World of Tanks – Patch 9.15

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  1. No changes to T110E5?

  2. STA-2 review with new gun stats. Please.

  3. Anfield, I really would love to see a video about 430 cuz you’re a very
    good player and I kinda love this tank although it’s complete
    disappointment it’s just that I believe that you can make it work somehow
    🙂 So thanks for this video and I hope to see you soon in 430 killin’ them

  4. yes yes yes 430 video

  5. Bayram Şentürk

    grill is bad tank

  6. Aleksandar Rasuo

    Can u make t22 comparison by any chances? in training room like driving and

  7. the Grille 15 is butt ugly

  8. Anfield called god ugly.

    Holy mother of god.

  9. wanna platoon some day? helbert998

  10. Jeremy Schuller (GamingsFinest)

    Didn’t the T-22 get nerfed?

  11. In your opinion is the T22 needs making it really dramatically so bad that
    people will want to sell it?

  12. PS: better garage filters

  13. Robert Unholzer

    Do you know when 9.15 is going live? Great video btw

  14. do the OBJ 430 vid Please

  15. Shouri Nallanagula

    Anfield is such a great youtuber, he fully deserves every single one of my

  16. Ricardo Hernandez Alvarez

    These are maybe little steps in the right direction, but not even close to
    what they promised haha. By the way, the WoT Blitz developing team is doing
    a really good job with every update and now they are implementing +1/-1 MM,
    I’m very interested in that and maybe I go back and play it again. It was
    so easy against the WoT Blitz players :)

  17. TheBriar (CS:GO)

    ur videos make me hard

  18. The filters in the garage. Not important but useful af, you even used it in
    the video

  19. Anfield pretty sure the ‘restrict sniper mode to the shift key’ means that
    you can only go into Sniper mode by using Shift. :)

  20. Let’s pray to serb that with the waffle, xvm dies.

  21. Justinas Gerčas


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