Situational
    awareness, map reading are gonna be important. Though i think there is a
    place for fast tanks as its a large map, lots of hills that slow down
    underpowered heavy tanks, especially scouts could have a wonderfull time on
    this map. 

  79. I think, this map will be so cool.

  80. so basically a map that artillery is going to make slow paced so most heavy
    tanks would prefer to stick around the cliffs? 

  81. PLS moreee of those and less of Swamp and Prochorovka…

  82. I think there is not enought arty cover for heavies, not on the beach and
    not on the inland

  83. Looks to me like the map is too big for 15 vs 15

  84. 5:30 Look no futher and you going to be able to get ABSOLUTELY REKT by
    arty. this map seems like there are very few places to hide from arty when
    you are tanks like the Maus or the E100. Also I think that the beach is so
    linear and open that it will be a very bad route for most tanks. It’s like
    the 1 and 2 line on cliff: you only go there a few times and then you never
    do that again. At least you have the route going up hill in the middle on
    cliff. There is no such route on overlord. I still believe that I will like
    the map in most American tanks.

  85. arty will be aiming at the hull down location so I don’t think it will be
    very strong, unless of course, there is no arty

  86. You wanna Know who’s amazing?
    Read the first word of this comment.
    And Also have a good day!

  87. TheMusicFanForEver77

    Finally a new open map for my light tanks :3

  88. What’s that song in the beginning called?

  89. first ffor the first time omg!!

  90. this map is great for american turrets, Not so good for german hulls. Just
    like in WW2

  91. Cool map

  92. I think that the m36 Jackson is gonna be very strong on the ridge lines.

  93. was that windmill spinning the wrong way?

  94. Justus Whittington

    I’ll take my mediums down the middle, heavies at the coast, and tds either
    cost or east ;)

  95. …Im searching for players for training room to look at the new map…

    Add or invite me please: *_iCraZy_*

  96. Is it just me, or do I spy two fantastic scout bushes near the central

  97. That beach seems interesting for the T95.

  98. One of the best maps all the time folks really.

  99. will it be a cw map?

  100. it seems a good map for mediums and my heavy tanks will just die…

  101. interesting map, great intro!

  102. Why do we need a preview? The test server is up… It’s not really a
    preview, more of a post-view…

  103. Looking at the size, it would be a lot of fun to do 25 vs 25 for once. So
    much ground to cover.

  104. I dunno about my T25/2 ?

  105. Arthur van dulmen

    I’m really looking forward to this map. I think I’m going to try to take
    the beach and just race in my M41 Walker Bulldog to the other side of the

  106. this map remember me a map from the game Day Of Defeat :Source.

  107. They will nerf this map 

  108. Cost reminds me of southcoast

  109. No big hills, no magical forest, varied landscape. It’s a thumbs up from
    me, but I’ll still keep my expectations at a low… 

  110. Arthur van dulmen

    Does anyone know when update 9.7 will be released?

  111. What mod do you use to move the camera around freely?

  112. mynamesjeff

  113. from what i see, this map is all of the maps in one! cool! people always
    complain about how the tank they picked is not suitable for the map they
    are playing in!

  114. This map is only for mediums tanks,and maybe for tanks destroyers without

  115. I’ll get raped if i play this map in

  116. Grieg, good taste in classical music. Is it Ikes idea?

  117. How big is this map? 600 metres by 600 metres? Lol

  118. Lord of the rings music???

  119. Take an ELC Amx down along the beaches ridge. ‘Nough said

  120. Is sector E4 good for passive spotting?

  121. The map looks great. It is far to large and far to many areas for a team to
    be able to cover all possible attacking points, so teams are going to be
    forced to react to enemy movement and position more than other more linear
    maps. There are plenty of hull down positions and alleys for heavy tanks,
    hiding spots for tank destroyers, open ground and hiding spots for light
    tanks, and ridge lines and flanking lines for mediums. I am sure artillery
    will find a nice spot as well. This has to be one of the most complicated
    maps they have done. They added a lot of detail. The amount of work they
    put into this shows.

  122. Violet stet pedders will just kemp in bush ! unfair plane

  123. Definitely an arty map. 

  124. I will love the map, its A very well balanced map, light, heavy, and medium
    tanks will have A great time, along with TDS of course, but unfortunately
    for A non arty player, MYSELF, will hate artys on this map, but one can
    find cover from ARTY FIRE

  125. Krzysztof Ćwiertnia

    I think after some time teams will just leave the coastline empty and youre
    going to get flanked a lot

  126. Defo right for my CDC :)

  127. Wow I can’t wait 4 this map
    It looks so cool

  128. T29 drivers will love this map especially for the usable bunkers

  129. looks like STB-1 dream…

  130. More western setting maps and stop the corridor map design! this looks
    great and is a step in the right direction again. I hope more western
    battlefields will follow.

