World of Tanks || PIG DADDY – 300k

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

Today TheEagleSword is going to show you the power of the T6 American SPG the M44 setting damage and experience records with some awesome play.

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World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. He definitely carried his team. But, just for fun, try doing this without
    ONLY firing gold.

  2. That’s not a bad matchup for the M44. Actually it’s better than being top
    tier. Platooning with T8 smm works very well for grinding gun marks.

  3. Great Video QB, Loved the way you changed the reward to the Cromwell B at
    the end it shows you really care,

  4. Jingles, here’s another arty preventing camping

  5. Quickybaby how can you say that the artilery is balanced when they can do
    this BOTTOM TIER!? Imagine if the KV-2 had premium heat shells like that.
    It wouldn’t be able to do that well in a match up like that simply because
    it can’t stay in the base and loop shells across the map like a muppet. If
    someone sent you a gigantic game (which this is don’t get me wrong I just
    think it’s not that impressive of arty firing op heat shells across the
    map) and you saw them just firing premium shells I reckon you’d condemn
    them just a tiny bit.

  6. That dislike bar though. Still wise choice of ammunition use. If you can
    afford to do so. Also premium heat shells have no splash if I recall
    correctly so it’s very lucky to hit all those targets. The aiming was done
    very well for an artillery. Nevertheless the enemy did make it easy at
    times by just sitting still.

  7. I’m gonna vomit my coffee… at least his premium account will pay the next
    thirteen tier ten soviet hd medium tank shiny and bouncy.

  8. I will watch out for that man!!!!!!!

  9. This game is a piece of pay2winshit. Noone with a sense of shame would
    actually defend it about this flaw.

  10. Христо Ечев

    rofl … so many people thinking this is what typical SPG game looks
    like… Actually getting so many shots to go in and a row is absolute
    rarity. Plus, good arty performance depends on the whole team because
    enemies must be spotted, kept in place or just held in some location. Most
    of the times in random battle you fire 2-3-4 times until some sneaky LT or
    MT shots you because your team went full-idiot-mode on one side of the map
    or they just can’t hold the enemy. And still it doesn’t matter that’s what
    SPGs do and that’s what LTs do. I can’t understand all uproar vs.
    artillery. And I say that as I guy who started this game because of the
    artillery and now I’m playing it less and less, trying different classes
    and different tanks and in the rare occasions I get shot by enemy arty it
    is all my fault, not that arty is OP or something else. There quite a few
    TDs that seem OP but noone is uproaring against them and I’ll always wonder

  11. you see in the 2 close combat moments that he dont have much skill… but
    he can stand around and click… QB you dissapointed me -.-

  12. Press your 2 key twice for easy mode…. oh wait he is in arty everything
    is easy

  13. Gold spam and su-152-icide mean i am less impressed than the xp would
    suggest. He could have helped the dipstick in the T-150 by keeping the SU

  14. look at them kiddy shows on the right…

  15. Qb you got balls of steel my friend. This community doesn’t deserve you,
    keep it up

  16. cromwel b no longer available ha we have already had the rudy on the
    calender wg wont take away the chance to sell us more

  17. that su may have thought he was still spotted though as he was shot by arty
    there is know way to tell that you have been unspotted until your spotted

  18. How to win replay competition? Spam gold, be very lucky, do a lot of damage
    and you can die like a tard it doesnt matter…

  19. Rng + gold spam + arty =/ entertaining. This was just depressing to watch.
    A gold spamming arty? Thats taking one of the most hated part of the game,
    and, honestly, least balanced, and adding stupid levels of damage and a
    near garunteed level of pen. I’m not some ass who thinks arty is unbalanced
    and should be removed because I was sitting motionless in a field and got
    hit and had a tantrum. I just think that arty do far too much damage for
    what they are: support vehicles. They stay at the back of the map and
    provide suppot. Need a little extra damage and you can’t reload fast
    enough? Arty will do that extra 50 dmg and kill him for you. About to be
    flanked? Arty will track one so you can focus on the other. Can’t pen
    something? You can track him and spot him and arty will slowly grind him
    down. But doing 700 dmg at tier 6 with 240 pen and enough accuracy to do
    this every 15 seconds? No. Arty needs a major damage nerf, a small firerate
    buff for some of the slower ones, and have a bonus to module damage and
    just earn more credits/xp for doing damage, because they won’t do as much.

  20. jokerspet karlsson

    another heart break lol

  21. That guy got all the RNG in the world

  22. > Arty replay
    > Shooting gold
    > BS RNG hits and pens
    > None of the tanks he clicked is “camping”; they were assaulting

    And you wonder why the dislikes eh.

  23. Jacob Tan Jing Hong


  24. The game was a good result for him, but i thought these replays were
    showcasing player skill… This was nothing but RNG, gold spam, and
    clicking on tanks that are on the other side of the map. Even as was showed
    in the replay, when he was no longer being a lucky scumbag in top down
    view, he played poorly against the SU-152. C’mon Quickybaby.

  25. Pretty sure that Jingles did a video on this same replay not long ago. Kind
    of poor taste from QB imo…

  26. caaaaannnnncccccceeeeeerrrrrrr !!!!!!!!!!! skill but arty is rly OP.

  27. I am so glad he did not win

  28. You’re encouraging someone playing a terrible game breaking garbage class
    and to top it off he’s firing prem rounds in a PUB match, I’m thrilled he
    didn’t get his mission done and you sir earned a well deserved thumbs down
    for showcasing this disgusting match.

