World of Tanks – Pick On Someone Your Own Size

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

It's difficult for Aurorik78 to pick on anyone his own size. He's bottom tier in an , everyone's bigger than him.

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  1. i think i’ve seen a skit incredibly similar to the first 3k-4k spotting damage

  2. Lars van warendorp

    2000 base xp??? * Looks at the results screen showing 1439 base xp * uhm. Mr jingles… *Shotgun loading sounds*. Uh-oh

  3. Steven 90 is still the best.

  4. Geoffrey Richardson

    Always enjoy

  5. T49 , tier 10 tank.
    yeah , old fart , dont change , keep being shit.

  6. Damn. Lt masterclass.

  7. 7:00 you did not call an S tank Russian, did you Jingles? What are you trying to do? Start a war with Sweden? *Sabaton plays in background*

  8. What a player pure entertaining to watch

  9. Daily dose of Jingles and a nice match to watch!

  10. Surprised it was an Ace but I guess he did a lot of damage to higher tiers

  11. had a few good games in the Even 90, but this one was total class

  12. Did I miss something? How did the Object 260 shoot him near the end there? Like Jingles said, he assumes he got spotted and took cover, avoiding the shot.. but.. he *didn’t* get spotted. It never procced the spotted indicator. So how the heck was he getting shot at? Couldn’t be firing at the Skorpion either, clear on the other side of the map. Didn’t seem to be shooting any of the bushes either, the shot literally whizzed right over his head

    • The obj 260 probably had a good idea of what it was that spotted him and knew that he would probably be driving a route that took him just cresting over that hill, so the 260 just fired a shot along the most likely route. Almost got him too. That 260 was good.

  13. “more than 2000 base xp”
    Has 1.4k

  14. I was thinking the same thing when his 6th sense didn’t go off and the shot just wizzed by him “Did that obj 260 just blindfire that shot?”

  15. Ross Cooper-Smith

    Awful ELC gameplay. Started by taking a huge risk sitting still on 8 line at the start, which is a 50/50 gamble. Fired at the light without getting in cover first, then drove across open ground to the 1st Progetto while spotted. And after killing the WZ didn’t actually check whether the Progetto was in the corner before putting his back to him.

    Could have easily killed the light and both progettos safely without any risk of shots in return. This was lucky play.

    And going around the 260 rather than sitting behind him…. If you’re directly behind an Obj 260 he can’t get the gun down to you. Just sit behind & unload all 3 shots straight into his butt.

  16. 1400>2000

  17. WTF. I know this map from War Thunder 😀

  18. “more than 2.000 base xp”… As if a mediocore action like this would earn you over 2.000 base xp in WOT. Well Jingles, it only was worth 1439 base xp! xD

  19. ISeeTrees ofGreen

    i was thinking he was shooting the at the grille

  20. thank your featuring one of my videos again! i could Scream like a little girl with excitement! thank you so much Jingles. your videos are always such a joy to watch be they world of tanks or any other! please keep up the awesome videos!!

    • If I had one dream it would be to have a video featured on Jingles.
      Now if only I could bring myself to launch either game. XD

    • @Captain Jaws yeah same here. I had one on wows, but didn’t cut the mustard. Bloody good Halland game as well

  21. I have not watched yet, paused at the loading window of the game cause I like to see if I know anyone, or any of the Clans.. Cool I know LTC Shultz from the 1VETS clan and this is an obvious NA server game !!!
    Now to watch..

  22. Morning Mighty Jangles. My new sleeping pills work well…

  23. 10:31 is that a Russian knockoff of the Hollywood sign?

  24. That lil bastrd is one crazy tank

  25. Hey Jingles what is 9 – 8 again?

  26. 260 and gold spam…

  27. what size? Sus

  28. To be fair it’s not easy to find something the size of an ELC EVEN 90.

  29. I move my elc the concealment rating is over 1000 on mine

  30. Actually Jingles… T49 is a tier 9 light tank!… Oh… Shut Up! 😀 One of my favorite quotes, from our most loved “unfriendly neighbourhood gnome warlock” Throw us in the salt the mines, please!

  31. Who gives a shit what ammo he shot him with, Even 90 was stupid to go alone.

    • game was won. was just farming damage. only risk was death not a loss.

    • Aristocratic Cthulhu

      @tom morrow Not to mention that is was a calculated move. The 260 had just shot and retreated. After 6th sense didn’t go off he knew he wasn’t spotted and thus charging him via that route was a good idea as you wound’t expect a light tank to charge you head on after being fired at. Clearly the 260 thought so as well as he had turned to the only other possible direction where you’d expect that light tank to then show up. The 260 got massively lucky with not only getting the gun trained but to then also hit AND set a fire for the kill. Both of them were good players.

  32. Alas the Even90 failed their mission 🙁

  33. Aristocratic Cthulhu

    Looked to me like he snapped a shot at the bush on the hill, a good shot as that’s where you’d expect one of the sneakies to be.

  34. Pretty sure the Obj 260 had a rough idea of where the tanks would be coming from, so when his own 6th Sense went off, he threw a shot in the most likely direction and then scuttled behind the rocks for a last stand.

    Very good educated guess on his part!

  35. Or maybe he ran out of standart rounds in his loadout and only had gold left?

  36. Big boy pants and a cup of coffee, check.
    Full tank and dark sun glasses, check.
    Road side assistance service….nah, not needed.

  37. oh jingles, the t49 is a tier 9, not tier 10 light tank, and the elc is most def the stealthiest light tank in the game. dont you ever change lol.

  38. not that i am aware of


  40. little tank big effect, im going to start calling it the light tank effect, screw your butterflys. stay safe …. not you butterflys

  41. There are some times I really wish I could remember to try and record my games.

    I’ve run up some absolute cricket scores in my Walker Bulldog, I love it to bits.

  42. Thats why i dont understand why the E25 is nicknamed “the cockroach”.
    Surely this is more cockroachy?
    Roley poly?

    • because believe it or not the E25 is smaller, faster, and has better camo than the ELC. and it kind of looks like one

  43. Oh gnome lord thank you

  44. subtlewhatssubtle

    I love seeing cheeky light tank players who don’t wait to grow old waiting in the bushes. Well played to Aurorik.

    • your welcome! i will camp in bush’s as long as i have too. but with 11k games in light tanks i have learned to read a map and not pass up a good opportunity when i see one

  45. Actually jingles PZ 1 C ,no longer available mind, which I have kept for giggles ,is smaller.

  46. WoT videos look funnier then WoWs videos, but i find WoT lot more difficult to play.

  47. aurorik the master of the light tanks!

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