World of Tanks Please DON’T End the DURP!

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World of is considering changing HE mechanics threatening the fan favourite KV-2! Here’s what I think!


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  1. The OverSaturated Gamer

    I love this tank as it is, as far as I know it’s the only tank in the game that can reliably one shot itself, i love the thrill of the risk of poking another kv and I’ve been one shoted countless times but I’ve also done it, it’s the perfect tank and for wg to change it after all these years would be a sin.

  2. KV-2 is that tank you play when wot is just not going right for you. Even if you lose KV-2 always wins

  3. I absolutely love watching KV-2 replays. I always find myself laughing when some poor sod gets slammed for 900+ damage or one shotted.

  4. People dont understand why this is happening, HE derp scares away new players, yes this is a dying game,its because there are no new players. I tried to get one of my friends to play WoT with me, his introduction to the game was match after match getting killed by HE Derp and he didnt understand why and it drove him away. People derping around are doing it at the expense of other players, new and old, everytime you oneshot someone in your KV-2 you are ending that persons match right there that is there experience, that is not enjoyable for anyone but you. Now you oneshot lets say three people in one match for your INDIVIDUAL experience you ruined 3 others experience. New players cant learn to play and learn to love a game if their experience with tank on tank combat is ended in an instant. KV-2 can oneshot 8 Tier 7 Tds and all tier 7 lights from lack of armor and Alpha damage and literally All tier VI-IV’s it meets. If a new player cant go down any line without getting one shot by a KV-2 it drives away player base.

    • Im also not saying how they handled it is perfect but the ability to oneshot someone should be removed.

    • @TheRenuth I agree. Derp guns are really fun. They are somewhat balanced, you miss a lot, most of the time you don’t pen and rarely you oneshot. But that isn’t fun for the receiving end. Derp guns are broken.
      The same goes with Deathstar/Shitbarn.

      I think normal HE is fine. It’s a good game mechanic and rewards good players. Shoot HE to a weakly armored tank and you get extra damage but shoot an armored tank and you do way less than if you would have shot normal rounds.

  5. The more I hear about the tier 5 KV, the whiter my hair gets.

  6. At this point they might as well just give the KV-2 HESH as gold rounds.

  7. The reason for the changes are server cpu cost. The current mechanic sends sphere ray and picks where the strongest point of the explosion crosses the weakest point on the tank for penetration.
    Its not being fixed because its broken its being changed to implement less expensive methods.
    Its revenue so they can run servers cheaper.

  8. I honestly don’t think durp guns are fair and should be nerfed in one way or another

  9. Save the Kv-2 and HE

  10. Make the game fun Again. Balance it finally pls

  11. I dont think the kv-2 is ever an underdog qb

  12. Realistically speaking, if the WG devs want to make changes to the HE rounds, then do so one tank at a time and look at each tank and its role in the game and make changes if necessary. In regards to playing the Derp monster KV2, I find that sometimes you need a change just to get out of the blahz, and the KV 2 fits that cure very nicely indeed!

  13. Why are you showing us guys who had lots of chance but don’t really hnow how to play ?

  14. I used to play WOT a lot, now I only log in occasionally to play my derppanzer IV H and the KV2 sometimes. Because it’s the most fun.. If that goes then its bye bye forever.

  15. They can make the HE changes they want, but then just have to increase all derp guns and arty accordingly.

  16. Messing with the Derp, would be a terrible mistake!

  17. Jhony Lopes Gonçalves

    What about making a video where you propose and explain what you would change and how you do it QB? lets make a wide debate video to see how people feel about the state of the game.

  18. Its all a ploy to make the KV-2(R) sell more. It doesn’t get nerfed and keeps the 910 alpha damage on HE.

  19. Anything that nerfs arty is good for the game. I would take a hit on my KV-2r to nerf arty.

  20. *R.I.P.*

  21. tbf in a regular game he would have been dead after first spot, but there is no arty, but if there had been, which there usually is, and 3 of them too boot he’s in no mans land as far as arty is concerned, wide open.

    im afraid im unimpressed

  22. good tank t6 that never was scared of going +2 mm 🙂

  23. I remember recently when I rolled up behind a Caernarvon with my KV-2, shot, did 900 dmg set him on fire, when he had 20 HP left my teammate stole the kill :'( total of 1479 dmg in one shot

  24. Hi QB! Yes indeed: The balancing of those rounds is not the most important thing to do in WoT… There is no need to constantly make changes to something that has been in use for a long time now.

