World of Tanks || Panther 88 – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

World Tanks – Panther 88. Today I’m reviewing the T8 German premium medium tank the Panther 88.

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Xp piñata lol!!!

  2. Was my first premium… it makes money but I hate the not existing
    gundepression combined with paper armor.

    its a real shitload compared too the mutz

  3. QB!! WG DOES show you ground resistances, dispersion, and all those
    “hidden” values you mention, including DPM, camo, etc…

  4. Module damage is terrible in Panther 88. Not sure if he pointed this out
    but yea… Damaged engine cripples you and it happens a lot not to mention
    the ammorack too!

  5. Ekkachai Yasachai


  6. shitpostsandpayday2

    hey quickybaby, you ever making a review on the ac4 sentinel

  7. Could you do a review on the Obj. 416?

  8. WOT Wargaming幸运

    Lol the only reason the panther88 did good in this match is because there’s
    no artillery

  9. Milos Stevanovic

    This tank out of all my medium premium tanks gets the worst MM ever. Is the
    tank good yes but when I only see tier x in my games with this tank makes
    me not to play is as much. I see less tier x in my T34 American premium? So
    yeah that’s that!

  10. SHUT UP!

  11. RoofiedStreamMonster

    Hey quickybaby, by any chance are you considering in updating and making
    new videos for map tactics? I think a lot of people can learn from your

  12. Alexandros Megas

    shitty tank

  13. “It can be rather frankly indeed” QB’s favourite sentense i believe!

  14. Andreas Chatzipanagiotou

    qb what did you vote

  15. Pause on the 50th second and you’ll find the T23- Tier VIII, being labeled
    as a tank with .50 as main armament lol.

  16. How about a tank review about the Centurion 1? ;)

  17. Panthers are good only in real life.
    They’re fucking scary…A black panther lulz

  18. that long 88mm apcr is really a deal breaker

  19. Never saw better game in Panther 88, gj!

  20. quickyfappy as boring as usual

  21. Thoughts QB on the Lorraine 40T getting removed??

  22. this game has potato graphics compared to war thunder and i dont even wana
    mention the damage system so retarded

  23. Cannibal Sausage

    Hehe. In the thumbnail there are loads of penetrations on the tank.

  24. Maybe if you spent less time talking to us about the Panther 8.8cm and more
    time about the EU referendum, we wouldn’t be in this mess. Eh?

  25. Patrikas Ramanauskas


  26. thx for the great info!, even in my conqueror i have troubles with this
    machine if it has good concealment

  27. Will Brexit change your lifes? How have you voted?

  28. Im A Box Growtopia

    Obj is impure gas him asap

  29. Govinator Martin

    Me and my friend platoon with 88’s, and that is where it shines. We easily
    carry teams with it, it’s because two or more of those fast shooting guns
    just rekt the enemy teams.

  30. Wotko s Vokurkou

    I think this is one of the worst premium tanks in the game… the armor
    just sucks and the gun is not good enough to balance it. And the gun
    depression.. you can park E25 in front of this thing and he won’t be able
    to shoot you. This really is one of the prem tanks i would not buy,
    specially when you can now get Mutz, which just feels better in every
    aspect and is more fun to play

  31. T-57 had done so much butt kicking or misfires that he only had HE left so

  32. Hey QB are you for or against Brexit?

  33. im suprized you didnt really compare the panther 88 to the panther 2

  34. The tank is a piece of shit. Don’t waste your money on the damn thing.

  35. I’ll just stick with my CDC. This tank just too slow for me.

  36. Hey, how did you get the gun direction line back? Did you just stop using
    battle assistant(arty view)?

  37. what is that dot under your nose.

  38. New tank!

  39. Nicholas Margery

    Just bought this as a reward for myself for getting through my exams, so
    thanks for the video, will help me to play it less terribly from the start

  40. BlackHowling Alpha

    In my opinion if you get into a heavy Tier X match in most situations you
    should just send in your repair credits at the start of the match and go
    get a cold cola or other snack of choice the 8.8cm gun at tier X is
    worthless(Under most conditions that obtain in actual Game Play it was
    amazing the IS7 didn’t nuke you lol). In a Tier 8 match and even some
    favorable tier 9 settings it does pretty okay. Sneaky bush sniping can make
    up for a lot of the poor gun depression. But never ever think your armor is
    for anything but painting pretty pictures on. Overall I”d Say “Decent but
    needs improvement” or pref. MM As you’ve got to be “Pro” because the tank’s
    characteristics are completely unforgiving of mistakes.

  41. 19:40-i once bounced tier 9 tank (i think M103)

  42. Thomas Van Der Vegte

    My “its a trap” mod does it not. How working that? Over mods does it well

  43. Are you sick ?
    400k subscribers !! Amazing !!! ?

  44. I love my panther 88 or does require some getting used to.

  45. Odin's One Eyed Warrior The Gungnir

    TankFest HYPE

  46. i’ve been waiting for this video for a long time. one of my favorite
    sniping mediums!

  47. could you do an AC4 review now that it has been released on the European

  48. Aden_the_Golden_destroyer KAr

    he doesn’t even know how to play in this thing……” Kid shut up its
    Quickybaby he is the best player on youtube” ( says a random youtuber) ive
    been playing in this tank for 2 years :/

  49. Antonis Zavogiannis

    pay silver to win gg

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