World of Tanks || Patch 9.15.1 – Test Server Preview

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– Patch Preview of the many changes coming to World of Tanks soon!

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World of Tanks a online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. And still. No changes on gold ammo, arty or multicore support. Gj
    failgaming for listening to the players.

  2. the map looks alot better

  3. but why is the mighty KV-2 still not in HD? :-(

  4. Hey guys i just wanted to ask if anyone is Interested in buying a WoT
    account. It has premium tanks that are worth over 120 (€) in total and 2 of
    my tanks are tanks that you cant collect normally anymore, it also has some
    pretty good stats for it’s amount of battles :P. If anyone wants to see it
    it’s Name is AlphacraftTV. If you are Interested just comment under this
    comment so we can get in touch with wach other :).

  5. Waiting for Panther 2 HD model.

  6. Fuzzcopter I like tigers

    Wargaming needs to add a permanent night time map!

  7. Torsten Brunsberg

    Hey quickybaby this was a very helpful video 😀 also could you make a
    review/is it worth it? On rhm borsig?

  8. Nice summary QB, thanks ;D
    BTW. Are you still planning to change inro and outro video? It would be
    nice to see something new.

  9. rofl bass boost didnt make a difference to my headset or the speakers

  10. I would really like to see Paris in random battles!

  11. ho haves tier 10 tank say (yeppee)

  12. That minimap changes are useluss. This Will be just another shit update.

  13. Minimap?! There is a minimap now??


  14. Orbiting thunder

    ARE the test server off now cause i cant login

  15. Why they just add xp and crew xp boosts?
    we need also credits personal reserves boosts.
    And that radio sound is very annoying definitely is not an good idea.

  16. WG still didn’t reworked the most played Soviet medium tank the Obj. 140 in
    HD 🙁 -_-

  17. Dicker max HD 🙂 gg wg

  18. Daniel Alejandro Rodriguez Padron

    i love the fv215b 183, but, whit the new torret, it is really ugly!, maybe
    the WTauf e100, is inside of it :v… the new torret is bigger :,c

  19. Fredrik Lagerström

    Being a trackpader is so immersive! ;-)

  20. nicolai damgaard

    I personally think that the radio sound should be an option on the general
    option area, just a checkbox so you can disable it……

  21. With this amount of changes, they should have made it 9.16 , not 9.15.1
    like an emergency bug fix patch.

  22. Bring the sandbox!

  23. those changed minimaps are AMAZING GG wg

  24. The grid references on the minimap (abc, 123) should receive some attention
    – bigger and more contrast.

  25. Adding these little changes to this game is like polishing horseshit until
    it’s shiny.

  26. Wotko s Vokurkou

    The arty sound is just fked up hard… and honestly… i don’t realized
    much difference in the sounds. The sound is like any other AP shell (like u
    hit by a huge chunk of metal), the HE is explosion, it should be a BLAST. I
    just dont get it…. The arty hits are just same sound as anything else in
    the game… and all this changes just dont look to make it any better

  27. Thanks QB! Helpfull video as allways, have a nice day!

  28. Ahh the radio chatter to silent is what I like. Reminds me of scenes when a
    tank commander were speaking on radio, then a round struck his turret,
    exploding and damaging the radio to silent. Sounds awesome.

  29. Ehm… you know laptops do support external mouse, keyboards and even
    monitors? I didn’t play that good with mine but certainly I didn’t use the

  30. “But it’s gonna break every single mod!”
    “Learn to play without mods.”

  31. What

    Seriously….. personal reserves for gold? What happened to the “you can’t
    just buy your way to tier 10” mentality….

  32. Tyler Boutchyard

    Notice Quicky only says positive things? And rarely ever never negative?
    Sellout alert.

  33. Michael McMahon

    They definitely need more maps and maps that are twice as big for the maps
    are too little since you can see one third and no room to manuever to spot
    and sneak into a positon to spot

  34. roemer schoenmakers

    QuickyBaby please do a T20 review!

  35. Overlord I, WoT and More!!

    Are you going to games com?

  36. So they are changing some of the minimaps, sounds, and making the FV HD (I
    have one). Looks like a cool update… Except the action script 3, I think
    that will destroy my Linux version of WOT. 🙁 so I won’t be able to play
    for like 2 weeks after it comes out.

  37. Ah my favorite E75 finally has its HD model 😀 brilliant!

  38. I play Wot blitz ( mobile version ) and a Paris map is in the game but I
    can’t remember if it’s damaged or not but I’m pretty sure that it’s not

  39. I play Wot blitz ( mobile version ) and a Paris map is in the game but I
    can’t remember if it’s damaged or not but I’m pretty sure that it’s not

  40. Why always buff su tanks and not germanys!! Damn WG!

  41. why wg removed that dragon Mountain map it was My favorite…. :(

  42. I have wot on xbox one when does the xbox get up dates like this and when
    will our tanks change to like the centurion action x I feel war game are
    just money grading cunts now

  43. qb could you do a vk 30.01 p review

  44. Adam “MrSnobben90” Hlali

    You should use the intro that OneAndOnly016 did…

  45. I now re-baptize the M103 as : The Sand People Tank !

  46. The new maps look awesome :).

  47. 10:02 Thank you very much WG, now SPG noobd drivers will know way to
    nearest water :/

  48. 4:24 what QB does off camera in random battles.

  49. 8:55 that is not turret anymore, now it is turtle :P

  50. the bigest lame thing from wg was that Paris map. They added it at 9.14 for
    rampage gamemode, worked hard to finish that map, and they just compleatly
    removed the gamemode from the game… fck the logic, i dont understand you
    wg… and a lot of others either

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