World of Tanks – Platoon W/ LemmingRush and Overlord_Prime

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Source: Anfield

These guys suck

Discord –


  1. Holy shit the memes will cause the universe to collapse in on itself

  2. First

    … to admit that I’m not first.

  3. Wow that first hit on the roof of the e100

  4. Someone said you’d be 50% in EU? LOL, thats generous, youd be something more like 45% Kappa

  5. this is everything I’ve ever wanted out of a WoT video.

  6. The OP platoon

  7. I heard the name of quickbaby within first 30 seconds, I clicked like.

  8. You guys are fucking awesome

  9. this is pretty chill actually

  10. Lol Anfield. You play much worse when you play in a platoon with your friends…

  11. Is this the day eu cries?

  12. You think NA is easy? Should try the new latam test server

    • In LATAM my wn8 goes from, 3.5 to 6k no kidding. Also i got more pools medal in 2 weeks playing latam then i did in the previous 6 years of world of tanks. I got 3 pools in 2 weeks.

  13. ….and then gold spammer complain, kmee,kmee, wg remove spg, but leave gold ammo, so we can spam it without spg worries….but yeah, some ppl just can’t see the forest for the trees

    • lol noob, you dont actually compare premium rounds(I buy them with credits, dont know about u) with the fucking SPGs do u? While prem rounds its not the perfect thing that WG has done still u cant compare it with arty. To use this prem rounds u have to face an enemy in front of u, to know where to shoot(prem rounds does not mean autopen), to maneuver yourself in the correst positions and use your tanks strengths either is armor(need to know how to hulldown, sidescrape etc), either is speed, maneuverability, view range and so on.

      While a fucking arty is just a bob sitting in the same location in the corner of the map the entire game using his one hand to click and eat with the other, raining shit down to other people who try to outmanoeuvre the enemy using a drone view camera relying only to RNG for how much dmg to do.

  14. Spetzy Lemmingrush is lit, and they’re funny together as well. Don’t see the problem

  15. Yellowcake urasian there you go free name for any Asian players out there.

  16. Must need an arty class! Brilliant call! Sad, but true.

  17. you got so, so, so, so mad at me for driving the strv lol feelsbad

  18. I started an EU Account to keep with the times and become a better player. Kappa


  20. _Carlozz_ UGOTAMMORACKED

    Pokemon freaks exposed

  21. As soon as I saw those three names together I shed a tear for the enemies…

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