World of Tanks || Patch 9.14 – Test Server Preview

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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks || Patch 9.14 – Test Server Preview where the fundamental sound and physics have completely changed!

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. There will be plenty of top tiers flipping over

  2. will Foch 155 get buffed armor ?

  3. are the mini map changes coming in this patch aswell? ie don’t need mods to
    have the render/view/spotting distances?

  4. As someone that has spent A LOT of time with big boomsticks (mainly the
    155mm on the M109 but also the IMI 120mm) these sounds (of the big guns)
    are not very realistic, they are too deep and miss a very distinctive CLAP.
    Their echoes, on the other hand, are basically perfect. BUT all the new
    sounds do sound absolutely epic and extremely immersive and the engine and
    track scraping sounds are spot on.

  5. Am I the only one who keps hearing the trackrepair sound constantly?

  6. did your toaster explode? ^^

  7. tanks russe op •○

  8. they should add a night map and the tanks should have lights and
    nightvision…..would be fun…

  9. I quite like the new sounds. I would prefer if they allowed TDs and SPGs to
    lock tracks though.

  10. I wanted to play the German Bulldog with the 90mm gun…

  11. Played a few hours on the test server and I cannot fault it. New audio is
    far better. Cheers QB

  12. good update

  13. The only annoying sound is came up – I think randomly – the TRACK FIXED.
    Noone hears it?

  14. this is all nice, but i wonder why did they introduce the ravage capital
    map only for rampage mode?
    not many people play it at all, and there’s only a chance that some will
    play on that exact map, i feel like it’s kind of a waste of time for WG if
    they don’t add it to (at least) random battles.

  15. engine sounds overall are boring.. nearly all of them sound the same. the
    old crack you had when a e4 or jgpze100 hitted u, was way more satisfying
    than these sounds.. just the heat of e100 sounds mediocre.. but atleast the
    rest is better.

  16. Still think there is not enough “track noise” it’s all engine and
    ambiance.. if they added track clatter which increases and decreases with
    speed.. then i’d be impressed.

  17. BLUE_beep BLUE_beep

    Like the sound,
    Worried about the new hi definition models as I lost all my perm camo on a
    tank I had.

  18. Looks great, I might even come back to play for a bit

  19. Thanh Nguyên Trần

    It’s hard to tell u guys how much i love the sound. I’ve been waiting for
    this for too damn long. One thing made me stop playing the small tanks
    ’cause the sound of the small guns sucked ! Now it change !

  20. will this be on Xbox

  21. pls do some remix with that ricco sounds :D

  22. The sounds always been pony in this game. I always used the engine and gun
    mods… So much better than the std sounds. Unfortunately, it’s come too
    late for me and I don’t play wot any more

  23. New sounds of guns are really bad ? I want previous ones

  24. Awesome, Cant wait to get into 9.14

  25. Im dissapointed that Grille 15 won’t be added to upcomming patch :(

  26. Hey Quicky I gave up WoT about 4 months ago, I am guilty of even stopping
    watching your videos and this was weird for me as you ARE my favourite
    youtuber. I watched this video and I thought: “Hey I’m gonna play WoT
    again”. Thank you for such an informative and interesting video, you got a
    sub returning for more!

  27. I liked those changes.

  28. Other than the depth of gameplay, I personally think that due to the
    difference in nature of the games, War Thunders physics and sounds are more
    realistic and accurate but it is definitely welcoming to see World of Tanks
    looking to add minor changes such as these that add so much depth to an mmo
    game. War Thunder definitely has World of Tanks beat when it comes to the
    usefulness of hearing distant vs near shells and ricochets. World of Tanks
    will have more dynamic sound when you switch between sight and TPS though.

  29. Firing from the Jagdpanzer E 100 from external camera on Xbox 360 and One
    sounds like the cracking of lighting. It’s pretty godly.

  30. I love the new sound. Qb consider putting that in that in the title of this
    video. I may come back to Wot to experience that level of immersion, I bet
    many others would too!! Make the sound the focus of this video!!

