World of Tanks || Panzer 58 Mutz – Tank Review

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Source: QuickyBaby

The Panzer 58 Mutz is a competitive Swiss/German T8 premium medium that is coming the premium shop this month!

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World of Tanks is a online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. Plz Wargaming, give us the Stridsvagn 103!!! :)))

  2. so when do the brits get a tier 8 premium

  3. QuickyBaby u more and more look like someone for Wargaming marketing
    department then independent WoT player. I’m sad to see this lately.

  4. I’m not actually certain if the Mutz actually aims faster. Base aimtime is
    deceptive because your actual aiming time depends on how much dispersion
    you had.

  5. 69k profit without premium

  6. Since the KV-3 received a buff in its turret armor, how about a review?

  7. 269 dmg 69999999!!!!!! yea


  9. Is it comming to the game ?

  10. How can you get on the Test Server? I cant get on in now!

  11. Hope this tank doesn’t end up being cheesy, or full of holes, I could go
    on but I will quit while I still have a shred of self respect left ;)

  12. First premium I have seen in a while where the standard ammo pen is
    “BEARable” , Don’t worry I’m here all week ;)

  13. Swiss tank , nice!

  14. I like how you start your vids now!

  15. The M4A1 Reva-whateva xD

  16. I’m swiss and i’ve been inside this tank when i was in the army 😀 Now it’s
    in the game?? WOhoooo! Gotta get that tank!

    Oh wait.. how much money? Lol, fuck you Wargaming.

  17. Hey there Quickybaby can I put in a request for a video???I have a great
    collection of tanks in my garage, over 85 tanks now. If I like a tank it
    becomes a “Keeper” so I am interested to hear your opinion of what tanks
    you would love to have sat in your garage, this could also give newer
    starters a few targets to aim for. Maybe a quick brief of why you would
    always have this tank or aim for it.

  18. Hey QB! Seems like a nice addition to the game 🙂

    question: Can you do some coverage of the Obj 416 in a review or replay?

  19. FUCK , i have see this vehicule in an entrainement battle with a men who
    have a wargaming account , i have see the sentinel one ,this tank the pz3 K
    , turian 3 pt and the amx m4 49 YEAHHHHH

  20. I love the M4A1. that’s it. nothing else

  21. yeah I love your video and I just want to know if you play on the Xbox and
    if you do can you and jingles play with me I only have tire 7 with 3 tire 8

  22. I was watching DezGamez review and at 5.42 he brought up the gun specs in
    the garage which states that the gun is fitted to the Panzer 58 AND the
    Panzer 58 Mutz – is there another tank out there?

  23. Its just awesome i love the indien panzer and with this tank i can finally
    train my crew from indien to leopard 1 i will buy it to 100% once its out
    and cant wait for it

  24. This seems like Mutz have! :)

  25. I do enjoy the flashy tanks they are beginning to put in, will make the WGL
    games very fun to watch.

  26. A competitive tier 8 premium med tank. Hmm, (if I were to buy one) I wonder
    how many weeks after purchase until the nerf bat beats it into submission.
    Type 59 ring a bell?

  27. Looks badass and unicum-friendly..

    A little concerned about the dpm though, I still think AMX CDC is therefore
    better overall..

  28. Now this is a nice skin not that crap looking Ripper Patton.

  29. Im A Box Growtopia

    It will be in Eu server?

  30. I always skip the Review, to the Gameplay. Lol

  31. i still think that the panther 8,8 is better man

  32. that coax though

  33. 11:46 nobody noticed that shell fly by?

  34. hey

  35. Holly that is good

  36. Alphonsus Neo (Griftz)

    I wonder how much QB was paid by WG to sing praises about the mutz.

  37. how can you test new tanks that not even release in public test server?

