World of Tanks – Patch 9.18 Initial Impressions

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Source: Anfield


  1. I think, overall this patch has been a net positive. Arty is was worse now, but the MM changes are great, the LT changes are not nearly as bad, (an aside, I think the number of light tanks per team will die down once people get over the new shiny period of the patch), and the over all platoon changes are good too (single tier platoons eliminate 99% of all failtoon situations and no arty in platoons is great).

    Its interesting to hear you wish for arty to be back to sandbox values, because the original sandbox (1.0) was worse than this, and the values we have now are pretty much what it was like on the last version of Sandbox 2.0 (the one just before Frontlines).

  2. Triggrjockey Gunbelt

    Wow the more I listen to this Leftist thinking just shows how wrong the majority of players are. There is way more to say but I will not continue to pass my judgement like is being done way too much and often when speaking of those who like to play a certain class more than others.

  3. NA servers are test severs right now!

  4. All they had to do was nerf the pen, get rid of gold rounds, and keep the damage the same while buffing the reload a little bit. But nooo let’s fuck over the players who grinded tier 10 arty because we need to be creative and make sure no arty does dmg so people won’t cry.

  5. I get their testing methods and other way that wargaming to collect information to figure out what to do with the game, i.e players didn’t like getting one shot so they reduced arty alpha. However this new arty isn’t really much better, it would be nice if they maybe played their own game once in a while. Maybe then they’d actually fix any major problems with the game.

  6. Fuck arty period

  7. As an outsider looking in artillery just needs a splash radius reduction. Better aim time and accuracy isn’t so bad if they are only peppering you.

  8. lol they nerf the fk outta arty so hard i cant even help my team anymore. Some Type 5 rinsed my team and all i could do was 100 dmg in my 261… what a joke

  9. The effect to arty really equates to a buff while nerfing the heavies that were recently buffed. The net effect of arty “balances” combined with the gutting of the high tier light tanks in 9.18, is mediums have officially become the main battle tank of WOT. It wasn’t always this way, but whiny damage farming stat padders seem to often be the biggest *******s and loudest cry babies. I for one am tired of being farmed because I want to change up my game play in a different class of tanks be it light tanks or tds. I have not really ever been a fan of arty, but to each their own. I enjoy playing meds, and I like contributing to my team. However, with the changes in 9.18, it seems that outside of specific circumstances, the only reasonably sure method of providing the potential to contribute to your team is never take anything out of your garage other than medium tanks. WOT has been reduced to a first person shooter game, not what I am looking. Thanks for the memories. RIP WOT

  10. people keep worrying about platoons in the top tier positions. Like that wasn’t happening for years already. Or just good top tier players/tanks vs poor ones.

    Otherwise I think the whole 2 light tank, 1 arty limit sums up what needs to be done next pretty nicely.

    Tier X lights shouldn’t have been a thing, but a lot of the old, rebalanced lights are now sitting pretty where they are.

  11. They could have at least made small consumables cooldown shorter than 90s…

  12. I’ve been trying to raise the alarm about arty. Most people laughing at me… I’m a long time gwe player, mostly out of necessity (playing from horrible connection). The old mechanic was annoying for both those being shot and the shooter, but the new mechanic is overall much stronger. All of yesterday playing 212a and gwe I was getting many 800+ dmg hits, av of over 2.3k dmg and creds and xp were way too generous. Even running food still making creds. The aim time is WAY WAY too good right now for the splash you get. I like the idea of stun mechanics but it clearly needs tweaking.

  13. I would go with a maximum of one clicker per server.

  14. mate, If u want to be competitive in the WOT community, u should try to see things objectively, rather than announce an opinion based on what u personally like or do not like…..almost everyone knows (: , If wg ask u, u would leave only meds and some heavy tanks and game would become one boring template xD….so mate, try to be objective for the benefit of WOT community 9 i know u can do it) xxxD

  15. Lights are now just fast, neutered meds with no armor – worthless.

  16. Every time I see a game with no arty I am happy. Every time I see 1 arty I am pleased that it isn’t more. When I see 2 arty I grit my teeth. When I see 3 arty I fucking want to kill myself. Just remove it.

  17. I agree we didn’t need the light tank changes. Just weren’t needed period. The view range nerf s bad but the worst changes are massive speed nerfs in middle tiers 5 thru 7
    PS you can’t have too many of any class. Not just lights. Limits need to be placed on every class. Some classes 3 some 4 others 5/6

  18. For SPGs…stun mechanic needs to only apply for direct hits splash damage should not incur stun penalties

  19. Wow what a novel concept, remove arty – I hope they take your advice Anfield because this patch blows.

  20. wow in before quickybaby #feelsgoodman #quickyfield

  21. I think splash radius should be reduced as arty already have good reload and aim time and accuracy so they can consistently supporting their team. huge splash radius is too much punishing for active game play and I like the new LTs r underpowered than mediums cuz I don’t want to see mediums losing their dominating roll over Light tanks and mediums and heavy should always the main force on the battlefield.