  31. Will – you’re missing the point – who plays 3rd person all the time? That’s
    the only time you hear your gun go “BOOM!” You don’t hear the big “BOOM”
    when you are inside the tank; it’s muffled – and sounds like an iron gate
    being shut. And worse – it does that for all size guns…..! One flaw –
    which loses the stress relief factor. If that was fixed – I’d be happy –
    er….I hate that Camera Flash sound for the 6th Sense.

  32. GREAT!!!!

  33. Muhammad Hafidz Ismail

    every single update more like war thunder because its getting more

  34. Muhammad Hafidz Ismail

    the gun sound are more real like in open ground tank gun sound

  35. i was one of many unlucky people to have the new sound files corrupted and
    unable to hear them, only rarely did i hear the engine sounds, only heard
    them 2 battles out of the 300 i have played on the test server

  36. choi william (윌얌)

    um… is it me who thinks that the gun sounds seems same?

  37. All missions for IS7 completed :D

  38. Noo it sounds like promod sounds..

  39. Tatri Udom-ariya (El)

    OMG Big gun go BOOM!! Really enjoying it and can’t wait to roll with it.
    Sound so much more realistic and like QB said we feel more in the combat.
    One more thing really need to improve is about how the tree in game fall
    when tank roll on it, it look not realistic indeed…

  40. I had a gun sound MOD a few patches ago a it sounds like the same sound. I
    love that MOD but after the new patch it didn’t let me keep it but I’m glad
    they put it in the game. I like how they are putting some of the MODs in
    the game

  41. beautiful sounds

  42. funny thing is when you were on the grass with your FV, the motors sounded
    like a lawnmower XD

  43. mdg mobile device gaming

    love every thing about it

  44. I like the part where I haven’t been able to access the test server for the
    past 5 days.

  45. Love the clip with everyone firing at the IS-7.

  46. Justin justintheman

    I like the petroleum and diesel engine sound

  47. OMG… the gun sound… closer to the historical gun sound mod. I think my
    pants just got wet…. I can see people doing ochestra on IS7 bouncy armor

  48. Is it just me or does the comet sound like a american muscle car ;)

  49. Wow… that 170mm bounce sounds… Cool

  50. does anyone know when(if) its coming to xbox one?

  51. will this sound come in SD version to or only in the HD ?

  52. This will be a long download…

  53. How can they go for realism in the physics yet deny the same abilities to
    TDs and SPGs? And are they denying it even to turreted ones? I am excited
    for the changes but that just seems off. Also couldn’t help but notice that
    in the firing line, many on the shots made no booming sound at all.

  54. Quicky looks like he just woke up lol

  55. Tem BR aq n?

  56. New sounds are really nice, sadly not enough to bring me back to WoT.
    I think sound is the biggest thing letting down Armored Warfare right now,
    hope they do a big redo as well soon.

  57. So did the IS-7 test prove there are still ghost rounds? Look at all those
    tracers going through

  58. I love the new engine sounds, they sound pretty spot on to what a tank of
    there weight class would be. the gun sounds a slightly better, I feel they
    could be improved a little. last of all, I like the bounce sounds, but the
    sound a little high pitched for what the real thing would sound like, plus
    there is a few ricochet sounds that are missing. All and all I think they
    are a great improvement over the old sound.

  59. Truthfully I like the current sound system, the new might be a bit over the

  60. Awesome sounds good.

  61. And the guns are like 90 times quieter it sounds like pop guns w/ silencers

  62. The whole making “distracting” shots quieter is so dumb, it’s hard to tell
    when you get shot unless you look at your health bar every 5 seconds

  63. what do you think is the t 14 worth?

  64. just want the new sounds

  65. Like the sound a lot.

  66. Razed In A New Division Of Agony

    That sounds freaking awesome.

  67. I love everything about the changes.

  68. The new Comet engine kind of sounds like a camp fire.

  69. Michael “Mc4nb2016” Crisci

    Wasn’t that “bell” a part of the game LONG ago.

