World of Tanks || Pigs May Fly

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Artillery saving your life? Yeah when pigs might fly! Check out the T10 Soviet SPG the Object 261 being the guardian angel of tundra.

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World of Tanks a Free 2 Play online game which is available as a free download. It is one of the best video games I have ever played and I fully recommend it.


  1. I hope you enjoy this replay 🙂

    I’m LiveStreaming RIGHT NOW!

  2. Another great replay 😉 

  3. Scumbag DansGame

  4. lol.. he maded 7000+ damage witth tier 10 .and i can’t do first mission to
    do 1000 damage with tier 5…

  5. OP OBJ261… WG nerf nerf!

  6. Jéan-Pierre Schutte

    Big fan! Greetings from South Africa!!

  7. So many peppa pig related vids xD

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  9. Bogdan Tsitsiurskyi

    no please dont use arty

  10. it pisses me off when artys like a t92 focus on an indien panzer instead of
    the e 100 sitting in the open next to you because its an easy kill. when im
    in my maus i understand them firing at me and to be honest i laugh because
    they generally do like 300 damage to me but its stupid when a tier 10 arty
    focuses entirely on a tier 8 for a full game.

  11. why did you not shoot between that IS-3 and T95???you had chance to get
    bambardier ;)

  12. Why are all the suggested videos weird children’s toys!? QB what have you
    been doing?

  13. what a losing game? unsubscribe !!!

  14. he has turned to the dark side

  15. No offense, sir…but it was very easy to notice that you are a bit
    unexperienced in skypigs…runing in a direct straight line after you got
    spotted…that’s the mistake of the very beginners…
    And i think it totally worth trying some ap fun at the start for 3-4
    shots…360mm pen can do what it’s capable of… :)

  16. Just Unsub. from QB :))

  17. I have 13 gores medal in 261. I’m so pro at clicking.

  18. Why do you call it a Gun Arc (which is often associated with the traverse
    arc for the gun) when it is more appropriate to refer to it as

  19. Devor110 aka. Bigcube

    disliked, flagged for over the top scumbaggery

  20. shooting HE with 261 ? wtf 

  21. Arty video, are you fucking serious?? Disliked, unsubbed

  22. Keep calm and ARTY OP 

  23. i fucking hate arty, like a lot

  24. ScumbagBaby :D

  25. Hi QB
    First, this was a really good video for an ARTY.
    Second, my favourite T10 arty is of course Obj. 261
    Aaand third, why is there so many Peppa Pig related videos :D

  26. I have an S-51 and oh boy hahahaha

  27. Why I hate arty, that hit on the move on Quickybaby. Purse BS imo.

  28. All the usual tales about how the game suffers because of arty. The number
    of kills I have had just because tanks just sit there waiting for someone
    to appear in front of their gun. My first tier X by default was the T92 but
    my favourite tank is the Conqueror GC – just because that wonderful arc can
    give surprise on a lot of maps.

  29. Well at least you’re a proper artillery player. Generally if I am in my
    Tier 8 tanks and get into a heavy Tier 10 match the artillery will go out
    of their way to shoot me instead. They will ignore a Tier 10 that could go
    on to win the game for us so long as they get the kill on a Tier 8.

  30. How do you move the map around so fast like that?

  31. Slendermans Brother

    YAY!!!! plz do more arty/SPG videos :)

  32. QuickyBaby, how many horrible games you had on artilery?

  33. I have a 43 % win rate…and a lot of people say i am a noob by watching my
    winrate..but what should i do…when im not playing tier II games i am
    45/50 games one of the lower tier tanks /lowest ranked…when you play a
    fun tank like the KV 1 its ****** to get twohittet by tier VII enemys…i
    dont know how to get my win rate better…and im more often in the
    situation that i am one of the last remaining ones…and think about that ;
    how do you win an game thats (for example) a 5:12. I Lose the fun at
    playing WoT

  34. It was the tiger 2 who was “stealth” at the start. At 11:35 i disagree with
    your comment on the jagdtiger that he should have gone aggresive, at that
    time he had no idea where the t54e1 was so if he went agressive and the
    t54e1 was on the hill he would have gotten destroyed easily. But that is
    just my opinion, i may be wrong.

  35. You are pig lol hahahahahha your such a idiot QUICKYBAY!!!!

  36. Artillery should either get a huge nerf on the aiming time OR only 1
    artillery per game. It’s just frustrating when you’re doing so well and
    arty 1 shots you. Like if you agree

  37. the jagdtiger just knew what nobody else does: you cap faster by sitting
    directly inside the flag! Exactly like you get a 10% speed bonus on roads
    or only shoot HE because it does more damage. DUH!

