World of Tanks – Platoon With Overlord 9/25

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Source: Anfield

Discord – https://discord./aY8UEma


  1. Overlord has the perfect voice for cartoon movies, or cartoons series, Scooby-Doo waky races… Etc. Batman and superman sure, if you asking those are to childish, then again his voice is cool. And without overextend the Ideea to much, dubbing the Manga cartoons will be also awesome

  2. You’re a very good player – probably one of my favourite WoT YouTubers / twitch streamers. However, it just annoys me how much gold you fire. People who have premium accounts and premium tanks in this game can just afford to fire full gold and run full premium consumables without taking a loss half of the time. Premium ammo should go back to how it used to be – gold only.

  3. rip feels bad man i was one of 140’s that were shot on tundra

  4. I was told if I try to play EU server, I would get huge lag… how come Anfied has none ?

  5. hey @Anfield, reactive armour and other modules aside, what do you think about smoke grenades for situational cover simply due to the fact, that the launchers are modeled on many tanks anyway and would bring some diversity in sticky situations. whats your opinion??

  6. It's not what you think

    There’s no such thing as XVM focus. You just need to play arty safe. kappa


  8. I don’t understand why people complain about gold ammo. Most of the time it doesn’t matter what people are shooting because it is probably going to pen you unless you are playing a super heavy. Using gold ammo doesn’t make you a good or bad player and I know a LOT of bad players that spam gold ammo. Positioning, situational awareness and knowing the game mechanics are what makes a good player, not gold ammo! I also hate how people complain and say this a P2W game lol. WG has to make a profit some way and that is with premium time and premium tanks. I do agree that they have gone a little overboard with the OP premium tanks, but the people that don’t buy premium time or premium tanks need to stop complaining about the game or saying it’s P2W. They still get to play this great game for FREE!


  9. Ouch…used to live in California…not even the real US

  10. Wtf
    When you will fire normal ammo
    I seen you fire only heat and primo

  11. Hey anfield, I have the tier 8 french light tank and I actually like it, I was wondering which tank line i should go down of the three options, (considering that even though the french lights arent that great I do love a small clip).

  12. I’m sad i missed this stream live.

  13. Thanks to both of you.

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