  38. Jazzy Jane's Gaming Corner

    Nice bear m8

  39. Quickybaby I have a big favor to ask of you could you give me tips on how
    to play my M-48 Patton to the best of my abilities I’m an average player
    with 55% wins. But my Patton win rate is really bad like 45%.It would be
    really nice of you to tell me how to use my tank to its best. Thank you and
    also keep up the good work!:)

  40. Does anyone know when the approximate date at which this tank will hit the
    store? Will this also be on the Xbox One Edition of World of Tanks? Thanks
    in advance :)

  41. Heh that secondary gun 8P

  42. The french reviwhatever sherman needs a buff, lol.

  43. Oh look, another uninteresting, bland and copy-pasted 240 alpha tier 8
    sniper medium. What a novelty.

    And it’s trash compared to a CDC or even better, a FCM, on top of that.

  44. Another premium? HOW MUCH MORE DO YOU WANT WARGAMING? I got 5 dollars

  45. Lol has better soft ground resistance than cdc’s hard resistance

  46. Before people is getting confused about why the Indien Panzer is having
    better traverse on soft terrain, is because of the formula below.

    Real Traverse speed = (Elite Engine HP/Stock Engine HP)* Your traverse
    speed including bonuses * (Resistance on HARD terrain including
    bonuses/Resistance on CURRENT terrain including bonuses)*(Tanks stock
    weight/Tanks current weight)*Pivot coefficient.

    Pivot coefficient is 0.95 for pivot tanks and 1 for non-pivot tanks. Credit
    goes to whoever guys on wotlabs that figured it out, just search for
    “Wotlabs traverse speed calculation”.

  47. at 11:06 there is tracks but no tank?

  48. …………………………………………. ¸„„„„
    ………….…………………… („-~~–„¸_….,/ì’Ì
    …….…………………….¸„-^”¯ : : : : :¸-¯”¯/’
    ……………………¸„„-^”¯ : : : : : : : ‘¸„„,-”
    **¯¯¯’^^~-„„„- –~^*'”¯ : : : : : : : : : :¸ ”
    .:.:.:.:.„-^” : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : : :„-”
    :.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.:.: : : : : : : : : : ¸„-^¯
    .::.:.:.:.:.:.:.:. : : : : : : : ¸„„-^¯
    :.’ : : ‘ : : : : : : : ;¸„„-~”¯
    :.:.:: :”-„””***/*’츒¯
    :.’: : : : :”-„ : : :”
    .:.:.: : : : :” : : : : ,
    :.: : : : : : : : : : : : ‘Ì
    : : : : : : :, : : : : : :/

  49. HOPP SCHWIZ !!!!!!!!!!!! ;)

  50. Hey quickybaby and everybody else ?
    I am looking for a rather cheep Medium Tank ( up to 15 Euros) that is
    capable of earning some Credits 🙂 if anybody could give me a tip id be
    Very thankfull☺or eben you could Do a Video about it for new Players of the
    game or for people how want to bin their first premium Tank

  51. Way to deny the T34 his RW medal at the end there. Thats sportsmanship at
    its best.

  52. Soo its basically a buffed Indien-panzer.

  53. Can I trade in my cdc? Lol


  55. “Mutz” means Bear in Bern, Switzerland. Greetings from Switzerland. Love
    your channel.

  56. 1723… hey

  57. God I’m so proud to be Swiss now :’)

  58. holy shit… the size of that Co-ax is massive

  59. TheBadNickname -87

    i wish they would have brought the swizz armoured tech tree entirely here

  60. QB when are you going to tell us who the Winners of the 300k design contest
    is it feels like forever since you told us about it.

  61. I literally just bought the cdc and I would much rather have my money back

  62. I think Panzer 58 earns more credits than FCM 50T when they manage the same
    damages. I believe there must be a ratio that states difference of credit
    making ability between each premium tank, even though it doesn’t appear on
    the stats.

  63. I honestly wish they would add more tanks to this game that actually
    existed instead of ones thats didnt make it past the prototype stage or
    even blueprints for that matter, doesnt make sense to me, kinda like how
    they had the Whole AT series of british TDs long before the Challenger or
    the Firefly came out , like wtf? you add bullshit or something that almost
    NEVER existed instead of something as famous as the Firefly or Challenger


  65. o HOP SWISS !!! o/

  66. +QuickyBaby dear quickybaby I think if it is anything like the panther 8,8
    I’ll enjoy it very much and would consider buying one for myself.

  67. will it come to the in-game shop?

  68. nice review! subbed you. I make hot sauce videos. sub back if you could.