  70. Are the new sounds higher quality? Yes. But is that really what the game
    needs most at this present moment? No. What’s more, consider how all this
    beauty and immersion can be disappointing when the gameplay itself does
    ridiculously bad things. Here you are enjoying your big mighty tank,
    crushing cars and trees under you, hearing the roar of your engine, the
    thunder of your cannon…. and then bouncing off an ELC (or hit by arty, et
    cetera). All of the immersion is ruined when the game itself can’t be taken

  71. it feel like war and sound like war …. good update indeed

  72. Honestly I like the old ricochet sounds better. The new ones sound like
    someone hitting a tin pot.

  73. Love it

  74. Wargaming? Multi core? This is not WG, someone grew a brain over at WG!

  75. Is it actually a crit hit when you hear the bell? The game as it is says
    when you supposedly crit an opponent and we’ve tested it and most are not
    crit hits.

  76. I can’t wait to hear my Tiger I purring

  77. 4:20 Do a barrel roll!

  78. i think is going to be nice seems like they will rework the cammo and flags
    bonus as well so that will be nice and if i said something wrong in inglish
    sorry i am brasilian and i like your channel quicky baby ;)

  79. oh no the grille 15 i saw it

  80. love the sounds hopefully they add it to xbox some time soon

  81. I really like the new sounds in general but I will surely miss the sound of
    my 15 cm gun which isincredible.. It’s just like thunder! My house is
    shaking everytime I shot. I think the old canon firing sounds were awesome
    and they should have kept them but for the rest it will be a great plus!

  82. It still is weird to me that PC is just now getting new sounds and still
    don’t have every tank in HD. They had every tank in HD for the xbox one
    roll out and the Chicago team went out to a private collection in the USA
    to record new engine sounds and possibly gun sounds and implemented that
    last summer or fall


  84. I had an idea. MUSIC with ricochet noises.

  85. Need for Speed: WOT edition

  86. I think with the maps, they found the best map style: Dominating hill on
    one side, open mid, heavy tank brawling point, and flanking routes
    everywhere. It’s why maps like Mines, Himmelsdorf and Malinovka have been
    around for so long, where others like Yukon, Hidden Village, Severogorsk
    and Dragon’s Ridge are no longer with us.

  87. I sure got my soundblaster E5 amp/dac and Philips fidelio X2 in the right
    moment! It’s gonna be amazing! :)

  88. I know it’s in the test server but I can’t help to notice sometimes you
    can’t hear some of the guns go off. Idk if you guys caught that but it’s
    noticeable, let’s hope they do too lol

  89. Sounds like Thor wants to come in when you bounce a Jg. E100 shell

  90. My vk 72 is going HD deal with it

  91. +QuickyBaby I like all of the changes a lot. In reference to the sounds
    though…I like the new sounds but one thing bothers me, and that is that
    many tanks sound similar. For example an ELC sounds similar to tanks much
    much larger than itself. Down the line I hope they add more sounds to
    better reflect the size and power of different engines.

  92. I love how they can fix other things, but can’t fix the dam match making..
    I mean dam they have a ranking system in place but don’t use it… just
    shows how sad war gaming really is… everyone has had those games where
    one team has all the heavies or all the better players on one team… come
    on war gaming even Call of Duty has a better match making system.

  93. I hate the new sounds :(

  94. now watch the video of the jagdpanther firing it’s 88, you nothing like the
    true sound, shame they should have recorded the sounds during the making of

  95. To be honest I don’t think the big gun sounds are meaty enough, if anyone
    has used gnomefathers gun sounds mod and heard the DeathStar or Jagdpanzer
    E100 fire before you’ll know what I mean. I drive these tanks a lot and I
    just love how it sounds so awesome, almost like the real death star if it
    fired projectiles

  96. Yes because screw those TD’s so BS.

  97. The critical damage sound is exactly the same as World of Warships isn’t? I
    played both so it’s only me or just different sound?

  98. would like to see what QB thinks about the grille 15

  99. I do wonder how it will be driving t54ltwt. in new patch since its already
    hard to turn in full speed becouse it drifts a lot :D

  100. Personally i think the ricochet sounds are a litte to high pitch and almost
    bell toney. i fell they should have a more of a basey metalic sound

  101. wearing a twich t-shirt at youtube lol

  102. the sound makes the game more of a tank game

  103. So its getting closer to Warthunder

  104. The 6 sense sound sounds like that memory eraser from Men in Black

  105. idk, the gun sounds and the tank explosion sound seems a bit underwhelming
    to me, maybe it’s just QB’s video but they sound a bit “tinny”, as if
    recording was overpowered by the pressure wave and doesn’t really give you
    a feeling of the sheer force

  106. Wait , does the spotting sound happen even if you don’t have 6th sense? So
    will everybody know when they have been spotted now like AW or I’m a wrong?