  38. Karel "GoWFAN" Manda

    rng jesus

  39. if the bottom 4 players in your team would have done at least some damage
    to the enemy vehicles, you would have won the game. but it seems there are
    noobs everywhere, even at tier 9

  40. Great content once again QuickyBaby! :D

  41. I did 9.5K in my Typ E last week

  42. why dont you use the mod for arty that lets you see 3 person? 

  43. I call it karma.

  44. lol i saw this on you stream :D

  45. i use speed gov and oil , rations , to make it bit more fast ;)

  46. With a good crew in it, my vote is on T92. Especially if shooting a mix of
    AP and premium HE.

  47. This is the list of video recommendations on my side (reason title of the
    vid): Peppa Pig – Funtime World – Character
    Peppa Pig Episode Postman Pat Fireman Sam Thomas and friends Thomas the
    tank engine
    Kinder Surprise Exploding Santa M&M’s Thomas The Tank Peppa Pig Christmas
    peppa pig full episode compilation Thomas and Friends Fireman sam Peppa pig
    Thomas The Tank Engine – Episode 41 – Peppa and George Pig
    And the list goes on and on.

  48. Nice video, but the spoilers on the amount of dmg is pretty blah… I
    prefer to be surprised.

    Also, more arty 🙂 feasting on the tears of heavy drivers brings joy to my

  49. Well played Scumbaby!

  50. OMG Kor’gall is my old vanilla server <3
    Cant belive its still up without me :)

  51. i guarantee if quicky baby was in the bchat at the beginning of the game on
    a live stream he would be angry 

  52. booo skycancer

  53. what da hell ? flying pigs … hey all guys outside there that dont play
    SPG ! YOU ! call it damn clicker ! WE ! call it LIFESTYLE ! 

  54. QB living the scumbag life? whats going on here? XD

  55. Poor BC… dat hit :D

  56. “bat-chat… bat-chatillon !” so cute^^ Is my language so hard to pronounce
    ? :p 

  57. Well not such a surprise from an orange player stat wise. Exactly what I
    would have expected from that JT. There you really see the big difference
    in map awareness and especially the gap in tactics compared to high
    green/blue players.

  58. Nice one QB and thanks for doing an Artillery video. I know Art is hated
    but I totally disagree with this view as I think the opposite and that the
    game would suck without it: As for the whiners going ; ‘but it ruined my
    game* that’s true of anything that disrupts your plans when you are sure
    you have won; wether an unseen ambush or tanks with better Camo or view
    range; ‘seeing’ you first.
    The real point is that Art stops endless gulley, street blockages,
    punishes lemming trains and keeps players on their toes about their
    positioning relative to houses, rocks and other terrain that can protect
    They also balance the game by hurting the ‘invulnerable’ giants and
    thereby helping give the other non heaves a natural advantage in speed and
    small size to avoid it. And hell that’s what spalling armor is for.
    I admit to playing less than 10% of my games as Art. AND it IS a talent
    to do it well like any other type of vehicule. Patience, timing, intuition
    as to if and when a target will move. I am no talent in this and yet I like
    many here have had ‘sudden death syndrome’ happen to me just like others
    but I will not complain about it. C’est la guerre.

  59. QB to JG as BARON to phly?

  60. Somehow all his shots go where he aims. When I play artillery every shot
    just goes around the rim of the aiming circle, no matter how contracted it

  61. QB, what are your thoughts on the Battle Assistant third person mod for

  62. PiggyBaby

  63. QB, I want to do TD mision N° 11 but nobody wants to platoon 🙁 what do I

  64. T92 is good 

  65. Ive seen this replay months ago????!!!

  66. The ConquerGC is the best best artillery with it’s armor and the reload.

  67. This message is to all the arty haters: Arty is fun and really helps win
    games for your team. If you play arty you know how to not get hit by arty
    therefore you will hardly get hit by arty and even make them shoot at you
    the whole game and miss every shot making your teammates safe from them 😛

    However If your in a Chi Ri, well yeah your gonna hate arty LOL

  68. Conquerror GC is best SPG, but i dont really like higher levels.

  69. nerf arties .’

  70. Hey qb, can u let the people see my replay? 20k WN8

  71. fucking arty

  72. arty totally not op

  73. Not a like for arty gameplay.
    Dont promote Arty-cheaters. There are already enough bc of the fcking

  74. pimmerdd Gaming & Meer

    What button do you need to use when you want to go to a certain place on
    the map in top down perspective?

  75. I prolly put my Fem crew in ELX AMX and PZ1C so I have them in more then 1

  76. do you need to complete the arty missions to get the reward tanks?