  69. Does anyone has any idea of when the amx m4 49 will be available ?

  70. Skandranon Banefire

    inb4 nerf

  71. Hi quickybaby, what do you think that will be a better premium med, the CDC
    or the NEW Panzer 58 Mutz?

  72. nice vid quickybaby

  73. More like 58 “MindienZ” Panzer. Looks like will perform better than the
    rest of tier 8 mediums, and way more competitve than Panther 88.
    Premium tanks aside, any news on Chieftain MK.6?

    Thanks for the video QB!

  74. hey QB I think you just mixed turret and track traverse when comparing with
    other premiums… turret traverse is the said 36 degrees and track traverse
    which you meant to say in video is 45.

  75. the tank looks awesome and better then the 88. So its worth it if you have
    a leo crew or e50m crew you wana train. simple.

  76. well in my opinion its not that big of a deal. It is worse than the CDC in
    terms of mobility, accuracy and aimtime and has only a little more armor.
    The gun is pretty much equal to the gun on the FCM 50t, which also has a
    good mobility and similar armor as the mutz. But the FCM 50t gets
    preferential so yeah…
    But in the end only time will tell how competitve the mutz really is :)

  77. one of the most competetive premium tanks in a long while? *looks at

  78. I like this one, been waiting for another good medium prem. Love the STA-2.

  79. the drive sprocket looks like an 80’s ford escort alloy wheel

  80. Finally! A Swiss tank!

  81. Hey Quickybaby, here is a quiestion for you (i know the answer, but if you
    know your are good at looking at all tanks 😛 ) What is the tank in world
    of tanks with the best gun depression?

  82. Quite a few ‘Jingles-Moments’ in this Video, mistake track & turret
    traverse etc. :P

  83. I’m that SU-122-44,died early tho

  84. I think Swiss never participated on the 2WW in any way for the Allies or
    the Axis and never make up with NATO or WTO or in others ways to talk, the
    cold war.

  85. It should be in tier 11.

  86. I thought the bear was a paint spill until he said it was a bear…

  87. YEs spend more money for Wg….russian love this :D

  88. t-57 american teir ten heavy tank

  89. TheFinalProject Mv

    you actually took t34 radly he had 7 kills lmao

  90. Wow That Sells pitch intro. I don’t need a german premium medium though.
    Got T-25 <3 <3 Also another T8 Overpriced premium tank.

  91. Holger Breidscheid

    A tank with must have character. Will arrive my garage soon.

  92. Is there any way to define Quicky’s accent? I mean the particular type. Is
    it e.g. RP? Thanks for answer :)

  93. @QuickyBaby Theory crafting went for more than 10mins. You usually finish
    that around 7.
    Thanks for the review. So in many ways it’s not as good as the CDC, so I
    won’t be getting it.

  94. Am I the only one seeing tank track prints appearing at 11:09 though there
    isn’t any tank making them? O_O

  95. Will be also a new switz tank line in de upcoming patch?

  96. He wil be in tech tree??? I want to buy him with gold..

  97. there is always someone to buy WG stuff 🙂 … they don’t even care about
    doing marathons or events,just to take your money. Wich is so fuckin bad…

  98. First Order Stormtrooper

    This tank looks like a beetle with those antennas.

    Edit: Also I noticed that Coaxial auto cannon, that would be interesting if
    you could actually use it, it would be great for taking out light tanks.

  99. Even when a lot of people (in WoT community) make tank reviews of new
    tanks, I always watch your review first :)

  100. wel it looks like I would like this tank but hey -yet another perhaps £20
    for yet another German premium medium – how about some nations / types that
    are not available? I won’t be adding this to the 88 panther panther m10 t25
    schmalturm and pzs35 – French /Russina/US arty? US td? lots of missing
    things for crew training

  101. Ace Tanker in a Tank nobody played? ?

  102. “Shots” fired at the Patton Korea, M4A1 Ravioli, and the cheap Type 59.

    get it

    “shots” fired

    *i’ll go*

  103. Can someone explain to me why the Mutz turns slower on soft Terrain than
    the Indien while having way better trak traverse and better resistence?
    Are there hidden hidden stats?

