World of Tanks – Patch 9.16 Overview

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  1. The HUD for incoming shells is just too big imo

  2. Will the new patch have the damage panel AND the hit log? It may be nice to
    give XVM a break for a while, so depressing to see the team colors in the
    mismatchmaker screen.

  3. I will not be using any mods once 9.16 is live even though I wish there was
    a “Australian several construction mod” as lag spikes and packet loss make
    random games interesting from time to time ? Just for people that care I
    have been using the OMC mod pack for like ever.

  4. No more “hackers”, “gold noobs” in chat, nice.

  5. That Paris map looks dangerous lol. Lots of wide open spaces to get shot
    in. Also with the new instant spotting i see a lot of snap shot ruining
    things for the scouts. But i am cool with that. The way tanks appear out of
    no where now is a lot of BS.
    I will probably still run mods just so i have more control of the game.
    Great video BTW.

  6. mods I’d still use: Jimbo 2 circle cross hair, safe shot, auto equip,
    coloured tank icons, maybe more

  7. I’m pissed that wargaming are trying to hide what type of ammo you’re being
    hit by. I’ll still use mods for that reason. Also, I like using XVM and
    this 1337 sik auto-aim mod which may be illegal. Shhh….

  8. strange, the map seems huge when youre driving around. but based off the
    render circle in the mini map it looks pretty small

  9. The assistance damage addition was literally all I wanted from this patch
    and they gave me even more. It’s so nice.

  10. What happens if an unspotted tank hits you? Do you know which tank it is?

  11. knowing who is shooting at you and where they are even when they haven’t
    been spotted is absolutely terrible and will eliminate the very little
    stealth that’s still in the game. you can be in a light tank 600m away and
    they can pin point your location and even blind fire. it’s gonna ruin

  12. Arty assistance mod needed! ;)

  13. I love Anfield

  14. I have been playing on the test server and I have to say it’s all good
    apart from one very odd thing which hopefully they will rectified. If
    you’re on the move and switch to sniper mode the turret locks to the hull
    like a TD. It completely threw me!

  15. North Shore Model Railway Club

    I like the mod that shows me how many battles until I am at a certain% win
    rate. I like XVM for the same reason as QB – I can get a rough idea of who
    might help or be relied on in our team. Who might cover a flank and who
    will fold. I have had battle chat disabled for many months and also do not
    accept posts from people outside my clan or contacts as their is too much
    acidity compared to alacrity.

  16. I can see what you meant about the Paris map, lots of bushes with possible
    double bushing and huge open area. It seems to me that south is the way to
    go, since everything else has such a long firing lanes that might be shut
    down by 1 tank.

    From the mod addition, it’s nice that they’re adding it, I’ll probably only
    really use the enhanced incoming damage indicator, rest is information I
    don’t need to know in battle.
    Comparison is again nice but lacks soft stats and terrain resistances, and
    I don’t see why I’d use it over tanksgg for example.

    One mod they could possibly add is light bulbs signalising which enemy
    tanks were already spotted and which were not and I can expect then camping
    base, it’s the only thing I really miss playing vanilla. Ofcourse you are
    able to tell this from the minimap, but lightbulbs are faster and sometimes
    lots of tanks are congested on a small space and it’s hard to read the tank

    Spotting checks is a big change, I see some people overreact that it will
    kill LT’s and meds in city maps – no, pubbies are not quick enough to
    utilize this change.

  17. I would like WG to stop allowing team mates to ping the map after they have
    died. A lot of players feel they have to ping the map 20 times to get their
    point across, so annoying.

  18. Until autoaim+ is added into the game and spotting marks are added I’m not
    ditching them. Honestly this are 2 mods that should of been in the game way
    before a lot of other stuff.

  19. with these mods that are being added are the only ones i use so i wont need
    mods anymore

  20. now you can disable/enable whole chat (ur team+enemies)

    I think WG should add two options to pick: disable/enable global chat and
    disable/enable team chat.

  21. Tesla The Brave (Esminets)

    What do you think about the planned changes to the clan system. Is it a
    stem in the right direction? What else should they do to improve it?

  22. The damage indicator does not show which ammo the enemy is using and
    banning cross team chat is pretty dumb.

  23. Thanks Anfeels

    I thought 9.16 was going to be the broken crap ass arty nerfs. I guess
    there is no chance for me to come back to the game without them.

