World of Tanks – Platoon with GoHard’s CarryBarry

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Source: Anfield


  1. On which Server are Young playing?

  2. Anfield would you ever join Fame or are you done with clan stuff at the moment?

  3. Make sure to give to Barry a follow and check out his team’s fb page :^)

  4. Doesn’t sound Welsh coz he never left his room and spoke to the local population. I bet if you platooned with Russians for 5 years you end up sounding like them.

  5. For those of us who have lived in Wales for some time he does sound welsh

  6. Top shelf gameplay

  7. Nice platoon:)

  8. You can’t talk shit on accents you sound like an American

  9. Hey anfield was just wondering what you think of the play styles between EU and NA servers. Does one server have better or worse players?

  10. Hey Anfield did hear that Poshy died?

  11. Pussy gold

  12. OK I might get some hate for this plz don’t hate me for not knowing but who is poshy

  13. the cheifta is a beast on consoles. 4000 damage is easy

  14. always good to watch two unicums I watch streaming play together 😀

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