  104. u seen by the gun stats the gub was capable with a panzer 58 and a panzer
    58 mutz?

  105. That thing about the mirrors is stupid, the Coyotes and Leopards I work on
    and with have a sensor on the barrel that stop them from hitting the
    mirrors like that. But in combat theres a manual override that just lets
    you smash everything out of the way.

  106. “Mutz” means bear in swiss german ;)

  107. just when i started grinding the Indien, this comes out. WG is trying to
    tell me something…

  108. Friggin loved my Indien Panzer, I need this. How much is it going to cost?

  109. Pz. 58… wasn’t this tank a total failure when first introduced?

  110. Tank Driving Brony

    I wanna sign that says “Swisstech” On the side ;)

  111. I cant get in to test server,it says server unavaible,its just stops to
    connectin loading screen,plz help ^^

  112. What is that secondary cannon or machine gun on the turret?!?!?!?!?!? It is

  113. @QuickyBaby

    Why do you never mention the Brake Force ?
    It can sometimes be helpfull if you find yourself right in front of some
    Tanks (and thanks to the Brake force) and you can pull faster behind a save

  114. hardcoreminecrafter9

    not sure why people feel the need to load APCR at an IS-3, with 212 stock
    AP pen, i rarely bounce of IS-3s

  115. i think cdc is still better because of dpm

  116. Seems cool, until you see it costs more than most complete games…

  117. T34 was on 7 kills… But kill is kill, ah qb ? ;)

  118. When are we going to get the Chieftain?

  119. shops? fk that ssshhh, thought its gna be marathon reward…

  120. premium tanks with premium consumables…

  121. I will buy not one, but two, so can drive other while first is in battle!

  122. How much he will cost? Sry cant watch this vid today

  123. those tier 8 french m4 mediums get 1 shotted all the

  124. hmm, cant wait until KV-4 KTTS and the new tier 8 french heavy premium come

  125. more tier 8 premium mediums for me to 1 shot in my tier 9-10 artys, yum

  126. Great another T8 Premium Tank. They cant fix broken report system and other
    issues but they spam premium after premiumtank… Blood suckers

  127. I am confused. I thought that we should follow all the collectivists and
    pursue a diverse culture. not much diversity at wot, all premium heavies
    and mediums, not arty, few lights.

  128. as mingles says, light tanks are near useless, and arty has been nerfed all
    to h3ll.
    for those not in the know, arty was nerfed very badly in 7.0 not as bad in
    8.5, and 8.6 was the worse of all.
    dont worry folks, i hear that SOON, WOT will be re named world of heavy
    tanks, and we will finally have rainbows and kittens.

  129. Not a very intelligent thing to do Quicky, of course you can’t side scrape
    against a IS3, 122mm is more then 3 times the thickness of your side
    arm,our, so you can only go up to 90mm when side scraping

  130. And the reason we need ANOTHER tier 8 premium in WoT is….?

  131. typical WG. WG always listens to the complaining heavy/medium drivers. HOW
    MANY premium medium/heavy tanks can they put in this game? Nerf arty,
    premium artys? ARE YOU KIDDING ME? We dont need no stinkin premium artys!

  132. I like this tank a lot but afford to buy it I cannot. Hopefully Quicky will
    play it in his streams or give us some more videos of it.

  133. Quantum Imperfections

    It reminds me a lot of STA-1 gameplay. Which is good because I love my
    Japanese Medium Tanks.

  134. @QuickyBaby the track traverse is actually better than the other tanks –
    45°/sec compared to 38-44°/sec, only the 59-Patton is sightly better. In
    the video u just compared the turret traverse ;)

  135. can i bay e25

  136. correct me if i am wrong: this should have been vehicle for new years
    marathon after AX missions? now it is going to be just for sale ? shame …

  137. This tank does look good it is just that I am someone who likes the panther
    8.8 and the mutz dpm is worse then it so I am not sure if I would get

  138. i guess it will come in a 50 euro package ?

