World Of Tanks Panzerguner in his AMX 50B, pain defined!!

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Source: Airbrusher Games and art

AMX50 being driven by Panzerguner. Everyone, this Panzerguner. Panzerguner, this everyone. A buddy of SkytzoÙs he was happy to let me show his replays on my channel here and I am very thankful for that. My first on or as I like to say .8, on my channel and this a fine example to start with. Panzerguner gives us a text book game on using this challenging , you will learn a lot from this one and i hope it helps you all out there struggling with these Frenchy Autoloaders. Sit back, enjoy and have fun.

Music by Edward Marc
Song is Stage 606

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Airbrusher Games and Art.

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  1. Airbrusher Games and art

    Good thing this only holds 4 rounds at a time.

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