  77. When it has good rng the t92

  78. Got love red players setting out in the open in a cap.

  79. If the Jagdtiger did camp in that bush you mention you woould still bash on
    him because he was a easy kill for a blind arty shot.

  80. Arty is really awesome!!!! o/ :D

  81. Missed half the video and still didn’t miss much!

  82. I really don’t understand why so many people hate artillery players. “It
    ruins my game”, “noob clickers”, “you’re just sitting there doing nothing”.
    We have a huge job, to save people of incoming doom. There’ve been only a
    few times, but still, where my own teammates thank me for saving them of a
    tank that was about to kill them. Those are rare occasions but it’s nice
    that people recognize your job in the battlefield. Also, is not like we are
    just sitting still. We’re watching where our allies are, where the enemies
    are, we check the minimap in case that someone far away is having trouble
    and also we have to check our sorroundings in case that a sneaky tank could
    ambush us.

    Is not easy. We are not a hammer of some god that one-shot people with 100%
    accuracy. Arty have been already nerfed several times. Our loading speed,
    our accuracy, our aiming time, splash radius. When I one.shot someone is
    almost like an achievement. Most of the times my shots don’t go where I
    want them to go and also I don’t do all the damage I want.

    Luckily for us, WG is never going to remove us :)

  83. Hey QuickyBaby what do you think about the battle assitant mod for arti?
    Do you think it is a good option for new arti players or do you think it is
    over powered when used by a relatively good player?
    In your opion what is your current standing on the mod?

  84. those autoloaders sucks if you play TD you cant do someting 

  85. Arty SUX !!!

  86. I watched you play this game on stream and had lots of fun! Thank you QB 

  87. Quickybaby in a skypig, All respect lost

  88. Best Tier X artillery is ofc GW E100 Kappa

  89. arty can fuck off they NEVER save me… they take retarded shots for kills
    and end up fucking up that flank they tk me more then what they save me

  90. damn clicker.

  91. ermahgerd quickybaby you’re horde!!!! *virtual high five* we need more
    people like you in the horde ;)

  92. Clicker logic: oh look I am a top tier scumbag better shoot bottom tier
    targets while top tier heavy is right next to them

  93. “That B-C must be cursing his luck” nope, mate… 99% of the time when you
    hit someone with arty they actualy curse you, not their own luck. Because
    they don’t realise that they’re the one who stay where arty can hit them. I
    am arty player and for me it’s not arty’s fault that hit others – it’s
    they’r own mistake to stay where arty can hit them. Or stay without moving.
    For players who hate arty – learn where to go, stop etc. and u’re not going
    to have problems. I too hate light tanks and some of them are pretty OP,
    but I don’t curse and flame them all the time.

  94. Magoskillz Magoskillz

    what nationally of arty should i go for?? plz help I’m right now driving a
    hummel but there is so little info out there for which is a good artillery
    to get??

  95. Just picked up a Gore’s medal the other day in this arty, on the same map.
    Just shy of 6K damage. I normally got away from my arty days, until these
    PMs, and I really do want to maximize my crew, but the hard part for me is
    lights – I am very new to them. And I suck at them. B a d :P. But this arty
    remains fun, although that lack of gun arc really hurts sometimes. But it
    is one of the best arty to hit people on the move. It’s good on Tundra, but
    it can rule the roost on Prok/Salient. Had another Gore’s medal game on
    Prok a few days ago, because all those tanks that like to run the ridge or
    watch the hill from the western side of the tracks are often vulnerable to
    arty fire, and I can sometimes predict a player’s movement along those
    plains and drop a shell right into his path because for arty the shell
    velocity is very high. Whereas if I play my only other arty, the LeF, it
    takes forever for its little shell to arrive where you want it to.

  96. Best arty is a dead arty. Unless its Bert!

  97. Nice one QB. Personally i think playing an arty isn’t that easy, as they
    can play a critical role like you pointed out. Its just that they are so
    hated (and to all the whiners and haters here, personally i play all
    tanks), i sometimes even get TKed just because i’m an arty… Ofcourse i
    hate it when an arty almost oneshoots me, but I hate camping TD’s with
    ridiculous camo more than the arty tbh, but maybe thats just me. 

  98. Do a m48 patton review!!

  99. >playing artillery
    >any excuse
    I am disappoint, quickybabbeh.

  100. Balanced and fair

  101. Not bad. Games like this come and go. I’m pretty sure you have to sacrifice
    your RNG to RNGesus for 3-4 games at least to get an arty game like this

  102. how do you go into free camera mode in replays?

