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. Today I’m playing the first I ever played and talking through how I would make the game easier for new players!


World of Tanks a online game published by Wargaming and available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. start using “hidden” “mmr” so equal players face each other

  2. Theres huge difference in tank performance between 50% crew and sealclubbers with 3+ crews specially on this low tiers, so i agree they should do something to make it less frustrating for new players.

  3. While WG has all the data necessary to balance the teams not only by tier but also by skill they still refuse to take the next step to make their MM fair.
    It took them years and thousands of players leaving the game to finally correct their 3+ MM. Something the players have criticized since open beta.

  4. Just use the equipment and crew skill system they use in blitz, but an updated version! Surely WG use blitz as testing bed for the PC version of the game.

  5. you complain about seal clubbers but like was stated (I think) in the video – people only have to play 1-2 battles in these low tier tanks to progress. So it’s like boohoo you died twice and lost twice now here’s your tier 2 or 3 tank and move on. I just don’t think a tier 1 seal clubber is worth complaining about.

  6. Yeah IMO It would be better to actually remove equipment from the early tiers. Newbies don’t know how to use equipment. I reckon that the skilled players would still have an advantage.

  7. Steven Niedermeyer

    I’m unclear how WG handles match making, but I would think matching experienced players with high stats with similar players might be the best route.

  8. You’re right in theory but to be honest, this advantage you’re talking about makes a 1% difference. I mean consumables, equipment etc. At tier 1-2-3 biggest enemy of new player is himself and his lack of knowledge about game, map, tank and game mechanics.

    I remember being freaking mad when somebody shot me down and I even did not know who and from where, how can this be, it is so stupid game!!!

    I don’t think that back then any consumable or binoculars would help me out anyway. Tiers 1-3 are like a drill camp, it’s a nightmare you need to go through, get shaped, experienced and battle hardened 😉 You need to know maps, mechanics etc.

  9. myagmardorj monh uchral

    quicky baby how about play tier 1 tanks in 50% crew and no special thing like camo and bino make a video pls

  10. The thing is WG never listen even to famous youtuber contributor and the mere fact they do the opposite of what it should be done instead of fixing some broken parts of their game they break it even more like by adding some more OP tanks that would break the game and make some of the weak and balanced tanks are more struggling to even survive, penetrate or put some decent alpha damage.

  11. Sixth Sense should be a default skill..

  12. I think with equipment and consumables, they should just make it all free for tier 1. That way the new players can experiment with it all, and maybe be more inclined to purchase it later on.
    As for 100% crew, that would definitely be a useful boost up to tier 3.

  13. That guy looks like Joey World Tour ?

  14. How about a complimentary premium tank (fully equipped and with trained out crews) ?

  15. Cheaty baby.

  16. Nguyễn Minh Quân

    The T1 swear at you the whole time.

  17. Basically, only thing that can go on a Tier 1 is a “free” version of the equipment, make it where everyone has these items that don’t get consumed each match and are free but it can only be used on tier 1 tanks, this would give them a taste of what its like to use said items and equipment and if they want to get hardcore into the game they know the advantages of said stuff.

  18. bad idea to not allow equipment on tier 3s because they see tier 5s…and yes i tried to make a 100% crew from tier 1’s long ago when a 50% crew is what u started with…even after 200+ games in tier 1 I still could’nt do it till i got tier 2 going and even that took along time because u have to retrain the crew for the new tank that brings u back to 50 or 75% if u pay credits from the start…but again u could get upgraded parts for those tiers back then…like tier 2 guns on a tier 1 tank…man the Cunningham was fun back then…and i too was a lo-traker fan…and the BT2 could stop a T18 AT with the 57mm they took away…and what happened to the old American T57 tier 2 arty?….

  19. give to new accounts a special status for like 100 games (Crew 100%, somes equipments maybe, better income…)

  20. I’d like to see better balance at lower teirs as it would be better to entice more people to play.

  21. 虐菜 没毛病

  22. ze british “medium” tank

  23. Easy.

    Make crew and equipment scale with tier. Tier X gets 100 %, tier V 50, and so on.