  139. Production value has gone up in the recent months, keep it up!

  140. What a shit tank

  141. Great video! Looks interesting :o

  142. Oi Qb, you’re on steroids or something mate? New videos everyday? How do
    you manage it? Anyway, I’m sure not complaining, just as long as you don’t
    work yourself too hard

  143. +1 for WG adding in the camo bonus for free. Would have loved that with the
    Berlin tanks.

  144. FAST…. BOI!

  145. Buff the m4 rev

  146. Finally a swiss tank, finally hopefully they will also introduce the panzer
    68 so i as a swiss guy will ha e something to love so much

  147. Seems a lil bit overpowered cos gun is awesome superop for a t8 plus it get
    -10 elevation BS they really want money soo much that they make more and
    more broken tanks.

  148. what kind of gun is the mutz uses again? ;)

  149. so the 1958 tank is better than the Panther F no shit sherlock why both at
    tier 8, beats the hell out of me.

  150. Well now there really is no excuse anymore for WG to release the FV4202
    with the piss-poor stats it had on the supertest.

  151. Saw a Mutz today on El Halluf – i knew it must’ve been you! But you lost :P

  152. This tank looks like very Mutz fun!

  153. Emilio Julio Cruz Aguilar


  154. Is this tank carrying a berlin-trio-like crew?


  156. So it’s a Leopard on T8…awesome!

  157. Panzer 58 Nutz, hah got em.

  158. special paintjobs seems to be the new fab…. like the bear though

  159. That’s great news! I’ve always wanted a Swiss Tank in WoT. Mostly because
    I’m Swiss though. ;)

  160. seriously? wg is giving us some good premium medium tanks while they have
    just ok normal mediums in the game

  161. I want that for Xbox.

  162. im wondering why would u buy this over a cdc? i know armor but its not
    reliable enough to play with it and the cdc gun i very good and its faster

  163. nothing special

  164. you would think the 59 fatton would have the best view range as it has a
    lighthouse on top of its turret?

  165. Lol ground ressistance will be nerfed to hell as always

  166. TheKingCobra78 - WoT

    QB you never mentioned that it looks like the crew have bia as standard,
    it’s a nice touch but also a shame if it is the case that it does have a
    bia crew after what you said at your meeting with wargaming about it
    de-valuing the female crews

  167. again premium tank lol they never mack tanks that are really good and dont
    have to pay for on low lvl again tier 8 premium wg you sucks a lot :(

  168. really???

  169. whats the Name Of this game only world Of tanks ? bit there are many PC
    games with the Name world Of tanks I would linke to have THIS game Plesse
    the Name Of this game, thanks

  170. Just take my money wargaming. can’t wait to get my hands on this tenk.

  171. 40 € ??

  172. As the Swiss are coming into WoT then they have many gun depression, isn’t

  173. 10 degrees of dispersion… interesting


  175. A perfect premium tank. Well balanced competitive tank as well as
    representitive of the playstyle of the Leo 1 tank line. Elegant and looks
    very fun to play. Good job to WG for giving us another good tank.

  176. QB how do you go in free camera mod pls help i want to improve quailty of
    my WoT videos thx :)

  177. Turret boobies. Not only limited to the Japanese heavies.

  178. I really really really want quickybaby to make tank comparisons, that would
    be so nice… I mean, quickybaby is an incredible player and a lot of
    people just dont know like what tier 6 premium they want or something like
    that so tank comparison would be wonderful, who else thinks this is a nice
    idea? Pleas quickybaby listen to me and do this :)

  179. love how shitty the 59 patton looks compared to most the other prems lol

  180. This tank was intended to be an award for New Year marathon, but WG changed
    their mind( at least on RU servers

  181. German premium med with 4 crew members… screw you WG.
    But I guess I can be lucky it is not 6.

  182. When starts the 300k again? Because only 6 tanks were raffled

  183. Hey QB how come you didn’t compare against the T54 First Prototype, as I
    believe this is a direct competitor?

  184. The first medium tank after the Type59 (Vanilla) which is not total crap

  185. 19:56 There are visual hinges on these mirrors… Wargaming wtf don’t you
    fold down the hinges? Why would you drive into a battle with rear view
    mirrors up?