  29. *sees artillery replay*
    *clicks dislike and closes video*

  30. RNG, so I kinda have to discount the vid, but a good arty game nonetheless

  31. Good game and good job! So many subjects to comment here, where to start..
    Ok first, using gold. I agree that using “gold ammos” makes this game
    closer pay to win game than actual win with skill, but at least it comes
    for a price = loss of credits. Did you see how much credits he lost in that
    battle? Ok next someone is going to say that its easy to make credits with
    tier 8 prems and prem account or you can also buy credits… Well yeah..
    but then it comes for a price losing real money… But hey! that means
    people with more money have better chances right? Well basically yes! But
    imagine the feeling when you win your opponent using gold, you manage to
    bounce gold rounds and you still beat him with normal ap. Challenges
    people, dont afraid them! But i agree wg should learn from armored warfare
    where you use different ammo types in different situations, there you need
    skill and thinking where to use right ammo types in right time. Or gold
    ammo nerf? Getting less amount of credits and exp when using gold ammos? Or
    better pen but less dmg? Or more heat ammos instead of apcr and more spaced
    armor in tanks?
    RNG? First thing comes to my mind when talking about rng is not artys, its
    the russian guns 🙂 Every tank suffers from rng now and then basically,
    maby its not the only way to go, but its one way and so far it has been
    working, i think.
    Arty removed from the game? There was no arty in real battles? Ok i agree
    real artys didnt have that weird satellite view over the battlefield 😀
    maby different mechanism in there or same as aw, your been warned when arty
    fires? This game is many times skill + luck, the proportions chances. Luck
    in this game is result of many factors (mm, rng, mistakes of enemy etc..)
    but it makes game more interesting many times. “Luck no skill” i hear many
    times, but yes, you all get lucky sometimes and when you do it feels creat.

  32. wtf? why are the arty shells so slow? last time i played this game the
    shells had almost no travel time.

  33. HEAT arty…disgusting

  34. Fucking hate arty from the botton of my hart, but this dude really gets my
    respect. First time i ever see some skill being displayed in an arty


    wow so much skills in shooting stationary tanks with gold ammo and also in
    arty.. much skills required

  36. Tim “runfox” B

    These comments are so funny, all the negative comments about being a one
    click gold spammer. Obviously a lot of people have never played arty, and
    just love to hate it. Arty frustrates me as well and I play arty. And
    anyone who regularly plays arty will know the RNG of game makes this game
    stand out . You can one click all you want , spam all the gold you want,
    but this takes experince and patience to get this kind of game. Like arty
    or hate it, its not this guys fault, WG made arty what it is, and we all
    probably agree its needs changed.

  37. i hate cancer

  38. Wasn’t the same replay featured on Sir Havoc’s channel?

  39. wow, that guy sure can point and click! Give this man a prize. lmao

  40. gold spammer should be never mentioned anywhere , and artyyyyy ?

  41. Love the vid ingore the people who are crying about arty games ^^

  42. Ill sell my t92 and replace it with this…

  43. reported for unsportsman.

  44. I thought this competition was for skilled play, not good RNG or crapping
    on baddies.

  45. #goldnoob

  46. Quickie Baby, more like Clicky Baby.

  47. damn thats harsh poor pig

  48. William Waterhouse

    OP Gold spam arty why did he win my 4 year old son can play arty that’s
    saying alot

  49. Very nice to see a good arty game !!! i love to play arty to =)

    But evertime you call a arty for scambag or pig, we well see it ingame

    and for all you arty hatest, just stop playing wot if you dont like to be
    kill by one ;-)

  50. TheOldStock_ Canadian

    not to good match making? Look at all those slow heavy tanks. When that
    kind of MM happens arty players smile

  51. 11:00 JUSTICE!!!


  53. this replay shows just how ridiculous artillery is in this game. huge list
    of buffs and nerfs in next patch but not a single SPG among them. well done
    wargaming, keep that head buried firmly in the sand.

  54. How about if WG changed the artillery aiming method.
    Instead of having a birds eye view the arty would have to have a map
    covering the entire screen and could be zoomed in to an extent. The map
    only shows the positions, last known location and orientations of enemy
    tanks that are spotted. The arty players would need to use map knowledge
    and friendly spotting to hit enemy tanks.

  55. quickybaby should i get a t34 heavy or amx cdc or t54 first proto. i only
    have money for one of them.

  56. Really? Premium ammo spam?

  57. just adjust how much damage arty does (lower it) just a bit,and mabie make
    the cammo effectiveness a little less.would be more fair.

  58. Ok so if arty wasn’t hated enough before it really will be now everyone has
    just seen that you dont need skill to do well if you just spam gold.
    Expecting massive gold rain in more games now. think you made a boo boo
    putting this disgrace up QB.

  59. I play T9 Bat. Chat. 155 55 and I have worse reload. My HEAT does a comical
    187 pen and similar damage. That T6 American shouts balance so hard!

  60. that dumb pig cartoon shows up cause of the vid name lmao

  61. wonder what a type 59 replay would look like


  63. Sometimes i wonder if even 10% of the fucking server population know that
    there is a fucking scroll button on “premium” ammo that lets you buy it for
    credits. Stop the fucking “gold ammo pay to win” nonsense, anyone can buy

  64. I think this is worth unsubbing for…

  65. I hate how people dislike just because it’s a spg.

    Get over it.

  66. I’ve seen artys drown themselves in the matchup he was in. Glad some artys
    aren’t like that.

  67. of the 5 most dmg done at tier 6, 3 are M44’s…..

