World of Tanks || Platoons with my BRO!

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. Today I’m playing with my bro finding out what he thinks about World of Tanks!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play published by Wargaming is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents a toolbox.


  1. Random question, have you ever tried Warframe? Not sure if it would appeal or not, it’s pretty much all PvE, but it’s pretty popular.

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  3. Map variation is something I’ve always said needs to change. I’e said it since 2015. Every map seems to play out the same, you can pick out which heavies go where, which mediums will play to their tank, which TDs will camp where, and the 3 squares where arty will stay. The map design is what makes this game predictable for anyone who has played consistently for more than 6 months.

  4. Load the Skill rounds

    Valid points!

  5. its pronounced Z as in Z(ed)

  6. Anyone else here loves Z’s voice? It’s such a nice voice idk

  7. well im playing this game is for having fun…but the MM blabla the worst part is spg..where is the fun while having 3 spg in the game?

  8. IS4’s Gun on medium tank? that OBJ 430U . is.OP

  9. Honestly for 2018, WoTs still has pretty trash graphics, which i guess isn’t that big of a deal considering nobody came to WoT for its graphics. One thing I never like about WoTs graphics, is that you dont really get a proper sense of scaling and immersion like in WT or the Console version of WoT. Everything kinda feels like cut and paste set dressing. What made the game great, was the abundance of maps during the earlier days, every game always felt different, because it wasn’t just the same handful of symmetrical maps over n over.

  10. I gave up about a year ago now having invested a lot of time and a fair amount of money. I couldn’t really tell you why either. The game isn’t bad, it’s just not really good either. Once you get over the hurdle of learning the game and try to improve you kinda hit a dead end. Every game for me is the same formula: Check threats -> check team positioning -> maximise win chances -> end game with win or loss.

    It felt like a job trying to win games most days and looking back I think maybe the 30,000 games and 40% winrate guys knew best all along. F*** winning just mess around and do stupid things. The problem I think is WoT and its community punishes messing around and relaxed play. I know I got stressed at people I saw as not caring about losing and not trying to help.

    I have no idea how to fix it really other than better implementation of ranked and random to make random matches more relaxed.

  11. You love your obj-430U?

  12. Does quickybaby have a discord?

  13. Love you I’m back into wot because of you

  14. I agree it ducking pisses me off I can’t go down hills any more since they put rocks on all of them. Just made the maps even more constricted

  15. And that is exactly what is wrong with this crap game. “And then I load a heat round, to secure the kill”

    And then I press the win button, to win against my enemy who does not shoot premium cheat ammo.

  16. QB does you now have a discord server??

  17. Soooo, why not talk about the prices of tanks? Costs for playing the game? Hmmmm

  18. TheGreatMrBobinsky

    Absolutely right quicky baby. The graphics is great and for the first couple weeks I was aware of the changes. But you get accustomed to it fast and than there is nothing new in gameplay in along time.

  19. RobertDanJr Hernandez

    THINGS WOT NEEDS TO ADD or Can explore with. HERE ARE SOME IDEAS Let me know what you all think?

    Game modes like Frontline and CTF , Deathmatches mode. PLATOON WARS. Tournament like mode. ALSO Historic Mode maybe.
    Having the Option to Play Realism Mode.
    , Evening, Night maps, Snow, Rain.

    Add Smoke ammo, and Secondary turret action,/ Machine gun functionality.

    More Personalization. Adding Bushes, Leaves , branches , skulls, helmets , street signs to put on your tank.
    Adding Extra armor

    Adding Paints and Camo that are reached at 1k games, 10k, 30k 50k 100k games.

    Adding MORE TIERS The higher you go , the more modern the vehicles. Abrams Leopard A1 , Israeli tanks , Merkavas .

    Having the Option to USE the current Interface Aiming. It basically adjusts the height of the shell by aiming at the tank.
    VS having to elevate your gun manually to give more aim to where you want to fire.

    Current Example : you see a tank in a bush, when you are in a tank firing HE like a KV2. You AIM at the bush but the shot goes miles high and doesnt come down because the game thinks you aimed at the hill behind it so It ELEVATES your gun higher so the shell comes down and hits that spot . IF you use the Manual mode, Then you Aim at the bush , Shell lands at the bush without your shot going sky high.

    Making Climbing a thing again.

    Make More buildings where you can go inside of. Like a Subway Map .

