World of Tanks || Personal Missions, Female Crews!

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All about the new personal missions and why the female crews are the best!

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From 18:00-CET / 17:00-GMT / 12:00-EST

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is a game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. hi Will :D, good work on the charity stream

  2. Oh, I got here early :)

  3. Got to love those delicious transsexual crews… but thanks for explaining
    this pretty junky system ;)

  4. Anna Kostenko

  5. i came to say “FIRST!” but i’m only 4th.

  6. Thanks!!!!

  7. Restii | CoD und anderes Gedöns

    Love my Conchita Wurst Crew 😀 

  8. You already had a mod to change crew portraits to female, don’t see the big

  9. Dreadshells Gaming

    These Personal Missions are bringing out the worst in people, I’ve seen
    tk’ing, blocking, and swearing as people get mad at their teams. Which
    makes no sense whatsoever, how can your teammate be expected to know what
    mission you’re working on, and even if he does, he also may have his own
    mission to work on. People are only thinking about themselves and not their
    team. Kinda lame.

  10. For some reason I battle load slow after this update. Any ideas how to fix

  11. Personal missions are a load of useless shite…Meant to be personal and
    suited to the player by allowing them to use a tank they like,yet I have to
    use arty (not just any arty at least tier 4) to fucking get the Stug it is
    stupid.Should be able to complete a certain amount to get it not every
    vehicle type 

  12. Can you assign female crew member to a tank you don’t yet have unlocked?

  13. Martin Barkaway Nielsen

    To be honest, I really feel that these missions are shite…I have to be
    either playing all classes or be good at 4 of them, which means im pretty
    fucked since i suck at light tanks and i dont play arty and i doubt im

  14. Go from 0 to a 100 nigga real quick

  15. Well td 15 4k dmg to Do and a kill for extra point.
    Wt pz 4 5k dmg and no kill God damn It… 

  16. hey guys i got of the female crew members and im just wondering when i
    press american tanks and put her in a heavy tank in the list there is a
    tank called mammoth can someone tell me what is that tank im playing wot
    from about 3 years or more and i see that for the first time

  17. Says its for new and experienced players, but I don’t see how I can achieve
    4k dmg in a tier 6 tank destroyed (my highest tier, I am not experiences). 

  18. Some half-baked missions and politically correct female crews…next.

  19. I pay u 2mil to make a platoon with me xD

  20. Is you all for to realize it is for goods player is for to wins alls
    mission. Is goods idea. But is for mosts player for to be stupids so for
    nots for to wins for nots gets female crew. Is Claus for to haves idea for
    to makes fair. Is ifs player for to try mission for 10 time buts for no
    can wins mission is marked “completes for stupids”. Is thens move to next
    mission. Is fair so for stupids is not stuck for one mission for all time.
    Is makes stupids feels better. Is then stupids can for to say looks me I
    for to completes mission I for to go next mission looks me I so goods. So
    ifs stupids is for to complete alls 15 mission for can’ts win but for try
    10 times for each for then gets “complete for stupids” is complete for wins
    set. Is for to get female crew? NO! Is for to gets stupids female crew.
    Is gets crew for have 50% skills for who cans never for to gets better!
    Is thats way is for can complete alls campaign for then gets full crew of
    stupids for to drive tank like stupids. Is for what is so smarts is for
    that stupids player for is not for to notice any difference! Is stupids
    female crew is drive tank sames as before! So stupids player is not feel
    lefts out! Is goods idea? Claus is for to say YES!

  21. Alexander Superapple

    as a proud chauvinist male I demand equality!

  22. In all honesty you need a tier 8/7 arty . A tier 8 heavy tank and a tier7+
    td and a tier 6 light and any mid tier medium to complete the tug missions.

  23. Starting to lose interest in this game. It was a great game until too many
    idiots started and played for themselves and not the team. Poor MM doesn’t
    help – why put a tank from 1942 against something that was still being used
    in the 50’s? No one in their right mind would battle like that. I’ve just
    played 16 games and only 1 was over 35% win chance. Yet QB and other Unicom
    players tend to get far better win rates – watch the live stream! WTF????
    Good game – too many idiots.

  24. I only have a tier 3 spg and decided the tanks are not worth my time. I do
    think the SP u get is worth it 😉 

  25. ilarionas avgoustou

    if you bounce shots from your teammates are going to cound as blocked by
    armor? :)

  26. I heard that Obj. 260 it will be nerfed in patch 9.6 but I’m not 100% sure
    that. What do you think about that Quicky ?

  27. Another huge grind for what should have been in the game anyway. No thanks

  28. Doing the arty mission will be hilarious 

  29. Hopefully WG gets on the stick and gets female voices included sooner
    rather than later.

  30. 200k free xp… xD oh god.

  31. I like the missions but I just think they shouldn’t have forced the
    platoons in with them.

  32. Did anyone complete the light tank challenge 10: The ghost? any tips or

  33. i like how many complains about the missions. I mean you dont have to get
    the tanks and i see them more like extra cash and consummables.

  34. Deeper and deeper into the realms of fantasy, this ain’t WoT anymore. Just
    change the background to Girls and Panzers and put a couple of heavy
    breathing bitches in it, illusion will be complete.

  35. Why are you videos in 45 fps and not 60 fps?
    You need a guide to handbrake? :P

  36. ugh… im not gonna grind anything after that WZ-111, three free prem tanks
    are enough for me.

  37. First female crew is going to be Japanese ;)

  38. sosnowskim020 aka Awereq

    No tier 9-10 heavy tank – no mission

  39. Undoubtably. Subseequent.

  40. I had to suicide for the ram kill on MT ones

  41. i think capping mission is fine, what i didn’t like is the “Set enemy on
    fire” mission for meds and the mission where you need arty to do dmg when
    you are playing a light tank.(Very hard when none of my friends like arty)

    Just for the record i have the stug IV.

    PS:mission for the stug are easy, but it hets much harder with the T28C
    IGN: Mysteryboy SV:asia

  42. I have a question…. yesterday I reached my new SPG crusader sp. My
    question is now can I retrain the crew of the FV304 to the crusader (yes)
    but will they drive the tank just like before I retrain them? Sry for bad
    English I’m not so good in it 😀 if u don’t understand me pls answer on
    this comment ^^

  43. I don’t have premium so I cant complete some of the tank destroyer and spg

  44. Not a great game type for us casual types. I don’t play enough to have the
    friends for te higher end missions. = I’ll never get them done. 