  68. Yea all arty die

  69. Moronic play against the 152 and spamming gold the entire game… guess
    that’s what QB considers skillful enough to win a prize though…

  70. so much butthurt from these people

  71. Michael Brekkestran

    I think one of the points QB is trying to make here is that heat ammo
    actually put TheEagleSword at a disadvantage because of tracks and spaced
    armor. Gold(credit) ammo isn’t an automatic win. Well played game until the
    bad decision at the end. Don’t like arty because you can’t see them and
    shoot back? I’ve been killed by many TDs that I couldn’t see.

  72. This replay is a couple months old.

  73. I swear i’ve seen this replay somewhere else

  74. Stop pandering to clickers QB.

  75. Ok … was he lucky? Absolutly ! did he play good? Not especially good, but
    he didnt play bad . Die he spam Gold over and over and over again? HELL yes
    ! so , he did all those things and still got a place in the 300 k
    competetion…. And all you whiny arty hating , well playing never gold
    firing Jealous pros still didnt get a place? well, it seemslike this M44
    did better than you did .. think of that !

  76. Not pay to win at all…

  77. QB wtf?? Ther is allmost no skills in clicking on other tanks, while you
    only shoot HEAT? This is so dumb, and yes I have played arty with insane
    games, but ther is no skills at all? And this comes from a 55% player with
    15k battles (wasted life) played…

  78. TheOriginal Cazzer

    Arty, not much skilled play, lots of RNG and gold spam. Well it’s only a
    matter of time for this to be QuickyBabys most disliked video.

  79. No interest in a arty spamming gold


  81. So an arty that aims at the tops of peoples turrets and fires HEAT as main
    ammo, only shoots HE half the instances he should have, gets a rush of
    blood pulling out in front of an SU that knew he was coming, throws the
    game, and does damage that would be impressive in a tier ten
    tank……..sorry QB, I don’t think the play was good enough. The result
    was absolutely incredible….but the means was not particularly impressive
    or entertaining (with the exception of that KV85 kill, kinda silly) :D

  82. David Littooij Nipius

    wtf i do aways do around 300 damage in my amx 12 3f and that tank get worse
    acc and reload time , aim time :/

  83. I bet every player in wot has alteast played 1 arty game making you all
    hypocrites that have hailed alteast 1 shell for the heavens tainted

  84. I can’t even believe you made this turd a winner QB. He’s a fucking arty
    player spamming heat and got lucky with RNG. I will not be watching your
    videos anymore.

  85. Yes, he payed credits which are easily obtainable for everyone in the game
    to win, shame on him, he shouldn’t be able to spend his hard earned credits
    on whatever he wants,

  86. I struggled to watch this video I just couldn’t look at he those premium
    rounds ??

  87. QB I love you man but we shouldn’t be glorifying a mechanic that the vast
    majority wants gone

  88. So this is an arty scrub firing all gold basically and sucks at actually
    playing…….and got super lucky

  89. Proof that arty is overpowered, spamming gold at enemy tanks that cannot
    return fire at him,. and even when they get close do bad RNG gives the arty
    the kill.

  90. I cant believe you rewarded this cretin with a Cromwell B. i’d have way
    more respect for a Matilda getting like 10 kills against a team of 14 tier

  91. yeah honor the ppl who abuse op tanks with heat. next game we see a WT with
    apcr spamming down T8s – but hey he got 10k dmg so its awesome. common QB.

  92. This just angers me.

  93. Why Glorify Gold Spamming clickers??

  94. you’ve already posted this game before..

  95. never show something like that again. the draw was too painful. I went from
    happy to very sad. I don’t like it.

  96. i seriously dont mind artillery in the game, and the players playing those
    tanks are fine gents too. but i feel like this game would’ve never been
    archieved without premium rounds. so this actually is a pay to win round…
    well…. draw. meaning that when you are willing to spend the moneyz in
    this SPG you can get huge results whereas with regular shells it might
    not’ve been so spectacular.

  97. He was a heat spamming arty who hit what…one shot while the enemy tank
    was on the move? I think your videos are great, but rewarding
    that…..blah. Sorry.

  98. Arty prevents camping ….. :/

  99. When he needed some skill, he just play lije donkey… but well cliked

  100. Just shows that #artyfairandbalanced.

    Fuck all you arty shitters out there.

  101. Spamming Gold ammo isn´t really good right ?

  102. Ok I will putt my pitchfork done.

    *grabs* Garden Hoe DEATH TO ARTY

  103. All this hate….

    People are forgetting that they can also have friendly artillery, who can
    do just as good, if not better…..

  104. Charles Craig-Bennett

    This is a constructive comment. It is constructive.

  105. A gold spamming arty… this replay is the perfect example of what is wrong
    in WOT…..

  106. Pure sh*t

  107. I think this video was a great example of 2 things. #1 – No matter how hard
    you carry, in the end, if you die foolishly, you probably cause yourself to
    lose (basically, if you want something done right, you have to do it
    yourself) and #2 – Regardless of what anyone says, premium ammo is
    completely OP P2W bullshit (and yes, before anyone says anything, I know,
    he lost, but that result frankly should not be possible).

  108. TheFlyingPineapple

    The salt is real in these comments

  109. I have no problem with the replay itself, it’s a good game with a good
    driver with an impressive result. I would say it deserves to be included in
    a video, but there must be some other replays that deserve a prize more
    than this one…

  110. Artillery-it may save your ass in a lot of games, you may wish you had it
    when its not in the match, but its an absolute bitch when you get hit by it.

