World of Tanks || Pincer Attack – Teamwork #13

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Source: QuickyBabyTV

How set a up a pincer attack to overcome superior numbers – emphasising teamwork with Ikzor in the T9 American heavy the M103.

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  1. 2nd

  2. Hurrrahhhh

  3. first coment

  4. first

  5. helo there qb

  6. Keep good work QB ^^

  7. first comment

  8. I hope you guys enjoy this replay as much as I enjoy playing with my good
    buddy Ik, let me know what you think are the best team work tanks!

    I’m livestreaming the brand new T28 HTC right now!

  9. Hai there 1st 

  10. nice video !!!

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  12. Yayy came here from the stream

  13. So many first’s there, hmm, but still nice having another teamwork video

  14. I used to love the 103 but I feel like when it was made HD it got easier to
    pen the turret everywhere except the mantlet.

  15. I wonder, should i buy the M41 Bulldog since it gets nerfed REALLY badly in
    the 9.6 update.

  16. yay

  17. World Of Tanks Srbija


  18. Lost it at the viking cam.
    Good vid qb, keep up the good work !

  19. Nice! Sweden owns tho, Norway sucks XD

  20. what is this with the viking cam

  21. I love your vids quickybaby

  22. Nice video qb

  23. t110e5 has a weaker hull than the e3?

  24. so this was the game where ik accidentally sock

  25. I am just over half way done researching the M103, can’t wait! That being
    said the T32 is a really great tank as well.

  26. World Of Tanks Srbija

    Omg sry for being a d*ck :/ lol

  27. Well I feel like their Centurion Mark 7/1 played too passive. He should
    have gone where the Jagdpanther 2 was when he died.

  28. Teir 8 light is my personal favorite for team work. Getting an enemy heavy
    all alone and two little lights spinning his turret every which way and his
    health points slowly drain.

  29. Sweden suck not u suck and your lauge suck so mutch 

  30. I realize this question has probably been asked a thousand times but why
    not play a bit of War Thunder ground forces and post some content on the
    channel? Not asking for regular WT content I just would like to see you try
    it and tell us what you think.

  31. Team play in platoon ? It does not really matter which tank you play.
    You could take a couple of Pz.I C and reap a tier V game.
    What seems more important is that the tanks complete themselves, so that
    they will easily reach and have cross-shots on the same spot at the same
    time, therefore being able to work together.

  32. Really good teamplay between You and Ike. I really enjoyed the replay :D

  33. Do you guys have any tips for playing the T110E5? When I first got it, my
    second tier ten with Patton being first, and this isn’t long ago, I treated
    it like a heavy and the results were bad. Now I play it like a medium to be
    top 3. I can’t use it like a heavy at all because of TDs and the amount of
    gold flying around the NA server. I’m blue rating so I know what I’m doing
    in mediums but I don’t know what I’m doing with heavies anymore other than
    being medium with them.

  34. Seem like you guys like M103 ! QB,SirCon,Jingles,Ike
    Every time i see you guys platoon ,there alway M103 :3

  35. They lost because they had JUST 5 brainwashed window liker polish
    morons(except the one from 1SBP, even though he did shit). Since quicky
    team’s had only 1 obvious PLague PLayer. Why nobody notice how many bad
    polish players PLagued EU cluster? It’s not like we beat an eye if they
    would be good players. VOTE AGAINST SIEMA!

  36. That Viking cam XD

  37. Lol the Viking cam.. Nice touch QB

  38. How can i make my minimap bigger?

  39. I wanna see the arty TK’s 🙂 or 3 Ammo racks in 1 player :)

  40. Fuck i love sweden i will kill u all moahahahahahahaha…. xD

  41. i needed to rewatch Ik’s part because i only stared at the viking cam in
    excitement :D

  42. I feel like I’ve already seen a game like this.. Dejá Vú?

  43. 1337 xp :O

  44. Love Viking Cam :)

  45. My favorite T9 tank in the game!

  46. I wish I had two digit latency like you…

  47. viking cam XD

  48. *stamp of approval*

  49. “Sweden Sucks”? 😛 Does anyone understand that “joke”?

  50. Hey qb why did you leave your clan? 

  51. How we do to activate the national voices?

  52. Considering that you’re “good” at this game, you couldn’t give that kill to
    the STA tank? greedy mofo…

  53. I hate the m103, it’s shit! Or better i am too stupid to do well in it!
    Everything can pen that turret and i just can not hit nething with that gun

  54. Real good example of teamwork. We don’t always need to see superior dmg
    done, sometimes it’s just nice to see some great tactical work and learn
    from the best!

  55. Ikzor, emperor of Norway!

  56. U wot m9 u wnt 2 git rekt??? i swer on me mum

    To me it looked like the STA-1 was trying to block from killing that IS….

  57. I agree Ikezor, FUCK SWEDEN HARD

  58. 3 hetzers with derp Guns shoting gold at top tier GLORIOUS!!!

