World of Tanks – Platoon With LemmingRush

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  1. you should be banned for platooning together lol… so unfair for the reds.

  2. Anfield and Lemming are bae <3

  3. Not enough whiteboard, 2/10

  4. best players ever, i watch all you tube of you guys

  5. My dream has come true!

  6. Alexander Agustine

    No way ! Two of my favourite players 🙂

  7. Alliterate alternating Illusions

    Lmao I remember when LemmingRush was on my team. He was the second one to die, and blamed our team. I ended up having the second highest damage game i ever had in my JagTiger. Over 6900 damage carry and we won. But the team was bad I dont blame him lol

  8. Yo Anfield thanks a lot for your modpack! ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

    Great vid with Lemming as well.

  9. I ship it #Lemmingfield

  10. Tide laundry Deturgent

    Feels bad man

  11. Lfc Maniac where are you?

  12. Anf + Lemming… now we just need to get OP into the mix and then we have a trifecta

  13. <----- heres what lemming linked

  14. nice both my fave wot gamers play together rly nice but the comment at 17:45 about the white board killed me XD dont tell him … show him !

  15. Oh boy… Here comes the fan fiction

  16. Anfield *AND* Lemmingrush?!?! aww shit son

  17. So nice of LR to platoon with this mentally challenged boy, he thinks he can compete too <3

    Anyone know what the special occasion is? Some sort of Make A Wish thing or what?

  18. is this some more clickbait?

  19. 3:13 How to farm triggered people on youtube.

  20. Damn Canadians and their poutine. They need their own server now.

  21. The amount of salt in this platoon is at McDonalds fry levels. Love it

  22. That anti golder add tactic, lmfaooooi

  23. There’s never been a more perfect duo. You two are great platooned together. I would watch plenty more of this


  25. Of course she got offended by the word gay. Should of used the word faggot! 🙂

  26. Anfield I laughed so hard after I read “I was mentoring him”

  27. Rape’s illegal

  28. Anfield and Lemmingrush please do this again in the future. really awesome.

  29. unfair platoon for the other’s , but nice to watch 😉

  30. Abdürezzak Ebubekir

    My 2 favourite wot youtubers thnx for the video

  31. I like these platooning streams/videos because shows what you can do when you have a capable friend to fight with.

  32. Aleksander Piątek

    LOL that shot at 5:00

  33. glad to see u tooned with Lemming.

  34. Aleksander Piątek

    Anfield if you’re sometimes lacking an idea for a video, just comment on someone’s replay. You have to remember that the main reason why people watch streamers is that they want to learn something.

  35. Anfield senpai!

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