  45. These missions made game almost unplayable.
    Every game I meat:
    1) At least 2 arties against us (very often 3). Because mission!;
    2) Morons that cap too early in encounter and we all end up with like 200
    XP points. Because mission!
    3) YOLO spotters -They just yell: ALLAH AKBAR and go full retarded.
    Because, mission!
    3) Teamkillers – because they don’t end one of their missions if you steal
    their kill
    4) Broken matchmakers – Like t4 light tank plotooned with ConquerorGC.
    Because mission!

  46. female crew? women has never contributed with anything at the frontline
    when it comes to war..

  47. Pretty…

  48. well i need to save to buy the maus i unlocked it during the summer but
    never bought it but this is a reason to get it although i could just use my

  49. now I know why I have the Maus :D

  50. Sadacy Geometrydash

    Go look my kv 1 game. 3k dmg 7 kills. And great plan.
    My video in on your replay web site, player name Lentomies1

  51. I don’t like the missions because many of them are very difficult to do if
    you don’t have a tier 10 in the specific branch. My highest tier heavy is
    tier 8, the HT-15 mission is almost impossible to complete as such…

  52. great video quicky thanks for uploaded it.

    I had a question you might be able to answer. My first thought about the
    female crew was that I would try to put one female member in all of my
    favorite tanks acting as the commander because I think that six sense is of
    the best perks to get right away. But I don’t now if it’s a good idea to
    split them up. Should I keep them all together? or save them for these
    mission reward tanks? or maybe I should just try to put at least one in
    every nation first.

  53. If you have grills as your crew members, do they some other lines when you
    destroy enemy tank or so ?

  54. I am happy with my minions crew

  55. Will there be a female crew member named Peppy? :D

  56. is it possible to not assign a female crew member?
    if i unlock one, but dont have a tank yet that i want to put her in to, can
    i put a nationless woman in my barracks and assign her later or something?

  57. Whitedragonking Ocola

    Bull! You can get a female crew with voice acting for free it is called

  58. Damm you cant combine sisterhood of steal with BIA i wanted a firefly with
    a malcon renolds, wash, kalie, jane and zoe

  59. MUST SEE!!!
    It is a true or false?
    At 1:10 you can clearly see that he have 57k golds.How is this possible?
    Is it some cheat or he pay more money than usually?!
    Thanks for reading!
    Thumbs Up to see QuickyBaby!!!

  60. Nice vid but do u forgot about ur small replay contest?

  61. I would like to see that new Havok engine, how about you, guys?

  62. there hard to do when the players are bad and never get close to the

  63. The problem with the missions is that general gameplays suffers
    Scout suicide to get their missions.
    Heavies go full lemming.
    TD’s lemmingcamp like there is no tomorrow
    Too much arty because clickers can now make a profit.

  64. I like the T28 Missions more than the Stug Missions, for some reason I did
    them faster :)

  65. ESL player NewMultiShow has got 7perk crew on his AMX 50 100

  66. The females are working like the male ones when the commander has multiple
    jobs ( elc amx) ? 

  67. I miss the days when premium shells were only available with gold…

    sincerely, a T95 driver

  68. shit missions None of my friends are playing wot so shitty

  69. shit missions None of my friends are playing wot so shitty

  70. What i wonder is if i get honors in all but one tank type, and use the
    commendations to skip for example the arty. will i miss out on that female

  71. When does this end QB?

  72. platoon missions…. well shit GG

  73. so the very good players get rewarded for gold spamming and get more op
    crews and tanks to do triple unicorn platoons in random battle and screw
    everything up? Don’t anyone dare say that this isn’t going to happen,
    because the way that mm and gold rounds are being abused now doesn’t leave
    much hope in the way for the use of the op tanks at the end

  74. I think the missions are a cool idea, but I also think they can be a bit
    unfair for newer players. For example, while it may have been fairly easy
    for you to finish HT-15 in your Maus, it will be next to imposable for me
    to do. I’ve only played 3.9k games, and the highest tier tank I have is a
    Pershing (obviously not even a HT). I almost have the IS-3, but even still
    it will be very hard to complete.
    The same goes for the TD missions. It may be easy to get 4k damage in a
    tier 10 TD, but it’s almost impossible in a T25/2 (my highest tier TD). I
    understand that they aren’t just giving free tanks away, but I just hope
    the missions will still be around by the time that I get a tank that it’s
    possable to finish them in.

  75. what’s wrong with the missions? when I complete one the screen that pops up
    its’s completley blank:/ I can’t see any text or images there’s just the
    cadre of the pop-up window:/ if anyone knows how to fix it pls reply. And
    also for the wot tank inspector I keep getting an error that says
    “out_of_quota” and that tank inspector can’t get online….

  76. You’ll want to do all 5 sets of missions… extra female crew member. Most
    of my crews I have up in my t10 tanks… it will be nice to equip some
    lower tier tanks with female crews.

  77. Rename Russian female crews to Peppy!

  78. is there a time limit to get these missions done? (how long will campaign 1
    be available?)

  79. Dear quickybaby, can i do these missions in team battles ?? or only random
    battles ??. Best regards

  80. Flyingspacepotato deadbambi

    Someone wants to help me with platoon missons?

  81. So you cant change the nation or the profession of the female crew but you
    can change the vehicle type? Or only as an example from medium to medium

  82. Does the female crew (comander) get female voice???

  83. these missions stop being “personal” when you have to put yourself in a
    platoon and depend in others in order to complete a mission… dont like

  84. Most of the missions make sense and help new players, but i really hate
    some of them. I dont like the cap missions as well as the ram kill
    missions. They have nothing to do with skill and are just based on luck.

    That you need platoonmates for some missions is annoying, but its nothing
    of big concern, at least for me

  85. Yeah, female characters as trophies for completing a campaign, can’t see
    anything wrong with that.

  86. Damn Feminists…

  87. I saw some CnC in the background, good memories… Except For CnC4

  88. So… basically… to complete these ‘personal’ missions, you have to be a
    jack of all trades, have a wide verity of machines and have at least one
    friend who is also a jack of all trades. The whole platoon part does not
    appeal to me not one bit.
    Just the very meaning of ‘personal’ goes against what a platoon is.

    Oh, well. It would be a good month before I even get one female crew.
    Just today I was doing a med mission where you have to kill a light and it
    took four games before there was a light in the enemy team at all… and he
    suicide scouted (and that is at tier VI).
    Good luck to you all.

  89. QB tbh T57heavy is way easier than doing it with the Maus. getting a 5-7k
    dmg game is rather easy for a skilled player.