  25. WOT IS GOING TO SHIT it’s just sad….

  26. Any changes WG does is purely for money and nothing else. Therefore HE WILL change. WG must squeeze more money from it’s clients. It’s just business.

  27. “Did a wonderful job on Type 5”

    Seriously? Okay, good job with the AP gun, but WG’s handling of the howitzer was objectively stupid throughout, starting from 1400 prem shell back then and continuing with having it perform worse than E100 or 60TP spamming HE now. To say nothing of touching O-Ho durp that wasn’t broken or in any way involved in this mess to begin with.

  28. I agree with you!

  29. On HE-ammo WG can change the damage cone, like the y said i the video to the HE-test “hit the commander coupola and start an engine fire”. But THAT IS ALL. Leave the rest like it is.
    And to all the arty-haters: I don´t like being hit by arty too but playing a camping-map without arty in your team isn´t fun either. They should be limited to max. 2 per battle, same for light tanks in higher tiers.

  30. West Coast Warriors Archive

    Interesting that no ones hating on the kv2 but but that exact same gun on the type 5 heavy and everyone hates it and calls it overpowered.

  31. Why doesn’t QB play with jingles anymore?

  32. That RNG…

  33. Ramming speed!

  34. Enjoy your HE games until its nerfed to the ground!

  35. I think wg should leave he as it is – even though as a lowtier you clearly have an advantage with he guns over normal guns due to at least some guaranteed damage.

    In my opinion thy should give spg 0 pen. You can’t always play in safe positions and for me there is nothing worse than getting slammed to <100 hp in a light within the first 60s without the option to flank, switch position or let someone with armor take the shot.

  36. I think Wargaming wants the shell types to work like in World of Warships, meaning HE is for low but consistent damage and AP is for high damage if you manage to penetrate. HE is a joke for most tanks in World of Tanks, with the exception of derp guns and artillery. Its use is way too situational.
    I think I agree more with Circon’s opinion than yours on this change. He mentioned that Wargaming might be trying to attract new players in the game (which also explains the HP buff to middle tier tanks) and derp guns like the KV2 has is not fun for a new player that doesn’t know the tank and what it can do. Getting in a game you’re not experienced in, waiting 5 min for the matchmaking then the match to begin, just to get one shot once you get to the frontline is by no means fun.

  37. #savetheKV2 – Time for a limited run of QuickyBaby T-shits?

  38. If they really change the he rounds im finally free, because this time i will really quit

  39. T21 tractorist xDDDD

  40. They did a great job on the type5. lols – sorry but they totally broke the HE gun on the type 5. 70 pen at tier X with a potential damage of 577/963 is just a total joke. the KV2(R) has 86 and has a potential damage of 682/1138, makes the gun of a tier 6 better than the tier 10. and 70 pen makes it that playing the type 5 with the HE gun is now horrible, shooting a IS7 and doing 12 damage whahaha. yes i think they should keep HE as it is, makes it just fun sometimes, and sure not for the players who ae getting hit by it.. compare to arty – they all complained about the big hitting guns, they nerfed it and brought stuneffect into the game, now everybody is just wishing the big guns backs and delete the stunn again. yes the type5 gun was OP and needed some changes but this change that they did totally broke the gun and his purpose. saying wargaming did a great job on it, no i disagree!

  41. RNG on the KV-2s side sometimes? lol are you kidding have you seen them snap shot across the entire map? RNG on the KV-2s side sometimes, yeah right.

  42. #savetheKV2

  43. HE needs to get changed, all the hull down and camping tanks need punished. Type 5 heavy, complete useless also. Med tanks camping ridges? they need to take damage. to stop this camp meta. I think 100% chance of damage is needed to stop this. at the same time I don’t think this is the right way to do it, But same question Wargaming asked there self I bet, (How else)?

  44. KV-2 is machine, where I can heal up my frustration from this game. Its a sweet spot. It can profit and is fun. Nerfed KV-2 derp would be a big mistake.

  45. (FAID HN) Nguyen Duy Quang

    Even they nerf KV 2 we still have the kv-2 R xD

  46. my god world of tanks asia is dead quickybaby .. the website seems down and its lag on the server

  47. Big like! Let’s save the Durp! Keep it up QB

  48. Are you still playing with jingles?

  49. Don’t nerf HE rounds wargaming!! Please and consider bringing back AP rounds for Arty

  50. It’s ridiculous how you take this HE rebalance so personal and say it’s a “KV-2 nerf”
    You know full well it’s a rebalance mostly for the FV-4005 and other HESH spamming tanks. Don’t lie to your audience

    The game will be better off without the HE spamming tanks anyway

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