  22. Jebediah Springfield

    I agree, the stun is too OP right now. They need to reduce the arty per team or heavily nerf the stun mechanic.

  23. Am I the only one getting horrible fucking lag spikes after the new update? This has never happened to me before after I started the game a few seconds after leaving the cap boom game logged me out. Couldn’t get back in I was top tier to….

  24. I agree with some of what you said which is the number of LTs in the game yea limit it to two max per battle. Arty yes Only ONE per battle cause if there is three Tier X BC arties its super annoying. I do think Tier 10 lights are needed if balanced correctly and if the maps were to change. Buff the lights view range back up and keep the Guns as they are now. MM has been ok in my play 5 hrs of playing off peak hours except i did get a few battles with uneven team makes ups like other team had 6 heaves to our 1 and theirs were Top tier and ours were bottom tier. Overall i think its a good patch but will need more tweaks

  25. this patch may be good for high tiers but screwed tier 3!

  26. Spot on. Some of the best comments I have heard. Played a lot today and 80% of matches had 3 Artie’s. The slash makes it harder to be arty safe and now it’s more frustrating than ever with those numbers

  27. this is from the na server, to many damn lights per team, 6 sometimes 7, 8, ive seen 10 per side,  its hell, there should be a limit

  28. youre brilliant, you should move to Russia and give the retarded Russians youre intelligence

  29. Unfortunately, harsh numbers-based limitations for classes of tanks will just mean fewer players in the long run. WG has to cater to everyone, whether they be unreasonable or unicums.

    I say buff everything about the tier X LT’s except firepower, and simultaneously slightly nerf the TX mediums. Like it or not, the fact that tier for tier, TX and to some degree IX mediums outclass other classes at the tier so much it’s not even funny. Like, 268 and 62A are in the same tier? Performance wise, they should be a tier apart. Especially soviet mediums, which get:

    -superior firepower to TDs
    -better turret armour than non-soviet heavies
    -amazing mobility
    -amazing fire control

    Need to be nerfed HARD. Come hate me unicums, but soviet mediums render everything that’s not a Maus mostly obsolete.

  30. YoRHa No.2 Type B

    whats funny is that when the clan do super plat, and ur fk XD (Super Plat is whr all players in same clan or friends count down into one game together)

  31. hey man, good video. you have right about lights ( max 2-3 per game), arty shouldn’t have more splash and also lights shouldn’t be nerfed because they was never OP like some people said. They finally put a gun on lights which can handle in t10 game and after that they get nerfed. for what? was OP? that is a sad joke, lights was never op. 1v1 light v med, med always win because has better bun,better rate of fire, better hit points and way better armor. people also complain about viewrange is to big on light? come on man, m48 patton has 420 standard viewrange and they also nerfed the lights viewrange…..i want to continue but are alot of stuffs….Anyway this is just my point of view. GG once again for this video, u are a nice youtuber 🙂

  32. This patch was ok except for that stun mechanic and I hope they will change or remove it

  33. jklahsd32 laksd13

    so u r one of the whiners that didn’t like light tanks.
    atleast u disagree with the nerf
    yeah a limit on lights needed.

  34. I was in my batchat having an epic carry game when an arty shell landed 20m from me and killed me. Still bs

  35. remove arty, massivly redo camo, cancel res modes folder.

    and the game will be decent.

  36. premium lights now are op

  37. I’ve been one-shotted a few times already by arty. They figured out pretty quickly that they can snipe light tanks with their orbital laser cannons, and that they can still pen for full damage. It’s pretty bad as implemented now. Some of the lights are underpowered, too, but arty is the big problem with this patch by far.

  38. Noone likes to see 3 SPG’s in battle, really noone on the other hand the option to forbit possibility for SPG enter platoon is bullshit sorry. I do not see anything wrong on platoon one SPG two HT or two MT or with MT and LT. I think it has something to do with the new MM. Still I like the new MM system I do not like the approach to deny to enter platoon for certain group of people in online game.