  90. It says 7210 blocked by armour, but 8510 potential damaged, which means the
    gap between that is either blocked by spaced armour or tracks :)

  91. Seen so mnay people going suicide to complete some off the missions..Damn
    annoying when you got those people in your team. I think they should redo
    some off the missions, to drive to make them all none yolo style.

  92. Anybody else saw a really strange name on his M7 tank loader…?:)

  93. Can you complete the secondary missions without completing the primary? 

  94. Quicky the relentless raid isnt so bad, you already satisfy the mission by
    being in the cap circle when you win

  95. Thanks for the info QB.

    When you start on the next set of missions, please show us them, for those
    of us who are working our way through more slowly. I am curious to see the
    ‘harder’ missions that come for the later tanks.

  96. it sucks that these missions make every 1 yolo

  97. Im getting crazy i dont wana play wot any more becouse of misions

  98. I dislike these missions makes the team and I play like idiots to be able
    to win them

  99. I need mate for platoon, for personal missions, tier 6 only, mediums only!?
    WoT name VUK_7

  100. New missons is another bull shit …. good for campers idiots …. and why
    need this 4 stupid tanks????? You need pay buy real money for more 4 idiots
    tanks ????????? Complete idiot ….. I not spend any pound of my money on
    this idiot game …never … wot not food or any on my acount never …
    Russian people go fuck your self ….. spend real money on this game is
    complete idiot ……. 

  101. QB m90, just get a press account :P

  102. I don’t get the hate with those missions.
    They’re extra income if you accomplish them!
    What was that? You’ll need ages to unlock the TierX? Of course you do! It’s
    a frickin’ TierX!
    Also WG wants you to play the game and in best case pay for it. Of course
    you’ll spend some time in it to farm 4 extra tanks. You’ll get NOTHING in
    this world for free and you better deal with it, since it won’t be easier
    in the future.

  103. i think the missions are amazing, but the requirement for team is
    horrible.. especially for socuts and arties

  104. Well I’d love to see woman crew voices…

  105. Counting the shots that only hit your armour, it is literally not possible
    for the track shots to have not counted towards the total damage unless
    they were all artillery fire.

  106. I enjoy on most of the missions… besides missions like “kill a light tank
    with your SPG” when there are no light tanks in the game. Or “set a tank on
    fire”. And than nothing burns for ages.

  107. Lost 90% of the games because all the idiots are trying to complete the
    missions. Full of red zombies . Gotta delete the game very soon

  108. Do I need to complete the stug campagin to get the t28 concept missions ?

  109. Gah! >:(

    I just started PC a little while ago, I only have tier 3 and lower. 🙁
    Good luck to all doing this though.

  110. 420 xp lol smoke weed every day m9 u cant handel mah 360n0scp0pe feemal
    croo fagg0t

  111. haha, look at the name of the loader in the M7 at the end XD, racist!

  112. Now my full skills e50m commander has something to fuck :))))

  113. the missions are tough, and the latter missions are going to be hard, if
    they get harder for other tanks it will be worse for other players. (i an
    not the best at the game, with only 4k battles, but i have played fair
    enough and i still think that these are not easy for the new beginners) the
    rewards are good though, more cash is better to have.

  114. Aleksander Hjellnes

    If you think these missions are good, you must be retarded

  115. Ok. Easy with Maus but if we have only tier 7 max thus mission is
    impossible. Thats why i think that those missions are only for t9-10
    player. What a shame…

  116. I want the Maus don’t care if its a pain to use sometimes i want!!

  117. Lo 8k damage blocked by armor mission requirement. Gl to players who have
    no more than an is-3 see how many battles it takes you to complete that
    mission :)) Again, wot trying to pull money out of your wallet. 

  118. I did it first try in an IS-7, just get hull-down it’s easy :)

  119. I’m on the last LT mission right now. It’s aggravating. There’s almost
    always two other LTs that are faster than me or spawn closer to the best
    spotting locations. That or my passive scouting location gets ruined by a
    suiciding tomato scout…grrr!

  120. > women better crew than men.

    das pretty sexist WG.

  121. I find it quite hard to complete the missions, especially for people, like
    me, who dont have a lot of tanks. That exually sucks hard!

  122. so you basicly need atleast a tier 9 to complete the missions? tier 8 is
    hard to do the damage needed/block the damage etc. justy to get a bad tier
    5 TD

  123. How do you complete that mission in a tier 6heavy

  124. these missions have good and bad sides. i have seen good players play like
    tomatos and tomatos play like good players because of it.
    overall its very interesting indeed, as it adds a nice bit of motivation to
    play tanks you didnt play in a while

  125. is there a way to do this in an IS-3?

  126. This mission will be difficult even with an IS3 or KV3

  127. I’m on relentless raid right now :/

  128. Oh Dear, all I have to complete the heavy mission 15 is my M103. I could do
    it, but I’d have to do mega damge, die, and eat loads of shots with my
    tracks because M103 doesn’t do bounces very well XD

  129. 8K dmg,and so on for the final mission , u can only do that in tier 9 or 10
    HTs !!!
    not a tier 8 ( i have the KV5) , they should lower it for tier 8 HT
    standerds (like 4K or 5K with dmg and everything) ,and have seperate colums
    , like for tier X 8K , for tier 9, 6-7 , and so on……………..

  130. It will be better if u could do more missions at one time

  131. Where there actually female crews outside the USSR?

  132. The missions are not so awesome as WG could have intentions to make it.
    They encourage players to learn some types of tanks the way they should be
    played, encourage them to be active on the battle field, but in total some
    players never learn. But for now it is maybe enough as a compensation for
    not making tutorials for all types of tanks (especially for arty, it was
    really different new experience for me).

  133. I will never be able to complete these missions since I only started
    playing a month ago :C need to get to tier IX at least to reliably complete
    the TD and HT missions

  134. “Let me show you the hardest of the heavy tank missions for the StuG […]”

    I was expecting an Invader medal.

  135. 14 hits and 3 pens to you for total potential of 8510, dont think tracks

  136. yeahhh, im not really going to do those missions lol

  137. Well no missions for me since I almost always play alone :

  138. I hate these missions so fucking much, cause everyone is playing fucking
    Tier 10 arty and the game is unplayable for me. I just bought the Obj. 140
    after absolutely loving the T-54 getting 2 stars, but there were not so
    many arties at tier 9. The Obj. is unplayable. I remember playing it at my
    friends’ and it was just awesome. I hate arty in this game….

  139. the popup when u complete a mission is black for me,i can not see the
    details,anyone with the same problem?solution?