  20. We want to see more platoons on stream ! Where are Jingles, Ik, M4, John and the others ?

  21. I’m looking forward to the great wall but i hate glacier xD

  22. Not being able to go down slopes pisses me off to no end. You arent alone

  23. Maybe Wargaming needs to stop putting effort into gimmicks like soccer tanks.

  24. Hi QB. You mention the need for more content in this video but I wanted to get your take on what you mean. More game modes – all for it. New tanks – well WOT is having lots of problems with bringing in “fantasy tanks”. The tanks that never really existed or came well after the war. That’s a problem with a historic game where there were a limited number of actual “things” in the war that would count. So what else can they do to “add content”? I considered the idea of selling “Tank Aces” crew. Historical crew members that can be used in (for example) Commander/German/Mediums and would come with a few skills pre-trained. You of course would never be able to field a fully “purchased” crew in one tank. That would be a balancing factor. What else could they bring in? Maybe they could use the multi-turret mechanic from last Halloween to permit tanks like the M3 Lee to use both of its guns? Turn one of the most disliked tanks around in one mechanic. Perhaps people have some more good ideas?

  25. I’ve never described my big bro as lovely.

  26. It was more interesting and enjoyable to watch you platoon,with other players.

    Now will WG actually listen to your comments. I doubt it!
    We certainly do not need more tanks, a better rewards system would be more beneficial.

  27. Frontline was a rely good game mode. I want that back

  28. TheRinoferos Test

    It should be pronounced “coup de gr ass” really, you’re saying “coup de gras” which roughly translates to “fat bump”

  29. quicky baby idk y but I hate fortnite

  30. Z’s full name – Zaonce. Ye olde Elite player 8)

  31. george karabinis

    Ηello!!!where we can send you a video?the link i mean….

  32. Haha russian medd cant be penned easily, gg WOT

  33. Hiếu Trương Trung

    2:54 – 4 idiot just stay in the back, doing nothing while QB and his bro fight 4 tank, typical WOT player =]]

  34. They need to bring back all the maps they’ve removed and FIX THE DAMN MATCHMAKER.

  35. how to get fps of WOT up? My Wot just keep lagging even with medium graphic! It full to 19fps ;-; But My old MacBook pro2015(half IOS half Windows). Never happened that… It runs with medium graphics but fps keeps like 120fps… because of old Mac lost it’s wifi hardware so I bought a new MacBook Pro at 2017:? I think but it is so lag when I running medium graphics ;-; New one didn’t load windows only IOS… Is it the problem because of I didn’t load windows??? if it’s not, then wut is the problem of it???

  36. slippery soap rocks all around

  37. Love it when you and z your big brother play wot together.

  38. Justin Raug Veggerby

    You can now crush your vehicle in a 2 meter drop if you’ve got more speed than 25 kph – it’s freaking frustrating that you now have to think “will this tiny dip in the terrain crush my vehicle?”.
    Plus many of the drops you could do previously has now turned into death traps – go to the scouting plateau on airfield and you only have one way up or down since it’s almost certain death to try to get down from there elsewhere.

  39. Wow, you were playing with Sovietwomble :O

  40. therandomnessisreal

    Oh yes so true. Died so many times dropping somewhere thinking I was going down a slope. That makes the corridors even more narrow and the gameplay even less dynamic. Climbs, drops, open areas and open maps are getting removed which takes away from the games dynamic. I also realized that the game formerly fit my gameplay better (more dynamic, fast paced, more based on movement and manoeuvre instead of finding a good position to farm damage the whole game which is kind of sad. I would like to have more diverse and dynamic gameplay back…

  41. The crew and skill points system is the only reason I won’t bother getting into the game… It really punishes the new players and gives unfair advantages to veterans, which frankly don’t need it. They already got the experience which should be enough to murder new potatoes over and over again.

  42. therandomnessisreal

    Hight is nice. Dragon’s ridge, South coast and Pearl river did have some great hight differences.

  43. sergentCaliber WoT

    Hey qb dont know if you remember me from your live stream on jul15 (im sergent caliber)

  44. therandomnessisreal

    Yeah more content. I want some of the old maps back. Or give us some more.

  45. sergentCaliber WoT

    Hey random people scrolling thorough quickybabys comments,
    Check out his awsome twich channel at:

  46. it’s funny how nearly every tomato is a poland. gotta love xvm for statistics like these.

  47. Yeah, two major issues with 1.0 is soap rocks and the no hitsound bug. It’s pretty crazy wargaming are taking more than 3 months to fix the no hitsound bug while they release new op prems every week. (summer dream: batshit crazy). I guess this might be the sign that they are not making enough money to pay developers to fix bugs? (lel)

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