World of Tanks || Patch 9.17.1 – Type 5 Heavy – MEGA DURP

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World of Tanks – . In patch the Type 5 Heavy will receive a brand new 15 cm gun and a lot of armour making it the !

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  1. A Siema must have…

  2. ShadowAssasinMitchell 12

    >nerfs E5 cupola because it’s too well armored from the front

    >buffs Type 5 Heavy to make it even stronger than the pre-nerf E5, but with
    more hp and a way bigger gun

  3. Hey dude, how come you don’t have a t20 video??? Shame…Shame…Shame…

  4. I want the leopard one tank review

  5. How much is the Type 4’s armor getting buffed?

  6. It’s a battle ship on land

  7. What do we do with an op tank, make it more indestructible. Man, this tank
    needed buffing really badly.

  8. wait… so let me get this straight, if they do to through on the arty
    changes in the sandbox, a 240 mm howitzer will have 1,300 dmg and 60 pen
    while a 152 mm howitzer on a heavy will have 1,400 dmg and 75 pen? what is
    wargaming smoking?

  9. Hi,QB!! I love to watch your videos. Today, I have a problem 🙁
    I’m pretty noob so please explain me this replay @10:46 (
    ) what had happened!!
    I can’t sleep every night because of this :(

  10. So when will i get my chieftain? or at least super conqueror :D

  11. Games gotten so bad what’s the point of playing anything but a derp or
    auto-loader capable tank? Pay to win/pay to advance…now little short japs
    with a big derp gun….can you say ..over compensation???

  12. It’ s not overpowered, is THE tank for the tomato bots that are unable to
    play a real tank

  13. Holger Breidscheid

    Why WG buffed this tank? To give low skilled player an overpowered tank, to
    make a lot of damage with unpenetrable amour and a noob gun. I can’t find
    any argumentes to find positives on this tanks. the next reason: WG needs
    more money. A lot of player must use premium ammo to penetrade this tank,
    that means, the player needs more credits, that leads to what? Selling more
    premium tanks. On a long view, I will leave WOT.

    Sorry WG you patch this game to death. first op autoloader in each patch
    and up to 8 autoloader in one team, with turret armours, from which an IS-7
    can dream on, then you push lowbob durp tanks with HE catapults, for which
    you not need any skill or brain, only point and click. Sorry, but i can’t
    understand this strategy less and less.

  14. so this why Type5 now got better total surviability than Maus

  15. so they made the T110E5 have 74mm frontal Armour so its perma tracked and
    they buff the Type 5 to extreme levels

  16. Cents pls, and their reload. Especially 7/1

  17. The changes made are only done so for WG to make more money. They buff the
    armor on the tanks so that we need to use gold ammo to pen, and they make
    gold ammo that you just need to have.

  18. This type 5 heavy tank will now just literally pull its pants down and shit
    on everything in its sight.

  19. wow they’re trying really hard to make foch fire premium rounds

  20. You suck, in the time you got 900 dmg I got 4,000 on the same map in the
    same position with the same tank, you should spam more gold HE bruh.

  21. shitty buffs..a real buff would be not getting fucking ammoracked each shot

  22. Galang Rizky Adil Akhir

    KV-2 on steroid

  23. try to drive him with 2,3 artys and then be hero !!!

  24. WG always over-buffing shit, as usual.

  25. Ru 251: Suicide by Type 5 Heavy

  26. Ludicrous. Beginning of the end.

  27. now i REALLY want this tank

  28. a 14cm gun. We might as well include some battleships in this game as arty

  29. This is Wargaming way of telling you to just stop using standard ammo
    altogether and just load gold all the way. Every patch WarGaming is trying
    to find a spot how to shove another dildo up everybody’s ass.

  30. when i play light tanks and get pinned in i like to spam HE at barrels and
    viewports, so even if i am not doing much damage, i can still contribute

  31. World of Tanks CZ/SK

    awesome video QuickyBaby
    please check my chanel

  32. 17:39 Gotta love those Grille 15 platoon doing a combined damage of 578.

  33. in next update p1000 ratte 250000gold penetration 1000mm armor 500mm damage

  34. 2:10 both Types have ammoracks over there. Yesterday I blew up Type 5 in
    ST-I with 2 shells in to that spot :D

  35. Which damage log is QB using, the one that shows type of ammo that hit? I
    like it, clearer than the one I’m using.

  36. buff…still not enough, gold shell doesn’t give a fuck

  37. Wait, QB how does this premium round differ from any other premium round?
    It has ALWAYS been pay to win. Premium rounds never had disadvantages, they
    just had increased penetration and higher cost. This one does not have
    increased penetration, it only has higher damage (along with the high
    cost). So please, QB, don’t act like it’s any different and more pay to win
    than any other round.

  38. no needs more penetration for standard HE to start with.

  39. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    The standard rounds on the 15cm gun should have 90-100 penetration.

  40. needed the armor buffs, didn’t need the BS howitzer.

  41. RIP kv2 I’m sry guys but it has been beaten it’s over!

  42. So basically this thing is like if a KV-1 with the 122 derp did not have to
    face anything above its tier. GREAT JOB WARGAMING

  43. ru should of stick to your side because your so big

  44. Some help! Im drowning in bullshit!

  45. Magic Carpet Made of Steel

    The problem I have with this is that you shouldn’t really be invincible to
    everything except BL-10s and other 152mm TD guns…

  46. What are those Devs smoking??? This buff will just make people shoot No.2
    shell more and more.

  47. So this will be a combination of

    a) practically foolproof frontal armor void of any weakspots and with no
    need to angle it
    b) massive derp gun with no need to actually aim and with guaranteed damage

    As a low-skill scrub, I approve!

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