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. Today Melghanis going to showcase why I think the is the best in World of Tanks.

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  1. idk I think the CDC is better because sure it has no armor but you can run around the Patriot because this tank turn slow asf, same with the turent. sure the CDC is a med and the Patriot a heavy, one has aluminum as armor and the other is heavily armor but why have armor if one can shoot perm rounds at it. in my opinion the CDC is better because it is faster, better camo a little bit of a faster reload, sure it doesn’t have armor but like I said what’s the point when one can shoot perm round.

  2. what’s next ah War Gaming gonna paint it black and add 10% to the price???

  3. NotYourAverageBelgian

    Honestly, people keep saying that the Patriot is OP, but they keep forgetting that retarded OP AMX Liberté is the most OP tier 8 in the game. The Patriot is great, but not OP at all. It doesn’t have OP armor, it can bounce some shots in the manlet but the frontal and side armor are garbage. It’s only advantages are it’s mobility and RoF with the rather nice gun. Compared to the other American premiums and T32 it’s far superior because American premiums and the T32 are ridiculously underpowered compared to it’s equal tier opponents. I think the Patriot is perfect the way it is, finally an American tier 8 besides the M26 that’s enjoyable.

  4. *see’s the patriot,losses my shit,grabs my rifle and yells,”AMERICA”, blowing a hole in the walls CD*

  5. oh no a patriot rafflestomped an entire enemy team…….say it isnt so.

  6. QB actually criticized WG a little hard for a brief moment?!?!?!?!?!?!??!

  7. well now wg will have to buff the t32

  8. i actually love the t26e5 tanks and the amx m4 49 and the defender is way op

  9. Don’t forget the Skorpion

  10. malganis shoutouts to WOW !

  11. M.A.G.A.

  12. So gone pay to win this game.. they should change the gold ammo back to use just gold and not credits so there’s no other point of buying premium tanks than just to farm credits for your tier 9-10 tanks, also i think premium tanks should be cosmetic change of regular tanks for LOT cheaper, not better stats overall.

  13. faith lost in noobybaby .. t32 105 is a noobtrap ..

  14. Well, sandwiching a tank between your ass and a big hard place is pretty much how a T95 needs to deal with tanks behind him, the engine deck is armored enough and extremely sloped, any taller tank is not gonna be able to hit the 50mm assplate and the back of the cupola is still about 200mm angled. Usually you have to rely on your teammates to kill whomever it is behind you but since that obviously couldn’t happen here trying to flip them is pretty much the only way you’re gonna be capable of damaging them.

  15. i rly hate play against patriot cause he can pen me even in my e 75 but in hull down i can pen that

  16. Quicky having a nervous breakdown xD

  17. I love my Revalorise and the little scorpion premiums. They are just fun to play

  18. јебеш патријота и америку и нато!

  19. i bought strv s1 i like it very much

  20. When did the T32 get 10 degrees of depression?!!?

  21. yes! more awesome videos!
    keep it up bro!

  22. t26e5 is, at least in my opinion, just a good tank overall. it’s not excellent at anything, but it’s above average at almost everything. mobility is good for heavy tank, armor is good for medium tank, but the alpha 240 is a letdown. cos you cant play this like a heavy, bad overall armor againt same and higher tier opponents. and you cant play like med, cos of bad mobility. it’s so mixed tank, i regret buying it. if I want to play medium tank, I just play cdc or 4202 p, or if I want to play heavy, it’s is6 or amx m4 49. imo even super pershing is better than t26e5, considering pref mm.

  23. that was kinky. good money shot tho

  24. so where do I tell wg to stop this bullshit

  25. I have a 48% win rate, and in my Patriot, i have 56%….with over 200 games….if that isn’t overpowered….well…

  26. Such hypocrisy. Judging these tanks for being 10%better than regulars while on most of your tanks you use premium consumables (food). Not to mention you are a 2 button warrior and promoter too everytime you encounter a tank with a slight chance of bouncing.

  27. all they need to do is either buff the pen of the T32 or its alpha, thats just my opinion though

  28. haha zoom turtle!

  29. Is the patriot permantently available?

  30. i very like this games

  31. Strongest T8 is mammut
    Or vk100.01 P
    Whatever you want to call it

  32. How to get a tier 10 tank? Grinding in tier 6 is already awful:((((. Any tips of getting tier 10???

  33. Really like you pinpoint criticism of WG and the new premium tanks. Keep it up Qb. With the new armour buff on heavy tanks you also need to shoot more premium. This is turning in to a pay to win game i am sorry to say.

  34. Žygimantas Petryla

    WG said they want to do premium tanks as good as standart, but it is too much

  35. they have got to get better to get rid of premium match making

  36. QB, the sales representative of WG for premium tanks

  37. Send message to Wg to incress pen on t32, u can do this 😉

  38. The defender, patriot, and liberte could all stand to be nerfed, but they aren’t totally ruining the game. The skorp g however is ruining t6-t8 battles. All the crappy players have one, and they just sit at the back of the map either doing nothing or slapping the shit out of people who make a strategic play. If the skorp g can’t be removed outright, then the alpha or the penetration needs to be nerfed significantly. Do the same to the t30 too. It has the exact same problems except at t9.

  39. I thought defender only sacrifices rof compared to is 3 and everything else is just as good or better

  40. What do you mean “sacrifice so many things” Defender is barely weaker in any other category expect gunstats, but lol alpha.

  41. Hi QB & All , thanks for posting this I’m really proud to watch my game on your channel especially that most of the things in WOT I have learned during last 4-5 years comes from your content and posted game plays as I watch them all 😉 thanks for great work and keep doing it. PS. Indeed 15 years ago I was influenced by Melganis in Warcraft and somehow its stays with me till my old days…

  42. Most fraglie premium tank ever. Feels like it almost starts ammoracked :-/

  43. I wonder why people are paying for this game but on the other hand they hate WG and actually this game too.

  44. Hi QB! Keep the good work for the WOT comunity!! Thanks a lot for every video you do!

  45. i think rather than nerfing the new premium tank (except the object 252 because that tank is idiot proof) its better to buff the somewhat underwhelming tank like t32 give the t32 option to mount patriot’s gun give it better dpm and itl work well

  46. Seems like this tank only works when it can hide like a girl behind the hill (sorry girls)… At least the defender takes its gun out of its pants and goes balls deep!

  47. Omg that was so funny at the end there. Is the patriot available on console?

  48. Patriot op op

  49. The only sad thind is that the Patriot don’t over-mach the STRV S1….

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