World of Tanks || Physics Changes #2

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Wargaming released another preview of the upcoming physics changes which affect many game mechanics, lets see what the future may bring!

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  1. world of rolling

  2. Trick shot time

  3. OMG I WANT THIS! Wargaming, put this shit in the f****** game! Now! Do it!

  4. Hilarious !

  5. that rocking thing…wargaming just really hates the few people like me who
    have to use laptops dont they …please for the love of god no dont put
    that turning stuff in either i’m bad enough without more bullshit people
    can use to kill me

  6. Christian Esterhuizen

    This is going to be a disaster xD

  7. it seems they just using ps3/xbox type gaming to pc

  8. moon-walking tanks… oh yeah! owwwwww….!

  9. Elc amx would be fun for handbrake turns

  10. Screw light tanks more. Improve russian medium tanks (with front armor).
    Gotcha. +1 patch to me not returning.

  11. Hi QB
    Nice summary! I do think that the changes will add some extra to the game
    play and also to fun experiences. I do think though, it might be some
    fine-tuning needed prior to release 🙂 Cheers

  12. Flipping and barrel rolling are ok. But tank walking is silly.

  13. hi qb. nice summary. think this can be both a fun and good addition to game
    play. do think thoug it needs some fine tuning prior to telease :-). Cheers

  14. Kristijan Bozinovic

    the game wil get funier and frustrating as wel

  15. Sounds like a major nerf of lights and meds.

  16. That hand brake sounds great! Now I will be able to turn with my T95 in no

  17. drifting tanks? looks like wg specifically designed the new physics engine
    to attract more kids/window lickers to the game.

  18. Richard Wroblewski (Roboticwonderwaffle)

    i cant wait for the teset server!

  19. Works that with a t95 too? :D

  20. Go home Wargaming, you’re drunk! :-P

  21. :DDD i think its amazing and should have been done long time ago

  22. Can we get a tow hook like thing for this game to to help people flip back

  23. This will encourage people to attempt ultimate flipping RNG……imagine, a
    KV-2 jumping off a cliff derping someone whilst upside down

  24. I hope this will make driving light tanks even more exiting!

  25. This is going to kill the game for a lot of players… it will become too
    bothersome to play for a lot of people. And for really good players this
    means the game will turn into 7v7 fights because half the teams will
    eliminate themselves really quickly.

  26. They should have a towing mechanic like War Thunder.
    So we can flip our bloody tank over if we’re upside-down

  27. Looks like it’s World of Rallycross now for us Light Tankers!

  28. This is gonna help me in my light tanks ^-^
    I’m not very pro at shooting, and I’m better with maneuvers :D

  29. The Tanks And Tech Guy

    brilliant can wait for them to come out!!!

  30. If they introduce these new physics, they should also think long and hard
    on what would happen to a tank when it flipps. Do you think a real tank
    would manage to flip or roll? Or would it be written of?

  31. Wow, this could bring me back, at least for few lols ..

  32. xD DO IT !!! 

  33. the tall SP I C is gonna have a loooot of flips then…

  34. Can’t wait til I see a tank do a sideways barrel-roll off a cliff, and
    whilst in mid-air, snip someone below them, land and drive off.

    You have been challenged!

  35. more space for all the idiots doing stupid things. cant believe this will
    help the gameplay

  36. can’t wait to shoot the tracks of a enemy tank speeding down a slope and
    watch them roll around.

  37. does this mean even very heavy heavies and heavy tank destroyers , will
    flip over when they go over a edge if they are not careful ??

  38. Jarood the fabulous

    4:01 best moment

  39. Jarood the fabulous

    i can’t wait for this update

  40. And this is why the long time players are leaving.
    Always adding new affects, Tanks and looks but ignore the broken Match
    Maker, Ghost shells, Lack of cover for scouts and Td’s ect, ect.
    Ever shoot a 152mm He shell into the tracks of a scout and do no damage
    ???? Yea not broken….
    Armored Warfare is looking better all the time.

  41. so thats great not only do we have to deal with the normal morons but now
    we are going to have people trying to roll around upright in their tanks
    fliping over

  42. Well its going to be funny

  43. As long as it feels like i’m driving a tank, i’m all for it.

  44. Wow, this is what dedicated light tank drivers have been dreaming for. I
    love it, I love my fast tanks.

  45. I dont thnk you can play srsly anymore

  46. theses changes are going to ruin the game they are slowly turning world of
    tanks in to war thunder ground fights

  47. Physic to its finest!

  48. This is going to get interesting now instead of rng it will be physics

  49. I really would like to see someone do the tank walk at a corner with only
    their turret stoking out and shooting at an enemy l… It would be

