World of Tanks || Patch 9.20 – Balance Changes

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m reviewing the upcoming balance changes in patch 9.20 to your favourite tanks including the Maus, T-54 and Type-5 Heavy!

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  1. Stop deleting/changing HISTORICAL STUFF!

  2. I’m already research 30b but still doesn’t buy it yet and play only 30pro, so next patch maybe it’s time for 30b 😀

  3. So basically they are buffing more and more tanks with better armor to make it almost mandatory to fire premium rounds over normal rounds to outperform your enemies. Great

  4. Yay! I get to die faster in my IS7 now.

  5. Andreas Chatzipanagiotou

    I am so excited about amx30 and t54. Two of my favorite tanks

  6. Hey quicky do you know when these changes will hit consoles?

  7. Yay i have the T-44

  8. GG QuickyBaby!

  9. One thing you did not mention about the AMX 30B. After the update…with the new equipement available (ranked battles), the tank can go up to a DPM of 4024!! This is just ridiculous. 🙁

  10. You didn’t mention the gun dispersion buffs on IS-7. It turns out they’re pretty substantial, and actually the most important buff to me. Thanks for the vid, good job.

  11. i wouldnt play wot if u held a gun to my head. i just enjoy qb.
    say, how about some warships content?

  12. Whats with the t55a wargaming????

  13. SU-14-1 needs more ammo 16 shells ain’t enough ffs

  14. THE foch 155 is stil better than the foch b suckers !

  15. every nation gets some love (USA, USSR, Chinese TDs, France) except the german tanks allthough some of them would really need it (Tiger II, E50, Leopard1). Why do they buff the turrets of the france tanks while they were nearly a copy of the german ones in real life and the Leopard 1 is not getting a little bit of love in return? That is ugly, wargaming!!! Just ugly!

  16. in 9.20 I will play the t54 prototype, those buffs are really worth it

  17. Hmm, so now does the O-I have a higher power to weight ratio by losing the rear armor?

  18. as usual gg wg, what’s next? IS-3 buff?!?

  19. SO WG just slapped the T62A back to it’s father’s sperm?

  20. So almost every high tier medium is getting turret buffs? Why would anyone get obj 430 or t62-a these days? Amx 30b has same dpm and it can get to almost 4k dmp and has way better gun handling than obj 430 + all that gun depression? IS 7 “buff” isn’t that much of a buff and they totally forgot about IS4. Soviets are getting useless comparing to other high tiers…

  21. T54 mod.1 gets in the upcoming patch:

    54 ammo capacity
    -7gun dep.
    243 pen on APCR
    190 pen on AP
    380 view range
    better turret armor
    better gun handling

  22. Want to hear some jokes?

    World of Tanks


  23. what is the ?armor tester? called???? it might be very usefull for me.

  24. if the new tanks are OP you don’t need to buff the balanced tanks but fix the OP tanks

  25. When they start buffing some tank they make the rest of the tank so
    Weak. Tier 8 tank premium like the CDC have no armor yet the buff t 44 100 almost have the same gun characteristic and higher alpha damage sucks to be playing wot now

  26. Vilmantas Simpukas

    Stupid buffs. More armor than tier 8 heavies, or as an example t30, that anyone with a bigger gun can overmatch turret. Not even talking about CDC which is a complete shit now. Playing non premium account gets worse and worse.

  27. So with the t54, still chose the higher Dpm gun because if you fire only HEAT accuracy doesn’t really matter because you will pen anyway, and if you play the t54 as a brawler (as you are supposed to) accuracy and aim time doesn’t matter, all war gaming have done is make this tank even stronger LUL

  28. yeah… weakpoints

  29. 0:15 RappyBaby

  30. Yesterday I golded to the isu 152 yesterday so I could experience the BL-10!

  31. “Wow, some areas are absolutely THICC.” — Quickybaby

  32. they buff the ISU hp but not the SU-101 that has less hp than the ISU??? the hell WG

  33. these fucking stupid developers have never ever played woth their own game thats for sure! what a fucking buch of idiot

    B-C 25 t Light, since when, and in what universe?


  36. “Hey the AMX 30 B is a clone of the Leopard 1, let’s make it a clone of the STB-1 now”

  37. I hope they bring all the recent changes to console as we dont even have any of the patches from pc this year

  38. I wanted to play my buffed T34-3 but WG decided to postpone that 🙁 at least I’m going to enjoy mod1 again!

  39. t8 meds stronger turrets then t9 heavys… YEA, that is the way we go in WG!

  40. So new ranked season full of red-line camping Fochs who can literally 1 clip any tank in game apart from Maus/Type5?? Ow yea… seems like i will skip this one….

    This patch brings like 2-3 things which are needed (t54mod1 ammo, maus dpm nerf, amx turret buff) and rest is just leaving this “WTF do they think” behind….

  41. Isu152 has beast gun and add him hitpoints ? Su101 has nothing and 990hp wtf

  42. The new Patton resembles the M60 a LOT

  43. now every tank has 8+ degrees of gun depression…what a shame…the game is losing diversity…

  44. Why cant we just have tanks with realistic armour and pen numbers? Sure some tanks would be OP and some would be crap, but the playerbase would just rearrange themselves onto the new OP tanks and we would never have to put up with power creep

  45. Finally its worth buying the AMX 30B and playing the stockversion of the Mäuschen. Also the T54mod1 (one of my favorite Tier8 premium tanks) sounds like much more fun to play.

  46. They will buff the M48 Patton and probably leave the M60 as useless as the Patton was. Also they buff the russian tier 8 mediums while the Type59 is just a pile of shit

  47. So what is the point of driving t62 when you can play 140 and do everything it does, but better ?! Typical WG.

  48. JT 8,8cm still 1300 hitpoints. What the hell wargaming?

  49. High tier crybabies…

  50. always expected a “now thats enough theory crafting….”

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