  186. Oh no…….. Another line already

  187. It looks cool… Thats the only reason imma get it… Imma hoarder

  188. Why WG why!! My panther 8,8 will be forgotten now

  189. I cant wait to play another 240 dmg paper T8 medium….NOT.

    Boring tank, plays like cdc and Co. the skin is nice and the tank is
    decent. but it offers nothing new gameplaywise

  190. upload an arty game

  191. Those aren’t mirrors qb you Chinese noddle head. They are episcopes or
    vision blocks :)

  192. Killed a Mutz with my TVP yesterday, also test/press account but I don’t
    think it was QB. The turret is quite bouncy at long range against guns like
    the long 88 on my TVP, but the hull is very weak even from the front and
    mobility is mediocre on hills, I think it’s more like a Pershing than a

  193. Riki Mischon (Zaruex)

    i atleast sat on one yay. 25km away from me.

  194. But how can it preform worse than the Indian Pz on med/soft terrain, when
    the stats shows that it shouldn’t :O are there more hidden stats than those
    we know of?????

  195. QB, is this with a BIA-crew?

  196. Plz buff the Patton KR :'(

  197. yep…. that’s in my garage when it comes on sale :)…. might even get
    some good youtube uploads from it too !!!!

  198. Megaspasstpräsentiert

    As a Premium consumeable there should be Swiss Cheese!

  199. Now that you say it, QB, what’s with Wargaming making all those new medium
    tanks? Except for the Kanonenjagdpanzer, most of the new premium tanks seem
    to be mediums. Doers anyone knows why?

  200. so cdc is way better and probably cheaper 😀 totaly not worth if dont have
    cdc :D

  201. Nice tank But is it worth over $20.00??

  202. Megaspasstpräsentiert


  203. “…or the M4A1 Reva-whatever” – I loved that QB :D

  204. The tank looks like a compromise between CDC and Panther 8.8. I am still
    curious how it can fight agains enemy light tanks directly, if you rush it
    early in spotting locations. Does that armour ding tier 7-8 light tanks?

  205. Wow he really loads so much Premrounds no matter what tank hes playing.

  206. I bought a Pz IV schmalturm back in the day out of desperation to have a
    crew trainer for German mediums. That tank was such a disappointment that I
    sold it. I didn’t even consider the Panther 88. In fact, after seeing how
    easily the Leopard tanks get ammo racked, I gave up on German mediums
    entirely, and retrained my crew into a TD.

  207. Nice! Time to waste money. LET IT RAIN!!!!!!!!

  208. Fiaura The Tank Girl

    I wonder how many collectors wallets are dry now?

  209. PzKpfw VI Tiger ausf. H1

    Again issues with qb’s videos on chrome after I installed win10… No
    problem on firefox tho

  210. CDC> this tank

  211. again qb excelent vid, like

  212. Looks good

    idiots WGN killed me the only thing they add premium tanks unbelivable
    whats the point playing the game with the other tanks if u can just buy and
    play premium tanks it takes away all the fun with the grinding WGN are the
    Russian Blizzard nah this game is cool but its to much for me dont wana
    mention patch 9.13 balance – 10 new premium tanks

  214. Good good

  215. ty so mouch for The amazing vids i where a tomato before i started watching
    ur vids and now im a fresh apple thank u!!

  216. I just bought the CDC last night and LOVE IT! It took numerous of your
    videos and tank reviews for me to pull the trigger on this one and I’m glad
    I did. I just hope that this tank will not turn out to be better than the
    CDC. I’m starting to have the buyers remorse.

  217. M Lord Kimu (Kimu)

    world of tank my arse… stay behind bush and shoot morons comming at
    you…. tactics universe lol :)

  218. QQ baby stealing a radleys from the guy xD

  219. i love it

  220. 3:23 The tank uses a 90mm. And for those of you who have the attention span
    of a goldfish, 3:28, the tank uses a 90mm.

  221. that mirror gun depression thing is a bit lame…

  222. when will it be on sale

  223. at one point you said having to play the ripper patton, as if it were a
    chore? if you dont like these premium tanks why play them? i know you like
    collecting tanks but why act like its a chore when you payed for them so
    you could play with them?

