World of Tanks | Panzer 58 Mutz ‘The Mutz Nutz’ Premium Tank Game Play Review

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Source: Sir Havoc

| Mutz ØThe Mutz Nutz’ German Game Play Review
Introducing the New Tier 8 German
This a great which i believe will become to go to Tier 8 Premium Tank in WoT.
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  1. this tank isn’t that great, it’s a Ind. panzer and doesn’t have pref. MM

  2. Nice to see the German lines get some more post war tanks.

  3. Any idea if this is going to be on the Tech Tree or is it going to be a
    premium shop special??

  4. very nice review keep them coming

  5. Mitchell Miller Music

    Thanks for using my music again Havoc!

  6. Nice tank and nice review!

    Thumbs up and subbed.

  7. So a CDC, but worse in every single way but terrain resist……. while
    having 50% of the horsepower and lower speed. Typically German.

  8. At 23.29 roughly I’m sure you say snap shit instead of snap shot lmao.

  9. When i joined the HAV0C clan i was a ‘noob’ player with bad stats . As the
    time passed i learnt so many new things that it made my stats better and i
    play also better. Tnx Sir_Havoc alot <3

  10. It would be probably a good idea to make a “universal” tree, maybe tanks
    mixed of nations that does not have that many. I would love that. Good
    thing were probably that all of those tanks tier for thier had other

  11. actually it is a Swiss tank. WG you are so silly

  12. Charlie Cheesecake

    The fact that you cant put extra camo on kind of makes me sad, the Cromwell
    B allowed it.. but the Mutz I feel needs it for its IMO ugly base paint :(

  13. answer this and you will have made my life
    i joined the Havoc clan

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