  131. Para-dropping soldiers hell yeah. I wish I could shoot them too just like
    the buildings <3 

  132. Oh oh. I think TD’s & SPG’s will benifit most. Don’t even want to emagine
    what will be the result of the camo factor of WT’s crossed with all those
    bushes and the wide open area… but we will see.

  133. Daniel Gyllenbreider

    Finally a big map that looks good. Cant wait to try it.

  134. Can’t wait!

  135. I can hear the players, that have tank with high camo rating, giggling like
    a school girl. >.>;;

  136. By the way.. QB whats about removing WT E-100 from the game? Heard about it
    but not sure if it’s true.

  137. Wauw what a great new map Overlord looks to be! Cannot wait to play on it,
    especially in my ISU 152. :o)

  138. I can tell straight away my Comet and Centurions are going to eat this map
    up. Considering Murovanka and Northwest are some of my current favorite
    maps, I’m very much looking forward to this one.

  139. t-34-85 is best on this map i think


    A map where I can have real fun in lights and meds. Also at least lights
    can scout.
    A non corridor map..I have been waiting for ages. Thank god not another
    corridor pos that just caters to morons in heavi tonk.

    Imho this map looks amazing. Really looking forward to playing light / meds
    on this.
    I think my fav position will be the central location unless I’m chinese in
    which case i will probably got 1-3 lins coz no depression. 

  141. This looks like a nightmare for the IS line soviet heavies. The poor gun
    dep makes ridge lines impossible. The hull down locations look like they
    won’t work for them either due to their low profile. Overall I’m looking
    forward to playing this map, just not in my is-3

  142. T95 said f**k you Wargaming

  143. Aim time will be very important on this map. 

  144. Lol the end. Where the tank jumps out of nowhere and you shoot him. Please
    give me the link to that video… 

  145. I wish they would make ground troops, I would rather fight with a rifle or
    sniper… when are they going to add to world of tanks :)

  146. This map would be amazing to have an assault mode on, but it would be
    extremely unbalanced.

  147. I think it will take more than a few games to get the hang of this map,
    depending on what type of tank you play.

  148. now they can fix this game :D

  149. Quickybaby, I just want to tell you “THANK YOU”, because thanks to your
    video “ELC MEGA TROLL” from the Corean ELC replay, i learnt how to play
    this wonderful tank from noob level, up to get the 100% mark damage rank in
    EU server. This is a proof that your videos are a great work and as usefull
    as possible. Now I’m about to join the ELC-P clan who integrates all the
    best european ELC players. This unbelievable occasion wouldn’t have been
    given to me without you… Thank you. Thank you so much!
    (ingame pseudo : Kaligon)

  150. it seems with this map war gaming is giving the tanks with good gun
    depression and turret armor a map they can be of use….I think Med.and
    Heavies with these attributes will be played very aggressively as long as
    there are no ARTYs on the map ;)

  151. My first try is gonna be the beach close to the cliff with a td.

  152. Eternally Angelic

    This is a wonderful map and makes all the others look like trash.. WG has
    really out done themselves, now the question is can they keep it up…

    None of the other maps are going to want to be played after this.

    Every map has 1, maybe 2 ways to play it. This new map has about 5+
    different ways to play it depending on where the enemy group up and where
    your team goes. It allows for extreme flexibility in the battle for every
    type of tank including SPGs and lights, who normally get shafted in other

  153. Alexander Bogdanovitch

    it wood be cool if they had little infantry animations fighting on the
    beach and from the bunkers

  154. Arty will shell that hull down spot and make it useless though. You wont be
    able to dodge around because its very enclosed as well.

  155. Cant wait for those tanks that think they can go hull down in that
    defensive posistion. My arty will just laugh and then smash upon there

  156. Barrettslayer Windom

    Look like a grate map

  157. hey QB could you do another vid explaining the other changes coming in 9.7
    pls? thank you very much for what you do, i really enjoy it :)

  158. beach seems like a doom zone that you do not go down lol

  159. the beach is a death trap unless u own the area around the windmill….fast
    stealthy light tanks should make for the windmill area first as the can get
    spots on almost the whole middle of the map

  160. Arty with a high gun arc are going to excel in this map
    this however, will be a fun training room map.

  161. Tyler_Gamer whitten

    is it going to be a teir 10 to 5?