  140. WOT should offset the new female crews with the occupation of a consumable
    slot with a required fem. hygiene product.

    WTF wot what is next compassion for your enemy and love your neighbor

  141. does the female crew have female voices ?

  142. Can I unlock the Stug IV for completing all medium missions?

  143. not sure how to get 8k DMG on my KV1

  144. aWhich light tank line will be best to go down as the only light tank I
    have is the Crusader? I’m thinking either German or American as I have a
    100% American Chaffee crew from the race event and the German tanks look

  145. J. Daniel Lopez A.

    Female crew with in-game Male Voice

  146. Qb wat doo i need to do if y am a baad player like noob end i never playd
    in platoon end there is platoon misions end oders kil twoo wat cind of
    tanks i have alredy with that problems wat shal i doo Qb can you gv me some
    advice or suport ?

  147. What are people suppose to do, who don’t have tier 10 tanks? How are you
    suppose to achieve the last mission with a tier 5 heavy tank? These
    missions really seem to be unfair and unbalanced for the lower tiers,
    eventhough they start at tier 4.

  148. when will these missions end?

  149. if the tracks eat the shot, it does not count as blocked by armor because
    it is not something that bounces or penetrates, it just destroyes your

  150. Meh not much i once got 10000 potential damage taken with my CHURCHILL 3 i
    still have the endplate of it!

  151. “Guys, I have to cap. Help plox?” Otherwise quite interesting little
    missions. Love the extra credits though.

  152. Many of these missions will be almost impossible to fulfill, unless you
    have high tier tanks in most of the categories. My top light tank and SPG
    are both tier V…

  153. Works the brothers in arms together with the ones from the females?

  154. Guys how do you get female crew members ? You get them only from the 15th
    mission from each tank type ? Maybe I have missed the part where QB sais ,

  155. I think this mission thing is good. Maybe gives a little bit more
    information to new players… Maybe not.
    For me it is a good challenge cuz I’m still learning about the game.
    Sometimes I make really stupid moves. Good thing since I’m watching you
    Quicky I impoved a lot so, thank you for that 🙂

    To be honest I don’t even know that I want those tanks. Maybe when I try
    them :D

  156. Thank you QB, great video, great explanation.


  157. Actually it is shemale.

  158. I have 20% on the 6th Skill of my Type59

  159. QB u can pick any mission in any order excpet for the mission 15 after u
    get past the stug IV

  160. Why do you always say “one by on by one” instead of just “one by one”? :P

  161. ralroost einsnulldrei

    Any suggestions what I should use for heavy mission 15? I only have thinly
    armoured heavies :(

  162. I got 2 female crew, Americans are the best looking!

  163. There’s been a lot of raging in game but nothing that you don’t normally
    see….. People just need to chill and accept other people are doing the
    mission if they do something odd. Equally don’t rage out if you’re doing a
    mission and someone else doesn’t respect it & steals the kill you need.
    They can play however they want to play within the rules too.

  164. Female driver maybe, female loader? Really? Some of the shells these
    tanks fire weigh nearly as much as a healthy average woman. Departing from
    reality to expect the overwhelming majority of females to lift, sling, and
    load a 25 kilo shell at abdomen/chest level much less a 40 kilo shell
    every 6-15 seconds for any length of time.

  165. Or German. 

  166. Best Medium Tank For completing Most of the Missions is the matilda

  167. Lol QB my best crew is in my M48 too. 

  168. As much as I want the StuG IV, I feel I can’t be arsed to grind through
    these missions. And I’m not good enough as a player to enjoy the work. :(

  169. The last heavy tank mission made want to get the Maus

  170. I stopt playing cuz its not realistic and those mission doenst tickle me to
    olay again, War Thunder is more a game for me and quicky maby you should
    try and play those ground forces you can use the technics of sidescrapping 

  171. I think it would make more sense if wg made it so the first 14 missions of
    each viechle unlocked already once you did the first 14 the last 1 will be

  172. can you still retrain female crew for the next tank in your line, or are
    they permanently bound to one tank??

  173. the t28’s missions are unlocked from 1-14 so you can do any at any time(t28
    mission s are t5 and up, t55 and obj are t6 and up)

  174. Does blocked damage caused by allies count for this missions, too?
    Fed up of being shot at with gold in my tanks…

  175. My win rate with lights has skyrocketetd sice I started doing the missions,
    and my Medium scores have gotten better as well. As a generally reckless
    player, they have taught me quite a bit about being more careful, and thus,
    being far more useful in the late game.

  176. 1. Can you re-do mission no15
    2. Try to do HT15 in something more challenging like tier 7 or 8 ;)

  177. If i have to play arty for this, its bullshit ;)

  178. I have been enjoying the missions so far, I do believe there are some that
    appear to encourage worse game play, though over all they require you to
    play smart. I also noticed that there are tanks much better suited than
    others to complete missions, so now I have a pretty set rotation of tanks
    that I am using to get these missions done. The money is also very nice, I
    was wondering how I was going to get the credits for all the tier 9 tanks I
    am about to finish researching, and with the introduction of these missions
    I now have access to a huge pool of new money.

  179. In my opinion the IMs are awesome! + another tier 5 stug to win 🙂 the StuG
    III G is my favorite tonk in the game so i am sure i will like the StuG IV
    as well. BUT…. some of the missions are too difficult for example.. HT9:
    kill an enemy tank by ramming…. thats just impossible unless u have got a

  180. that’s why I subscribe to Your channel, keep it up

  181. why not add black crew while your at it?

  182. quickybaby you need to change your intro

  183. QB – Do you get a free garage slot with the reward tanks, or do they take a

  184. Yesterday evening i made it. I got the StuG IV and already put up a Replay
    to your Server +QuickyBabyTV
    I like the StuG IV.
    Its not a great Tank Destroyer but not bad either. And its great to have a
    TD for Training purpose.

  185. Love the missions, wish you could do more then one per class though :/

  186. Hey, QB. I was wondering if I should go down the British medium (FV4202)
    line, or the Japanese medium (STB-1) line? I want a good support tank with
    gun depression, and an accurate tank with good penetration, shell velocity,
    dpm and accuracy. Armour and the ability to go hull down would be nice,

  187. Female crew members? Ok, but where are the black Nazis? Or Communists?

  188. – damaging external modules does not count as damage done in battle, only
    damaging the main tank hitpoints does

    -FTR 19.1.2015

  189. If you get the right game for the tank you’re in these missions fall over
    like dominos. But, get the wrong game, or a team that’s full of new/poor
    experience players then it’s tough. Personally I have started the missions
    but then largely ignore them and play as I usually play. I’ve accomplish
    quite a few already doing this and often get the honours doing so. Sure,
    sometimes I’ve needed to change my usual game play slightly to achieve some
    missions, but personally I find these changes are teaching me to drive the
    Tanks properly. All my opinions of course. There are plenty of players that
    are fully mission focused and play badly as a result, but they will not get
    the honours missions with that style of play. 