  50. LOL haha i like the chang s s

  51. WoT just went from bad to worse

  52. 5:20 cool Physics!!^^b

  53. Michal Jackson. Hang your head in shame!

  54. hardcoreminecrafter9

    the UE 57 will roll over if you hit the brake when going forward, so much
    fun XD

  55. Does flipping the tank damage it or is that physic not in yet?

  56. Honestly, my reaction is one of abject horror to think that my teammates
    now have a new possible technique to fail horribly and betray me with their

  57. So do you think they’ll put a handbrake on the TOG II*

  58. Basically we are now playing tanks as if in Battlefield 1942?

  59. Imagine the Flak Bus doing the flip with its 90 degrees of gun

  60. I don’t the “rocking your tank” mechanics. And for a good reason that we
    all know: unfairness and unbalanced games.

  61. i have been playing a bit on the test server and i have lost track of how
    many people i have saved of failed barrel rolls. i always manage to do them

  62. i try flip my mause

  63. Guess i’ll be selling my ELC then.

  64. Can someone explain to me why i would want to use the e-brake instead of
    releasing w i don’t see the difference.

  65. inb4 tank tipping trolls

  66. this is epic! even though i doubt a 30 ton tank would flip if you braked
    going downhill…suspension is made to absorbe the energy and there is a
    lot of weight in the back of the tank so i wouldn’t say it’s
    realistic…but it’s fun :D

  67. oh wow actully looks fun

  68. nothing new for a Wt player but guys dont be worry about your tanks if
    youre not a moron you will be a better player even for TD player

  69. I feel like they’re gonna have to rework the maps all over again for these,
    especially the ease of flipping.

  70. you can get to places that otherwise would be impossible, was waiting to
    see that, hopefully you make another video about it QB!. fun stuff!

  71. I hope they keep all these derp physics in the public servers

  72. Personally I can’t wait for the physics update, whole new dimension into
    the gameplay. It’ll definitely be a game-changer, no question there.

    There are plenty of tactics I’m dying to try in random battles, though I
    suspect these patch changes may require the renaming of a few tanks. The
    MT-25 for example may need a name change to MountTianmen-25GT Evo Drift
    Edition. With it’s flat wide tracks it already drifts like a boss. With
    these changes… XD

  73. Been looking forward to this for a long time.

  74. I don’t see this affecting my AT-7…

  75. TDs and SPGs can’t make use of the handbrake because WG doesn’t want
    artillery spinning around and shotgunning people. ‘course, that’ll still
    happen with the clutch-braking ability and certain fast artillery, as you
    demonstrated in the video.

    The increased traverse speed when letting go of W is already something you
    can take advantage of (especially useful on light tanks!), but the new
    physics really exaggerate it to a degree that’s useful for most tanks,
    especially fast ones.

    Guess you didn’t see the slope-climbing nerf, QB? It’s now nearly
    impossible to go up slopes of ~40 degrees or more without assistance, due
    to a momentum-canceling mechanic they put in. We the players will be able
    to use less of maps than before, unless they change their minds.

  76. this will be fantastic in Walker Bulldog!

  77. I fear for the future of tanks and their crews that wish to remain upright

  78. These changes will be game changing. A lot of the dynamics will change like
    anticipating timing. Honestly I think it will be intuitive to adjust to the
    changes though. I remember when I first started playing WoT I had to learn
    to play with disregard to physics, at first I would gingerly go down slopes
    at the appropriate angle until I realized I can just power off them at full
    speed without regard for my angle. It will be easy to adjust back to this
    train of thought but there definitely WILL be an adjustment period where a
    lot of people will get annoyed I suspect. My main concern is these J-turns.
    They are realistic (I guess, not sure if all WWII era tanks had this type
    of control-ability) but they will create entirely new tactics and things to
    defend against. A single circle strafe maneuver where I zip past a slower
    tank, j-turn, zip past him on the other side and get into cover while
    getting 2-3 shots in. This would even work against tanks that are too quick
    for you to fully circle strafe.

  79. The tetrarch and the UE are the most fun tanks on the test server

  80. Haha, I think it still needs a little work. The tanks need a bit more
    preserved weight to them.

  81. more lolz

  82. It all looks fun and crazy, but its another step that removes this game
    from any reality. I think they can make this work but have to tone it down
    from this a notch or two, before it goes live otherwise the physics will
    be more dominant that the actual game play.

  83. Multitrack drifting, confirmed.

  84. Wait what? The rocking of the gun barrel/tank has been in the Xbox version
    since launch O.o

  85. In the first week it’s going to be quire bad for many teams.

  86. Spooky “Bones” Skeleton

    Add gun collision and then Wargaming can claim their game is realistic.

  87. World of tanks call of dooty bunny hopping edition. because that is what
    the player base is looking for. another fast pace hyper unrealistic shooter
    involving power hand break rolling shots around corners and bunny hopping.