  59. Is the 9.6 acc. nerf for premium vehicles?

  60. 1337 xp xD

  61. This game makes me laugh so hard. Light tanks can circle heavy tanks,
    except the amx 13 90 can’t circle a black prince. Seems logical, huh?


  62. wtf that viking cam

  63. I love this tank it has a nice acceleration and rate of fire and nice front

  64. RED ALERT!!!!!

  65. that was surprise butt sex :3 and he didnt even use lube:/

  66. LOVE the viking cam

  67. Can u do a review on the m103?

  68. +QuickyBabyTV nice teamwork 🙂
    Could you tell me how you move your camera around the map on WoT replays?

  69. 10:24 1337? :D

  70. Love wolfpacking with T20’s or going ball-deep with KV2 platoon, one, by
    one, by one.

  71. “Sometimes you don’t want to go balls deep”- Quickybaby 2015

  72. Alexander Pettersen

    F ye NORWAY

  73. Im not gonna suck at the second sock!

  74. Yeah, if they werent fully retarded, they would have just rushed Ik and
    wont wait for qb to shoot them in the ass.

  75. Do a video were you say The best stronghold tanks for each tier

  76. Borsig has got the 128mm like all the T8 some 9 and 7 german TDs… 

  77. 1337 xp lol

  78. Viking cam <3

  79. lol that facecam:D

  80. Dear quiqibaby could you make an replay with vk leopard please?

  81. Labbes TheGamingDerp

    Sweden rocks you stupid try-hard norway viking!

  82. What do you mean Sweden sucks? Dra åt helvete Sverige är bäst! Sverige for
    the win!

    (Just joking, love you Norway <3)

  83. Hahahaha the Viking Cam :D

  84. I am only up to tier 8 (T-44) and the best teamwork I have had with my
    friend was with me in the T-34-85 (my best tank) and him in his Hellcat
    (his best tank at the time).

    Also, I feel like the KV-2 and FV304 (2 of my other favorite tanks (I play
    a lot of tier 6’s)) would work well together. Even better: 2 KV-2’s and a

  85. Viking Cam lol

  86. The Quacking Klovn Johansson

    Norway sucks, Sweden is better

  87. Sensible V-neck jumper? Roll out!

  88. saw circ4 o/////

  89. I do love Ike’s version of the swedish flag :p

  90. I am from Sweden as well, if you say Sweden suck the I will never see your
    videos again!!!

  91. We all Norway people go eat you Viking!

  92. The best platoon – 3 man, PZ1c’s

  93. so quicky, dont know if you picked up on how much xp you got there… you
    1337 player you :P

  94. Wtf?!?why do you think Sweden suck? Its an beautiful country. I am not
    Swedish but you should visit it before saying that it sucks

  95. E-75 platoon = Destruction

  96. I do love it when a plan comes together;)

  97. When are they putting in the Action X Centurion?

  98. i think the e75 outperformance the m103 oke hes a bit slower but way better
    armored and if you angle well your armor no way to win against him on.1v1

  99. I got the m103 about a week ago.. And its such a bad tank as long as its
    stock.. I hope it gets better with the next gun & the one after that one..

  100. Best video in a while and that is meant as a complement.

  101. Pretty shocking play from the enemies. An M103 and IS8 on a corner vs 5
    opponents. Should have rushed. Randoms being randoms I guess.

  102. Did you get a knew jumper quickybaby?

  103. 1337 Exp. Only that made the video Elite enough to give it a like

  104. Quickybaby could you do a m48 fatton replay,I know tank isnt that good but
    i havent seen replay of it quite some time!?!?

  105. beautiful blitzkrieg 

  106. Anyone else getting a bunch of crab/lobster suggested videos because of the

  107. Gotta love vikingcam :D

  108. Viking cam lol

  109. I feel like the most dominant platoon possible is a 3 person Pz.1c platoon
    (in a tier 2-3 match obviously), man they just chop up the enemy team
    (unless there’s an AMX 38 lol, then its lights out).

  110. so i am better player for 10% right now after that lesson about engaging
    enemys that are on outside thanks +QuickyBabyTV because of you i have
    1600wn8 and if i havent watched your videos and streams i would be stuck on

  111. What’s up with the sweden sucks flag? The three scandinavian countries are
    all the same anyway.

  112. nice play enough said

  113. 9:33 Now let’s just take a very quick look… at this elegant frozen

  114. For Team Work Tanks don’t forget the tier 7 heavies!! a pair of
    tigers(tiger or tiger p) can demolish a team if played together, not to
    mention ISs with their 122 mm guns, covering each others reloads. Tier 7
    heavies don’t forget em ;)

  115. Oooo come on give me a break already with pincer movements ,you are not
    Erich Von Manstein and watching those WW2 documentarys on BBC doesn’t make
    you a general either ,there is no pincer attack involved here it was a
    plain and simple ambush.

