World of Tanks || Panhard EBR 75 (FL 10) – WHEELED TANK!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks – Panhard EBR. The stats are here for the first ever wheeled vehicle in World of Tanks – !


World of Tanks is a 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Perhaps the different movement modes affect view-range (i.e. the fast-mode, which this looks like, might have reduced viewrange and the slower mode has a more standard viewrange of 370-380ish)

  2. I”m looking foward for a LOT of crashes with this vehicle bcs ppl can’t controlate the t100lt-s speed not mention a vehicle with 50 hp/t and 100 km/h top speed with wheals, but maybe it sticks to the ground like glued but intresting vehicle in global

  3. I can see these running for their lives from LT_432’s…

  4. It’s already not “World of Tanks” as there are SPG’s

  5. I got the cpu Problems too anybody knows how to fix it ?

  6. i hope we all can do a wheely with that lol

  7. People still play WoT? OMEGALUL

  8. is that a paint job on the is3 a?

  9. Who the fuck cares?
    Add tanks to the Czech line.
    Add Tanks to the Swedish Line.
    Add more tanks to the Japanese lines.
    Balance bullshit tanks like the Type 5 Heavy

    Who fucking cares about these gimmick tanks?

  10. Wait, so why uncheck accelerated crew training on the amx 13 75 if this is a prem tank?

  11. That is some seriously shit view range….

  12. so basically…
    – its paper thin light tank
    – that cannot spot anything
    – with bad dps

    …. but HEY it has wheels right?

  13. You know what i see people over flipping their tanks lol

  14. It's not what you think

    These will fight Type 4s and 5s.

  15. kingsofserbiangameplay 162

    What, again?

  16. quickybaby has a soft spot for light tanks, biased af!

  17. Strv in seige has better aim time 😉

  18. I got an idea for a balcing factor for wheeled tanks.. dosent loose camo afrter shot. Discuss 😛

  19. cant wait when they gonna add Puma in the game

  20. So can you take off all weels and will that reset the track healing?


  22. wg should put in yugoslavian techtree

  23. KennyRGB Assloadofjello

    Welp sadly this tank is going to be nerfed at some point. Thats immediately what came to mimd when i heard the dispersion values.

    Even though it doesnt need the nerf

  24. Namegoeshere Orhere

    I expect the crying to be epic!

  25. Yep! have the same FPS problem as well. And I so want to test the IS-3A, because its amazing now!

  26. Well even if it has wheels it is still a tank so its ok for me but i wont grind that line and i wont buy that tank

  27. I think that wheeled tanks will add a “new wrinkle” to the game and also add some fun into it also! can’t wait! Thank you

  28. World of light tanks now no point playing heavies once this comes out

  29. Mr Average plays______ with GamerDom

    Am I the only one not remotely interested in this armoured car? They need to fix the corridor maps, the gold spam avalanche, and of course MM…… but all they care about is premium tanks

  30. I’m not so sure about this QB, I feel like it’s more of an armoured car, than a tank with wheels.

  31. đạt Trần Tiến Đạt

    the Japanese also have tank destroyers so i wonder if will WG bring them to the game

  32. Sorry to say but I can not consider this as something special in WOT. We already heard about those tanks. Maybe to talk about new stuffs which are happening like grand battle for tier8. From my point of view looks more important than new wheeled tanks that will be changes 5 times prior hit real life in game. There is time for them to talk about when we will have more solid info about.

  33. When QB talked about 1.3 supertest it came to me that Chinese mainland are still stuck to 0.9.22 lol

  34. conjectual Zulu tanks for next tree!

  35. LOL WG, they said back in the summer that the first wheeled vehicle will not be a prem, but I guess they need more money for the Serb’s moon space program.

  36. I’d rather take an arty nerf than anything 1.3 or 1.4 is going to offer.

  37. I think loading HE at the start of the battle to smash these wheeled vehicles might be the way to go

  38. I would expect to see this premium Wheeled vehicle out for Christmas.
    With 1,4 arriving next year

  39. It will be awesome…every game in my arty I will get rushed by a tank which I can not see, I can not oneshot and I can not rely on my team, because all the tomatoes are autoaiming at a race car…

  40. I rhink i heard WG said that game is to fast and they will do something to slow it. To make it more realistic. But then they introduce tank that goes 65km/u F/B.

  41. good drills Quickly baby

  42. yeah sure, put extremely fast tank which turns bad with no armor into current coridor maps. this will be fun (not for that tank driver though)

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  44. 310m VR? Thats the same as the Loltraktor! :O

  45. Will u be doing a new top ten premium tank soon?

  46. German WHEELED !!!!

  47. An IS heavy tank with an auto reloader?….srsly?

  48. Drive into the open with hammer and sickle and I’ll shoot you first, commie. Even on my own team.

  49. Does the code work on Asian servers (Hongkong)?

    Because it doesnt…

  50. I can’t wait for this, I’ve wanted a panhard in wot ever since I saw one at bovington tank museum years ago. It’s about time wheeled tanks made their way into the game, I hope they add the British ferret at some point too.

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