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Source: TheRiisingSun

Getting into the mind of a driver. Sometimes it can be hard as they have to either 1) Get to a position where they can be annoying from the entire game or 2) move constantly to the flow of .

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Locastan’s Mod Pack

GME(Generic Mod Enabler)

Gnomefather’s Historical Gun Sound mod


  1. Anyone know where I can get his panel mod?

  2. Jean-Pierre Cloup

    Nice video! But why do you play the wz-132 when theres the RU251 in the
    The WZ looks gorgeous but… Even after the last patch buff to the wz-132,
    the ru 251 is so superior in terms of DPM, gun depression, speed, aim time
    & gun bloom that i sold my WZ-132 after i played 1 game in the RU251…
    Even the HESH shells on the RU251 are so much better than the WZ HE

  3. Nice one mate and thank you for this video ;)

  4. About Siegfried line..

    You made some nice dmg and that s equal to a good wn8 but I would go to
    field and spot the incoming tanks. This game could easily be lost because
    enemies flanked your team and if they had an arty with some IQ, it would
    move to k1 and rape the heavies. Don t get it wrong, I appreciate your
    skills but you played it in role of a medium tank.

    And these are my scout tank videos if you wish to see,,35,34,32,31,30,29,28,27,26,25,24,23,22,16,14,15,13,19,18,20,17,21,33/sort/uploaded_at.desc/

  5. What’s the name of the mod that’s showing your WN8 in game? I didn’t see it
    on locastans page.

  6. Heavy tanks are prone to focus on light tanks because all too often light
    tanks focus on them. Don’t know why, but they do. Ignore an open path to
    arty, not bother to scout… just look for heavies to shoot in the ass. It
    gets pretty old pretty fast so a couple of blasts to the face either squash
    the bug or he decides to go chase easier game.

    Just yesterday a 132 shot me in the ass in my IS-8 as I was pushing into
    the enemy cap. I was on full health and there were two others with me…
    both one-shots. It pissed me off so much I turned around, typed “You better
    run…” and proceeded to chase him up a mountain and off the other side,
    ramming him for the kill. So the one tank in a position to actually reset
    the cap and help defend the base until others could arrive wasted his
    chance pissing me off instead. lol

  7. You sir know how to peek, that makes me scared! :S


  8. Erm. I wonder if you earned credits from those games or not. Can you make
    profit while hitting heavies with apcr? Or every game you get -10k or -20k

  9. Yo HF, have a question about the WZ-132:
    After the buff, is the 100mm better than the 85mm? I have been using the
    85mm before the buff and have 2 marks, but now i’m not sure if it is the
    best choice. 

  10. Jean-Sébastien Poirier

    Just a quick one: what’s the addon for “instant” WN8 (upper right ) ?

  11. great replay HF

  12. There’s one simple rule of playing a light tank:
    You have to contribute to your team in the early stage but stay alive until
    late stage of the game when you are far more valuable.

    There’s a very thin line between camping and suiciding in a light tank,
    finding that middle ground is the art of driving a light tank successfully.
    Also you need really good awareness, know where each tank is and who has
    not been spotted to use your mobility and flank other tanks. Hard to master
    but very rewarding.

  13. I think people focus light tanks because they are auto pen’s they can’t
    bounce off of them.

  14. Why do you run binocs on your WZ? I have coated optics on mine (and
    Ru152&13 90), and have maxviewrange without sitting still for 3 seconds.
    I’m sure your crew is good enough to aproach that as well, so it is a
    deliberate choice. Can you elaborate on it?
    Also, nice video! :)

  15. Nice job, enjoyed the replays and the insight. This is the 2nd time this
    week I’ve seen into your mind. Once directly, and once indirectly. Before
    this, I watched Syster’s series of Amnesia where she plays with the Mad
    Hoarder of Felines. ;
    It seems when they get together, they act like schoolgirls with the fun
    and giggling. I’m not sure I’d want to be in the house when the 2 of them
    get together. XD
    Oh crap, Syster is going to see this, isn’t she? Ok, I’ll go now to write
    my last will and testament…. 

  16. Quickies?

  17. What an M103…

  18. I disagree with some of your actions- many times there was a hole in the
    enemy line that you could have driven though and then flanked. Especially
    in the first replay, going left and around the city would have been much
    better. Its amazing how important keeping an eye on the minimap can be! 

  19. Your English is very good, bro. You have nothing to worry about on that
    end. Watching your streams and YouTube videos has helped me immensely. o7

  20. Very nice video, really enjoy hearing what people are thinking when they
    are doiing what they do and why

  21. Hmm… Fortunately this was the gaming side of your mind only… 😀 

  22. Highflyer just a pointer the is3 upper plate is weaker than the lower plate
    (due to angling)

  23. At your frist Position (before the AMX crosses..) you see a bush right in
    front of you.. (time 0:46 “right side here” )so since the bush is not
    “transparent” , you will not see whats behind the bush. The Location is ok,
    but the mindset at this point is flawed. You can try and test, happens the
    best of us from time to time..

  24. Fantastic – I am so happy to see you comming back to scouts. I was learning
    scouting techniques on your videos when you published them long time ago
    (“Become a better scout” – remember that old staff ? ;o) ). Always good to
    see some good scout in action, even though maps were not best suited for
    actual scouting.

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