  88. That awkward moment when ALL maps become “Derpenberg”…

  89. The biggest change since physics (in 8.0 i believe). Love it. Adds more
    tools to be exploited by good players.

  90. I see bunch of video from wwii ( flipover tanks) but didn’t see any of
    those exploding after just flip … even today there are flipped tanks from
    wwii …. we wait and wait for many years ( since 1945 ) but nothing
    happened….. maybe they will explode, we must wait…

  91. If WG decides to add these as they are now it’s going to be chaos. Like
    when they introduced their first physics engine and tanks were losing their
    tracks from the slightest bumps in the ground. I would think that going
    down a hill and drifting sideways like that in the ELC would break its
    tracks right off. Also it seems like heavy tanks with good speed would
    benefit from something like this too much, I mean imagine a KV5 drifting
    passed a tank to get behind it and also having the front of it’s tank
    already pointed at the enemy. Also do tanks even have hand brakes?

  92. We CSGO yet?

  93. maybe this game will become fun again

  94. Tank walk is brilliant

  95. really hope this doesn’t get added

  96. Виктор Коцев

    i can and eed to instal that test server

  97. hey Quicky! this would rename WoT into “Worlds of Bottom’s Up Tanks” >w<

  98. I want to see a tog jump off a cliff do a flip and land on a group of tanks

  99. Excuse me if I’m wrong, but the gun rocking thing has always been here. I
    always move back and forth to make my tank rock, allowing me to shoot into
    other tanks.

  100. the skill level of this game is going to be wide, i love it. those who
    practice will be doing so much better

  101. I wonder how many training rooms are going to be specializing in World of
    Tanks: Tokyo Drift style sessions :P

  102. I think if I wanted to play crappy matchbox car tanks, I’d play War Thunder

  103. I see these as huge changes for light tanks. Gonna love this in my elc!

  104. This will allow my T95 to become even MORE magestic!

  105. Gian Angel V. Fernandez

    The new future physical scare me, I feel my tank overturn in the first
    seconds of the battle XD

  106. I think it’s shite. I don’t want to be able to flip my tank. Why would I
    want that? Yes it’s ealistic but thats not what this game is about. This
    will just result in frustrating deaths.

  107. I’m very excited to see those changes & hope most will eventually make it
    to Xbox play.

  108. giving tanks in an arcade game realistic physics will only worsen gameplay.
    Every game will now have troll morons deliberately flipping their tanks or
    just bad players accidentally taking themselves out the game. Just more WG
    gimmicks instead of actuslly fixing the basic, core problems that have
    existed for YEARS!

  109. I think the gun should have Physics also

  110. They going to fix arty tajectory, e.g. shell goes wild when target

  111. monkeystandoffsucks

    Wasn’t this revealed like a year ago?

  112. Do a freaking backflip!

  113. I can hear the rage already … lol

  114. looks just like real life….
    seriously tho perfect music for the tank walk lol

  115. Tank walk, LMAO

  116. kinda feel like the new physics over buff mediums compaired to the other

  117. War Thunder has much better but less fun physics. Wot just became more
    arcade :)

  118. yay, new ways to make an ass out of yourself !

    5:53 oh god he is starting to laugh like Jingles, that’s not good.

  119. Stephan van den Adel

    not in favor of the new physics changes!

  120. People need to understand that this is in testing stages, they didn’t say
    anything about when this will be put on the main servers, so if you’re one
    of those saying how shit and unrealistic this looks, you need to realize
    that everything will change.


  122. I want to make front flips in my TOG II

  123. If this does get introduced, it needs to be toned way WAY down from what
    you see in the video. That shit is just silly, and worse it’s going to be a
    balancing nightmare.

  124. Can’t wait when these things goes live.. I have the bert the avenger :D

  125. 5:40 Ministry of Silly Walks right there.

  126. i don’t like it that much , not realistic any more

  127. I see epic parkour kills and hilarious fails in the near future.

  128. hmm, will the handbrake turn murder my ELC tracks?

  129. I can’t wait!

  130. Balancing the barrel roll, you could go hull down along the side of a
    vertical wall.

  131. Oh boy… ninja elcs incoming. Front flipping over you while hitting your
    engine and setting you on fire. thats gona be the new meta.

  132. Uh oh Spahpanzer, you are not doing great, Ru?

    Pun intended? :P

  133. Rob Mitchell (Tango12Bravo)

    I would call your Tank walk……. the Tank Hand Stand , I hope they do
    introduce these changes.. would make it more fun to play…

  134. 4:30 “You’re not doing very well anymore, Ru?”