  39. A few points:
    1st- Reusable consumables: Agree with anfield about them being more fun, but i feel it makes some mechanics pointless. Tracking isnt as important, destroying modules isnt as important, some tanks that have weak modules are super buffed in that regard since the shitty module was a balancing factor. I feel destroying modules now is not a thing anymore. Its good in the fun point of view but it also simplify the game in a bad way in my opinion. But im not too sad about it cause i wont miss a dead driver with a broken engine or a dead gunner and a broken gun…

    2nd- The thing about the high view range in lights, im glad they nerf it. I know the scout role is the light tank niche, but that advantage would be explored by the competent players making it almost impossible for a team with bad lights to win in a lot of maps. The way light tanks are now already means you will have a hard time in lakeville if the enemy have a good light and yours thinks hes a good valley dweller….

    And the last but not least, the fucking artillery: Wargaming fucked up…The idea was great but why in the world WG buffed the rate of fire, accuracy and splash radius of the artillery? Thats make no sense. I like the stun mechanic, but giving arty so much means they can even fuck you up behind obstacles, and reliable do so, and not to mention if youre spoted in the open… But i think WG is at least trying, they just overbuffed arty to please the cancer players so they wouldnt be as much buthurted. Hope they can fine tune is a little better.

  40. Oh and i agree with anfield about limiting arty to 1 per team, but i guess wont happen, i think 2 per team is a more viable solution. Being focused down by 3 artys now is a fucking nightmare

  41. well, to sum it up:
    1. good thing I don’t quite have unicum stats yet. blue better than purple eh 😀
    2. it’s better than getting oneshot but our loved cancerplayers will still focus down those pesky warpack-cheater-redlinecamper-hackernoob-unicums/blue-wn8s and that is basically going to lock them down very effecticely and – more or less – take them out from the game.
    3. I kind of wanted to see tier 10 LTs just because I want to play them, but the way WG designed them they are pretty useless and especially since 90% of players have not even the slightest of clues on how to play a light tank and like 90% of the maps are inadequate for spotting (which forces LTs to work as fire support) it will be terrible if a team has 5 useless tanks with terrible players. they are most likely going to suicide and screw up the game of ONE enemy by getting their tank killed and damaging him for 30% or so.
    4. I would definetly appreciate a complete cancer removal, but since there are lots of whiners who love dynamic arty gameplay so much blabla… it will probably not happen. Limiting artillery to 1 per game might incease the time they have to sit in queue for a game by a ton and thus a limit of 2 is probably more appropriate. However, I think the stun should be lowered by a few seconds so it is impossible to stunlock one player.

  42. Patch review: Arty buffed

  43. Anfield Reducing the arty to a single unit to each battle could be the fix, but I don’t think it will come soon.
    But what could be brought in which as been discussed is hidden stats. which can also educe the chance of focused arty fire.
    just an idea

  44. Herr Schicklgruber

    1. People who don’t really play light tanks generally don’t see a problem with the nerfs. Occassionaly being top tier and not seeing +3 doesn’t make up for these tanks being shittier versions of their former selves. They get the same matchmaking as before at least two thirds of the time. With 9.18 I played 42 (tiers 5-9) LT battles before I was top tier.
    2. The Russian dev team didn’t say they they’d be left with no choice to remove arty if the changes didn’t go over. It was one random dev, who said they “might consider” it. Of course that led to thousands of people misquoting it like gospel.

  45. Been running nothing but ix and Xs anything else is piontless bottom tier every time well tier V seems good now.2 days my Cromwell’s have seen nothing but tier viii games not even a tier vii not ounce.The same goes for my VIII`s bottom tier.If this is the way things are going to be the game will be dead.

  46. Anfield, you know as well as I do that limiting SPGs to one per side would lead to absolutely unacceptable queue times for SPG players. It’s just not doable. The matchmaker needs to strike a good compromise between balance and speed and limiting an entire class to one per side wouldn’t be conducive to that at all.

  47. ya arty is should be put down to one or two at the most and I do play arty from time to time and I had a problem with wargamming changing the rounds to H.E. because I put deadeye on my gunner and I had to spend 200 gold to change the skills for that crew member. So basically after 15 messages back and forth the told in crude layman’s terms basically to go fuck myself and I aint okay with that because they change it I have to pay out of my own pocket when I shouldn’t have to because of there changes. Also yup 5 light tanks everytime almost in the games on NA so yup maybe 2 or 3 at most because scouting isn’t   really part of the game in most of the maps because the top tiers like 9 and 10 meds mostly do that before. So they should of kept the tier 8 lights the highest they should have went. But to late now there in, And I enjoy lights I play’em but to many for real damn(I like to do my own spotting) until the end of them game when there actually needed but barely ever make it to the end I have been seeing.

  48. The amount of lights is toxic, tier 10 games are 5 mins

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