  162. those crazy things on the back of the sherman are actually breathers or are
    for the crew to get air, not huge exhausts

  163. like the look of this map can t wait to play it

  164. Heavy slaughterhouse 

  165. RECap GAmiNIng RNG

    The m48 Patton with do outstanding on this map

  166. WOT desperately needs infantry.

  167. Curious where I shall take my Vk4502 B as the beach will have T10E3s and
    more of my TD nemesis but the hills will limit my ability to keep my sides
    protected? Guess the east most side would allow me to be most effective.

  168. Wait, a map that isn’t all bottlenecks is being added to the game?

  169. Good luck at the wedding QB. If you can ask Peppys parents if they have a
    good Kapusta Pirog/piroh recipe (cabbage pie served on Christmas in some
    eastern European countries) It is pure heaven. 

  170. Those hull down places are going to be the doom of many tanks due artillery
    fire, not a lot of place to move forwards and backwards, pretty obvious
    even for blind shots; I wouldn’t go there unless no artillery around.

  171. Looks sorta like South Coast but less hilly

  172. I think a lot of heavies will be fighting on the beach. Then again, it is
    quite a drive, so perhaps heavies will take a more direct approach to get
    to the enemy base faster. I expect light tanks to active spot on the ridges
    like in sand river. 

  173. Hows the first song called, the classical music one

  174. This Time PLAYERS WANTS HD MAPS :)

  175. It’s good to see a more open map after the recent ‘corridorifications’.
    This replaces North West I believe?

    Having said that the map looks like a clickers wank fantasy.

  176. I had the rat

  177. Yay! Band of Brothers!

  178. I can see this being a disaster for heavy tanks. Arty will have a field

  179. Diamond Industries

    .what is the camera mod that you use QuickyBaby?????

  180. cant wait for the map ‘winter normandy’!

  181. The beach will take allot of teamwork … half of the team will have to
    attack along the beach … while 1 quarter of the team .. preferably medium
    tanks will have to drive along the ridge line to repel the enemy tanks that
    would otherwise shoot the tanks on the beach in the side. Again extremley
    hard to manage. Can’t wait to see the battles that are gonna happen with
    good teams.

  182. What a beauty

  183. seems like a great map for american and soviet mediums and heavys

  184. Obrist Vinnie Louis

    they should add an easter egg that you can shoot down cosmetic planes

  185. Can you drown on this map :(?

  186. 4 – 5 line will be so dominant! Medium and heavy tanks will overrule that
    area, why? It’s centered on the map so you can adapt to the enemy moves
    faster, you can shoot over the beach if they progress along the stated
    ridgeline and it’s really good for flanking or rushing straight to the
    enemy base. Keyposition on the map in my opinion!

  187. QB, did you kniw the Stuter Emil has 15° gun depression!

  188. Going beach on Overlord map is asking to get killed. Too many places where
    tanks can shoot down at you from, if mid is won. Also with the terrain on
    beach, I have never been able to make it past the chokepoint before mid was
    decided and you were surrounded by the tanks on the cliff. Mid is much more
    important, with its direct route to the enemy base and shots on coast. East
    is also important, as it can give you quick access to the enemy base and
    flanking maneuvers on mid.

  189. lights gona scout so much here

  190. I have some interesting gameplay footage of this map, featuring the new M56
    Scorpion, on my channel

  191. ohh my gahd that was fuckn majestic m8 especially that cinematic intro **dies
    out of extreme PCMASTERRACEing**

  192. Giorgos Chatziioannou

    thx for the vid :)

  193. Nguyễn Thống Nhất

    Hi guys, can anybody tell me the name of the song at the beginning? Many

  194. If Wargaming put this big of a map… then tanks is needed in larger
    quantity probably 20 or 25 per side? And if the tanks quantity gets larger
    then time needs to be extended as well. And wargaming needs single player
    mission just like D-Day. You can choose which side you will fight on…
    Germany or US and you choose historical tanks based on the day of D-Day and
    you can either Defend or Attack. It would be awesome wargaming did that.
    Just sharing my thoughts. 🙂 What do you think Quickybaby? :)

  195. I think light tanks are going to love this map. lots of ridgelines to peek
    over, lots of bits of cover to passive scout from, and plenty of room to
    maneuvre and reposition.

  196. love that map <3

  197. Dicker Max and Sturer Emil are gonna be amazing on Overlord.

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