  103. Having a decent game in artillery all comes down to RNG not shitting in
    your cornflakes.

  104. They should act artillery act like a lesser armored TD line except while
    aiming (removing the satellite view) they can kind of mortar shots over
    some terrain like small hills and such. Would that be better than the
    current iteration of arty?

  105. Another 10,000,000 damage video? Quicky needs to hire new writers.

  106. Wow, artillery is a great type to drive in wot! I will play arty and carry
    the game for my team! 

  107. QB scumbag?!?!?

  108. I was going to complain about artillery, then I remembered armored warfare
    won’t have this bullshit. But good game QB this is how artillery should be

  109. Wow lot if vitriol from players here on arty It is part of the Game Get
    over It – Nice work QB !

  110. i like arty, its fun to play and gives me another reason to play light
    tanks. it is also a treat to watch people bitch about it

  111. Lets all agree, that jagdtiger was quite retarded…his winrate confirms
    that…there was no way he couldve won that game…

  112. Hello there drop in quality half way through.

  113. When i play arty i am the equalizer to those bloody annoying overpowered TD
    and T57.
    I frankly do feel that these things are more annoying, when they herp a
    derp you in the face for most of your hp, and they fire faster and more
    accurate than arty.

    When i play any slow tank i will curse the sky, just like anybody.
    I drive mostly slow tanks so of course i feel the pain when 3 arty focus
    fire me when i am spotted after 2 or 3 minute driving up a hill.
    But how else should they dig out a hull down ST1 or a T29.
    Its much more efficient and safe to let arty remove obstacles and save your
    own hp.

    If i had my way i would reduce the alpha of arty and buff the rate of fire
    to equal of more than before.
    Now arty will be firing more often but the enemy arty can start counter
    with counter battery.
    Something i never managed to get the hang on because if was using mostly
    low tier soviet arty back then. (short range)

    Pre 8.6 i can remember my first battle with SU 8 where half or more of my
    teams arty was doing nothing but counter battery to suppress them, one of
    ours was rely good and nailed 2 of them, and of course they where doing the
    I think i only fired 2 or 3 shots at tanks, the rest of the time i was
    searching for art tracers.
    There was constant communication between arty and the heavy tanks about
    likely source and from what direction arty hit them.
    This was rely fun and nothing like what arty is now.
    you don’t see games like this any more, and that is a shame.

  114. please stop encouraging people to play arty ='(

  115. gotta love those ballistics, nice high firing arc! you dont see that on a

  116. How do you get that crosshair, the cross

  117. I’ve just given up on Personal Missions.They expect you to use at least 4
    types of thanks,as if it were difficult to come up with more missions for
    each class so I’d just have to play 1 or 2 types of tanks.

  118. Aleksandar Novakovic

    Stoped playing this game some days ago bt i love to c a nice replay from
    time to time :P. If u play solo WOT u are doomed in 80% games . And the MM
    is fix/d that is one of worst ingames atm …

  119. Oh, that b-c 25t shot…. I bet you felt absolutely filthy after that shot.

  120. Still no 3rd page of results?
    1.5+ minutes spent on page 2.
    Yeah, no time for page 3. LOL.

  121. ചൊറിയാൻ മാക്രി

    Claus dead?

  122. Good game, might have to go up the USSR line now. I like the French SPGs
    best, so far…

  123. My friend, who’s a 50%er, hates artillery with a passion. Like, he blames
    EVERYTHING on enemy artillery. “Fucking noobs! Hacker! Warpack!” and more.

    IMHO, artillery is great. Saves my life more than once, but let’s be honest
    here, who wants a 5 arty on each side? 

  124. I want a tank destroyer, stealthy and a gun that can rip enemys apart.
    Which one should i go for?

  125. You should use battle assistant QB

  126. Damn u are so good

  127. Camping in your base, protected by your teammates, shooting people with an
    OP gun in satellite mode. Such skill. And when they hitting you badly (
    ammorack) its mostly because of the rng. 

  128. Bahamut666 DragonLord

    +QuickyBabyTV I love your YT videos as you actually explain what you were
    doing and why you are doing so as to help teach us peons that actually
    listen and try to retain and put these things into action in our games
    (harder for me being a TD player for the most part (and some arty only
    going for the Conq GC (for the arc) and the 261 (for the damage) lines) how
    to play better.

    I really had to laugh at your comment at the 2min mark of the video where
    you say “sometimes it is upto the arty player to target the person that is
    going to give your team the most trouble”, and then in every stream you do
    you complain when the arty targets you. 😉 Let’s face it no matter what
    tank and what tier you are driving in ANY match you are most likely the one
    player on the enemy team that is going to cause the enemy the most trouble
    so taking you out of the game at the earliest point in the game IS going
    give his the best chance at winning. Am I not correct in this assumption?

