World of Tanks Plus is Pay to Win

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Source: QuickyBaby

of Tanks Plus coming in update 1.20.1 and here's why it's .



  1. steveneagle saintdancer

    i CANT HELP but think where will they game go when streamers stop defending the “rights” of wot players . ty quickie for all u done so far .

  2. This title is the embodiment of ”ah yes, the floor is made of floor”

  3. I think Wargaming are forgetting that they have a competitor. It’s time to play some Warthunder guys.

  4. I played since 2013. Even I spent over $5000 on this. I think it’s time to say goodbye.

  5. imagine someone sells all their equipment bec they now have wot+ only for WG to backpaddle 1 month later…. then you are royally F….ed

  6. WOT is actually thinking quite a bit on these patches… They see dollar signs only and DONT GIVE A RIP about the common Joe playing the game… CASE IN POINT – BOOSTING COMPANIES!!!!

  7. Sr.Leôncio Almeida


  8. Whole wot is pay to win. Especially new players have hard times to fund new tank level 6 and higher. Especially when they play against several good players farming them…. A have tried to play free account after 3 yaras and i was unpleasantly surprised by the repetitive city maps against experienced opponents where every battle ended within 5 minutes where one side always collapsed very quickly… and the original tanks were at a drastic disadvantage against the new ones.

  9. I remember the beta days again… All what “premium” players got was extra credits and that was about it. Times change fast and not in the best possible way…

  10. If at this point it is news to someone that f2p is pay to win I’m shocked.

  11. I remember a couple of years ago I came back to WoT for a while and tried my tier8 light tank in tier10 match. I couldn’t even see anyone before I was killed every time since everyone nowadays have that 8 skill crew I don’t have.

  12. Patch designed by committee, with no one talking to anyone else, nor exploring all potential outcomes of the addons.

  13. easy 100 games a day

  14. Interesting how your description of the issues related to increased gold in the WOT economy sounds JUST like inflation in the real economy. WG say money printer go BRRRRR, gives out a bunch of basically free money, and the price of everything of value will go up.

  15. I really hope they leave everything as planned with the new patch: get free bond eq demounting, give 12 retraining orders, give free crew exp for not actually playing etc. That is a very good news for me! Why, you ask?
    I get to spend more time with my family, I would spend 0 cents on a video game, I would save all of my nerve cells etc. I would just uninstall that cancer from my computer that takes too much of my time and resources because I admit it… I’m kinda addicted to that game currently.

  16. 25:15 – I strongly recommend that moment to be listened again and again. And mb. sometimes THEY will understand and stop doing that thing.

  17. Honestly this reaction to this update is way over the top and grounded in annoyance that you aren’t getting concessions. I’m all for these things, I’ll be wot plus asap, and I’ll love its features. And I only started playing in December a few months ago. So your argument about new players is just wrong

  18. When will we get wot ++ and have automatic battles and not even have to log in

  19. it’s not P2W, for 2 years now it’s P2P (upay to play) u dont pay u have no chance to be competitive

  20. 20% paytowin ? WOW QB u really dont know whats going on. Currently its more like 60% since :
    1.u cant make money
    2.u level up way slower
    3.u dont have OP tanks as Free2Play
    4.u cant spam gold
    5.u waste more time so ur more exhausted
    and so many more reason’s

  21. Was wondering if i should get back to wot after few years of not playing – after this is a hard nope. I rather play WT at least its not fantasy like WoT even if devs there are greedy also.

  22. QB. What we can do, as a community, to stop this update?

  23. The game is dying, time to milk the crap out of it.

  24. Capitalism baby!

  25. I’d like WG to return to the requirement of starting at Tier1 and working your way up. They set it up so you can start at Tier5 and within a few hundred battles you have a Tier10 tank and just suck at the game so badly you may as well be on the enemy team. These new changes will just mean terribad players who shoot faster. It will be comedy gold. I can’t wait to nuke people with my bond equipment Pak40.

  26. Quickybaby doesn’t really think this stuff is negative, he’s only talking shit to get your views. He’s gonna get this for free and will take advantage of it. Not to mention, all you cry baby bitches will watch his videos glorifying it when it comes out.

  27. Maybe people will finally switch to Warthunder instead of this unbalanced p2w garbage game.

  28. Already took part in their survey and told them to not do this. Can’t get it into my head, what is going on right now at Wargaming. Essentially they are getting rid of new players and thinning the old blood. Makes no sense at all. Might as well reintroduce the old gold shells and give them to WoT Plus customers for credits. Damn, might have given them an idea here. Well, everyone rush their survey and if they don’t listen let the game rest for 2 month or so and go on strike.

  29. Can’t wait to shame every TS-54 player for throwing money at the game bc otherwise they suck at the game.

  30. if i understand it right, i can reach enough gold to buy the normal premium acc, so i pay 8.12 EUR to get both… so where is the problem? they just reduced the price for wot premium

  31. WoT is a sinking ship, seeing what WG is doing to it it’s only a matter of time until is sinks completely. Foch was smart for jumping off early.

  32. PerniciousPangolin

    WoT was always p2w..

  33. Subscriptions are the way to go for the free bond swap feature alone. QB speaking for his free to play audience only, the game is not a charity, it exist because of those who love it and are willing to pay. So for the cost of 1 meal at a fast food restaurant per month.

  34. WOT Team is working hard that we all forget how utterly OP the BZ-176 is. They decided the best approach is to make even more OP features.

  35. I dont want to be Captain Obvious,but premium and premium everything has always been pay to win. Wot is the most pay to win game out there.

  36. Thats crazy that premium account is not enough to play a game :< All those p2w events,battle pass and now this...I'm stop playing wot.

  37. I am not playing daily, not even 1 day a week sometimes. I have few bond equipments, but always struggle to have enough bonds for clan rewards and/or bond shop premium tanks. So I will buy wot+, to finally not having to spend so much bonds for bond eq and have more for premium/reward tanks. This will also make me more active, I will be more competitive, I could finally get 3 marks easier, where I couldn’t have bond eq. I’m hoping they will add this, so you (players who play daily for years) won’t be so far away from me now.

  38. So QB sounds more like CB(crybaby). Free loaders put some cash in to support the game like the rest of us.

  39. Largecow_Moobeast

    These videos are all I need to know if I should turn my acct back on and play some lol.

  40. the bond equipment demount is ether a big mistake or a calculated move to pave the way for experemental equipment anyway it will make it even more impossible to start the game from scratch
    its basicly saying we dont care about new players anymore we just milk remaining playerbase dry in any way imaginable

  41. Another point to banning maps based on tank class, for everyone who can’t ban those maps you will be seeing them more often in theory

  42. Great job, QB, “smart, smart-smart-smart, smart, smart” (as opposed to WG’s approach that reminded me of a certain old South Park episode). Keep it up!

  43. Plain and simpel: Fuck WoT and go to WT.

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