    I see what you did there

  135. World of tanks is slowly turning into a racing game …

  136. XD
    The “tank walk” made my day.

  137. Quicky, I read they haven’t implemented the handbrake on SPGs and TDs, so
    that they don’t give them a buff by giving them ability to turn much faster
    than their track traverse would allow normally (makes sense for things like
    the (I)SU-152 that turns slower than a slug)

  138. Handbrake? WTF? That’s a silly idea… we have tracks not wheels.

  139. Stronk russian programming.

  140. These changes r not gonna help the game

  141. Oh I would so love it if these changes were to be put into WoT Blitz

  142. wow…..I can only say that this will be reaaaly fun…….for some
    ppl…….. but it will realy bring the noob out ouf most until we all get
    uses to the new physics

  143. Well! We know what 10.0 will be about! The serious people will be highly

  144. TheKingCobra78 [_RA_]

    The luchs with it’s amazing traverse and speed will be insane with these
    new physics!!

  145. Really cool new features although the recoil of the gun should be much
    stronger. An improvement to the game for once!

  146. just think about mittengard… barrels and barrels

  147. I dont want these stuff, i want them to give premium to everyone, so many
    reasons why…

  148. This looks promising!

  149. When your tank is flipped, the animation of destruction should be like the

  150. I can so see people doing what you did in the Tetrarch to gain extreme
    levels of gun depression instead of rocking their tank. Also if you are
    rocking your tank to gain depression or elevation you have a high chance of
    missing your target.

  151. it will ruin the game lol… too many noobs will ruin your game..

  152. That game physics doesn’t look too realistic to me… I don’t like them…

  153. So apparently according to WG, tanks have no considerable weight??!?!?

  154. hahaha, I really gotta try a barrelroll :P

  155. there probly going to add the tow hook feature from warthunder to help team

  156. What the hell is this. Seriously. IMO this is just stupid. Looks like the
    tanks weigh nothing.

  157. Looking forward to rolling around in my light tanks.

  158. tank bowling anyone?

  159. Sooooo wargaming finally got the driving physics and gun depression and
    elevation mechanics that were already in wt tbh they really needed this

  160. crazy but cool

  161. 5:50 Tankus errectus

  162. noooo world of tanks is good the way it is no need for stupid changes like
    this it will just make horrible players even more horrible and thats the
    last thing the NA servers need D:

  163. its real battle

  164. if this goes live i delete the game

  165. Most of the people complaining now, we’re complaining earlier about physics
    NOT being in the game. Make up your god damn minds!

  166. HA! Tanks doing stoppies. Stop it!

  167. omg, now if you do things like that and get you gun pointing straight down
    at pretty much ANY tank!!! You can penetrate and probably kill them

  168. With the new physics that wg will implement soon the game will became
    harder to play. Advantages of artys that can now turn quickly and shoot at
    you . Tanks that will flip over the rock the game is over for you. Thx wg
    for this shit !

  169. it’s like we didnt have enough of this non sense in WT

  170. 00:24 LESSIE WHERE ARE YOUU?? 🙁

    Hahahahahaha :D

  171. I am quiting wot if they add this shit

  172. yeah my bulldog is already sliding if i do a sharp turn with this i see
    myself doing a lot of accident 180 flips… going to be hilarious at least

  173. somone needs to do a barrel roll and shoot an enemy half way through it xD

  174. Now I am scarred of playing my light tanks…

  175. “Top tier light tank”

  176. OMG

    I just had such a good idea for a gamemode. With these new physics, driving
    is going to be more important than ever.

    So what if you had a realistic gamemode (Which really wouldn’t be that
    realistic but stay with me here). It’d be the same as the normal game in
    every way, except probably restricted to specific tiers or specific
    vehicles. The fights would be much few people and last much longer. The
    biggest difference, however, would be that you would be forced to perform
    some of the tasks of the vehicle manually. The gunner would be able to look
    around with the mouse, but would have to aim the turret with elevation,
    depression and translation controls on WASD. The driver would control the
    vehicle as usual but maybe with less of a view (Camera POV on the front of
    the tank, not in third person behind it). Maybe you could even go a step
    further and have a third person as the “other”, who would be the commander,
    radio operator and loader of the vehicle. They would have to pick specific
    ally tanks to see what enemies they were spotting, they would manually pick
    enemies to broadcast on radar, they would have the best view of anyone else
    and they would have to do some sort of DDR minigame with WASD to reload the
    gun (with some tanks being easier to load than others, and the faster they
    do it the faster the gun is loaded).

    I think this idea has some potential!