  107. i am pumped for this update the sound when i fire my kv 2s gun

  108. Hey QB what do you think about starting a new show in which you get us news
    about the supertest,
    And also let as ask the developers through you som relevant questions
    You can call it “Tank news”

  109. Love the new sounds! Wasnt very excited about it especially like the
    current 3rd party sound modes. The ricochets are really awesome!

  110. the sounds are an improvement but still short of sounds all the same
    between all vehicles.

  111. that firing line…. Bet the shots landed in Sand River..

  112. And where is the HD E75?

  113. The new sounds are a big step forward. Cool!

  114. So what your saying is my FX-8350 will have a use for more than one core in
    this game.

  115. Great. GTA Tank expansion. 

  116. EmperorNefarious1 The Glorious

    Death star gun sound was ok, but it pales in comparison to gnomefathers
    Deathstar; true audio ecstasy right there.

  117. I wish the tracks made more noise, like they do in real life. Even modern
    tanks’ tracks sound like grinding gears and they seem too quiet or
    nonexistent. Aside from that, the sounds are amazing.

  118. Hair, that is.

  119. Lol at 12:47 it sound like someone hit you with a frying pan on your head

  120. damn now engines sound like lawn mowers…. I dont like it to be honest

  121. LOVE the new sounds QB, sounds like a real warzone

  122. engine’s sound great but not for the batchat it even sounds more like a
    lawn mower XD

  123. 5:50 does the 6th sense go off for everyone or does it go for people who
    have 6th sense?


  125. I need a moment…..alone with those sounds…;D

  126. I bet you were shot by the arty… :)

  127. Did that Jagdtiger just squeak at 7:16? Would have been much funnier if it
    was the Maus.

  128. Stock mini-map overlays. (:

  129. Is-6 getting in HD = big buff 😉
    That´s how WG works :P

  130. AWESOME

  131. how do u even memorize all the tank names!!!

  132. It gives you the feeling of Armored Warfare … and that I do not like!

  133. I wonder when WG is going to address the arty RNG issue and roll out that
    fix in a patch? I’ve pretty much stopped play WoTs and now only play
    Armored Warfare b/c I so sick of getting 1-shot (from full health in any
    tanks I own) by artillery in WoTs. I really like how AW gives you an
    incoming arty alert and arties are pretty much incapable of 1-shotting
    anything–which is how it should be. Period.

  134. The sounds are good but the gun sounds are so bad!!!!!! Engine sounds are

  135. maybe someone knows when this patch is going to be released?

  136. this new patch is gonna be epic

  137. 6:50 ho that’s nice :D

  138. Yeah… if I would want to drive a tank like in war thunder I would just
    play war thunder. don’t need that drifting tank shit here. ppl will soon
    start complaining about light tanks crashing themselves all over the maps

  139. First Order Stormtrooper

    The big guns sound like a comical 17th century cannon.


    but I like it.

  140. when is the patch supposed to be on the NA servers

  141. I don’t think that ” big guns go boom” because 152 ,155,180,170……. mm
    Guns sound like the same 1 , they should rework it in my opinion

  142. Why cant they implement these things into blitz? They seem to listen to PC
    players for what they want. They completely ignore Blitz players for what
    they want for Blitz. Including things that they already have in PC

  143. Recently got the comet and holy crap is it good only have like 20 battles
    and already close to my third mark of excellence derp. Im already addicted.

  144. The engine and enviromental sounds are ok, but the guns? To me they sound
    like in WoT Blitz .. they sound like toys..Thats just my oppinion

  145. like the sounds

  146. cant you do a obj 416 movie. It have been so long since now.

  147. gnomefathers sounds are still better, why dont they just put his mods in
    the game by default.

  148. When the hell are they gonna make the e50 line HD???! They look so plebs
    next to all the other HD kids on the playground.

