World of Tanks || POLISH PLATOON

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World of Tanks – Progetto 46. Today a Polish platoon of Italian tanks is going to have a nail biter!


World of Tanks is a Free 2 Play online game published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to get a T-127 with a 100% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. Why do you say that they were TEASING THE PAY TO WIN PLAYERS like if its ok they make an op tank

  2. Update commes up- my PC died today 🙁

  3. 我不知道在中國是否有新的補丁出現,談判和錢你知道

  4. He really isn’t playing that tank too well. Could have done a lot better

  5. Floris van den Steenhoven

    Get a kolobanov’s medal with the Churchill GC

  6. This guy in t29 is very bad player.

  7. Title misleading. Was expecting Polish tanks, not some stupid Italian tanks

  8. I am more confused by the mountains and heavy concrete fortifications in the map than the knocked out Panzer IV. knowing that the Mannerheim line was located in a very flat area, and that the actual bunkers were very few in numbers and line consisted mainly of wooden structures and trenches, this is all looking more like fantasy than the real historical Mannerheim line. But maybe that’s all well aligned with the historical accuracy of tank design in WoT…

    Btw. Mannerheim’s family was originally from Germany, moved to Sweden, and Mannerheim himself was born in Finland. He was trained and fought in the Russian army including WW1, before leaving Russia during the Russian civil war and leading the Finnish “white” army in the Finnish civil war against the communists (“reds”). During WW1 Mannerheim fought in the Russian army against Germans, while a number of Finnish nationalists (who later became the core of the “white” army) had joined German army and were fighting against the Russians…

  9. So much love for Poland players … Be more pleasant, others will be for you too.
    Greetings from Poland.
    Btw rafiomka is just a girl, thats why she are playing worst than you, you unicums 🙂

  10. QB, I saw you yesterday with your Type 4 heavy. you lost 1:15 and you had 0 dmg :D. I had 246 with my Mutz, but still better than you 😀 (terrible battle from both)

  11. great game but i don’t like how he handle his reload. several times he should had waiting for 2nd or 3rd shell

  12. Polish? Arent they italian?

  13. sadly i couldnt get the progetto coz it consume fuckton of time to get plus i dont even have tier 10 to begin with

  14. POLISH PLATOON!!! YES!! Then you see a Italian platoon… oh, oh… uhmm… ok? I Think..?

  15. Aaron Huddleston

    Do an arty tech tree showcase

  16. What an T29-Idiot! Full life and stands in the open, not even caping. Nevertheless great game for the Progetto.

  17. Daniel Kitowicz

    I WANT POLISH LINE! They are meant to be after Italian tanks even WG said “we are doing a new line Polish tiers” Hell yeah!

    5 days later

    Hey wargaming here and today we will be discussing about (polish) Italian tanks ……. HOLD On? WTF ?

    Edit)) I hate you Wg >:(

  18. Fool's Slick and Folly's Fortune

    Smalec is that duckfat spread right? that stuff tastes great.

  19. Ernests Veitners

    You have veary polished vidios xDDDDDDD ahh tf me worst pun ever well gl if youre reading this have good batles and have fun

  20. What’s the matter, all you salty people, so jealous QB didn’t pick your “OH SO GREAT” replays to comment, but some other instead? And all you wankers pouring tons of racist hate: you are the main reason this game has such a crappy community. Saying shit like this you’re not a bit better – you are even worse – than those you try to insult. Focus on the stupid game, not cursing on one another!

  21. Michael Janicki

    1:05 T29 says good job noob but take a look at his stats as well lol

  22. Your name is Will Frampton….and you totally, totally phoned this fucking video in….. We love you, but you are now phoning your shit in…..just like Jingles is… Do better, get ready to fight, and stop being a lazy asshole, or that hot fuck-toy of a woman you just married will stop letting you do nasty things to her. This was a terrible video, and you know how Darwinism works. You know it, we know it, and she knows it. Fight. This isn’t a game Will…. you are here because you are a tiny bit fuckable, and a great fucking gamer. You need to understand that ratio. Your wife does. Good luck brother. You’re dying here…..fix it…..

  23. I would scream at my platoon mate for stealing my 14th kill ! xD

  24. QB, upload videos of your mistakes, it is great if one can learn from others’ mistakes.

  25. Hahaha ? GJ Boys. That was a awesome corny hunt.

  26. TheMightyCongueror

    Did anyone else notice that when he was running away from the Comet a shot from him bounced of his tracks, instead of tracking him, or dying from a butt shot…very lucky.

  27. the Asian server will be a week later, after the Russian, EU & NA server updated to 1.0.1

  28. Martin Rakovický

    100% luck..this guy dont know how to spot properly..and even the amount of autolock usage is horrendous…that matchup was godlike for him..that is skill showed (and btw QB..he had his viewport damaged all the time)

  29. How to upload replay 4 u?

  30. yaDidntCallmeThatHurts

    Qb dont let russians and asians under your skin or else your proud races it will be become shit you know what am i sayin

  31. It’s isn’t szmalek You need to say szmalec . This is kind of food from pig

  32. 2k18 and you still use skype?

  33. Marius Skrupskis

    there i no Z in word “Raseiniai” ;] just plain simple S :]

  34. i love how you talk about the high skill ceiling and making sure to be wise in your shots and this is a video of a dude that would dump his entire clip everytime he fired instead of working the reloads. Then gets incredibly lucky that he isn’t lit in several different spots and had shots miss him.

    He did well, but he got more lucky than anything and showed 0 skill in clip management.

  35. why the t29 didnt hide in the right corner

  36. He has no max view range because he has his observation post damaged maybe? -_-

  37. Basil Abeysekera

    This gun just played with RNG, like really, but it was on his side, 70% luck, and just basic skills, but I don’t like how he left his platoon mate to die, 0 team play

  38. looks like those italians are a bit op in skilled hands 🙂 or wg wants to open more for italian players 🙂

  39. The_black_Frank_White

    Best replay ever!!! I have wet pants!

  40. jesus, only 157k credits for 6k battle and 13 kills… pathetic WG, pathetic…

  41. seeing a top tier polish platoon on your team usually means youre fucked and will probably lose the game

  42. Ježíš Amina se Šarpem dostali na prdel 😀

  43. Nilsson Wahlberg

    If the Panther 88 was bad Before it is really broken now, cant do much to the Progetto.

  44. Of course the polish dude bounces a comet shot on his ass, being 1shot..

  45. giannhs oikonomou

    lol look this noobs with gold vs tire VI

  46. More tier 8 premiums that outclass my poor little Type 59 !!!! Not happy. 🙂

  47. A flood of them yes, but the MM is still broke as hell with the 3/5/7.

  48. +/- 2 MM need to be removed. horrible to watch these OP tier 8s fighting tier 6s.

  49. I rly want everyone who said he played bad to stfu.
    If you wouldnt do it better than him (die at the beggining of that 1v5)
    Shut up and have some respect.

  50. CAUTION: Lots of 7 year old lil brats and smartasses in comment section. All other have a nice day.

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