  190. Don’t forget. When you get your female crew member, please properly
    inflate them.
    Also, about every 4 weeks they will complain of cramps and refuse to fight.
    They will not relieve themselves on a bush or behind a hill, instead,
    choosing to use the inside of the tank when no one is looking.
    If it’s raining or too cold, they will not leave the barracks.
    They will not report for duty until they have properly applied their makeup.
    Please keep them in the same crew least they nag the male members of the
    crew to death.
    Enjoy your female crew.

  191. TD-15 Just jump in my 183 – easy done. 

  192. i use LT: T71, MT: Panther II,HT: E75, TD: Dicker Max/Jtiger, I don’t have
    scumbags :)

  193. Wot is unplayabel for the moment. Every one is driving around like idiots
    because of the missions (trying to ramkill, harvest xp and so on and so
    on). The game is just out the window. If the game starts bad, just die and
    try another game FAST! HAVE TO DO THE MISSIONS! For What?? No, Signing out
    (to bad)………..ill be back in a week or two to see If the good wot
    gaming is back. And for you guys that manages to unlock female crew and
    some new tanks……you will be the king of the battlefield now?! Lol WOT
    1, gamers 0. 

  194. Good review!
    And you are right: the mission system is a fantastic idea!

  195. a little disappointing that you did not show us what the female crew voice
    sounds like.
    More of a reason for me to get my own female crew for my lorrain

  196. Vehicle must be at least tier IV… last TD mission: Deal 4000 dmg.
    (Mission virtually impossible without VIII+) But my “favourite” is still
    mission for Light/Heavy tanks: Capture enemy base – like really? Maybe in 1
    out 1000 games actually someone tries to capture and not kill everyone
    which makes it basically impossible to complete. The idea was nice, but
    whoever made those missions clearly never played the game.

  197. Are these missions permanent or you have time limit to complete them?

  198. Once you get the personal mission tanks can you do reviews on them

  199. A great summary for an unfamiliar topic 🙂 Thumbs up!

  200. @ 16:00 you shot the E100 in the side, not the lfwp :P

  201. overal while i dont prioritize on my misions because well if i can see i
    can complete the mision or win the game ill obviously choose win the game.
    but i dont like some misions like LT has a mision which promotes suicide
    scouting… or misions with medium tanks to kill a tank by ramming it now
    im deffinatly not anywhere near a rly good player but im certain that
    medium tank shiud not rush to ram another tank just because hes low health
    i mean hell i seen tier 8 mediums trying to ram a Maus i mean seriously ?

  202. I’ve basically given up on forcing myself to do what’s said in the mission.
    I just take the money as a bonus if I do get one done, there’s no time
    limit so I don’t care

  203. the Aslain mod has female crew. The missions are a good idea, but its like
    everything, a small group give it a bad rap, by behaving like morons, but
    the morons have always been there.

  204. are the rewards premium tanks?

  205. man wot has gone from stupid to absolutley pathetic… realy since when did
    women ever go to combat in frontline tank engagements? they should not even
    be in the game

  206. I’m quite sure tracks count towards the mission.
    I bounced zero shells in my FV215b and still got the mission by letting my
    tracks eat the shells.

  207. so basically what this means is women are better at war. seems legit.

  208. hanjieunngfullhouse

    these mission can be blame for ruining the whole game lately, and probably
    the following consecutive days until they phase these out. that is if they
    do. but the problem here is, players gets gung ho about these missions and
    totally ignore the main objective of the game, to win. you see arty going
    for light tanks when they have on their reticle a heavy sitting as if it
    was left for parking, they’d be saying it’s for the mission and so on. the
    prioritization has been ignored when they should be having these missions
    as a secondary goal and victory as a primary. it made winning so damn
    frustrating lately.

  209. female crews have a -10% driving skill…
    for american female crews, cola is being replaced with starbucks
    each female crew also comes with a complimentary pack of maxi-pads 

  210. its horrible the mission are nice but the player that comes out of there
    holes to lemming the lines are so danm high D:

    and my other problem is that my highest tank for the moment is just t6 and
    a td v.v so lets see how far i come

  211. I given up, its bugged, don´t try. i even completed a quest i clearly
    didn´t complete, its random of the server knows or react properly..

  212. in my opinión some of the misions shold be put out not because they are
    dificult, because they break the game. Those are the ones of cap and the
    one of killing a tank by hitting it

  213. Because everyone in the comments seems to hate the missions, I want to say
    that I like them, because you can really make a lot of money with it, even
    if you don’t complete one tank type. In the end you can still win unique
    tanks, and if you don’t want to do them, you don’t have to, its not like
    you loose anything. I haven’t realized people starting to play like retards
    on the EU server. Most missions don’t require suicide spotting, they train
    tactical skills and game awareness. And for me having tanks of all types,
    nations and tiers the missions are easier, but if you have at least some
    high tier tanks it shouldn’t be impossible to do.

  214. james ward-gwilliam

    hands up who has used the loopholes in the mission descriptions to complete
    a mission no lying now ladies and gents :D. personally i havent yet but
    some of these missions are dam nigh impossible and the wording of them
    makes it even harder. for example TD-10- do at least 1000 damage to enemy
    tanks (simple enough) and remain unspotted. now does that mean unspotted
    while doing the damage or unspotted whole game which at the moment is rarer
    than pink dog turds. unless you exploit the loophole and do 1000 damage
    then suicide. (still tricky) 

  215. Nemanja Radisavljevic

    I don’t like all of the missions becaouse they are asking too much in some
    of them.

  216. I’m Omid.

  217. So many whiners in chatt, many are complaining about match making but I
    haven´t seen any big change. These missions, if you are to dumb to figure
    it out, is for players who have played at least 6-7k games and got a tier X
    or two. For fuck sake u get free tanks did you expect the missions to be be
    easy or what? Be happy that they gave you an option to not play arty.

  218. I am worried that they will remove them before I can complete enough of

    Also, the fact that you cannot combine Sisterhood with Brothers in arms
    means the female crew are not that great, until you get a full set!