  149. @Quickybaby “Also, the T28 Prototype now has a roof over the turret, which
    means that it can use Improved Ventilation.” Wait, so does it mean that the
    T28 Prototype was nerfed? I read on the WOT forums and in the in-game chat
    that open-top vehicles have their Improved Ventilation bonus already
    figured into their stats. So with the full roof, that in-built bonus for
    being open-top will be removed from the T28 Prototype? And to make up for
    it, we’ll have to use Improved Ventilation, what will effectively require
    that we lose another piece of equipment? As a result, our T28 Prototypes
    will be nerfed, cause we’ll have to remove Binocs, Camo Net, or something
    else to make place for the Vents :/ Please correct me if my reasoning is

  150. Its about time the engine sound got more beefier. Sick of my tank sounding
    like a bloody tractor.

  151. is the sound physics will work with my 2 core processor?

  152. Is this on 360 too?

  153. wow i might actually play this again.

  154. the new sound and physics is amazing!!!! i cant wait!!!!

  155. The “sizzle” from HEAT must be at too high a frequency for us old folks to

  156. Great video! Thank you this one in particular – I am indeed looking forward
    to the new physics and the sounds sound great! Lastly, getting to see
    thirty tanks flip was epic!

  157. The Sounds are much better, only the engine Sounds are not so great…

  158. Kristopher Koperski

    it been out for 2 weeks in na but been down last 1 1/2 weeks

  159. Vladimir Živanović

    Please review at least Grille 15 from new vehicles.

  160. imma probably be hard for rest of the week listening to those non
    penetration sounds and them guns

  161. Sounds, erm, sound great. Some of the physics look a bit OTT, especially
    that air you got, but I’m sure I’ll get used to it

  162. They’re HDing the V.K. 72.01 K, and along with its HD model there would be
    the armor buff to it… Thats all I need to know to keep me happy in my

  163. I love the echoes. Just unreal

  164. good altogether but the problem i had was that when ur aiming and someone
    bumps into u, it fucks u up really bad and the tanks are less responsive in
    movement, this could be lag on test server tho, however the physics are
    awesome i was able to climb a cliff and do 6k damage with the tvp50.

  165. Also, this may surprise you QB but I decided to go back and actually unlock
    the A-20 a while ago (got my T-34 through the T-80) and I am certainly
    looking forward to the HD model

  166. its only stupid that jgpze100 and tier10 meds have same sound when
    firing,its just bad

  167. Couldn’t hear the comet cause you won’t shut up!!

  168. are you happy with the WT auf e 100 replacement the Grille 15 ? because i

  169. Thanks for the Review QB :)

  170. engine sound all the same.

  171. Great. And now remove XVM and I might give WoT another chance.

  172. QB u should upload that game where the is3 got oneshotted by the m40/43 on
    mountain pass on stream when u were in ur bromwell

  173. if i use this test server i wont lose any of my content on my main gaming
    account if i play on that account will i

  174. 30,000 pah I’ve blocked 40,000 In a teir 5 admitedly it was the at 2

  175. I like the new engine and gun sounds, not sure I’m a fan of the ricochet
    sounds, they just sound like someone is throwing a stone at the tank. I
    can’t find any videos of what it actually sounds like but I would imagine
    it has more of a thud sound than a ping sound. The sounds they have make it
    sound more like machinegun fire bouncing off a tank rather than a giant
    tank shell hitting you at 1,200 m/s.

    I also do not like those new physics. I know WoT isn’t meant to be
    realistic but drifting a tank like that is definitely not realistic. If a
    tank tried doing that in real life it would most certainly fuck up its
    tracks. Tanks are not sports cars, they can’t drift around and slide
    sideways without damaging themselves.

  176. Can we get a tier VIII Auto-cannon scout? I love the sound of the
    auto-cannon damage blocked!

  177. Hi Quickybaby, today is my 17th birthday and the only birthday wish I have
    today is for you to respond :)

  178. HYPEEEE

  179. Why don’t they give the Chinese vehicles some HD love tho? :(

  180. the sounds are better but the engines aren’t brutal enough. also the shell
    noise on the ricochet could be better. like the one off fury which I think
    they use in the console version. new physics are a good step in the right

  181. 75mm is not a small gun in real life it goes boom if you watch some videos,
    at the moment it is just a little sound this in that test they smaller guns
    (50-77mm sound alot better too :)

  182. this is way better. i think. i cant wait

  183. So I started the test server and I didn’t receive any money

  184. dislike. fix fucking arty before you fix sounds.

