World of Tanks – Placebo

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Source: The Mighty

In which Placebo takes a fairly crappy tier 6 tank into a tier match and doesnÙt suck. Someone should tell him heÙs not supposed to be able to do that.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. In early and literally just got my first Walter Radleys medal! ?

  2. Ah, it’s always the same, isn’t it? Russian vehicles get nerfed so they are no longer ridiculously overpowered, just mostly overpowered. German vehicles get nerfed so they are no longer even a bit overpowered. Hell, it’s their own fault that they created their tanks with all those flat surfaces making it easy for even a brainless player to figure out just exactly where to shoot them. While you need a map, a caliper, and a couple of seconds of immobile target to find the weak spot (if any) on the Russian turret of the month.

  3. The Badass Bassist

    Panther M10 is a shitty premium? I guess our old man missed the buffs a while back… It’s one of the best tier VII prems now IIRC.

  4. Doesn’t the premium panzer 5/4 have the same hull?

  5. …dafuq was that endgame?
    WoT, full of WTF players. GG to Placebo.

  6. jews and muslims = rats and cookroaches

  7. With such a heavy turret and gun, how is the tank not falling on its face everytime is drives downhill?

  8. Wait a minute Jingles… Panther M/10? Underwhelming? It is one of the best deal for a premium tank in the store xD

    • Best deal yes. Still only a reasonable tank at it’s tier tho. You need to be a good player to get anything out of it in this meta.

  9. Kassandra traded her ship for a tank?! Damn I must have missed an episode…

  10. I really think this video should have been called “The Placebo effect”

  11. Holy crap, our salt mine overlord actually read my e-mail. I’ll be damned.

  12. No *Far Creed 6: Greek Wildlands* today? ?

  13. one often wonders about a world of tanks of tanks and w/o the not-tanks…. eh?
    (perhaps with smoke as a call-in thing but not as a unit)

    Though seems the CV remake could make things fun in that game,
    if not for Fires / DoT being game breaking due to how things stack + underpowered or non existing repair function with finite use -“consumables”- ship abilities, and RNG.

    HE needs to be reworked to be more like back when such it wasn’t all-or-nothing,
    and AP was reliable when used right, and Ammo Choices not tied to skill trees.
    WoT? Mostly about making gold ammo economically fair & balanced with adjusted rng.

  14. Great vid Jingles! I hope we’ll see some world of warships this week too!

  15. On the Xbox we used to have the panz. 4 but wargaming took it away and give us the panz. 4D and 4H, why?

  16. M/10 mediocre? How?? Its got a good turret, good armor, decent flexibility, good manouverability, and that gun has really good hun handling and pref MM, so its got like double the Heath and armor and mobility of the 4s, and the gub is better. Jingles pls


  18. At this point I think Jingles is just messing up on purpose to entertain us

  19. Jingles, You forgot to mention that back in the day the L/70 75mm gun had far lower penetration than it has now – it was more around 132mm if I remember correctly, very similar to short 88mm back in the day.

  20. Jingles! love your content! boats, tanks, dinos and mingles! keep it up! your commentary is world class! Thank you for the fun! all the best from the Light Infantry (cannon fodder).

  21. Panther/M10 is a very good tenk comrade Jingles. And it has PMM.

  22. Aleksandar Petrović

    Maybe M 44 runes out of ammo.

    • No way.
      It have lots and lots of ammo.
      I think it was the time after killing the Hellcat he wasn’t anymore spotted. The SU-14-2 tried the blindshot, but not the M44. Also, if the crew isn’t fully trained, the aiming and the reload time is huge.

  23. The Yveltal Warrior

    I thought that was a luchs in the thumbnail

  24. what a nice game. but man my keyboard would have died. you got that bloody comet tracked and you can’t shot him because of reasons ……. very calm played indeed =)

  25. IF you could only do the troll song for the KV2 from now on

  26. The SU-85 use to have the 107mm gun, as seen on the KV-5

  27. For some reason YouTube decided to turn off the automatic notifications I was getting for this channel, this is probably the channel I watch the absolute most, no clue why that would happen. Go home YouTube, you’re drunk.

  28. O-Ho O-Ho, a pirates Tank for me

  29. Hi another great video from the lord of the salt mines but this humble worker requests an assassins creed odyssey video love your commentary and your humour

  30. Jamal Khashoggi looks like a Middle Eastern Jingles

  31. Carry mode is on @ 8:27. That is one Placebo Effect

  32. Magnus Gudmundsson

    Videos are starting to get very very short.
    I remember the days when Jingles had nothing to say and ended up talking 1h about random things that happened to him.

  33. Actually, Jingles, pretty sure the SU-85 got the 107mm gun, not the 100mm, just as the KV could have in the KV-2 turret as an alternative to the 152.4mm.
    Yes, I played through beta in 2010, too.

  34. It has had some side skirts added and after people noticed they were purely cosmetic WG eventually even added an armor model for those side skirts…

  35. Nothing shitty about either tank. Even the Pz is quite good. The mobility sucks, but the armor is decent and the gun is awesome.

  36. Wehrkreisersatzkomma

    wow! O.O

  37. No the KV was more scarier imagine seeing it in T26

  38. HEY!! Lay off my PZ IV-S, and my Panther/M10! They are Great tanks, you just have to play to their strengths. Granted the driver of the M10 was a bit clueless. LOVE the ROF on that Panther, I usually catch people out and rip them to shreds with it. And my fave PZ IV S has a great gun, and a good turret relatively speaking. Catch people out with that one all the time too. People don’t usually see these tanks; players only know all the newer slightly OP tanks and don’t know how to handle them or what the capabilities are and so they play cautiously and I can take advantage of that. 😉 🙂

  39. Am I the only one who turns off their AdBlocker for Jingles?

  40. Yes, the Panzer IV is mediocre… the Panzer IV H with the L/28 high-explosive derp gun, however, is bloody hilarious

  41. Can’t have those Germans competing with those Russians after all.

  42. Is this an old replay? Cuz the movement indicator in the bottom left uses the old style green arrow

  43. black prince? i believe the appropriate term is “African-American prince”.

  44. I play against more skillfull players in the Blitz version these days. WoT is bloody shit now.

  45. Jingles please… There are 2 explosions at 8:58 , one to the left of his tank in the water and one to the right of his tank flashbanging your viewers. So unless that SU fires two shells at once you shittalked that M44 for no reason at all.

  46. lol that thing looks so silly

  47. No shells left I’d say surely …

  48. Clearly, the M44 was checking Google to see if there was anywhere he could drown himself. He’s a planner, Jingles. He likes having options.

  49. That guy who cannot abide

    “no one ever accused of being overpowered” – they took it out of the game because, in the right hands, it was overpowered. I even took it into a few tier 9 matches, back when it was a tier 5, and held my own for damage with sniping and penetration. Got the kill shot on an M103, so – weeks later – they told us they were taking it out of the game.

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