    Totally makes them a nonfactor in low tiers, and from top of my head I can’t think of a bad consequence.

    Oh but it reduces point of gold use in lower tiers, mbad.

  24. Here an Idea, for veteran players why don’t that become a sort of commander for the whole team. They get a different map somewhat so they can command the team to victory. So like an overview of the map. If they will the get a reward or a medal for a good job. Now I know this isn’t going to work all the time because the numbers of veteran player on a team. But if all team members a dead, the commander could spawn in to help. But helping will degress the reward they get or the medal will be different.. Again, this was just an idea. And hoping someone could help build on it.

  25. Clearly it is RNG and he has lose his mind XD

  26. You are absolutely correct in deducing the things which WG should do
    1) Ban using any kind of equipments or consumables on tanks upto tier 4. If they give free equipments, then what about those premium consumables? So better banning them totally
    2) Crews in all tanks till tier 4 must be of some fixed percentage, whatever it is and they must not be allowed to be moved to other vehicles
    3) Remove all prem tanks lower than tier 4. Have as many premium tanks in higher tiers as they might think necessary for their financial purposes. But keep lower tiers free from financial purposes.

  27. Its satisfying if someone says youre cheating when you outplay them hard

  28. I would suggest some better turtorials at the beginning for newcomers to know what to expect and see what can be done. When I started back in 2013 you just bought your tank and got started and learned the hard way (my statistics has never recovered *lol*). You cannot prevent players from being “better” than you but you can level the playing field. Not that fun as a new player ina stock tier4 having to play tier6 premium tanks, fully pimped and very experienced players. If it was me today I would skip this game and try another.

  29. How about if you couldn’t use equipment at all on the low tier tanks, that would even out the playing field and wouldn’t hurt the economy of new players or WG either (that is if they don’t want to give you free eguipment)

  30. My Micro-Maus at this map is really funny. 15 of 15 enemys spotted, , before the game starts. This joke never gets old. ^^

  31. Arnt Petter Andersen

    Good suggestions all QB, but think also about this: All newcommers aren’t as experienced as those sealclubbers wich comes down to low tiers and play. Yes you could remove the camo-net and extras you can (or can’t) have on the tank to boost your a tanks skills etc, but that isn’t enough. We are all players with alot more experience. I myself HATE that I meet up with overskilled players on the battlefield eventhoug I am a “veteran” (but with terrible stats). I would have loved if WG made it possible for newcommers and noobs to play/train in real battles against lower stats players or even computer controlled robots so they could learn more before beeing tossed out in the hard battles. – How about skill-selector in WOT? – Like Novice – Medium -Expert ?!? That would maybe been a way to fix this issue (and more)…?! -Regards from Arnt Petter (Klin_Kokos)

  32. If I want the achievements of killing all tanks in the swedish and czech tech tree (and I kinda do), I will have to drive some tier I myself since the tier ones are the only kills missing for me. Hopefully I can get the kills in not too many battles since I really feel that I’m ruining the game for newbies, when I once in a rare while drive low tiers. And I’m not even remotely a unicorn. But still the crew and equipment advantages is enough to make many engagements feel so unfair.
    I think your ideas about leveling the playing field at low tiers are good, and I hope WG listens.

  33. So you’re new to the game but get seal clubbed all the time? Solution – make the games from tier 1 to 4 not count towards player stats. It’s a learning experience, not an excuse for garnering win8 and stats. Spend as much time as you want mucking around in low tier in the put-put tanks and lawnmowers while you learn the game mechanics. Fun to play, no pressure, no reason for a seal clubber to hang around unless they are grinding a line – they should be done in a handful of games. Should make the low tiers a more pleasant place to be. Only downside is going to be player numbers. Lack of seal clubbers makes the lower tiers very sparse. So why not play small quick games like 7v7, 5v5 and 3v3?