  185. Wargaming bullshit again, why wouldn’t a td or spg be able to make these
    turns? -.-

  186. The Golden Minecart

    Hey QuickBaby, can you use my charioteer replay from the common test? I
    also completed TD 15 mission in that battle to

  187. DONG of the 170mm Haha!! Ace

  188. there is a bug that i always hear the track going back up for no reason it
    keeps playing that sound every like 10 seconds

  189. only ding sounds on KV 2

  190. the new physics and sounds makes it feel like a new game and im still
    wondering when they will make E50M HD it would be beautiful

  191. I usually use a Soundmod improving the sound quality, but i do think i
    won’t need it any more after this Update, which is always quite nice :)

  192. The sound of sixth sense is similar to the iron man noise (firing his

  193. Time to Tokyo Drift with ELC AMX :P

  194. Slimeywooooolllffff

    It sounds like beast low mower

  195. I love the engine sounds and the pings from ricochets :D

  196. João Gonçalves (johngoncalves10)

    The 6th Sense new sound for me comes from nv goggles from video games.
    Metal Gear to be more specific.

  197. Finally!! THIS patch would really deserve the 10.0 designation.
    I even might come back to WoT.

  198. Low to mid tier td should have the ability to *Handbrake* turns

    It would destroy gameplay if a thin skinned TD like the hellcat had the
    ability to handbrake turn. It’s got terrible terrain traverse and 16 degree
    of turret rotation. For a tank that had a hydraulic system like the M4
    sherman I am not impressed.

    Sound and physic look great.

  199. Love the new sounds!!!!!!

  200. How do i feel about 9.14? LIKE A HEAT SHELL! FSHHHHH

  201. they can easly flank a td then which is a bit unbalanced…

  202. With all the problems with Match Making and player retention and Physics is
    the most important thing they wanted to update
    Sound mods could have waited too, as we have been replacing them on a
    regular basis.

  203. have seen maus on roof from enemy team, that was just wow :D

  204. Definitely love the new sounds and physics. Hope something they can
    eventually implement into the game are ricochets that you can see fly off
    into the air either from striking plate armor, the ground, or water. The
    movie Fury did a great job of showing that. I was a gunner in the navy and
    we use to skip projectiles off of the surface of the water during gun
    shoots. Pretty impressive looking at night. Anyway would love it if WG did
    that at some point for the immersion effects.

    Really looking forward to these excellent changes. Gun, cannon, and
    howitzer sounds with their accompanying acoustic reflection give a much
    more realistic impression of all things that go boom <------- technical term.

  205. monkeystandoffsucks

    2 days later…
    WG: We’ve decided to cancel this patch.

  206. Thx QB i have been enjoying the test server i tried driftimg in a heavy its
    rly had for the german x monsters

  207. 7:45 I bet if you play this backwards in 1,5 x speed you can hear Stalin

  208. they took the falling tree sounds out of wot blitz

  209. Can please someone make a remix out of the bouncing noises?:D

  210. nice ?????

  211. Not gonna replace Gnomefather’s gun sounds anytime soon for me.

  212. Can someone tell me how to make my old FMOD sound mod work in this new
    engine? WG Support has no answer for me. Just the regular: “mumumu, mods
    are not supported”. It ain’t even a bloody mod, it was their own system
    they were using -.-

  213. Now the only thing we need is moar variations of gun sounds.

    I still prefer Gnome’s sounds because you can simply tell whether it’s a
    german 88 or a russian 120 mm gun that hits your tank/that’s shooting at

    But it’s a damn fine step in the right direction. Audio is massively
    important in any game.

  214. I think that the guns sound too similar.

  215. l like the new engine sound, but the the e-100 and type-5 all, sounded like
    a lawnmower lol. For gun sounds, its something different for sure for the
    vanila game, but l still like the HR sound mod better, the bounce there
    from a Jagdpanzer E-100 sounds brutal too. Nice and thank you for showing
    us all this :)

  216. I love the new sounds and physics for the most part. The ability to perform
    high-speed turning maneuvers looks like real fun, The ability to
    accidentally perform a participation-ending full-on tank flip isn’t going
    to be my favorite thing. I really think they should remove that.