  116. Qb my graphics suck on wot on the computer how do i fix yhe graphics and
    the delay when i shoot

  117. yaa,ya is not so great ,,tiger1,,tigerp,,jagpanther2 wtf qb 

  118. Γιάννης Βούλγαρης

    Very good teamwork and timing!!
    I ve got a question how do you use the free camera on the replays? do you
    have a mod on??

  119. can anybody tell me some info about the shiny destruction wargaming was
    showing to counter the ground forces? becouse its bin a long time and a
    whole lot of noting since it was anounced

  120. Oh I love it when People try to ram my löwe which weights 95 tons with my
    super heavy spall liner 😀 especially funny with stupid E50M drivers 😀 If
    i remember correctly I once killed an E50M for 700 dmg while he only did
    about 300 to me :D

  121. Boulik Macboulinkton

    That 1337 base EXP!!

  122. Hahahahaha did anyone see the Viking Cam, nice one!!


  124. Hello from Chicago , thank you for all your vids. I was wondering if you
    could do a current E50m Wolfpack if possible. Once again thank you for your
    videos. You are very professional I’m glad I can watch your videos with my
    9 year old son. 

  125. I wish my friends played WoT

    My clan mates are good but its not the same

  126. Timotei David Cucicea

    Mi clan mates stats suck but all have more than 10k battles and they are
    very good players
    If they were to start a new account they would be all unicums
    I respect jingles for that because in wot there are no bad or good players
    just 3rd accounts

  127. Gotta love the viking cam :)

  128. XD l33t base exp (1337)

  129. Quickybaby: “I think this game was fairly even”


  130. Why do you heff to hate sweden? D:

  131. Sweden is best!

  132. Seriously? A 200k youtuber says a country sucks???

  133. It’s funny how those Teamwork replays happen only after Jingles leaves the
    If Jingles was there instead of Ik, he would aim at tracks of the Tiger P,
    do a couple of 0 damage criticals, whine how RNG’s always screwing him up
    by making him bounce on a tier 7 tank, all of that while poking around the
    corner sideways giving every enemy tank a nice oportunity to easily damage
    him. He’d die after doing 500 damage in total and he’d go on whining how
    everybody was aiming at him just because he’s a famous youtuber.
    Jiblegs in a nutshell.

  134. Hi QB, i’m following you for a while and i have improved my skill while
    watching your stream. i wonder how you are able to get a free camera on the
    replay mode, i’m stuck to my tank’s view no matter what i try on the

  135. Quicky, your crazy man, having Sweden sucks in your video. you have balls
    man lol

  136. Hey QB I have been trying to find out how to do free camera mode while in a
    replay. I want to be able to analyze shots that hit enemy targets in
    detail. I have seen both you and jingles use some sort of free camera mode
    to be able to do this. Maybe I am quite noob but I am definitely unsure how
    to do this. I have googled it and looked at many downloads and if it is a
    mod that is needed to be able to do this. Please direct me to the right one
    so I do not download non sense.

    Thanks and I love the vids. keep them coming

  137. +QuickyBabyTV Mod pack for version 9.6 ???

  138. Nice clean engagement, good teamwork with ik but i’m not impressed. Only 3
    tier9 tanks on enemy site. You can say thank you matchmaking. In a TierX
    game its a different story…

  139. I’ve been watching your channel for a while now great videos, let’s platoon
    some time.

  140. i want to see u playing on tier9 heavy

  141. Well, I like this gameplay vids, keep on doing them, QB. *thumbsup*
    It is so much easier to carry a game in a platoon, but you must say, that
    your team recognized your plan and participated quite well! They did not
    die within seconds by just going yolo for reasons… in total, some well
    timed team action… hard to see some these days in WoT.
    Guys, seriously, do not tkae that “Sweden sucks” writing so damn serious.
    It is just a joke! Would you complain less, if there was “IKEA sucks”
    instead? :P

  142. well i guess a platoon of OBJ 704 working together can do a pretty good

  143. Can you put the 9.6 modpack up please? =D thanks! 

  144. A really good example of the opponent’s team as you do not do it! Beautiful
    round quickyBaby;) Many greetings from Germany.

  145. lemon percent

  146. Professional Youtube Commenter

    King of the North! Winter is coming…

  147. Hahaha that Viking Cam! :D

  148. one by one by one by one by one by one by one by one by one.

  149. Nice touch with the Vikingcam!!!! 😀 Even though i´m a Swede!
    QB: Are you sleeping? No modpack yet for the 9.6 update!!! :-)

  150. 1337 base exp XD

  151. Hi QB! Are you planning on posting some Armored Warfare on this channel? It
    looks a lot like World of tanks, but more modern ;)

  152. It pains me to see five enemy tanks piling up at a corner against just two.
    If they had just rushed forwards and swarmed Ik they would have won.

  153. E75, E25 and IS7

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