    Side notes: I myself got 1 shot by an M44 in my VK 30.01P-though not on
    that map, also by using “Pig Daddy” quite a few” up next” columns will have
    gotten filled with videos relating to Peppa Pig.

  111. I think he could have done the same with less HEAT.

  112. #fuckarty
    pls share ;)

  113. I felt good when it became clear this would be a loss. Payback bitch.

  114. Make a new review video for the now chaffe

  115. This match reminded me of the old tier 3 StPzII before to arty nerf, that
    thing was brutal with the HEAT shells to the point it could punch through
    a KV-5.

  116. gold shooting pig that jumps in front of su 152 yea gret gaem comrade qb

  117. Oh wow, you said you wont show T-54s spamming gold, but you show us this.
    imo this is way worse, because the tanks couldnt shoot him back. he just
    got lucky that he hit most of the gold shells.

  118. Cool. A guy that is capable of blowing tons of credits, clicking, and
    getting lucky. Then completely blowing it the moment he had to actually put
    his tank in danger.

    Truly a fantastic game.

  119. Arty is balanced, prevents camping and i am the emperor of China

  120. So glad he didnt win and get his mission, gold spamming at its worst.

  121. he’s done great job but he was a big too agressive

  122. that was bad,gold noob arty and a t 150 who cant play wot….

  123. poor guy i know the feeling!

  124. sealclubbing.

  125. well i thought he takes out a radley walter medal or pools medal

  126. hum actuality there should be a mod to where if a arty shoots you directly
    it should ricochet of your tank take the course back at the arty and make
    him commit suicide

  127. Spam gold&submit video=profit?

  128. Lizandro Flores (Cuetzpalomitl)

    Stop crying about gold. You hide your shit playing skills by blaming gold

  129. I’m loving all the crying, blah blah blah…arty…blah blah
    blah…rng…blah blah blah…gold. “Well I guess that’s how you win, just
    spam gold.” Just throwing this CRAZY idea out there QB gets to choose who
    he thinks wins, got a problem with that? Start a damn Youtube channel and
    give out prizes.

  130. That wasn’t the least bit entertaining to watch.

  131. Gold spamming idiot. Not watching this.

  132. QB did u give up on warthunder, if so tge fixed many thungs in the game,
    for examle the low graphic settings that people abused, that is one main
    reason on why i gave up on the game but know that they fixed it its fun

  133. very much a pig player

  134. Wow…he watched a circle get smaller and clicked. He definitely deserves a
    prize. Oh, spam gold ammo, much skill.
    If this is a skilled arty player, please don’t bother with any more arty

  135. it was enought that he played arty …. but spaming HEAT 2 ? Fuck him and
    everything he loves. I hate this 0 skill motherfuckers with passion. Most
    replay i see on youtube with awsome plays is WITHOUT arty. WG should see a
    pattern …..

  136. and this won ??? wtf man, this is just wrong.

  137. great game but was it down to skill? gold spam? RNG?

  138. and this is why I hate arty….. fucking OP piece of shit….

  139. Sorry Quicky, but this time I think you chose poorly :/
    TheEagleSword did show some great shooting and prediction skills but that
    M44 is loaded as a seal-clubbing machine.

  140. Haters gonna hate

  141. Man, you are all a bunch of whiner in this chat. Yes, he spammed gold. Yes,
    he’s an arty pig. But to do 7.7k dmg in an Tier 6 arty is amazing

    Most of you have probably not played artillery. You know what, playing arty
    takes more skill that a camping gold firing WTE100 that I meet in Tier 10.
    Or JPE100. Or Obj268. All the gold firing is what kill this game. Not arty.

    So, gg mr M44!

  142. Look at this! How is this fair and fun in any way?

  143. Reading the shit storm in the comments is more entertaining than this shit
    replay. Seriously, my friend with 400 Battles and 180 WN8 has more skill.
    This guy is the last one who should win that prize, I would rather give it
    to someone who is not spamming gold in his fucking arty. At least he didn’t
    get his mission done.

    sry for my bad english btw.

  144. There are people on the U.S server with 8k dmg games in tier 6…

  145. Arrghh that ending, the player should have been fully aware that the SU-152
    could have probably splashed him with HE, though I never thought an arty,
    let alone a little tier 6 one, could do this…

    I’m pretty sure my record damage is only 7.3k and that was in the Feed
    Chat, I mean Bat Chat on Himmelsdorf

  146. Arty is fair and balanced they say!!1 Takes Conqueror GC, loads gold, fires
    BETWEEN E100 and IS7. Shaves around 600 to E100 and 200 to IS-7. Balance
    ladies and gentleman! Deal with it!

  147. no..just no. I hate arty way too much… they ruined so many games for
    me….just no. sorry but i just can’t tolerate that…

  148. FirstName LastName

    This game should get him Type 59.
    +1 for reverse XVM sniping! Let them feel how it feels when they shit on
    good players.

  149. Quiky Baby you should upload some xbox one gameplay.

  150. Quickybaby, can you do a review of the AMX 13 90?

  151. Alowishus Davander

    QB – if any other tank shot all gold, you won’t even show the video. Why
    the double standard?

  152. What is it WG says artillery is in the game for? Isn’t it to stop camping?
    Funny that, I don’t remember seeing anyone camping in that game. What I did
    see was 3 or 4 tanks who were having a good game and who managed to clear
    an entire flank get casually plucked one by one by a gold spamming sky pig
    hiding behind solid cover. Tell me that this mechanic isn’t broken? What
    was the T29, JagTg 88 or VK P supposed to do?