    The rising whine they’re using for sixth sense does exactly resemble the
    sound of a charging capacitor in camera flash. The physics of that sound
    must be interesting, I’m going to have to read up on that one day.

    Good that they ask for feedback on the sounds. The damage blocking sounds
    on the FV sounded great. The sounds during the demonstration with the IS-6
    however sounded waaaaay too high in pitch—tiny sounds you couldn’t imagine
    coming from a six-inch thick chunk of metal no matter what you through at
    it. Worse still, they have an American cultural reference that provides
    unintentional humor: they sounded *exactly* like the bells in a
    pinball-game. Unless your tank’s controls are flippers…

    All in all, it’s pretty good stuff. I hope they tweak it in a few ways. If
    they do, it will be fantastic.

  217. 7:45 Depeche mode, people are people

  218. my PC broke in I have to play on Xbox one its so far behind on updates they
    don’t even have the French mediums in yet

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  220. Believe it or not, I was the WT auf E-100 who killed QB (AKA PonyOverlord
    in game). Kappa

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  222. but when will this Patch come out?

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    the sounds.

  226. I really hope they buff the tracks on tanks agains non-tank damage because
    of all the new physics I have a feeling there will be problems otherwise

  227. I was yesterday for 6 hours on Test server, and it was awesome, secret
    valley tok!!!

  228. I think I’ll stick to gnomefathers sound mods

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  230. Richochet sounds like Tubular Bells.

  231. When they will add Grille?

  232. u guys saw that ue57 that protected qb’s maus lowerplate on his stream ? XD

  233. I noticed that the IS-7, when hit with high calibre rounds, was pushed
    backwards, is this purely aesthetic, or something to watch out for?

  234. Thank you for doing this stuff with the communtiy, i really enjoyed those
    “tests” 🙂 (pz1c flips at every turn tho 😛 )

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    Also. You can already let go of the “w” key to make sharper turns in the
    current build. So it will just become alot more effective I guess.

  238. When will they add +1 / -1 mm ? like if you go to mm with tier 5 the max
    tier you can get matched up is tier 6 and lowest tier 4.

  239. “Take that WarBlunder and Armored Warpers” – I’ve been flipping tanks on
    Planetside 2 for a while now… Stupid rogue bumps in the road.

  240. i hope this woun’t be added, it just makes it really bad for playing. Wot
    doesn’t have to be like war thunder, it can do better. It just seems ugly,
    and wot is good bcs of it’s gameplay, and if they change that, it will be

  241. How much potential damage did you take when you were bouncing all those
    shots in the is7?

  242. Does the HD change on the IS6 and E25 alter their characteristics? They
    said IS6 was getting buffed with HD. And E25? Maybe a stealth nerf?

  243. I can finally listen to Eurobeat in World of tanks. It can’t get better
    than this.

  244. Tomi Kivelä (Finboy)

    sound is much better, the old ones were so dull & unrealistic.

  245. I love now changes but i dont have friends to test it 🙁


  246. Sounds are great. Looking forward to them. But i hope the physics are not
    to dominant. Still tanks and not Need for Speed drift challenge. :)

  247. I rly like the new physics and sounds!!

  248. Nexus “TheCivil” Senpai

    I would say everything sounds good, but the gun sounds themselves dont seem
    to hold up to Gnome fathers historical gun sounds.

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  250. I love the sound changes. Much more immersive. The former sounds were so

  251. anonymous “i see you” !

    Sound and physics meh. I’m Tom and like world of tanks, Tom likes to play
    and watch world of tanks. ??

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    was time the issue was addressed….

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  255. A_Jl_E_H_T.00 Gaming

    Will T28 prototype lose gun depression with adding the roof

  256. minimap*

  257. like everything but is the minimal getting the features that u get from xvm
    like view range radio sinal range and the range where u can clealy see the
    opponent on ur screen when they are spotted

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    stand the current stock gun sounds.

  261. dude was that rhe ac sential?