  219. how about the language commands”At them lads?or girls?”

  220. Brilliant some missions that I’ll be unable to finish. because I can barely
    scrape enough money from my matches to repair/replenish ammo and I only
    have 5 tanks at the most.

    I’m not even going to bother with these missions if I try to complete even
    1 set of missions I’m going to be trying for an eternity.

    Looks like the target audience for these “personal Missions” are people who
    play this game all the time and nothing else and uses only premium accounts
    and has dozens of tanks. I’m disappointed in this, go above tier 8 it’s
    going to be a heavy struggle to get anything out of this game with a
    standard account. feels like “pay to play” and I’m depressed just thinking
    about it. I didn’t know that this game could make someone depressive.

    I got to the FV4202 in good faith, but it’s been shattered when I found out
    how pathetic the economy is for that thing 60k to repair and replenish 30
    rounds of APDS, I’m not even going to get started on the HESH rounds. I
    loved the crap out of the Centurion mark 7/1, but the FV4202 is a *******

  221. when i am in a t34 and get tracked while sidescraping it still counts as as
    blocked damage for me

  222. quicky plz can you do a video on tactical capping. i like to use the cap
    especially in light tanks to split enemy forces and panic enemy teams or
    force them from camping positions and although i know fully capping is bad
    for stats and i don’t finish capping it can turn a battle when used right
    but some players don’t understand these tactics and give me grief about it.

  223. i just wonder how can new players finish missions like the final one ?

  224. Can you imagine if you could team up with your own crew? Tank commander,
    gunner, driver and loader. I recently had the opportunity to crew an Abrams
    with my friends in a tank simulator. It was amazing and I really have new
    found respect for those that serve,

  225. Personal Missions suck. For one they are not personal, as some of the later
    missions need a platoon, so yeah, “Personal”. Also, people just go and
    complete their mission without contributing to the team, because most of
    the missions do not REQUIRE them to win a battle. Furthermore, for me at
    least, when I do complete a mission, it just displays a box, which I assume
    would have something along the lines of “Hey! You completed a mission!
    Here’s what you get, etc”. But none of the text renders, and not even the
    acknowledge button. Probably just me but, really, I HATE thees, because
    they totally ruined the game for me.

  226. Another “easy mode” tank for this mission is the IS7. You just need to find
    a nice hulldown location wich is prefereably more or less arty save and
    With that the mission wasn’t that hard and i got it in the second try…

  227. this missions are simply awesome haha

  228. I actually completed HT mission 15 in my IS-6, but it doesn’t count,
    because fuck me, right? :(

  229. Personally, I do believe that those missions are not prepared in a right
    way, for example if you had to do 8K combined damage to unlock Tier 4 tank,
    what will you have to do to unlock tier 10 heavy tank Object260?! 20K or
    30K maybe?!

    So, idea of making this missions is great, but person who was making a plan
    what mission is next (or should be next) is: a) not aware that missions
    should encourage people to do more and better; b) missions were just put on
    a list with no order or sense; c) person who made that list doesn’t play
    tanks. Why I say this, well here is your example: SPG mission 1: cause at
    least 1.000HP damage; SPG mission 2: cause at least 500 HP damage… and so

    Second thing, in order to do all this missions easily you need to have
    tanks in all tiers as doing 1K damage in Tier 4 or 5 tank is not the same
    as doing 1K in Tier 10 tank. Considering that most players after one year
    of playing WoT have (maybe) one Tier10 tank, but most of them have Tier8
    heavy tanks, I’m challenging you QB to do this mission in IS-3 or in T34,
    and then just think for a moment what you will have to do to unlock Object
    260 😀 Crazy 😀

    In my opinion those missions will lead to this:
    – new players will get bored with them as they know that they will never do
    them (consequently they will not learn how to play light tanks, heavy
    tanks, TDs… properly);
    – players that do not like once specific class of tanks (lights, SPGs or
    TDs) will hate those tanks even more and never play them again;
    – instead of having fun playing tanks people get more frustrated which
    leads to flaming other people in game although that its not their fault;
    – players with lots of tanks will get more tanks that they will use maybe
    once in a while…

    What all this should be:
    – missions could be used as tutorial for new (and not so new) players to
    learn to play other tanks (not just one class that they prefer);
    – by doing missions people would get out of their comfort zone playing only
    heavies or tank destroyers and learn to enjoy playing mediums, lights or
    even SPGs (hope not but who knows)
    – earn more credits and XP to unlock next tier tanks (which they would use
    to play next set of missions for T28, T55a and Object260);

    I could go on and on with this but in short, great idea – poorly done.

  230. Personal missions…..just gonna wait until everyone calms down about it
    (so MM goes back to normal) and then go back to wot
    in the meanwhile, sc2

  231. I only have a tier 8 heavy RIP me

  232. yea ht-15 easy mode maus what about the people who dont have a maus or any
    tier 10 heavy tank yet :/

  233. Can we have your mod pack updated with the newest version of XVM? The old
    XVM screws up the PM windows.

  234. Are there female crew voices?

  235. help me make my claim ise as a purchase of a German pack on wz 111 !!! but
    I got it said that if no compleban Any card that is not used and are
    purchased from the Cash Shop 2,500 become the end of the event. as bait to
    wargaming I do not get anything please !!!!

  236. You think the missions are super because you have the tanks and skills
    necessary to complete them. Being an average player like most of the
    players out there and only having tier 8 tanks, it will be nearly
    impossible for me to complete some of the missions. The missions you showed
    here in this video, as well as the TD mission 15 which requires 4000 damage
    to be done. The most I have ever done is a little over 3000. I feel as
    though the missions should be challenging, but not near impossible for the
    average player. Now, if these were missions for the higher tier reward
    tanks I would understand. But, I would have to have the game of my life
    multiple times to complete them, and would only be rewarded with a tier 5
    tank? Seems a bit much. I’m not sure if I could ever accomplish the tasks
    with my current tanks, and that is a shame.

  237. I was in a game earlier where an IS-3 wanted to cap when we were winning 6
    tanks to 1 enemy, he begged and begged and wouldnt shut up about capping
    for his mission x_x

  238. I did this mission in my kv4. Dmg blocked by armor 6100+dmg that I dealt.
    And i am not a pro player

  239. Nearly every game I play now some smackoff is whining about completing the
    mission. I say fuck you criers I,m just playing the game. I don’t care
    about your missions I’ll just shoot the enemy, that’s what I am supposed to

  240. Do the female crew members have different voices in-game? And if so, can
    anyone tell me if this affects voice mods?