  177. Pervert fucking SUCKS! You have to do a lot of disgusting things to be a
    pervert. If a chick wants to be malicious, all she has to do is turn to you
    on a crowded subway car and say “Fucking PERVERT.” Boom. You’re public
    enemy #1 on that car. Half the people are going to wonder what you did, the
    other half already hate your guts. You can sit there and look as shocked as
    you want, but it’s not going to change anything. Just make you look more
    like a fucking perv. Don’t call me a pervert until you have proof, like my
    Internet browsing history at 4:30am on a Saturday.

  178. IchButterMirDenLachs

    J-Turn trolls! :D

  179. Needs more tow-cables now, apparently.

  180. I can’t wait for me to be alone against 10 players because all my team fell
    of a small slope and died. wargaming need to implement something to right
    flipped tanks. many after 30 seconds or just using a repair kit or

  181. now can finnely do the same thing as in girls und panzer drive a hetzer
    under a maus to defeat it

  182. -> huge nerf to slow tanks!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  183. 5:40 “working as intended”

  184. 5.37 well in the future we will seen “Tank dancing contest” lol

  185. I see. So basically World of Tanks is slowly turning into Gary’s Mod?????

  186. A lot of the early stuff seems like it’s already present in the game to
    some extent.

  187. This new physics is shit how can ru with 25 tons can flip over like plastic
    tank ? it’s freaking 25 tons not 25 kg

  188. I have a feeling the over exaggerated friction physics, which will cause
    tanks to go ass over tea-kettle, is going to cause a lot contention for
    people who drive their tanks aggressively. Some things that are possible
    now will become impossible with these changes. It will require a lot more
    skill to maneuver a tank around, and tactics are going to end up changing
    drastically in some situations. Tomato teams will become worse, and low
    tier matches with new players will become less entertaining to play in, as
    most of the teams are going to crash their tanks before even engaging the

    It’ll be interesting to see, but I have a bad feeling about it.

  189. Imaging a maus rolling down the hill xDDDD

  190. A handbrake turn makes zero sense in a tank, because all turns are
    basically handbrake turns. Steering a tank means applying a brake to one
    track or the other. They also seem to flip a bit too easily, we’re talking
    about very heavy vehicles designed and tested to destruction to perform a
    certain way, and rolling around a battlefield isn’t one of those ways.
    They’re designed with very low centres of gravity to avoid this kind of
    thing. I’ve driven tracked vehicles, APC’s and tanks and they just don’t
    tip over. Pretty stupid in my opinion.

  191. Mario tank another reason to stop playing.

  192. time for some batchat drifting and fliping

  193. Girls und panzer moments, anyone?

  194. Girls und panzer moments, anyone?

  195. <3 changes!!!

  196. each time i hear QB end i remmember that old from world of tanks and how
    amazing it waas and now it became this

  197. this made me want to download the test server, awesome stuff

  198. We War Thunder now

  199. Omg. Like it wasent enough with tomators drowning themself, suicides with
    bchat etc… and now this?. You will beable to afk and win cos derps will
    suicide even more for sure xD

  200. In Soviet Russia, you break physics

  201. I would like the option to shut off my engine and close my view ports.

  202. last night i was playing and noticed,when i got hit my tanks would rock
    back and forth it really screwed up my aim.anyone else notice this?

  203. World of drifting elc amx edition.

  204. gj!

  205. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    A massive, indirect buff to most Russian vehicles, because that was totally

  206. meds will be even more OP with these kind of changes. get up a slope, slam
    the S key, get 15 degrees of gun depression, snapshot. Rinse and repeat.
    The opponents wont even be able to retaliate against that…
    These new physics are just silly. Every game there will be 1-2 tomatos who
    flip their tanks and die right away…

  207. working as intended.

  208. this will only add to more frustration among players. so easy to get into
    losing team after losing team . the additional physis mode will only make
    it worst . Is WOT an arcade game ?? looks like that’s where it is heading

  209. 4:33 “You’re not doing very well anymore RU mr. Spahpanzer”

  210. These physics will screw you up in your fast tanks really hard.

  211. hey QB could you pls do a tank review about the m48 patton you never did
    one and i really dont know how to play it i got it for 4 weeks now and its
    my first tier 10 but i really suck playing it

  212. I already foresee a new way for American heavy drivers to abuse this
    Step 1: Take a T32.
    Step 2: Now do a wheelie in it like QB just demonstrated.
    Step 3: Drive up to a corner while still vertical.
    Step 4: Poke only your heavily armoured turret around the corner.
    Step 5: Profit.


  214. So extra traverse speed for heavys, can only imagen how that will turn out.

  215. Will there be tanks rolling down hills and splattering other tanks?

  216. Rodrigo Díaz-Parreño


  217. Does this mean that when I fire a round at small tanks from my KV2 they’ll
    go flying backwards in a spectacular roll?

    Is this the possibility of the all new way of killing tanks by throwing
    their allies at them?

