World of Tanks Please BUFF This Tank… (LOL)

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Source: QuickyBaby

The Object 279 (e) has been out in for two years and it’s time to buff it right?…



  1. QB: buff the 279e
    WG: *adds the actual 279 instead

  2. Everybody Gangsta until Jpz E load Heat.

  3. 666K subscribers

  4. That was a good ambush indeed

  5. I don’t think I care QB, I want the 279 (e) so that I can just play and have fun

  6. 💪💪💪💪💪 279e

  7. I’m not afraid of anything, but that thing scares me (E100)

  8. “i consider myself an ok wot player”

  9. wg should nerf this tank’s gun and leave it in game. If not i will say it for 1000th time…Bring back the wte100 (which you removed for being OverPowered!) OR nerf the obj279e cannon (which is Overpowered!). Decide!

  10. IT feels like you have an agreement with the enemy team players who just pop out in front of you sideways for you to do dmg. I’m very, very rarerly this lucky. Also your RNG seems to be at the top not the average- the way you hit weak spots.. amazing.. unreal to be honest.

    I like your videos but at the same time I feel that your luck hitting the enemy and the enemy giving away their tanks for free to you is just unreal and does not happen in real life 🙂

    I’m an average player with WTR ~6800.
    I have the average frustration in games.

  11. a tank that doesn’t have an auto-reloader? the metas already passed this thing by, not worth picking it up anymore.

  12. Glad you haven’t lost your sarcastic Humor.

  13. Nice Parodi Buff that one?? hehe 😛 BUT there are hundreds off tanks in WOT that are in need off buffs armor and penetration & reduce 50 % reloadspeed. ITS WOT = WOF World Of Fantasy 🙂

  14. fcm50t ★★★★★★★★ must!!!
    kv-4 kles★★

  15. remove this thing from random and problem solved.

  16. Buff ?
    Removing subscribe.
    Says this needs buff – shows 8500 dmg battle, totaly smashes tech tree tanks and smiles. F U

  17. This tank should have matchmaking only against X tiers.

  18. 300mm heat can pen SQ gun

  19. i call bullshit. the carra was pinging the map where you where to his team. the tvp may not have been stream sniping. but that carra sure as fuck was.

  20. 0:58 well.. that can be said nowdays for the tier 10 CZ heavy, the VZ

  21. Heartbrake😂

  22. are you brain dead qb, it has been in the game for almost 4 years

  23. That thumbnail crying clown emoji looks cursed

  24. Everyone knows that this “e” in the name of the tank stands for “ebola”. That’s why this tank is called “ebola tank”.

  25. Carro 100% watching the stream. Precise pings, the first one especially is suspect. You don’t get spotted but he can presume exactly where you are? How did they know you didn’t go to the cap already? And then comes in exactly at the right angle? Too many coincidences. And then just switches to the stream after the battle…?

  26. Did the Wifey exiled you into the bathroom, or just a funny background changer?

  27. just filthy!

  28. Clever girl tvp.

  29. What camo style is QB using here? It looks non-standard….

  30. I see this tank once in like 20 games… Its a good tank but players who have it deserved it… I don’t have a problem with this tank

  31. 666k subs xD

  32. They will nerf it, if I manage to get one.

  33. mark angelo abelgas

    If WG plans to re introduce tier 11 to 13 instead of sticking on tier 10 to 8 with suspicious premium tanks again I’m tired of playing with OP premium tanks with a level of top tier tank kinda sucks and boring to play and re arranged tech tree line to WW2 tanks and by the end of cold war tanks era

  34. I wonder where the crew sits with these middle tracks taking all the space below tank

  35. try playing the IS and give it a review

  36. I wouldn’t be leaving my computer stuff near a washing machine, the moisture and cleaning products will give them an early grave.

  37. I feel often that the butterflys butcher me… 🤣😂

  38. TVP was a streamsniper.

  39. BUFF this??? its a tank thats only availible fore pay more etc player ore being prgrmad fore 100% rng advantagde, mi in my free to play acount cant beat a 279. and this tank in noob proof Its another bad video from quicky

  40. Funny thing is that his platoon mate, pings your exact localization in the bush where you killed grille. And later on he pings the hill behind you. Stinky cheese.

  41. What is the difference between (e) and (r)?

  42. nice to see the enemies view

  43. Tier 11

  44. Noooo no buffs pwz

  45. “I HATE playing this tank.”

    *Plays tank*

  46. But at least its no Premium Tank which Every Noob can buy, but the Tanks with the highest Grind

  47. God, I hate this tank. Who the hell approved this thing?



  50. This feels like watching a pz 2 j killing an entire team without problems.

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