World of Tanks || Patch 9.17.1 – Balance Changes

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. Today I’m reviewing the upcoming balance changes in patch 9.17.1 to your favourite tanks including the 15, and Maus!

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  1. they fucked the 110E5

  2. what is an (R) AMX 50 B? never seen it before

  3. Dezi Cruz (KittenTheTiger)

    what version of TANKS.GG is that? i cant find those overall comparison
    lists like he shows at 3:26

  4. Well, I mostly like changes they made, except on Maus. OK about gun, OK
    about speed buff, but it’s just to hard to penetrate. I mean, they are
    putting tier 8 tanks to match them (they cant pen him even with heat
    straight on to the side). It must have week point, if not frontally at
    least on side. I thing now they will just be OP like T110E5 was until now.
    Are they just saying, “play tier 8 and you can be free damage points for
    tier 10”?

    A HILL CLIMBER!!!1111…… *cough* *cough* *cough*

    I’m laughing hard right now. Why? Because this is exactly the buff
    according to my whine about their flaws. When I do whine about them there
    always super duper over-the-unicum-god-of-unicum-god god-skilled players
    show up to tell be that my whine is invalid because they played better than
    me (oddly, I plays Pershing better than my Centurion but they still say
    something likes “Pershing is good but Centurion is better”), so Centurion
    is balanced.

    Yeah, balanced, then why bother buffing them?

  6. Now E5 is not Over powered. but UNDERPOWERED WTF

  7. Can not believe they are buffing the e50 but not the e50M…stupid

  8. well… Rip my hopes doing HT-15 in the e5

  9. can’t wate for level 9.1.7 come

  10. One of the biggs pay to win patch, is amazing see all this armor changs to
    ppl chut primium amo.

  11. Quickybaby sure loves his “little monsters”

  12. Hey Quickybaby, also not in the stats stays, that the Maus getting 200 more
    Hitpoints. Maus is going to be a beast.

  13. what the hell is wrong with war gaming the t110e5 isn’t op it’s needs that
    armor badly i

  14. As a player aiming for Panther/E50M when join the game, I am so happy right
    now. Anyway, I think they are preparing for the new Maus tech tree
    considering most buffed tanks are German tanks. Secondly, they are buffing
    some premium tanks to make it adapt new meta better since the premium tanks
    started to be different around the time when Fury and the Berlin series
    came out. The old “preferincal match making” premiums need some sort of
    tuning to re-adapt new surrounding.

  15. What about the massive Obj 907 stealth-buffs? Upper plate buffed, sides
    buffed, autopen cupola is bye bye as its 40mm now, etc

  16. So basically everyone is gonna play superheavy tanks in the future…

  17. 2 tanks that need a buff are the SU-85, a slight increase in view range as
    280m is pathetic and the T25/2 needs a pen increase from 170 to 190,
    bringing it into line with the other 90mm US guns.

  18. The armor buffs are made so that we need to fire more gold, all in WG

  19. grille 15 nerf again. so stupid. no clue why. this tank is so bad

  20. He Mr. QB, a question I saw In a glimpse on this vid a new Swedish premium
    tier 8 medium tank. O ritablogspot site I read about it… Based on a
    centurion 1 model.
    tell us about it..

  21. Fine with the nerfs with the grille but I feel its gonna be pretty weak
    now, I think if the just throw a better camo rating it will be balanced and
    fit in the line better too

  22. Qb didnt talk about the lower plate nerf to the T110E5… it says in the
    patch notes that the front drivewheel to the side is being nerfed from 252
    to 76 mm… so that means you can track and damage a T110E5 when angling by
    shooting it in the front drivewheel

  23. oh my! I’m actually in the m103, halfway to the e5, kinda the sad all the
    nerf, but if its for the better, I’m glad it happened, and I had the maus
    in my garage, but never played a single game, but now I’d be happy to drive
    it weeeee :)

  24. The nerf to the e5 is bullshit! that is being nerfed way too much! its not
    fucking OP! Just gotta learn how to kill it properly

  25. Yes….. Buff the germans… go ahead and ignore all my british tanks that
    I use…
    But for real thou, british slow TDs and heavy tanks need a buff,
    excessively below teir 8 wise….. Okay maybe below teir 9 wise..

  26. QB is the Renata Bliss of wearing hoodies. Just freestyling. :p

  27. Just out of curiosity… Why is’nt WG paying attenttion to the French Tank
    Destroyers? (hint hint the Foch 155). surely it needs some love?

  28. That panther m10 buff is crazy. And will never be nerfed obviously because
    it’s premium.

  29. The VK 4502P Ausf A has always been a soft shit tank. FUCKING LEAVE IT THAT

  30. Some of these buffs are unnecessary. Just as an example, not a lot of
    people play the VK 30.01D but it’s a really good tank and didn’t need any
    buffs. Also the Leo PTA is going to be pretty brutal now with that gun
    depression. I felt that the -6 was a reasonable balancing factor
    considering the tanks/guns other strengths.

  31. wheres the tiger 2 buff seriously

  32. BIlly the SMall Bong thorton from india

    might play world of tanks again just to try out the buffs on the brits
    mediums.i feel like they kill the fv4202 when they made it a prem. seems to
    be in a worse condition then it was when it was the tier 10.

  33. omg look at all the love for my Maus

  34. Great. Grille 15 is going to even worse and if i meet Maus in my Is-7 i can
    go fcuk myself, because there is no way to penetrate it without gold. GJ wg

  35. Welt der Panzer

  36. YUS MY CENT 1

  37. Krzysztof “Ushaty” B.

    Like what had you said? Balancing Wargaming have at Verdun? ;P

  38. Somebody knows if the changes to the E50 are also effecting the E50M (gun
    depression and HD-Model, not 8.8 of course)

  39. cant they nerf everyone else’s t110e5 and leave mine the same

  40. Hi, señor Quickybaby, can you say on next video “gol de señor” ?

  41. world of premiumammowarriorwallet incoming

  42. Yes. good! The MAUS should be a killer!

  43. The most competetive TD is nerfed aprox 10% overall – less dpm than the Wt
    Pz IV -. 🙁 The svedish TD is a proper pice of shit with that siege mode

  44. German
    and German
    why soo many buffs to Nazis tanks?

  45. Maus OP!!! Russian bias

  46. so this maus buff means that tanks like e5 and soviet meds with 330 pen on
    gold will still pen it at any angle :(

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