    Also good thing I drive British Heavies I won’t have any issues with
    rolling over due to speed.

  218. Still no Havok destruction. ?

  219. I don’t like the feature to stand on two “wheels” it makes the game more
    unreal to the real life

  220. poor tank crews

  221. I though moving back and forwards to change your gun depresion was in the

  222. GG WarGaming…. GG

  223. The first thing im gonna do when this comes out is do a satisfying barrel

  224. yeah more yolo retards

  225. Best tank yoga ever :)

  226. This video was funny as hell

  227. Fabian “Stowney” van den Bussche

    being a HUGE fan of the chinese tier 10’s…. i’m gonna love this stuff :’)

  228. I can imagine handbreaking in my E25.

  229. looks like they might need to work on the damping of the suspension

  230. Ok sure it adds some cool but unrealistic situations for tanks, but is it
    necessary? Seems WGing could be putting their time and effort into much
    better things, like figuring out how to make all the arty whiners stop
    flooding the maps with salty tears, (as if we don’t have enough people
    drowning themselves already), or adjusting the camo across all tanks, and
    making that mechanic a bit less derpy and trollish, (I mean a KV-1 sitting
    out in the open field not being spotted is… stupid), and a load of other
    things they could change drastically in the game that would make it better.

  231. Now its even harder for a noob to learn this game.

  232. New Module to be implemented:
    Cup Holders.

  233. im thinking about installing the test server and making a youtube series
    flip my tank where people suggest which tank I should flip…

  234. WG at its finest….

  235. so funny :DD

  236. 5:30

  237. wot is becoming a race game xD

  238. The tank walk….. LMAO I LOVE IT

  239. i think they will ruin the game with this, it looks like a massive change.
    The game will change too much in my opinion. It looks more like Warthunder
    but there you can pull tanks with your ropes:) Anyway, looks like a lot of
    work, because if they get it wrong….uuuups, many will play new game and
    not this.

  240. 4:35 Ha, chinese tanks will be finally able to have sick gun depression!

  241. WG was inspired by Tokyo drift.

  242. everyone be like i gonna be the cool kid who gun blazing drifting barrel
    rolling blowing shit up…..
    and 2 minute at the start all retard medium and ligh tank flip and die!

  243. Yet again WG adding new features that will cause more new bugs while they
    still cant get multiple graphics cards to work as was stated many many
    patches ago. Seriously.

  244. And people say War Thunder has bad physics! :P

  245. I am afraid of one thing.
    Right now many players don’t know how to play this game. After they add
    those physics? Teams will lose 2-4 tanks before they see an enemy. Game
    will be even less enjoyable as it is now.

  246. I think it’s funny how WoT gets realistic physics before War Thunder does.
    War Thunder still has trees rolling around the map that sometimes kill your
    driver then they hit you….

  247. I love the new physics

  248. +QuickyBabyTV or is this version will be on normal world of tanks?

  249. This will be great fun !

  250. I want to see a maus flipped on top of a another maus.

  251. Tank walk = War Thunder physics :)

  252. Ya know.. seeing all of this and now I am thinking that Maus scene in that
    anime Girls and Panzers wasn’t too far fetched and maybe even recreated in
    World of Tanks. Though the Hetzer would definitely be crushed upon impact
    hah !

  253. Oh no :/ IT will this game

  254. they should add in tow cables

  255. Terrain should affect power-sliding, soft terrain should have a high chance
    to rip the tracks right off (and have a very high cost to speed up to
    bringing a tank to a dead stop almost immediately), hard (or icy) surfaces,
    however, should have a lower chance. The power-sliding also looks to be a
    bit excessive, as most tanks that power-slide are not able to make full
    180s in the slide, even the M2 Bradley video that’s around wasn’t really a
    full 180. The sacrifice of speed should be significantly greater.

    Flipping over also looks too easy, not that it can’t really happen, but
    that this is an arcade above-all, tanks don’t move very realistically
    anyway and flipping should not be that easy, otherwise light (and overall
    speedy) tank drivers are going to suffer tremendously.

    I can also already hear the increase in crying because artillery (which
    typically don’t have the gun depression to hit tanks that are in very close
    quarters) will be able to hit closer targets more reliably after the other
    change mentioned.

  256. It took WarGayming long enough to catch up. WT has pretty good tank physics
    nowadays-not perfect tho.

  257. waiting for all those t49 sideways barrel roll no scope trick shots


  258. and no havok engine

  259. i want the changes, they look awesome

  260. Wargaming really hate lefthanded, don’t they ?!

  261. if they ever come out tomatoes will suck even more

  262. Well, I guess its time to rebuy the Elc.

  263. I love it. WoT is an ARCADE tank game. I think this change is fitting.

  264. Now we can drift like in Girls und Panzer.

  265. 〈--- Literally FAST food ™ (mɐin chɐnnǝl)

    WHAAAAT? I though rocking the tank for elevation and depression already was
    a thing.

