World of Tanks – Pepe Le Pew Pew

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Source: Mighty Jingles

In which, after 5000 games played, HammJamm_69 earns his first ever of a certain type of epic medal.

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  1. “Haut les cœurs, les amis, et bienvenu dans un monde de chars d’assaut, en compagnie de l’imposante ritournelle !” this is how it should be properly said, thou pesky rosbeef !

  2. Kristoffer Mangila

    Bloody hell, first Hanna-Barbera, and now Looney Tunes, specifically that lovesick French skunk? Jeez… you’re really showing your era, Jingles…

    PS: to Hamm, GG and congratulations. The AMX 13 series is definitely the finest French light tank ever.

  3. Careful there Jingles, a title like that can cause the snowflakes to cancel you just like they did Pepe!😂😂

  4. you can definitely tell how long its been since you’ve actually looked at a WoT map when you think that 57 was in a spot where it could be seen by the tanks on hamm’s team

  5. I love my AMX 13 57

  6. You missed the *Setter* on HammJamm’s team was still in play when you stated he was _”now the only remining light tank on the team with three enemies.”_

    You really need to get better glasses or a larger screen. 🤔

    🍻 from the Colony of Vancouver Island.

  7. I got my wife pretty good one day when I said, “Hey hun, did you know the “p” in Grey Poupon is supposed to be silent? Grey HOOHON! *apply French smugness*”

  8. Danny the Honest Gamer

    “And now when i have embarrassed myself in front of the entire nation of France…” Jingles you are British, the French really do not expect much out of you on pure principle.

  9. 6:00 “he’s now the only light tank remaining on the team…”
    Setter: “Am I a joke to you?”

  10. a 1400 base xp game only getting a first class is absolutely insane. the normal expected ace range is 1100-1200 and above
    I get it was against tier 5 tanks and therefore they get less xp, but even still.

    • It’s a relatively rare tank and those tend to be high requirements.

    • @XtreeM FaiL I wouldn’t say it’s that rare. It’s seen tons of rentals and sales over its lifespan compared to other premium tanks and it’s good so people know to buy it when it comes around. It’s definitely no su-76i.

  11. Psychedellic Toxin

    He didn’t save the shot for the pen on the T1. He saved the shot to secure the kill.

    • I’d say that Jingles was being generous, but I think we all know Jingles was being oblivious. Again. He also missed the one shot reload.

  12. I remember being on this map once when I had played WoT. I was in something like a slow as molasses stock Sherman that had just managed to make it to the rocks in the top right corner after quite a while. Only one other person in a light tank went that way and he got pinned down at the ramp up to the hill. The two of us together managed to keep the enemy over there spotted and killed everyone who tried coming off the hill to flank the team for the whole match to that point, while everyone going west died. Of course, we got blamed.

  13. Reality Dysfunction

    KV-2, 4 shots fired, 4 misses, 0 XP. But still gets a medal? What was it for?

  14. “Bonjour les amis” well, the “bonjour les” was good but the s of “amis” is not pronounced as it’s the plurial of the word “ami” ^^ Much kisses from a French guy who loves your videos :p

  15. Put some camo on that tank – it clearly freezes and is a bit embarrassed of that pew pew. It tends to spit out Ace Tankers when proper dressed – and when it uses manual firing mode for those fires, ammoracks and tracking dmg and reducing the risk of shooting dirt and rocks – and when it’s not greedy for kills – and when it’s playing as low tier with more enemy hp and xp in the pool. It needs to at least shoot empty or get a crazy spotting run

  16. I didn’t get a Radley Walters until I’d played 33 K games….mid you I had a handful of 10 and 11 kill pools medals

  17. Still rigged lol….

  18. Exactly what do you expect the arty to do? Since the drastic HE nerf, a shotgun shot doesn’t even take 50% of a light tanks HP. Can’t out turn it, don’t have a turret, aiming takes to long, the previous mentioned lack of dmg. Just keep aiming at the target you got and hope you can get a shot off.

  19. not too shabby. still has some let to learn about light tanking but all in all not too bad. a result to be proud of

  20. He didn’t save the shots for when he could pen the t1. He saved them for the kill, waiting for the rest of the team to do a bit more damage.

  21. Jingles not saying “stay safe” at the end of his videos is throwing me off.

  22. Concorde Makes Videos

    Embarrass yourself in front of France? Well… It’s not like it’s your first time. Or the fact that you secretly…. And openly… Enjoy it

  23. My first and only Radley Walter’s was in a bathtub. Yep.

  24. Wham BAM. Thank you

  25. Bienvenue au Monde des Chars avec les Jingles puissant!!

  26. “Getting bum rushed by five enemy’s” and “length of the barrel … good penetration”. Jingles on fire 😅

  27. some days you’re the dog, other days you’re the tree

  28. They weren’t holding the shot on that last T1 so they could pen, they were waiting for more damage to be done so they could get the last kill. No judgment, but that’s what it was, and I would’ve done the same lol!

  29. good game

  30. CrazyWarriorsCatFan 🇺🇦

    Quality intro

  31. Problems like that one shot reload is why I have two loadouts for my 13 57: 100% normal ammo and 100% gold ammo. If I can penetrate at least 12 of the enemy tanks by shooting weakspots, I’ll take normal ammo. If I end up in a tier 9 battle of similar, I’ll take gold.
    Only the games with normal ammo gain any credits, but I’d rather win than lose while making credits.

    • I’d have gone full normal ammo in this game, for instance. I’ll also go normal ammo in tier 8 games if the top tier are mostly lightly armored TDs or light/med tanks.

  32. Nice a naked video, are you shore that you did not have any camo? On a lighttank. You only need it on the chassi, not the turret. But hey good game.

  33. 1st class and mastery badges are weird nowadays. One day a 1800 exp game in Churchill III gives a mastery badge, few days later over 2k exp gives 1st class. I had similar situations in my 13 57 as well, completely inconsistent badges.

  34. Bienvenue dans World of Tanks avec Mighty Jingles. Easy. But this is an hidden allusion for viewers to produce comment under video, right ? ahahah Have a nice day mate !

  35. I’ve never understood why the KV2 has poor vis – surely the commander should see the whole battlefield perched up on tope of that turret… : )

  36. Hammjamm played that light tank with expertise. He made it look too easy. I know, that was not easy. I’m a rather crap light tank player.

  37. For next April Fools Jingles should pretend to be French and do an entire video in his “French” accent!

  38. Jingles, do you still play WOT? Or have you given up on the game?

  39. God damn it Jingles you had one job!…. Look at google translate before starting the video!

  40. The hand of Stalin was not with that KV-2. That’s for sure.

  41. I blinked and it was over.. 😂

  42. Great game for a 54k game player!!!
    for any player but especially for a newish player

  43. That KV-2 driver clearly didn’t sacrifice enough dissidents to the gulag.

  44. This game need usable 50 cal mg and this shity no armored tanks in a deep shit, and this game need atgm too

  45. Nice job to my old clan 🙂

  46. Come on Jingles! Even a person who has seen Blazing Saddles and heard Lili Von Shtupp’s greeting a few times should be able to manage “Bienvenue” for welcome…LOL 😁

  47. maintenant vous avez le droit de commenter en français pour faire chier jingle. honhonhon

  48. Needs one more “Pew”….

  49. Another replay of an OP tank if its top tier, Jingles plis.

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