  262. fv 183 sounds like a grass mower

  263. I’m guessing you only get the sixth sense sound only if you actually have
    sixth sense… right?

  264. i do dislike the new gun sounds… i think they sound a little weak… ?

  265. New audio is awesome! I just hope it really comes out in the next update!

  266. Quickybaby; “OOh hear those meaty rolls roys engine sound”…
    Let’s talk imediately further so no one can hear them actually.

    Not criticizeing, good video, but it happends rather often.
    Maybe a tip when followers need to listen to something.

  267. Muthanna Almughairy

    am I the only one hyped about the multi core support ? I’m really looking
    forward to the improvement..

  268. How to install test server?

  269. still doesn’t sound as good as the Xbox version

  270. First 4 min 30 sec – QB it was not your intention but you added soo much
    craziness in bad way to that phisics changes with flying tanks in our
    monitors that i feel rather turned away by it in terms of my likness of the

  271. Jgdpz e100 ricochet sounds like the hulk punching captain Americas shield

  272. Tried playing last night after several months break, 2ed game in I was the
    only top tier heavy and was 1 shot by arty after 90 secs, holding off 3
    other heavies. Nice reminder why I hate this game. Alt+F4

    Wargaming will not get another red cent from me, I’m done. Plenty of other
    fish in the sea to be this disappointed by them any more.

  273. Yay, no need for sound mods anymore!

  274. Sounds like War Thunder very similar.

  275. Sounds AWESOME!!!!!!!! :3

  276. i dont like the physics i think tanks would never been able to turn around
    because of an opponent tank

  277. looking forward to this ??

  278. the sounds are not bad if you have heard gnomes mod one time this sound is
    still shit

  279. The new sounds and physics are awesome, but hope the gameplay is also
    fixed. In the current update if you go in aim mode in arty and turn your
    tank using A or D it has a 3 second delay before turning. And love it that
    now a pebble won’t set you to a complete stop.

  280. Physics and sounds are so cool :)

  281. Oh its War Thunder

  282. i really dont like the sixth sense sound. i’d much rather have a bell or
    buzzer, or even the commander announcing ‘we’ve been seen’ or whatever.
    everything else looks and sounds amazing tho!

  283. The “Sixth Sense” alarm sounds like a old school 35mm camera flash going
    off then recharging for another picture.
    The only issue I have with the new sounds is that I hope I don’t get
    flashbacks from my US Army days.

  284. Wow the sounds are so sexy

  285. How come when you have a crew full of women the crew chatter is still from
    a man? Surely they’re missing this with a new ‘Sound rework’

  286. When you ge t killed, everything is going quiet a bit

  287. doing those manoeuvres in a real tank would just rip the tracks off. There
    was no need to introduce this to the game :(

  288. I like it

  289. thanks for the good Preview 😉 the Video from Wargaming was good as well
    but not as good as yours ;)

  290. Thankyou, QB, for reviewing this coming patch! It might just lure me back
    to playing this game again!

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    really like it

  292. QB make new intro, comet has HD model !!!!

  293. Sounds are iffy but great vid

  294. Hmm, don’t really like it

  295. So it’s practically another back door nerf for tank destroyers then, may as
    well just remove them completely and call it world of chasing each other
    around an obstacle.

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  299. Quickybaby is it possible to flip your tank, but not die?

  300. Boom shakalaka

  301. The engine sound is different, but more meaty. I like it. The 6th sense
    noise is very nice too. The gun sounds are just different. Not really
    better or worse in my opinion. Great video and thank you for putting your
    time in.

  302. Wow, I’m early! Can I get a bunch of likes?

  303. nice bounce sound ::D:D:D:D

  304. if i haven sixth sense on my commander, will i be able to hear that sound
    when somdbody spots me?

  305. Shrek The Psychotherapist

    Shrek is love, Shrek is life

  306. one thing – there already is a handbrake- i use it often… :|

  307. That team was probably like: OMG Quickbaby is on my team, let’s learn
    something from him…

    Meanwhile: Quicky just casual drifting around LOL

  308. And No Skill Based MM to be seen

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  311. Is it up? Because i cant log in

  312. ooo im in the 310 club☺

  313. 99th!

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