  266. I see same problem with rolling over tanks like WT had before towing ropes
    were implemented. Tank on roof is very hard to turn back on tracks, almost
    impossible on flat enviroment.
    Some tanks, like flat TDs no chance at all. Can you imagine turning over
    T95? 🙂
    It could be improved, not necessary by towing ropes. Also timer should be
    longer, at least one minute(rolled over tank should not be spotting at all)

    And one other thing, rolling over should be somewhat punished, like module
    damages(i think its not very safe for crew to be inside too).


  268. ive bieng test and flipping all day

  269. Stalin: Do a barrel roll!!
    Tetrach comes in

  270. crabboy InTheForest

    Quickscope 360 s are coming to wot… ;’)

  271. These physics is really bad for light tank players!

  272. cant wait but is it possible to do matrix and filp urself over tanks i

  273. Wargaming just upped their Comedy and Tricks CANT WAIT

  274. This is going to be a good update for Soviet/Chinese tanks to gain gun

  275. Can’t wait

  276. Enjoyable video, but those physics with lighter tanks look absolutely
    horrible, like original War Thunder tanks physics bad. Not happy about
    those awful changes at all, but the turning/handbrake stuff should be

  277. Im just getin my ass on the test server ! OMG THE TANK WALK holy shit its
    will be so op :D

  278. cant wait to see some epic manovers with this new physics on liveserver.

  279. Bullshit.

  280. Alexander van Elten

    Do a barrel roll!

  281. ilarionas avgoustou

    omg WG stop doing silly things! you are not making the game better!!!just
    remove the damn arties if you want it

  282. mantas aleksansdravicius

    the barrel roll was the funiest thing i witnessed in WOT gj qb!

  283. hope the KV-2 wont tip over from the recoil

  284. It looks to me like battering down hills in heavy tanks is going to be

  285. I don’t think the rocking will even work. the server-side crosshair will
    lag behind yours too much to shoot accurately, since the gun is moving
    really fast.

  286. transformers!

  287. aaaahahahhahaa

  288. még ekkora faszságot :D

  289. And people say WT physics are bad… Tanks in WT RB/SB do what tanks do
    IRL, and now WoT tanks are doing the same thing. Maybe now people will
    understand that tanks are surprisingly agile.

  290. repair the tank walk its not very realistic

  291. Dem physics, ADD DEM NOW!!! I wanna do the tank walk

  292. 4:33, too much alcohol. LOL

  293. oh my, i now need to be careful when driving light tanks

  294. TOG drifting ….. Just saying….

  295. try going back and forward in an UE 57 xD tank dance

  296. this changes are great and welcome! :)

  297. These changes are cool but this will make gameplay for light and fast
    medium tanks much more difficult.

  298. UH OH! The one ELC driver that is OP and quicky has shown twice just got
    really really happy, I feel like we will see him very soon.

  299. I actually don’t like the new changes. The issue is, tanks move too fast in
    this game, but they seem to have fairly realistic physics now. In War
    Thunder, this sort of thing works only because tanks simply don’t move very
    quickly. Wargaming will have to nerf the speed of a lot of tanks to make
    these sort of changes playable.

  300. Well, I guess it’s about time to recreate some Girls ind Panzer battles

  301. whahahahaha tanktwerk ???

  302. Looks like the time is trolltime :)

  303. Mr.quickybaby, have u ever have feeling of tiredness after carrying a hard

  304. 5:10 should be called the slinky

  305. for me this fisics changed are good but for light tank are so bad

  306. If you’re going to implement these physics just ad the t-50-2 in to the
    game again

  307. FV304 jousting.

  308. i cant wate for them to come out

  309. Girls und Panzer driffting Panzer IV is getting real :O !!!

  310. Them physics remind me of Tanki Online

  311. If you didn’t think World of Tanks could suck any more will take a look at
    this. Now World of Tanks will be even more shitty for light tank drives.

  312. I just tink was only a experiment and dont do it for the real game, that
    sucks a lot for me, looks like the tanks dont have weight…

  313. anyone else thinking that we will see synchronized tank dancing with these
    new physics

  314. good video

  315. 5:10 not a barrel roll, it is a front flip
    A barrel roll is a maneuver in which an airplane executes a complete roll
    by revolving once around its longitudinal axis.
    The flip you performed wasnt around the tanks’ longitudinal axis, but its’
    lateral axis.

  316. not very realistic

  317. haha 0:22 he is drunk!

  318. itvnot wot enymore it world of gymtank

  319. Ben “Benstinator5000” S.

    They need to add a tow cable to un-flip teammates

  320. 5:29 WarGaming is paying attention to realism as always.

