World Of Tanks – Patch 9.7 Mod Pack by Svatekl2

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Svatekl2 9.7 Mod Pack

modpack 9.7
wot mod pack for 9.7
wot mod pack 9.7
mod pack 9.7
mod pack 9.7
wot 9.7
wot 9.7
Patch 9.7
Of – mod pack 9.7

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  1. Plz add the light bulb mod~~ (the one where you get to see if the enemies
    have been spotted or not)

    –>tried to find it for like10minutes but I don’t think it’s there anymore

  2. Nice, you added the info panel mod, many thanks for that. Just to bad i
    need to wait for the EU servers to update.

  3. the mod stops at 15%, any suggestions?

  4. Nikola Vojnić Tunić

    Game stuck at refreshing garage… Won’t start it.

    • +Nikola Vojnić Tunić You probably play on EU? Since we still don´t have
      that 9.7 Update you´ll have to wait using this mod pack til the update is

  5. nvm, canceled, went and selected desired mods again, no issues second time.
    great set up

  6. its stuck creating directories :

  7. cool, thanks for the mod pack

  8. good job man keep it up!

  9. plz help i want to have weak spot because im new but i dont get that option
    !!! HELP ME BTW GREAT Video

  10. Thank you very much man! Waiting for Gnomefathers gun sounds but other than
    that still great !

  11. I want that Background 😮 

  12. Thanks for being quick on the release! :)

  13. Finaly mode are here

  14. @Barry Smith

    Yessir! We never add Gnomefathers quickly… You will have to wait a few
    days. It will come in an update.

  15. I want GnomeFarthers gun sound mod in the pack can that be for next update?

  16. FENKS for this #firstcomment

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