  153. Very thoughtful of you to research your gift before giving. I think you
    nailed it with your choice.

  154. krakonošzkrkonoš

    What dit he think vs su 152 ?

  155. That guy doesn’t really seem to know what he s doing. Shooting HEAT at that
    IS6 side at the start is just retarded. If he want’s to shoot AP/HEAT in
    his arti he should look up penetration mechanics and armor layouts.

    – also a typical case of tunnel vision – minimap what’s that?
    – repositioning after shooting while parking in a typical arti spot? nope
    – JT8.8 frontally with 240mm HEAT pen? only 50/50 chance of of pen, cause
    superstructure bounces that all day long
    – rushing that Su152 was just retarded. Load HE camp near cap in bush and
    wait till he comes to you.


    1:1000000 round from a typical arti noob in the most unbalanced SPG in the
    game (240mm pen at t6).

  156. So another arty drive not doing what arty is for; discouraging camping.

  157. Did you see how this great game mechanic totally only punished those who
    camped and not the ones who actually tried playing the game properly? Good
    job to Wargaming on behalf of this, keeping the M44 balanced, by adding
    these premium shells and yet decide to not give any to for example a FV304
    because it then would become unbalanced.

  158. no skill showed.
    even a bot can wait till the circle gets to it’s minimum size and then take
    the shot.
    he was incredibly lucky with this mm.
    super high dmg but it doesn’t take skills as he showed at the end.
    the end shows how he plays with an arty.

    after all it does worth a cromwell.

  159. It really feels like the O-I let him down there. He had over half health
    left against an SU-152 in a toe to toe duel and still managed to lose even
    though he had a turret…..really let the team, and eaglesword, down. Bums
    me out.

  160. 90% of the comments are complaining about artys. If you get that much pain
    for playing WoT, stop it.

  161. So much arty QQ. Arty qq makes the sweetest of drinks.

  162. Why are replays like this even showcased? Nothing against artys but this
    was nothing special especially since he made the most stupidest move that
    got him killed.

  163. I was supposed to try WoT out again, I think I’ll stick to AW. Thanks for
    the heads up QB. =p

  164. well he knows how to click and rng was on his side but when It came to
    driving his tank he turned into an idiot. that’s what lots of money to
    spend on gold and playing arty gets you, a brain dead moron

  165. Matthew Waddington

    All the suggested videos are Peppa pig

  166. well, he kicked some butt

  167. Spamming heat in the m44 takes skill. Btw it’s pretty bs that heat/he have
    the same alpha.

  168. Cant watch this to the end

  169. All that is wrong with artillery in one vid

  170. Nah, I wouldn’t call this a particularly good SPG game but then again maybe
    there wasn’t much else to choose from.

  171. Haha, everyone crying about this having no skill and spamming gold. If you
    think you can do better, please send me a replay.

  172. you have played this replay before on the chance haven’t you???

  173. all of the replays of “good” games on almost everyone’s channel has done
    nothing but highlight pay to win.

  174. gold spammer and a pig

  175. Arty produces just so much anti-fun in this game, it’s ridiculous. For
    every single shot that hit for 700+ dmg i rolled my eyes back and cringed a
    little. This like is only for you to go on and provide entertainment QB,
    but arty really needs to be massively rebalanced.

  176. Ehhh big dislike.

  177. sry qb dislike instead of my normal like for u
    This guy is only firing gold in a fking arty, dies by pure stupidity, only
    thing impressiv is how much luck he had to get this kind of rng in hitting.
    Disagreed on that being a winner…

  178. anonymous_scotsman `

    Lol all the salty people.

  179. hahahaah next vid, peppa pig?

  180. You know what, I couldn’t care less about hate for artillery. They are a
    needed class to stop camping, I’ve felt this in WoT Blitz since everyone
    usually camps. I also can’t say anything but that he is a good player. Fair
    enough, artillery is annoying sometimes when you have huge games and get
    one shot, but making those shots needs a ton of skill considering the
    inaccuracy of SPG’s. To be able to have this kind of round, you need to be
    extremely skilled and full of knowledge. I take my hat off to you Eagle,
    well played!

  181. Artillery should never oneshot a 110 like I did. EVER. Top tier, ruined his
    game. He was a man and respected it, but still never should EVER happen.
    The thing is though, what if it’s a Type 5 Heavy? Or a Maus, and NO ONE can
    penetrate it? What if he’s super smart, knows how to sidescrape, use his
    tank, how will he die? He won’t. It’s up to artillery to destroy heavy
    tanks that your team otherwise couldn’t. Artillery isn’t overpowered.
    Artillery isn’t underpowered. Artillery is BROKEN. Some games I hit 0/7
    shots and do 0 damage because RNG will NOT take your shells ever. Sometimes
    you hit a 110 one shot him, hit a STA-2 one shot him, and do 900 damage to
    a T28 Prototype in one game. Now his gold spamming, was it poor? I don’t
    know. It’s up to him. HEAT can be super shit in artillery, once again, RNG.
    This game it was obviously too good to be at this tier or any basically. If
    you have ZERO luck WHATSOEVER in a game you WILL NOT WIN. That’s a fucking
    fact. So if you say he was lucky, you may be true. If you’re one of the
    cunts that spam on EVERY replay QB uploads “lucky bitch tomato” go fuck
    off. No one wants to hear you. Some luck or loss. This guy obviously got
    incredible RNG, but you can tell he pimped out this tank, which is already
    fantastic. If I seem hostile, it’s because I’m pissed off with all the
    people here, NOT giving constructive criticism, but just being cunts and
    not respecting QB.