  321. This will make driving light tank little bit more difficult, but also more
    fun. Awesome to see that game is still progressing, not only more content
    (tanks, reserves, modes), but really the game improvement.

    But, I am still waiting for Havoc engine they told they were testing for
    more than a year in march 2014. What happened guys? Where is it?

  322. Sure we will see this at the same time we see the new game engine they
    showed off3 years ago

  323. QB when this comes out on the live servers can u do like a top10 funniest
    moments of this or something like that ?

  324. This is wrong on so many levels

  325. 4:30 I see what you did there… Ru :D

  326. Now we can have epic duels with the physics. You could have two FV304s set
    up back to back. then they both start driving in opposite directions, and
    as soon as they reach top speed, they can make a 180 and try to shotgun
    each other. I can only imagine the fun you can have with the new physics.

  327. Uh oh Mr Spähpanzer, you aren’t doing very well anymore RU? :D

  328. so are heavies going to get a buff of their own cause that agility is uber
    against heavy tanks

  329. 2 things, rolling your tank should instantly injure all crew. And Doing
    those power slides should come with a massive chance of throwing tracks and
    leaving you immobile.

  330. These changes look horrendous I have to say.

  331. Тема Королев

    русские звуки игры

  332. Julopabene Bananenplantage

    It seems WarGaming have put a lot of effort into making the new physics
    VERY realistic :P

  333. I wanna see somebody play with these physics while bombing around in a
    BT-7/SV and a Luchs.

  334. Keanu Steensland (Sir Noodle Hammer)

    i want to see a japanese heavy tailwhip an LTTB

  335. its very funny :D

  336. I think that ELC player who was featured twice on Quicky’s channel will
    love this patch.

  337. the only thing i have about this is how easy it is to flip your tank it’s
    too sensitive besides that i agree that it is ready now (just wondering did
    they fix the sliding of the heavy’s like when that IS 3 was sliding around
    the map last test?)

  338. now the question remains…. can you fire your gun while being upside down?
    since you cant when you’re dworning for obvious reasons… but those
    reasons should not apply here

  339. this physics changes are really a double bladed sword, if you use them
    carefully you can do some pretty cool stuff, but i am pretty sure most of
    the times you will just see a small text in the corner of your screen
    saying “an allied tank has crashed”

  340. Tankwalk physics so OP

  341. Stop laughing at your own jokes.

  342. OMG! Total circus!! The end of WoT as we know it!!!

  343. this is what ive bin waiting for 6 years long <3

  344. most hillarius hahaha?

  345. When you do a “barrel roll” in your tank do you take dmg? and if yes how

  346. this is going to ruin world of tanks all this new things why doesnt
    wargaming focus on making the game + mm better

  347. What is the music used when QB’s tank did its tank walk? :D

  348. we need tank flipping ascii art like the one for table flipping….
    (ノಥ益ಥ)ノ ┻━┻

  349. Jesus! Why would they do this?! If they’re not going to pretend to have an
    ounce of realism, could they stop calling their game ‘World of Tanks’ and
    maybe call it something else. While they’re at it, maybe they should also
    change the models to flying carpets and spaceships.

  350. I just hope wot won’t become war thunder in physics

  351. Yayyy, shitty light players will die even faster PogChamp

  352. tank drifting lol

  353. Lmao quickbaby this was a great video

  354. I find these physics highly unrealistic.

  355. Ole Kristian Taksdal

    I am really looking forward to this!

  356. I’m just going to do sick ELC tricks all the time

  357. lmfao xD BUT what about the HP? when you flip your tank and then get it
    back on it’s tracks does it lose HP? alot?

  358. Shit wot is arcade thats why i love it but this is shit

  359. are very stupid

  360. I believe I can flyyyyy… Shit

  361. hmmmm the extra gun dispersion is already in blitz since I can remember
    playing it. besides that I can’t wait to see some awesome replays with
    crazy maneuvers or dummies flipping their tank over, hopefully that feature
    is available in blitz too :)

  362. omg i just cant wait, when you ram a light in your heavy or med and i just
    spins around in they air it will be great

  363. Did they change physics for gun barrels? Like u can’t shove(no-clip) them
    thru other tanks?

  364. Gabe Lazatin (InTheAir)

    Honestl, I think these new physics are ready for release.

  365. 5:29 Transformers arrive in next patch now the physics works? ;)

  366. under 200

  367. Omg that video was the best!!!

  368. Thundermaw Warhound

    Hey QuickyBaby can u do a Pz 38nA review?

  369. dam this looks cool, to bad Havok will take a long time to come out

  370. They see me rollin

  371. New Physics are awasome

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