World of Tanks – Party Crasher

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In which SlashCrasher does his level to ruin the party the enemy team are enjoying at his expense of his teammates.

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System Specs: i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. First?

  2. Good morning from Canada jingles

  3. First, like a lot of others i guess?

  4. Jingles do you even play WoT any more ??

  5. “I can show you the world”…..

  6. First like the rest of all xD

  7. Jackson Voorhees

    124th viewer!

  8. 124 views, I am really early…
    Where is my virtual cookie!!!!!!!!!

  9. Not even going to joke about this but when I saw the title I laughed because the notification literally caught my attention and my parents got arsey because I ignored my birthday party to watch it! ? ?
    Thanks for the present Jingles!

  10. Sitting back with a cuppa to watch another video from the alpha gnome himself. 🙂

  11. what ur view on the UK new light tanks.?

  12. damn, I’m 8 minutes late for the party,, gimmie a break I just got out of the pool!!!

  13. SlashCrasher has been features atleast twice before.

  14. I neeeeeed my reward for being early ?!
    What do you say Gnome Lord? Tomorow i have to do 5 shifts in the mines…. ok, but that’s impossible, a shift is 8 hours long and *shotgun pumps* Ok my lord, I’m gonna be there for 5 shifts.

  15. 5:20 am at Chile, perfect for a brake of the studying and start to listen to this beautiful bearded man

  16. It’s been a long time since we seen slash

  17. i would actually argue that the EVEN 90 is a better passive scout tier for tier (or maybe even compared directly). Cause it has a better camo rating and is even smaller than the T-100LT. The 2 things the EVEN is worse compared to the T-100LT in terms of passive scouting are his viewrange of 380m (which is 10m less than the T-100LT but don’t forget the 2 tiers difference) and that the EVEN has a really bad HP/t weight ratio.

  18. Communism And The U.S.S.R

    Stupid gnome!

  19. I’m down with the man flu so this is quite welcome Jingles…

  20. For real. This scrolling in and out is so anoying… He maybe should get his pills next time.

  21. Those tanks to the north were more dug in then the Vraksizn defenders.

  22. Jingles, it would behoove you to acknowledge the Udes player who scored 5k dmg to hold off the surge of the north, without him crash would bot have made such an impact..

  23. Well actually Jingles, T-100 LT is best active scout besides Panhards. And I’m pretty sure you can’t actually stop Panhards without blocking it’s way somehow.

  24. Jingles I have just passed my birthday and finally became 19 this past monday so i am no older then i was before meaning i can put more efforts for mining salt but instead of the regular mines i do it in the world of tanks blitz section with weaker tanks then the regular version but hey there are still op premiums for people to buy and wreck faces and create more salty children!

  25. Tier 10 light tank, doesn’t take full repair/medkit? What?

  26. Thank you Jingles for showing my battle <3

    I've always dreamed about you commentating to my game 🙂

  27. Not so much as a glimpse of a kitty ANYWHERE!!! Jingles you mean old gnome, more kitties or I’m on strike!!!

  28. That shot on the AMX……….RRRRAAASHA!

  29. I’d love to request a review to be made on either War Thunder, Tanks or Warships but I doubt I’d get a response. I love Jingles’ historical reviews.

  30. Anyone else supplementing their jingles addiction with some of his vids from 6years ago?

  31. Александар Кнежевић

    Ohhh man I was ready for another heartbreak xD

  32. Masterful play from the LT100 🙂

  33. Jingles, I know you are getting old, but I thought somebody that went to a boarding school in Barberton, Mpumalanga, which is a respectful school in South Africa, would know how to write a sentence correctly. Because that description is wrong. In which SlashCrasher does his level best to ruin the party the enemy team are enjoying at his expense of his teammates. Don’t you mean, at THE expense of his teammates?

  34. You see teams snatch victory from the jaws of defeat in WoT all the time.
    It’s just that that it seems to usually the *enemy* team that does that.

  35. Do you think they will ever add this tank to world of tanks blitz?

  36. A mastery badge and that still wasn’t good enough to turn a profit with a premium account….. this is why I don’t play the game. Past tier 7 it gets to dumb and Grindy even if every game your perfect

  37. First shot at the EBR, bounce, yup pretty much what I get off those slowly moving heavily armored bs tanks too. I believe that WG decided that the entire EBR line should be made of vibranium alloy.

  38. Petition to get Jingles to do a DOOM Eternal Playthrough. Please sign your name below.

    • I know i did this before but i only got like 8 people, COME ON GANG we can do this Jingles will notice us!

  39. And he lost credits…….. “because why not?!”

  40. Matthew Boothman

    Tbf this light tank driver yes they where like 4 tanks down at the start but he wasnt doing anything to help anyone where he could of played a supporting role in the town buy he just sat in a stupid spot and did nothing

  41. Top gun, first of his team in exp/dmg, win the game, Premium.
    Still not enough to get a profit.

    Thanks but it’s still not my time to come back on this game xD

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