World of Tanks – Pole Position

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Although they’re not bad, you may actually want to anyway.

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System Specs: Core i7 4.3Ghz CPU, 32GB DDR4 RAM, nVidia GTX1080 8GB GDDR5 GPU, running at 1920×1080 resolution

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  1. Does that CS53 remind anyone else of the T95E1?

  2. jingles i thought the chinese tank destroyer line was the fakest in the game, no blueprints from tier 3 i think

  3. dragonkingofthestars

    I say if your gonna add so many made up tanks to the game. . . GO ALL OUT!
    Team up with EA for some red alert stuff! come on!

  4. Internet went down when phone network went down? Where are you, Australia?

  5. Our (Polish) another good tank. On paper. And in WoT. And i don’t even ask why. Those days were really strange…

  6. 1:22 you definitely haven’t seen Yamiks then.

  7. Jingles your internet is garbage. This happens regularly to you, my BT Internet has not gone down once in 10 years except when all the electric went off for 4 hours and I couldn’t blame BT for that..

  8. Unrealistic tech tree in game….

    Umm…the chinese line?

  9. i think we dont have enough “fake tanks” we need stuff like the NI tank of the soviet union,m or the bob semple tank, or the Tsar tank, stuff like that, would be great

  10. Most historical purists laugh at all Wargaming games WoT/WoWS/WoWP). Just because of the matchmaking of opposing vehicles on the same teams. And yes then there are fake ships and planes. Japanese tanks in Germany, etc….Oh and don’t forget the R-bias! As a historical miniature wargamer, I really enjoy WoWS, I admit I have not tried WoT. I have played tanks and planes in War Thunder, and I also really enjoy the aerial combat in that game.

  11. It’s that bloody tank game again!

  12. When I saw this I thought you had finally done an F1 video 🤣

  13. I’ve said this before and I’ll say it again, sirfoch is one of the best WoT players out there. He just knows the game so well

  14. All of this was Thanks to no SPG’s on the Battle Field. lol

  15. Made up tank line, have you forgotten chinese td’s ?

  16. TheyCallMe Nyquil

    True any can spot him. But where do they have to be theopen

  17. I’m not sure what’s with Latvians in general, but the saltiest players I know are from there. Fosch, and Yamiks stand as giant pillars of salt. Both Latvian.

  18. If u watch this u can think its easy to play like that, its like watching a pro tennis player hiting the ball.

  19. His Well Trained Crew helps as well.

  20. Jingles calls polish meds most non-historical tech tree in wot.
    Me: *laughs in chinese TDs who have literally Fake Tank in their name*

  21. lol that half snaping in that tankm is just funny,..that gun is very bad,..people will think this is a good tank,..what a mistake

  22. Im actually surprised when its a WOT or WOWS themed vid these days…

  23. after seeing this I checked out if Sir Foch is streaming right now.. he was.. so I tuned in and the first thing I heard was “…they have to fix this f*ckin piece of s*it, f*ckin…” ok… business as usual here :o))))) oh Foch… please never change :o))

  24. About the tanks not being real…yeah it DOES matter. Because they really are just making crap up as they go along and it’s the biggest reason the game is such a mess. Broken imaginary tanks that are far far better than REAL tanks that actually existed and were successful in their service lives because they made sense and worked. Were as the phoney tanks the guys at WoT give us don’t have to make sense and don’t have be real world functional ie putting a massive gun into a turret that would only be able to be crewed by midgets (or gnomes). So yeah, it’s always bothered me that the Devs were making so many terrible errors by dropping imaginary tanks that we’re obviously going to unbalance the matches.

  25. No historical purist play this game Jingles because there isn’t an ounce of historical accuracy in the game to begin with. It’s an arcade SHMUP that happens to have tanks that kinda sorta look almost like some historical tanks…

  26. Congrats by the allies AMX 13 57 and the CS44

  27. “The most unhistorical tank line”

    Chinese TDs enter room

  28. Missed your laugh …. glad you’re back …peace !!

  29. Yet War thunder has HUGE tech trees of all ACTUAL stuff. They tend to avoid paper tanks

  30. Long time no see old man

  31. I hear from Florida friends that the reason internet services go do around about now is because the infrastructure (the lines and such) are not built to withstand the heat.

  32. 6:58 Jingles i believe the comment you were looking for is (A country mile)!

  33. They are all rubbish worst line in the game!!

  34. Thats the jingle effect lol

  35. For any Sir Foch video we need to hear his winging and complaining about War Gaming in order to get the full experience!

  36. The polish meds are quite mediocre overall. I like that.

  37. Ah World of Tanks, punishes you for using ammunition to play the game.

  38. Are you sure you’re not living in Belarus, instead of England?

  39. Foch is playing lowere tiers he usually whines when he loses

  40. Meanwhile War Thunder takes away tanks that were not really in combat and still manages to have WAY more content, combined arms battles, more realistic gamepay and graphics. pretty much superior in everyway.

    I always hated ot WoT puts in bullshit tanks to the point where their surfaces have no details as no one ever knew what they looked like because they never existed

  41. That is communist economy, keep the plebs down and milk them dry.

  42. Jingles that intro is so old is it not time for something new

  43. Economics….another reason I don’t play WOT anymore.

  44. Am up to tier nine and the polish meds seem to just cost more…..period. Hardly ever make much of a profit and TBH they seem to be feast or famine tanks, great game or utter garbage……

  45. just “some” lucky shots? i would need about 100 battles to hit that amount…..

  46. My house in nj lost power for 2 days while I was up at my cousins house. Also This is why I like war thunder, it is historically accurate with no fake vehicles

  47. Thanks for featuring my replay Jingles, this game was the perfect storm of bad enemies, even worse friendlies, no arty and top tier game, surely got lucky with some of the shots, but you miss all the shots you don’t take, as for people pointing out that i didn’t platoon with the amx for the medals to be fair i could not give 2 shits about getting a Crucial contribution with a rando in the end of the game, don’t see the point of boosting the medal count in my resume with medals got in this way. Fun fact i managed to damage every enemy but one, internet point to whoever finds the one i did not damage

  48. We all know that there was no vidie on Thursday is because you were distracted by Rita coming back from Portugal. 😛

    Okay Okay, I go back to the deepest depths of the salt mines

  49. Only matters because of power creep and the obsolescence of the American and German line. Notice how the Russian line got buffed to keep up?

  50. Actually Jingles the CS-54 being based on the T-54 has the textbook Russian accuracy thus it has great accuracy for its tier.

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