    Granted arty cannot afford to just sit and wait for you to be spotted he
    needs to be putting in effective fire down range as often as he can (fire
    and relocate as you reload to prevent counter arty fire). But when your
    tank is spotted if loaded and not actively targeting another area of the
    map at another visible tank you SHOULD be the priority target (for that
    matter any unicum player on the other team). Sure you will say yeah you are
    just targeting XVM stats and they are not always accurate in every
    situation, But as a general rule those higher tier tanks and higher games
    played players with good stats are going to be dangerous tanks for your
    team and should be targeted as early as you can. 

  129. Hey Quickybaby,
    i have a ISU-152 replay with over 6400 damage and 6 kills.
    Interested? Especially because a lot of the recent replays are only Tier X.

  130. Literally 4/5 artillery players would have tried to kill that e75 an tk’d
    the jagdtiger. Pretty much one of the reasons I can’t play this game

  131. I did over 7k in 261 recently didnt think it was all that special…telling
    me I could have been featured??

  132. Not sure if they would get that.

  133. I watched this on the stream it was so good and the QB he was like what am
    i doing fuck this lett me just finish my mission :)

  134. Just want to say thank you dude and keep up the good work. It’s watching
    people like you and a few others that’s changed my gameplay. And I’m not
    talking about arty, just happens to be your most recent. Much love x

  135. Scumbag!!

  136. I always hated scumbags but like many thing in life I found experience
    through playing one myself and seeing the game from their perspective has
    changed my mind on this.

    I started playing arty just for personal missions to get more female crew
    and have become much better at avoiding being hit and killing arty in my
    other tanks through seeing their limitations first hand.

    If you want to experience playing arty but hate the long reloads and aim
    times then the tier 5 & 6 British could be a good start to ease you in.

    Anywhoo cheers Quickybaby for the rare arty review but how abour a crew
    skills guide for this class as you have done it for the other classes

  137. I have to come to YouTube to see a really lucky game with an artillery. 😀
    Because I never have any luck with them in my matches. First, the
    matchmaking, second, the hits that he did. 🙂 Not only QuickBaby helped his
    teammates, somebody helped him from above as well! 🙂 Well done!

  138. Shame on you QB…

  139. Check this out ->
    bought all favorite games xd this is awesome

  140. high arty tier player are not honorable enough

  141. quicky any chance of u throwing me an invite for a platoon,to give me some
    pointers please,been playing for about a year not long just got my 1st tier
    10(i know ages but work restricts my time on game)and i am just useless in
    my higher tiers lol please my wot name is mattyt77

  142. Sorry i just cant Watch this..

  143. Huehuehue CGC for the win, that gun arc is just ridiculously OP

  144. Well, nice replay. But I really don’t understand why players have to
    apologize when playing arty… instead, or in addition, they should start
    apologizing if they play Tier X TDs, since playing them is a lot more easy
    then playing arty… every n00b can derp around in a JgdPz E100 or similar
    and have decent games…
    Nevertheless, one mistake needs to be mentioned. When you relocated, you
    went in a straight line forward, even allowing the enemy artillery to place
    a clean shot on you. Due to the cover, you could have gone more random zig
    zag like. Well, but should have, could have… ^^
    And another lesson learned: a number of kills does not make a good
    player… the situational awareness does. So, I would say the JT probably
    cost your team this game by 1. being to passive after you saved him and 2.
    by staying glued behind that rock. He did not even saw the T54E1 coming –
    and of course, how could he ^^

  145. Most scumbags would shoot that e75 and kill their own JT in the back.
    Believe me, it happened to me a lot of times. (I am face hugging someone in
    my is7 and i get shot in my back by my own arty etc..)

  146. Hy QB! Can you please tell us how did you saw the HP of enemy vehicles? (
    9:39) instead of the Hit Log you had [Hp left/Total Hp, Tank tipe and name]

  147. Go fuck yourself qb

  148. I like how this replay clearly shows how much of a bullshit “HURRR ARTY
    PREVENTS CAMPING” statement is. QB is targeting not the campers but most
    aggresive players all the time. And he actually admitted that they are
    doing the right thing (like this E-75) – but cancer gonna cancer.

  149. Haha i oneshotted AMX 50B with my Object 261. And its nice to see you
    playing arty(I saw you playing with arty in stream)

  150. YAAY QB is playing Scumbag :D

  151. What an amazing MM.. Kappa

  152. The grind to the Obj is soooooo bad 😀
    Not really… Its funny…

  153. That jgtiger is so dumb… 

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