  182. look at the quickybaby s face at 6:06 you will shit bricks when you see it

  183. Diego R (Acerpwns)

    Great, now all my recommended videos are Peppa Pig related

  184. Jonathan MacKenzie

    The rage in the comments sometimes makes me Glad that i am alive.

  185. Everyone making comments about gold spamming, it’s a part of the game so
    just deal with it! Everyone he killed could have avoided being killed by
    just playing good and not standing in the open like some snoob. This game
    he was really lucky ofc, but its still very impressive.

  186. me: terrible game, nobody using his head and T-150 still a newbie (or so I
    would think because hes red)
    qb: amazing game play!
    me again: “sry?” *replay* “wait what?” *replay* *clicks video away as fast
    as possible*

  187. And this is why the M44 is perhaps the best SPG for most arty missions

  188. He could have easily won the game if he would have waited to kill the
    su-152, that was very dumb of the arty

  189. First time I’ve ever thumbs downed a Quicky video. Don’t promote gold spam
    like this, gold spam ruins all semblance of balance to the game.

  190. Renáta “CECIL” Konkol'ová

    TD mode activated ?

  191. Wow, impressive!

  192. True skill… Gold ammo in arty and he had 75% accuracy. That replay should
    be on WG’s RNG episode. But yea… You convinced me I’m starting to only
    shoot gold ammo. I like you qb, I’m your fan but please stop saying arty is
    balanced… It’s not. It’s not even close. It’s not fun. It’s what wot is
    about. It’s not fair.When you are duelling someone in wot you both have
    equal chances, you can hit him, he can hit you. You can use strategies like
    side scraping, or bush cover. But… when it comes to arty you can do shit.
    Very often one shot can ruin your game. One lucky click. On open maps
    you’re fu**d, on city maps arty cannot do anything. Where is the balance
    ?!?!? WHERE ?? In which part? I would sell my own gw.Panther if not the
    missions… I hate playing it. It’s like butchering my own beliefs, but I
    want to do my missions so I gave to do all pure rng missions. Lovely. 

  193. Premium ammo, cola and high octane fuel? Pay to win much?

  194. Quicky, this is nothing but gold spam, which is absolutely pathetic. This
    doesn’t deserve a watch, let alone an award!

  195. -Full HEAT
    -Play one of the most OP arty in the game
    -Click click click
    -Earn an award

    Artys are balanced, he deserves it 🙂 🙂 :)

  196. Good for him he hasn’t completed his mission. Gold shooting noob.

  197. Are the mid tier American arty for people who can’t play? Quick movement,
    fast reload, high damage, accurate and lots of ammo.

  198. Wow, incredible game. Shame he went a bit loopy at the end but the pressure
    is massive in these situations… he earns my respect.

  199. Artillery isn’t a class, it’s a crutch

  200. NOS FTW!!!

  201. Rule number 1: Enters a match in an artillery – loses automatically.

    EDIT: No seriously, this did NOT deserve to win. I do not doubt that the
    player is good, and he probably plays tanks very well, but ANYONE could do
    this. It does not matter if you have 300WN8 or 3000WN8, you’re going to do
    the same in an artillery. There is no way you can effect your results.
    Drive 30 meters, turn towards enemy, click. If you want to do this you can
    play the WoT flash advert.

  202. I hate artillery players… noob cowards…

  203. Zihan Shu (apocalypse shu)

    Whenever there’s anything arty or gold… there’s drama…

    Yes he spams gold, but the gold in this tank doesn’t give you much more
    chance to do good, it’s just another shell type and another play style. If
    you decide that you’re never going to use gold ammo in this game, fine.
    However, as soon as WG decided to make gold ammo available in credits, they
    already turned gold ammo into a part of the game, as a strategy, not
    pay2win. I personally put very little money on this game, the only money I
    used are for prem accounts, prem vehicles, and experience conversion, and I
    do use gold sometimes in the game, never run short of money, and mind you
    that’s without making money with my prem vehicles.

    I do not respect those players who spams gold all the way through any
    games, I mean they can do it if they want to, but that’s just not playing,
    nor thinking. In this replay however, HE IS NOT SPAMMING GOLD, he made
    correct choices between the two shell types, and when he used the HEAT
    ammo, chose the correct targets for that shell type.

    Yes I know that getting hit by arty all the time is so annoying, but it’s
    just part of this game, if there isn’t RNG, what’s the point of playing a
    game? You already know what’s gonna happen in every second.

    All in all, great replay except the end, well played.

  204. Arty well designed. Especially this one. Arguably the two worst game
    mechanics combined together (arty + gold spam) in my opinion is nothing to
    be proud of. But hey, if you think he deserved to win a premium tank for
    that, your choice. Prepare for the shitstorm in comments though.

  205. Only shooting gold, having much of luck and bad choises. Why does he win?

  206. The replay is in one way good but nobody likes arty only fireing HEAT.
    I think this not very fair for the enemies amd wargaming should rebalance
    the HEAT.
    There is no real skill, its just dmg farming

  207. i love salty ppl in chat oh he shots gold he is a noob

  208. VeryUnfriendlySpoon

    Glad to see someone enjoys playing this arty. Wasn’t a fan of it, couldn’t
    get over the fact that it had less pen and less damage than all the other
    arty except the FV304. I guess that’s how you do well in that thing, just
    fire HEAT. The insane accuracy RNG he got probably helped too.

  209. I can’t believe that this guy is getting paid gold to fucking click. Why
    would you show a replay that was based entirely on rng, and not skill and
    decision making. It’s like being called a skilled slots player after you
    hit jackpot.

