World of Tanks – Partners In Crime

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Source: The Mighty

In a shocking turn of events which 's possible I might end up getting sued for, it's a light tank replay that doesn't feature Aurorik78!

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  1. Yeah that was definitely impressive

  2. Absolutely unprofessional behaviour uploading a light tank video without featuring Aurorik78. Im very disappointed in you uncle jingles

  3. I’m a simple man, I see jingles, I click

  4. A like and comment to help the algorithm: I want to see the final moment of the intro have all the togs land on the other tanks. Same scene. Just reverse where the respective tanks are.

  5. Type 62, great light tank, I did my first TierX kill with it, when it was a TierVI

  6. Well done for the cavalier for apologising at the end of the game

  7. great video. Also love to see the cavalier being humble enough to apologize after shitting in chat

  8. Once again Jingles can’t count. 8+3 is 11 not 10. We we still love him.

  9. I don’t take seriously any platoon replays. When most of the team are solo playing, unable to communicate or coordinate anyone that can with voice com’s immediately have a hell of an advantage.

  10. This game (WoT I mean) would be 10k times better if the RNG and p2w factors were removed.

  11. Scouting in WOT is the intellectual man’s game…Thanks Jingles, always a better day when I see you’ve posted a video…Cheers!

  12. Its an old gripe but how is it fair that in the same battle you have a tank that goes into service in 1961(T-62) up against a Covenanter (1938) which was considered too weak to ever see service?

    Full marks to the guys to play such a perfect spotter TD game regardless.

    • Because the game isn’t trying to be a historically accurate simulator.
      If it was, the Type 62 would have at least 300mm of pen with HEAT.

    • @Pickle Jho Oh I know, its, an old, and pointless, gripe. I’d still prefer if all post WWII tanks (especially the ones in the 60s should be at Tier 10 and everything else shuffled back but its a pointless hope. Ditto in World of Warships. The Russian T8 sub launched in the 50s is based on the T10 German sub that operated in ’45 for example. Makes no sense. Funnily enough I started playing when the shoe was on the other foot. A Tier 5 Chaffee up against T8 tanks. Not very pleasant, passive scouting was a must back then.

  13. 8 plus 3 is 11, Jingles.

  14. The Mighty Jingles

    Maths is hard. I should have been a stripper.

  15. I kinda knew the Type 62 was a little of the Type 59 and a real tank.

  16. Uuh actually Jingles…. 8 + 3 = 11 not 10. 😛

  17. Skittles but with chocolate inside

    I read Panthers in crime 😅

  18. You can almost hear Aurorik go “Ohh you think thats a good match in that tank. Hold my beer”

  19. He got second for damage done…. Lmao

  20. LT replay sans Aurorik78? What is this heresy!?!?

    I like heresy.

  21. 10 kills.
    Thats 11, after inflation.

  22. Between the 2 of them, they got 10 kills. 4 of them where from the “camp bush” spotting. But yeah, that was grate showing of human stupidity, their must have been at least 8 tanks in that general area, and they all died ether to the T28/2 or allied tanks.

  23. I’m going to go out on a limb and say WoT sucks

  24. I like being shot at

  25. Textbook tactics

  26. World of tanks, not played for years but still religiously watch jingles videos on the game 🙂

  27. Kemping bush like a pro😊

  28. what a cool game! this guy really is cool!

  29. The M36 Jackson was my favorite tank 8n the game. 8 had over 36k games played in it… But I stopped playing the game years ago when the wheeled light armored cars came out. The game got to be so much bs it wasn’t fun anymore.

  30. “Development of the Type 59.”

    I mean, it was a copy of the T54/55, how much development was put into it?

  31. ACTUALLY Jingles

  32. Great teamwork, if only it was always thus

  33. 8 + 3 is 10 kills. We love you jingles

  34. Two guys teaming together handled an enemy team without any organization!

  35. this shows the main reason why i dont play this game at all anymore – campers who dont understand shit-YES,some WILL die in an assault,but whit majority in numbers,you will always win..battle lost for the enemies due to pure cowardism

  36. every knows that it’s not T25 (slash) 2 but T25/halfs so T12.5 is also correct 😉

  37. how many years of the deafening intro it is now?

  38. Is no fair, he kemp bush!

  39. Hmm, what I believe smhuxd means:
    smh = shaking my head
    ux = user xperience
    d = department, dave?
    Doesn’t make much sense, but you’re welcome anyways 😉

  40. “10 kills between the two of them”…. Hold on a moment *checks math*. Yeah…… That’s not 10.

  41. Nice teamup that was quite impressive

  42. Great replay and nice to see thr Cavalier apologize

  43. Hey all. Coolguy50 here, just for some extra info, Smhuxd was in fact using the worse version of the 90mm gun

  44. Great video demonstrating a great partnership

  45. I know people appreciate the Cavalier for apologizing in chat, but he had no right to bitch in the first place. He survived longer than most of the team, and ends up near the bottom anyways. Tells you how well he was doing that time alive.

  46. Babe wake up, Jingles uploaded

  47. poor T5s.. never had a chance.

  48. It always irritates me when people don’t use HE on low armor artillery.

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