  241. first thing that comes to mind is, this is wrong.. I ever remember reading
    about female tank drivers one, and two even if there were I highly doubt
    they would have been beauty queens like they look in the images I have
    seen… bad move on these guys part imo.

  242. I dislike the missions because there was already enough shit stain scrubs
    playing. Now with these missions there is even more shit stain scrubs

  243. Don’t play in platoons and don’t need the silver so won’t even bother with
    the missons

  244. I have seen photos of female Russian soldiers,they didnt look like that!!

  245. I’m sure this is a stupid question, but if you are still upgrading tank
    lines, and put a female in say, a m3 lee, and then move her into sherman,
    does she retain that 100% tank skill in the new tank?

  246. A whole new meaning to “penetration!”

  247. The hardest mission is the light tank 15 mission. It’s pretty much

  248. lol well thats pretty BS lol soo i worked my ass off for nothing ??

  249. I think these missions are going to make players do stupid stuff just to
    try and complete “their” mission, I have already seen it.

  250. aaaannndddd the best players in the game get this and us tomatos will never
    see it 🙂 nothing new there…thanks for nothing wargaming…ill just
    continue playing how i always play…moving right along…

  251. Tnx about information Quicky! 😉 I dont had lot of time to explore it, but
    u saveed my time.

  252. 5:27 how did QB skip missions? He’s got every mission in the TD list after
    the first one done, but not the first.

  253. well done for doing 8K in a Maus, now can you post a vid of you completing
    it in a tier 6 ?.
    Missions is a very selfish as well as unfair move by WoT. there are only a
    very small percent of players who will be able to do these Missions due to
    whats in their garage. so this will lead to people buying premiums in order
    to get some of them done as they don’t have time to grind out a minimum of
    4 tier 10’s.
    then we come to the selfish game play these Missions are causing. say
    player 1 has to win by cap as his Mission and player 2 has to kill 2
    vehicles. player 2 has killed 1 tank and they are winning 10-14 so he needs
    the last kill. but player 1 caps out in order to win his Mission, stopping
    player 2 fulfilling his. now put 13 other players in with Missions and your
    going to upset at least half of your team no matter how you win.
    Missions also causes stupid play as well due to selfishness. I have seen
    more lemming trains due to players wanting to get certain vehicle kills. I
    have seen a whole flank abandoned because their Mission required them to
    kill something on the opposite flank.
    then you have the FU, im off to kill arty yolo’s or arty only targeting his
    mission tanks instead of saving a flank falling. matchs are being lost due
    to selfishness of players whos only interest is their Mission and not
    winning the match.
    TBH im waiting for Armoured Warfare to come out as im not prepared to play
    a team game that has been ripped apart by these Missions. im sure others
    will feel the same, if not now but in a few weeks or months time. R.I.P WoT
    your downfall is imminent.

  254. So the War on Women comes to WoT.

  255. The trick is to just select one mission of each tank typer and go play WoT
    normally, using your different tanks. You should really only have to
    specifically alter gameplay on the real tough missions to be able to
    complete them. 🙂 

  256. I personally like the new personal missions, although it is hard for a
    person like me to get the new premium tank when in my garage I only have
    heavies and a Dicker Max. So what I’m saying is it is really a easy game
    for people who have a wide variety of tanks compared to the joe average
    people who don’t have the money to spend on credits to have a tank of every
    class. All in all though I think your a great youtuber QB thanks for the

  257. The missions are ok but 8k total is a bit much for a tier 5, maybe like

  258. First mistake. You can not choose other campaigns, for example can not go
    directly to the American campaign.
    I discourages much playing a campaign that is not to my liking.

  259. +QuickyBabyTV

    if any of you think that the requirements are to tough now. just wait until
    the t55 and 260. I’m a good player. but you would have to do what
    quickybaby just did plus 10,000 more for the 260. HT15 mission.

  260. hey quicky.. does this mean we are gonna watch you use arty ? 

  261. Why are the female crews better?

  262. Hahaha they had to make the female crews better. Muh equal playing field
    for ladies.

  263. I personally have no interest on the prize tanks.. But, the Female crew is

  264. If the shot hits the tracks and only the tracks the shot will not be
    blocked by armor. If the shot hits the tracks and then passes to the hull
    and then is blocked, that will be a shot blocked by armor.

  265. I am not 100% positive about this, but I think for the Sisterhood of Steel
    to be in effect, the tank you choose must be a full crew of female tankers.
    In other words, you cannot have 1 female, and 4 males with Brothers In
    Arms, and be complete. For Sisterhood-Of-Steel, the entire tank MUST be all
    female crew.

  266. Just a question… if a teammate in your platoon shot you and bounced, does
    that count as blocked by armor? If thats the case then kv2 with ap is the
    best candidate to help you complete that mission lol

  267. one question, the mission said campaign long does it last? there is
    no timeline anywhere

  268. Quite frustrated that these challenges are almost tailored for the highest
    tier tanks, cause 4k dmg in say a t6 td is pretty much impossible unless
    your entire team does no damage and you kill the entire enemy team, or
    block 8k dmg, in a Tiger P, yeah best of luck. Its a bit off putting.

  269. Will it work BIA if we combine male and female crew member like you?

  270. Marry me QB.

  271. o me the missions are very good because i can’t pay 20€ for a tank. But i
    can reserch a preium tank

  272. Quicky already knows the advantages of having an Excellent Female Crew.
    Peppy showed that long ago! Best Wishes to you all!!!

  273. now i have to do this in a m103. as thats my only HT im screwed!

  274. Its verry hard to make some missions on low tier (4,5,6):(

  275. Good luck to people who only have an AMX50B trying to do the HT15 mission.
    It’s going to be a pain in the ass to complete

  276. Also to mention if you don’t complete a mission with honors you can always
    reset it and try again to get the secondary objective. Oh and make sure
    you activate the mission too (had a friend complete a mission w/ honors but
    it wasn’t active).
    Lastly the medium tank missions is like easy mode using a Matilda.

  277. I cant complete the StugIV mission cause I dont platoon. I dont want to
    join a clan and I dont want to make “friends” just for missions. I would
    platoon If I could join the UE server but my account is on NA server.

  278. I find the hardest mission (and the most idiotic one) is HT-7. I got to
    70%+ base cap when the last enemy is killed over 10 times.