  210. 2:04 its not a O-Ho but the level 6 the O-I 😉 enjoy 😛 !

  211. sorry but i cannot say this is good gameplay nor worthy of winning just
    looking at his ammo loadout alone

  212. He pleays well, but I dont think it is any balance that a T6 Tank can do
    700 – 800 Damage to a T8 tank with out any danger to him self… And also
    so acurate….. This is no balance at all… Arty should make the game less
    campy (dont know the right verb) but instead he does that every buddy start
    to camp, because there afraid that there good hit and die with out any
    chance to take a shoot back….

    This is the reason I think there should rebalance the arty of wot…maybe
    mor accurate, but less damage….

  213. Loved the M44. It was a great clicker

  214. Even as a medioca artillery player I noticed many mistakes and other
    negativ factors why you should not have used this replay. Here are the
    major ones:
    Lucky RNG
    no map awareness
    no situational awareness
    bad decissionmaking
    spamming unbalanced premium ammo
    –> getting a prise for the amount of damage he did while dying for making
    a mistake a donkey would be ashamed of

    Really QB? I highly appreciate that you used some mid tier replay for a
    change, but the only reason i upvoted this video is, that i felt bad for
    you getting so many downvotes you normally would not deserve to get :/

  215. Nice dmg,poor decisionmaking,gold spam…enough said.

  216. Gosh, he will fucking burn in hell big time…

  217. Arty? Gold ammo? Yes, all the tears. Love all the hate and crying here in
    the comments section.

  218. Very nice game :)

  219. Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold Gold ….

  220. Annoying a lot of people to please the arty players, is it really worth it

  221. An artillery that only fires gold? I wonder why people don’t like arty.
    hmm….. Is it because that guy was putting heat shell after heat shell
    with out risk of return fire.

  222. One of world of tanks main sicknesses: gold spamming!

  223. RNG said yes…it’ll take me 100 games in my 212a to hit such a high ratio
    of shots. I’ve played north of 200 games in it and I’ve probably had one
    game where literally everything I fired hit. Granted all great games are
    mostly luck and rng but arty far more so.

  224. Коричневый урод!

  225. Eagles, mate! nice clicking…

  226. OMG! So much raging heavyplayers.

  227. Omg every other video to watch is peppy pig or something with pigs!!!

  228. Love WoT but absolutely hate the arty…. one hitting me in my heavy as I
    move back and forth and fire shots at the enemy. Arty doesn’t prevent
    camping it ruins games.

  229. as i have only played German arty i never appreciated the excellent
    trajectory of the shells on this tank. are all US arty similar?

  230. Al this hate on arty, go play SPG yourself and experience the skill you
    need to play one.
    fuck tards.

  231. Why so many dislikes

  232. Peppa Pig

  233. Faer Sprd Udovicic

    quicky i have my game of t-18 i pick up i think 8 kills but im now banned.
    how can i give that replay to you .

  234. in this Match we saw everything that i hate in WoT

  235. GJ to the guy, but why is arty even a thing?

    This replay just shows everything that is wrong with arty.

  236. It’s 9:23AM here in Alaska. What time is it where you’re living?

  237. all the videos on the right are all “peppa pig” because of this title XD

  238. I like how if you that he had the time 😛 14:10

  239. Not a great replay. Hmm im sure there where better ones out there. But
    still, congratulations to Eaglesword.

  240. I would more apreciate a video with an arty who do maybe less damage but
    don’t shot all this HEAT, the only HEAT i can accept is against the kv-85.
    I’m sorry QB but this video don’t deserve a up thumb but deserve the down
    thumb !

  241. Why are people complaining about the fact he used gold ammo ? In this case
    it’s just a “high risk high reward” choice. It’s harder to do dammage if
    you HAVE to hit the enemies.

  242. There is nothing more dirty than arty shooting gold, i might take a shower
    after seeing this video

  243. Great example for a thrown game. I hope he did learn about it.
    Nevermind, awesome replay!

  244. damn so many haters in your videos QB… I say. let them whine lol

  245. When I first started watching these I thought “Wow, these players are a
    notch above the rest, look at these damage values they manage to rack up.”
    And that’s still true, they’re not stupid. But they also have big wallets.
    So much premium spamming to try and win in this competition, it’s

  246. fucking flying pigs
    not impressive at all, in fact the exact opposite

  247. everyone crying about premium ammo like little babies. Its in the game.
    everyone can buy it. stop complaining you pussies.

  248. these comments are always hilarious. a bunch of people complaining because
    they didnt win the comp

  249. How does he get a 17 second reload??? If memory serves me I had a 24 sec
    reload in that pig

  250. Niels Peter Christensen

    Broken piece of shit!