  34. On WoT Console, there is “offline” gamemode (called War Stories) that is story driven. If you play the first chapter even once you get an American Commander named Buck Peters that has sixth sence already trained and he can be retrained to an American tank for Free. This was SUPER helpful when helping my buddy into the game because now he knows when he is spotted.

    Different Stories of the offline story mode give you a crew everytime you get to the next one. As of right now there are 5 Stories (3 missions each) which means 5 crews with sixth sence already trained (2 american, 2 british, 1 french). Console WG said they plan to add more stories.

    Apart from the free crew finishing the first War Story on regular and challenge mode will net you a few bonuses totaling: ~400k in silver, 25k free xp, 4x perment camo for each enviroment on American tanks, some emblems.

    On console the perk/skill system is different, commander = whole crew, the perks train faster than on PC but one at a a time, so you never have to worry about having a tank with 4 crew members and moving on to a tank with 5 crew members.

  35. They took equipment away from tier 1 on console for this very reason actually, and it’s been that way for a while now.

  36. If you do not want seal clubbers to have an advantage then don’t fit equipments or chocolate on your tank.. switch the crew even, it takes only one seal clubber to ruin the experince of other players and just rambling about how the game could be fairer and we all know wg won’t do fuck all about it, how about you start with your self? 😀

  37. Maybe you could take off the equipment & chocolate you had to make it fairer next time.

  38. Honestly don’t like your idea what so ever. Maybe make crew training cheaper for lower tier vehicles or make give players a good amount of starting credits but sorry to say, I took my licks at low tiers and now it’s someone else turn. Of course I know Joe internet will point fingers and yell seal clubber but the truth hurts. I earned an advantage over newer players and to be honest, most of the time a team loses, it not due to seal clubbing at low tiers. It mostly due to poor choices, and crew skill vs player skill has nothing to do with it. Also want to add, if you bend a knee now for this lower tier shit. Where does it stop? What about 100% Sherman III crew vs a 5 skill Cromwell crew? yep that battle seems legit. Just stop to think, once you open a flood gate, you can’t shut it. Also need to add I see more shut outs at tiers 8, 9, & 10 over tier 1, 2, & 3.

  39. Fixing MM to make tier 8 playable again would be great, thank you!

  40. WTF why would anyone called that cheating? he has thousands of battles like most of us veteran players and on our first few thousands we got beat up bad! but over time we got good and acquired the skills to play better than most and now its our turn to beat those new comers cause that’s the cycle! He earned that with grind and skill.

  41. u r 100 % right.

  42. How hard is it for WG to use that wonderful thing they introduced some time ago now… The PLAYER RATING! Factor player’s PLAYER RATING into MM, so that low rated players don’t get matched up against players rated WAY out of their league! Then, introduce TANK RATINGS! This way, a noob like me in my brand new stock tank, can’t be matched up against a high rated player, in an OP tank, two tiers higher than mine… Doable? I think yes!

  43. Oh yeah… Tier 4 is shit… I keep meeting Cromwells and oi expt and I can’t even pen them with premo…. Like the tier 4 in wot blitz is waay better…. I actually got into wot when I downloaded blitz(I’m pretty good at it too) about 3.5 years ago. I easily got past tier 4 and then soon found out that there’s a wot on pc too, I downloaded it, got to tier 4…and boom…. I started meeting tier 6s against whom I cud do nothing…. That’s the reason why I don’t find wot interesting…. The mm is too shit… And tier 4s shud not be meeting tier6s

  44. Clearly a cheating streamer. Lulz.

  45. I think it makes sense what you suggested…coz you can only make one time a first impression on new players. It is very frustating when your first match ever is against experienced players.

  46. Some good Ideas QuickyBaby.

  47. simple,if you have a tier 6 tank or over in garage u cant play tier 1, tier 7 tanks you cant play tier 2,, tier 8 tank in garage, you cant play tier 3.

  48. QB makes a very good point. All of us that play WoT and continue to like to play WoT need WG to lure in lots more paying customers, so that they continue to make profits, and the servers remain up. 100% crews for tiers I – III would be a good start, as would a special non-sellable camo net and binoculars.

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