  279. How to beat ht missions step one Kv-2. Step two tier vi game. Step three
    ????. Step four profit 

  280. It’s unfortunate that whatever team play you had in pub battles is thrown
    out the window for the missions.

  281. Any tank I’m trying to play always I’m on the bottom (I don’t have tier X )
    , few times I was on the top but team was so retard’s … so I just give up
    to try complet those missions … 

  282. I already don’t like the playing with or platooned with Arty but right now
    I reached the HT mission that requires capping… I will not go for that
    either. I’ll just keep playing as normal. I cap sometimes but very very
    little, I may never complete this mission.

  283. u can do it in is7 like me, but i failed to win tnx to my “red team”

  284. Is there a time limit on the reward tanks?

  285. i just wish the sisterhood of steel and brothers in arms worked together so
    you could have a mixed crew and still get you major qualification buff.

  286. It’s a good feature, at lest for me, I play more seeking out the missions
    rather than win/loss, were I would play less because I didn’t want to ruin
    a good win streak.

  287. Κωνσταντίνος Χατζηιωάννου

    hello QuickyBaby! I want to ask you because I don’t understand something
    about personal campain missions. I could move on whenever we want? there
    Date expiry? greetings from creta island greece! keep up the good work!

  288. Uhh, now I have to pay a scumbag arty…

  289. I’m actually really worried that I won’t be able to complete the missions
    for the Obj.260 or even the T-55 since I’m not a very good player and my PC
    ain’t awesome either…so yeah,I hope they won’t be very very hard…

  290. mfg…

  291. I’m enjoying them. I’ve even been playing arty in a serious manner, its
    shown me a lot of problems with how I drive my mediums and lights. I still
    haven’t gotten into the TD end of things that much so I don’t know how
    those are. Thus far the medium missions seem the most easy, I got to
    mission 10 without much effort but I started branching out after that.
    Lightt tanks aren’t so bad for me especially since I’ve been grinding the
    t71 and the 1390 a lot lately.

    Overall I think the missions are a good flavor for wot. It helps lessen the
    feeling of grinding when you are working towards the side rewards. I think
    some of the missions like LT8 (cap the point from start to finish) are kind
    of hot garbage but I think that could be fixed later. I also dislike some
    of the missions that seem to invite your teammates to be idiots but that
    can’t be helped all things considered. 

  292. Anyone knows if i have to pick the female crew when i complete the mission
    or can i do it later? I want to use my first female crew members to tank
    which i don’t have researched yet, so it would be quite helpful to know if
    i should save the x-15 missions until i actually research it.

  293. Next set of missions will reward with tranny crews, who will be able to
    perform two jobs at the same time… political correctness gone amok. 

  294. Thanks didn’t realise you had to complete all streams of personal missions
    or that you needed a t10 tank , don’t have one can’t complete missions
    therefore they are another benefit to ace players and another put down to
    avg players not impressed .

  295. My female crew is so fat.
    Why u ask?
    Becoz I putted them in a Maus…

  296. Does anyone know how long these missions will stay in the game?

  297. +QuickyBabyTV so in a fact you will need to have a heavy tank to complete
    these challenge’s. so in respect for a lot of players with tier 4-5 tanks
    they wont be able to finish these missions

  298. Thanks for info.

  299. I saw an M41 Bulldog from our team just rushing across the field on Ensk.
    Spotting like 5-6 enemy tanks, dying instantly and saying in chat “lol
    mission done”.

  300. i don’t have a lot of tanks, not even SPG or tier 4+ light tanks, so that
    means i have to spend a lot of credits, unlock a bunch of high tier tanks,
    maybe throw some gold in the process in order to get a free tank? yep,
    seems legit

  301. can i get the stub just by doing all 15 missions of 1 set?

  302. the hardest mission is to cap their base…. the rest was verry easy for

  303. Jan William Phillips

    Hi, could I complete the missions only with 4-5 tier tanks?
    I have problem with the TD 10. mission…

  304. i wonder… e75 is enought for the last mission? i will take him this week,
    i hope.

  305. What I don’t understand is why they make female crews unlockables and not
    just a standard. It would be the same to say that a negro crew would be
    unlockable. Seeing that this game is far from historical accurate, I don’t
    see the reasoning behind this whole female crew thing. It would give our
    female players a choice on who they want in their tanks. 

  306. Great…so I need a f’ing tier 10 tank so I can complete the mission to get
    a tier 5 tank destroyer…sure, that makes sense.

  307. plz show how too do the LT-15 mission when you do it i am stuck at it :)

  308. Considering I don’t play tons or go in for premium, those female crew
    members could be a godsend…I wonder if I can put a female commander in my
    AMX12t and name her, “Joan of Arc” =p ?

  309. They’re pretty good, rewards are high and most are straightforward, I’m
    just not okay with some of the missions requiring platoons, I can’t
    complete them and my only option would be to beg General chat or whatever.
    How is a mission for a platoon, personal anyway?

  310. I’m still confused. To unlock the first Stug IV tank, is it ok to complete
    just one set of 15 missions (eg. 15 missions of HT)? Or do I need to
    complete all 75 missions set for HT,MT,LT,TD and SPG to get the Stug IV

    Also, any ideas how to find a partner to complete the platoon mission? None
    of my friends play WoT.

    Will appreciate your reply. Thanks.

  311. I just think that Light tank level 8 is more dependant on the team than the
    Getting 25+% Cap is fine and difficult enough. Winning by cap is
    But I wellcome the new missions, even though some people loose their heads

  312. nonono I wont play scumbags,… not even for girl

  313. The Ht mission is impossible cause heavy tanks suck so much in this game
    now, doing 8k in a med is easy, but in heavy its almost impossible, heavy
    tanks in general just suck now compared to tds and meds that its stupid,
    heavy tanks all need a buff or gold ammo needs a remove you pick wargaming 

  314. I’m so close to getting the t-54a and i really want it but just that the
    people you end up playing with will do ANYTHING to be done with their
    missions, i have been team-killed and or having to watch people kill
    themselves or people finishing their missions and then killing themselves,
    for the first 5-6 missions it was fun with some mates but it go south very
    easy and end up being really shitty and all up just not fun

  315. i say as Martin Barkaway Nilsen i think these misions are sht i only play
    arty cus i am to imbecile to drive a propper tank but i also love arti but
    i cant drive heawy tanks nor medium so sht sht …. BTW QB your doing a
    greit job on replaies PLZ keep it up ;)

  316. the second reward tank is soo goood

    never said anybody

  317. Do they have female voices? :P

  318. you peole will all stop playing the missions when you come to the mission
    for t28 consept dmg 3 tanks with one shot ..

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