  251. the hate for gold ammo is amazing, you can buy gold ammo with silver. also,
    if you don’t like the ammo the person is using then stop bitching and don’t
    watch the video

  252. THIS SHIT IS SO BROKEN!!!!!!!

  253. Yes i do think he played well, no i dont think he deserves a price, he
    litteraly spammed prem ammo and he got crazy rng with arty, when i play my
    FV and fully aim on an immobilized Lowe shells miss when he aims with an
    even less accurate gun he hits…
    Also quick question how can u make people win a contest without watching
    all the replays, thats basicly just unfair, i send in one replay. Theres no
    downloads on it so i basicly got no chance to win cause u didnt want to
    take time to look trough all the replays.
    my replay was an AMX 30 doing 8.4K damage and getting a topgun winning
    against a half health IS-4 and WT E-100 while being a 2 shot

  254. I need Popcorn for the comments^^^

  255. I never realised just how quickly this shit aims. Balanced.

  256. I dont support artillery – dislike

  257. Wait, I have seen this battle before? On your channel, or on Jingles’

  258. Love this replay 🙂 But what i really love is seeing all this people crying
    cause of the gold ammo 🙂 Love the gold ammo

  259. Arty replay. Hm okay maybe it will not be totally scum.
    Sees HEAT as primary ammo – on the other hand, maybe it will be totally

  260. Brave of you to pick an artillery replay here.

  261. This was awesome! I really struggled with the M44 so this was cool to see
    someone do that much damage in it. The greatest arty game I’ve ever had was
    8k in my M53/55, now I feel like a scrub

  262. Aaand disliked. For gold spamming arty. Does NOT deserve it.

  263. this guy was on sir havocs chanel munth ago!!! fuck this pig gold noob!!!

  264. This isn’t skill, this is being a massive dick.

  265. QB statpads in the comet

  266. This is probably one of the worst players I have seen on this channel, this
    is why. First of all he didn’t pay much attention to the map, he also
    didn’t have much game sense, rushing into opponents that were loaded. Also
    i found it very cringeworthy that he was spamming heat. He wasn’t very good
    at firing at tanks on the move. But hey it’s just an opinion

  267. Hahaha I absolutely love arties in this game ! Doesn’t matter how drunk or
    sick or whatever I am I can always wreck ppl with em :D

  268. Why the fuck is “Peppa Pig Bath Squirters with Hyrdo Wheels Disney Cars
    Mater and Cookie Monster with Toy Story Rex” Recommended on this video?!

  269. I’m not one of those arty haters but damn, this guy was really shit at arty

  270. Heat firing idiot artillery player, i can feel the enemy’s frustration…

  271. Can we talk about how inept that O-I was.. The ISU was on around 100 health
    and he still couldn’t mange to deal with that…

  272. gold spammer sealclubber arty actually happy he no get the honors for
    scumbag xd gg nice cmmentary qb

  273. EmperorNefarious1 The Glorious

    we can all complain about him firing gold, but if the M44 actually had AP,
    I’m sure he would have rather fired that. Its unfortunate that WG decide to
    give some arty premium HEAT without normal AP, since that leaves out one of
    the more interesting tactical decisions for arty players.

  274. quickybaby, with which arty did you complete the mission? And did you use
    heat shells too? Or ap shells.

  275. dat su vs t-150 was scary

  276. So much RNG im vomiting

  277. I’m fine with the replay being in an arty, but what I’m not fine with is
    the fact that almost every shell he fired was cHEAT

  278. Monster game, well played up until the end there

  279. I am currently grinding through the M44, I have games like this, where I
    manage to hit 10-12 shots, but as I don’t fire gold ammo, I do about 3k dmg
    in total. Not saying he is not a good player, but spamming gold in T6 tanks
    is just…. Everybody can have great games spamming gold, it is nothing
    special. The fact that this replay won is not surprising, but it shouldn’t
    have. I’ve seen many arty replays from the quickybaby replay site for the
    300k contest, MANY were so much better play than this, but they didn’t spam
    gold. Guess if you don’t spam gold you are not worthy to win this contest.

  280. I love to see more SPGs games. so evrybody can learn how to play with it
    and how to take it out of the game

  281. why taking on Su-152 with close combat???

  282. this is what I hate about arty, I’ve gotten the exact same circumstances in
    the exact same M44 and would miss stationary targets (fully aimed) by miles
    for the whole game. the RNG gods need to smile on you to have a good game
    in an arty. still though, good game.

  283. worst scumbag ever

  284. Jason Liang (一兵一卒)

    hey Quickybaby any idea about IS-3A?

  285. disliked the video. Arty with gold only? not the content i want to see

  286. Wow, the RNG is real haha

  287. PIGerino

  288. The Cuddly Wolf, Legion

    Man if I knew spamming gold counted as skill I would have just loaded my
    62a with full prem.
    Pretty funny how as soon as he has to start to actually play he does
    something incredibly stupid and then says its the only thing he could have

    I’d like to ask; How is this good gameplay?

  289. biggest heartbreak ever 囧

  290. prime example of arty killing non-campers, arty not doing counter battery,
    arty firing heat, and arty doing over 50% hp dmg to tabks 2 tiers higher
    with crazy amounts of armour like the is6…arty is such a joke and arty
    players will argue all these points-.-

  291. Crogamer productions


  292. why in the name of everything sweet and fluffy, does this bullshit get
    rewarded but well thought true games with average results don’t!?

  293. What would Jingles say about you showing a gold spamming arty replay? Hmmm?

  294. Charles Lawrence III

    Never ser the vids this early

  295. PFF Nos clan and spamming Heat …. who needs skill…!?

  296. gold spaming arty, the worst of the worst, nonetheless gratz my friend

  297. There are things people should be disqualifed. And having 5/6 of your ammo
    be gold is an autoban candidate!
    And I don’t take anything away from him for being an artillery player.
    But gold spammers are just despicable.

  298. GG To TheEagleSword

  299. recommended videos at right side…

  300. Arty and just about only loading gold = the ultimate pig ;P

  301. Top 4ce (Heiko Brunken)

    inb4 arty rage

  302. 5th comment lol nice vid, im playing the m44 while watching this…

  303. Woo 6th comment and 20 like!!!

  304. dame i didnt win lol

  305. What do you guys think about Pig Daddy?

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

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