  24. I like the new spotting mechanics, the new Paris map looks fun…mostly for
    fast mediums. I noticed that no ammo type is given on the dmg counter. This
    is a serious flaw as I need to know who is spamming me with Gold to either
    avoid them or take them out fast. I use a mod for dmg and hit counter only.
    This vanilla one is useless for my play style currently.

  25. E5 still not changed or isnt that decided yet? But hey, fuck tier 10 heavy
    gameplay anyways.. Overall I like the patch. The spotting change is the
    best thing they made in the last 10 patches Id say. Took them way too long
    if you think about it though. Im a bit worried about the hit-direction
    detector makes camo and stealth much weaker, then again: Campy gameplay is
    rewarded way too much atm so this might be a good thing. You can not just
    chill in a bush with your TD or what ever and keep shooting targets at 500
    m without moving at all.

  26. looks ok, but fire direction indicator should be removed because it renders
    paper TDs obsolete. Also no way I am giving up on XVM, sry :-)

  27. only mods i would want are like tank model mods or tank skin mods. Also
    maybe crosshair mods

  28. Rip light tanks.

  29. I dont fully understand the fire direction indicator. As far as i can tell
    it makes camo and bushes useless. Especially if you have good map

  30. I ve got a question.. will the new dmg panel / hitlog show u dmg on an
    unspotted vehicle?

  31. I’m inclined not to bother with mods after this point…particularly since
    I’ll gain another 10fps. Still not happy to see the demise of
    crosstalk…but I suppose that there’s a lot more ratting out of team
    members on EU & RU.

  32. I only hope we’ll get Paris more regularly than Overlord. Getting
    Prokh/Fiery Salient several times in a row is the worst thing.

  33. Session reports to keep an eye on how you are doing, without using
    Wotnumbers would be nice.

  34. I think the WoWs style of ribbons in the top right corner looks a lot
    cleaner and better than this, I don’t really like the green colour of the
    damage panel. Still, it’s not bad.
    The only mod I’ll still wanna use is the arty battle assistant mod, it
    makes arty at least bearable to play.

  35. Even with the chat only available for each team,there will still be
    toxicity . Complaining about team like has always been the case.

  36. If 6. sense delay stays like this insta spot render change will punish
    inexperienced players. Get ready to see more death tanks in less than 1
    minute of the game.

  37. The ingame notifications remind me a lot of battlefield

  38. These are good changes, I think. But these aren’t all that important, I
    mean, you can pretty much get this patch by downloading mods 😀
    To me, it seems that WG is just trying to distract us, as if they’re saying
    “Look, we’re releasing patches, we’re busy, don’t talk to us about the real
    issues” by that I mean that there is a ridiculous amount of RNG in this
    game: sometimes a shot that took you 3-5 seconds to aim will go into the
    ground because fuck you and other times you will hit a tank 490m away when
    you didn’t even stop to aim for half a second, sometimes you will penetrate
    an IS-4’s lower plate from 200m away and other times with that same caliber
    shell you will bounce off of an amx cdc’s cardboard turret…

  39. Going off of the the fact that Wargaming wants to remove the all chat. I
    don’t really see it as very necessary. Now, don’t get me wrong, realize a
    lot of toxicity can be found in the all chat, but that is generally not
    something that ruins the experience. However, a lot of very positive
    comments may they be related or unrelated to the game are also usually
    shared in the all chat and I feel as though taking that away is simply
    diminishing part of the World of Tanks experience we have all come to love.
    Not to mention thats where quite a few youtube videos get their comedic
    value through the enemy’s reaction to events on the battlefield.

  40. Yeah, I’m gonna continue using mods if they get updated… Coz the ingame
    damage panels look annoying to my eye…

  41. Dwaik ster (Dwaikster)

    ill probably still use “assistant auto-aim”. Iv played with and without it
    and I still play the same dmg wise. I just like not having to scroll out to
    autolock on a target behind a buildings. So in that regard, that will be
    the one mod ill continue to use.

  42. The only mod I still want is zoom-out mod

  43. Anfield best…

  44. out me the you black list please… xXll

  45. Anfield, have you experienced a bug on the test server? When you are in
    sniper mode and try to turn your hull the turret turns with the hull,
    making aiming quite problematic. Also, when turning the hull OUT of sniper
    mode, the turret sometimes swings to that direction randomly. Hopefully
    these are not parts of the game!

  46. I really don’t like the new “Feedback” system, way too distracting but if
    you don’t use it you have a disadvantage since you can see what tank shot
    you EVEN if it’s unspotted.

  47. How did you get that cool paint pn T-62A? O_o

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