World of Tanks || Patch 9.17.1 – New Content!

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World of Tanks. Patch 9.17.1 brings much new content including new features, three new heavies; the VK 100.01, Mäuschen and Pz. VII, mobility buffs to TDs and a new durp gun for the Type 4 and Type 5 Heavy.

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  1. please do a tank review on the IS

  2. where are the daily uploads?

  3. Hey how about talking about what WG is doing to the E5?

  4. Planning anythign for 500k Subs Qb? ;)

  5. If I’m not making credits in a tank should I sell it

  6. I call Jupiter Feminism 'cause it's a gas giant.

    17:55 “105 milleters”

  7. can you review the JG. PZ 4

  8. QB O-HO derp gun has 910 avg dmg so thats more than the vk 100

  9. How about the shell travel speed of Type5 heavy’s HE

  10. you should work for world of tanks

  11. kristupas vaistaras

    QUICKYBABY4WOT this code is not working?

  12. World of Tanks CZ/SK

    Best video QuickyBaby.

  13. I just played a few games in the new tier 10 German and it is a beast . Yes
    I am playing with all skills jacked up and fire premium rounds but then so
    do the people shooting at me . It is a wonderful sidescraper . The weak
    spot identified by QB was helpful to me and I managed to pen it while
    facing another tank but I felt it was not a 100% pen . I bounced some
    premium rounds fired at the weak spot . The gun is quite nice and accurate
    . The mobility is not bad . You will bounce shots deluxe if you play it
    properly . About the new gun on the tier 10 Japanese heavy I dont
    understand the point of it . I fired one premium round at the side of a fv
    183 and did only 500 dmg . With just 75 mm pen I don’t understand how to
    use it . Anyway based on my limited experience so far I feel the new German
    tier 10 is definitely worth going for . Hopefully QB will do a more
    detailed videos of it soon .

  14. Hey QB what happened to the possibly series called Tankbetter?

  15. i was grinding towards the maus and now they suddenly changed it… well
    fuck i dont want this pz 7 thing screw wargaming. dipshits

  16. João Borducchi Aguiar

    Hey man! Please, do a review of the Lowe! You never did it! Congratulations
    for the channel, is amazing!

  17. Good new about the T95. Then I may not be reported all the time for camping
    even that I drives all the time trying to get to the war zone, that
    constantly moves forward :/ Maybe I can start to play it again now

  18. So yesterday I was play runners vs chasers on Westfield and I was in the T2
    light, I jumped off of the side of the hill, about 30 meters in the air and
    a Ru 251 jumped over me, missing by like 1 meter. A Leopard attempted to
    follow and died. I went back around and jump off to the left of the bridge
    and killed the Ru.

  19. So.. what advantage does the T110E3 have over the T95 now?.. the only
    reason i bought the E3 was because of the boost in speed it had over. Is WG
    going to boost that tank too next update??

  20. The issue with the t8 vk100 is the majority of matches you will be bottom
    of the list against t10 tanks and you will rarely ever see matches where
    you are top tier against t6 and t7 tanks. That is funny though how they are
    buffing the type 5 so much and pretty much effectively removing their only
    threat by the way they are nerfing arty…

  21. where is the british medium.?

  22. The super pershing gets mashed with the nerf bat. will they ever give it
    any love. That’s the tier 8 premium i’m talking about.

  23. when u will review Lowe? ?

  24. Time to start grinding German heavy’s again

  25. qb are u going to post a video tmr ?

  26. God damn I can’t wait for that Pz.Kpfw VII with the JagTiger gun!!!


  28. So, the top tier Japanese HTs were not noob friendly enough like the
    retarded O-I to O-HO. That line is the most failed line they made so far,
    the tanks will never be really competitive but in the hands of a retard it
    will still do fine because it has plenty of RNG infested… And to put the
    cherry on top they make it pay-to-win, bots and retards will love it.

  29. I heard u are Viktors quickybitch!

  30. Can´t wait that vk 72.01!



  32. Damn this game is turning into a giant mess, if you don’t like something
    wait for next patch when they change it again. To little to late WG not
    enough to get me to reinstall or pay you monthly

  33. Why did they fucked up with the tier X fail Lowe like this ?
    Why give it that weak spot when side scraping ?Super heavy’s and heavy’s
    are mostly obselete because of skill rounds, so why not give the heavy
    proper armor ?

  34. i dont like the new germans, they arent that good

  35. [-SBN-] OfficialTanker

    There should be a “random” button that chooses a tank for you. Just for
    those who have every tank like Quickybaby!

  36. 9.17.1 should add more ammunition to Hellcat…

  37. they should have given the Type 4/5 Heavy a premium round with 950 damage
    and 500mm penetration, would that be more balanced?

  38. Great update video!

  39. Type 4 heavy – I see they proceed well with removal of weakspots on pretty
    much everything, so your knowledge and skill won’t matter, just
    double-press the 2 key, and load them WN8 rounds.

  40. Nikos Papadimitriou

    hey Quickybaby in my opinion Mauschen will have an antagonism compared to
    maus because it also will have strong armor and may the tier 10 heavy Maus
    will have a tank which it will please reply.

  41. Are they still buffing the pen of the standard ammo pen of the E100 as

  42. When is this update going to come out? Estimate?

  43. 9.17.1 Remove aspect ratio fuck wg :(

  44. when this update will deployed

  45. Thanks. You saved me some credits. I had unlocked the Maus and was going to
    buy it in case owning it was required to get the new tier 8 and tier 9
    German heavy tanks. However since you only need to have the Maus unlocked I
    will spend my credits on something else.

  46. worst case scenario: you REALLY want to get the maus, and you have the
    credits, and you are close to xp in the vk 45.02 b, and then this update
    comes, and you are not intrested in the new german t10 heavy. and now you
    have to grind up all new tanks :]

  47. impenetrable type 5 heavy with op gun… well done WG

  48. So far… I dont like this update
    1. we already have enough German heavies and tanks in general
    2. The Type 5 is already a pain as it is. there’s no need to make it worse
    for everyone else

  49. SOoooooooooo no new scouts and no new MM system? Ffs

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