  224. totaly like that mutz :D

  225. This tank is gonna be a real juicy arty target.

  226. Did he switch turret and track treverse?

  227. If it has the Indien Panzer gun. I’m so down.

  228. Let’s see how much money WG wants this time … I bet its gonna be over 30
    Why? Well look at it stats. Its one of the best prem medium tanks …

  229. I love that coaxial :D

  230. Mutz means bear in swissgerman

  231. Quickybaby, please call it just a swiss tank. It was developed by the Swiss
    so it should be described as Swiss and not German. Not trying to be salty
    but… ;)

  232. I want the mutz

  233. So basically it’s a crappy light tank

  234. Cant. Wait

  235. world of rendering french tanks ineffective

  236. World of premium tanks :/

  237. I want this tank really bad!

  238. I’ve been mulling over picking up another tier 8 premium – looks like I’ve
    found the one for me!

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    hates them both. He does like that they make money. He hates the M4 more.

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    come with a Rorschach test now?

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  247. The M4 Rage Machine piss me off. It takes 3 years to aim and it’s ACPR
    round have a hissy fit when fired at angled armor. It’s heat rounds are
    terrible. I understand the long reload time (small turret big gun).

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    a long day of work. Thank you very much quickybaby :3

  253. Hi QuickyBaby. I am from Switzerland. Quite funny that they now introduce a
    “Swiss” tank. Getting a bit too much with all these premium tanks. Btw the
    word “Mutz” is from an dialect of the region of Bern and means Bear as the
    painting indicate anyway. 🙂 Cheers

  254. The M4A1 Revolver/revolution/revelation/rev… is favorite tank in the game
    at the moment. Got interested in it because of the unicum guide to [Tank
    Name]. 67 games with it and have 66% winrate.
    So for personally, it certainly lived up to the hype.

  255. Looks very similar to the Indien Panzer, in just about every area.

  256. @Quickybaby – Do you know anything about the VK100.01P?

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  258. TheFlyingPineapple

    Do like the little intros you’ve been doing recently – reva-whatever xD

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    the missions anymore, yay!

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    with a plain paint job so I can put on camo myself.

  264. i’ll probably buy this tank if it’s not too expensive since I love my
    german mediums but don’t have prem to train their crews in

  265. Why was it not compared to the t-54 first prototype?

  266. Lights and mirrors block the gun barrel. Because there is no way the barrel
    simply would bend them while going over them. And why would you like to
    bend them anyway? Fucking mirrors are ESSENTIAL for the tank in combat,

  267. They should have made this tank German or French, because it’s a swiss
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    good money(so high pen) and isn’t too hard to play for someone like me.
    Would this tank be good in your opinion?

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    anybody has any idea?

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  292. 2,655th!!!! (Viewer). 87th comment.Side note: This tank will prolly cost
    like $70 and get nerfed a month later.

  293. WHY would it spin slower on soft ground?? No numerical data indicate it….

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    really long to compare and is pointless to compare a premium tank to a
    normal tank?

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    would be better to make money :)

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    from 1944 and also, with Kanonenjagdpanzer from 1960…. lol I have enough
    of this shit, wg must be really deperate, maybe they dont have enough
    prototypes in 1920-1950. so they must choose this shit, what will be next?
    T-72 as a Tier 7 premium?

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  305. Tank looks kinda bad… Nothing special, like other new premium tanks.

  306. Hey… I like the Revalorisé…

  307. Enough with premium of the week and fix some core problems with the game
    that have been in for YEARS. After I saw the interview on Jingles channel
    with Jingles, quickybaby, and some WG staff I see they’re stuck in a hole
    they’ll never get out of.

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  312. Fun fact: Mutz means Bear in swissgerman :)

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    tank? Well shit…

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  317. @QuickyBaby Thun is just 30 minutes away from where I live and I run past
    this tank while I did my military service at this place ^^

  318. That Bear motif looks amazing!

  319. The M4A1 Reva-whateva – That’s great. Had me laughing

  320. Pronounciation tip: Try to pronounce Indien-Panzer as Indy-en Panzer. You
    pronounce both the I and the E in Indien.

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    premium”……translation………..WarGaming will nerf the shit out of it
    a week after you buy it.

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    UP! You rock man, thanks for all the hard work :)

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