World of Tanks || Polish Tanks: Where to Start?

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Source: QuickyBaby

World of Tanks. tanks are here and today I’m giving advice about where to start in the tech tree and which tanks to avoid!


World of Tanks Free 2 Play published by Wargaming and is available as a free download here:

Use invite code “QBWOT” to a T-127 with a 0% crew, a gun laying drive, improved vents and a toolbox.


  1. as a wallet warrior you really have no idea that skipping tanks is not possible for like 95% of the playerbase, do you?
    your content has devolved to serve only players who are able to spend large amounts of gold.

  2. We cried for Polish tech tree and they gave it to us. Now I wish we never said anything because these tanks are a joke. Off to the salt mines…

  3. WG haven’t seen a worse and GREEDIER company. T8 pre vehicles are 50% more expensive than the most expensive game at steam, some bundles are a third of the minimum wage in my country, you can pay a monthly rent with that even :)) Even steam is setting prices for country economies. This game getting worse ever single day like everyboy says “pay to play”

  4. Thank you for all the research you do.

  5. So where is the great alpha dmg? Those tanks really need that to be unique

    • At tier 8 and 9. The 53TP gets 420 alpha, and the 50TP gets 560 alpha. It’s unfortunately just a grind of bad and mediocre tanks until then.

  6. Level up with Doruta DIY

    And suprise suprise…

    WG is going to nerf the top tier Polish tanks after everyone has spend time, effort and real money to get to them.

  7. So soviet company making Polish tech tree bad? Who could expect that

  8. Mr. NobodySpecial

    so the bottom line i guess would be – max your way up to tier 4 and just don’t waste your time going any further up

  9. Nathaniel Gousset

    Tiers IV analysis is fairly missguiding. I dont have your level yet I reached the Ace Master medal in less than 8 game with the third gun on a tank with a 85% crew. The number of players rushing through the grind put the medal at less than 750 exp… easy peasy.
    For people not having extremely leveled crew like the ones you usually field the second gun have very dramatic shortcomings:
    Firstofall : forget about the DPM, it is a very not precise pompom bofors with a very low penetration for a tank that could face tiers V and VI, and even the good armored tiers III and IV, the two burst of 50/50 then 50/50 damage followed by a 6.5s reload coupled with a large bloom means you wont survive close range encounters against derp gun and other autoloaders. The gun also have the 400m range limitation wich means you can’t use it at longer range.
    The rapid firing third gun with no range limitation, better aiming, penetration more adequate and precision to aim weakpoint coupled with decent damage is definitely the way to go and far more versatile. It’s statistical DPM is perhaps lower, it’s effective DPM is actually far higher.

  10. I am not even bothering to play this tech tree, don’t have the patience anymore because Wargaming is to greedy.

  11. I think TP stands for “to play” so…. 25k experience to play, 40k experience to play and so on hahaha

  12. Now I remember why I quit the game.

  13. With this “conversion” 1/35 it’s an obvious pay to … speed up the grind .
    Another average marketing .
    Still 3 Arty’s per match.
    And suddenly after you activate the new personal missions the target tanks you should dmg/destroy are less or non existent like it was in the mission for the other campaign !
    Are this polish tanks having the same “critical hit” on the side of the tanks or they get better rng for the first 2 patches ?

  14. All WOT needed is more polish players!

  15. Joke line. I will pass

  16. Well WG, there’s never a better time to go play a different game. SMH….

  17. I have 200k free exp and I’m not spending even 1 on the polish tech tree, I’m totally ignoring its existence…
    The most fun part is you can also buy crew with 2 skills for polish tanks in premium shop today 😀

  18. Rofl so glad i left this shit game 2 years ago! Cant wait it to die, so i can spit on its grave

  19. Use the top gun and HE on tier 1

  20. Well now I know where my 960k goes…

  21. How nice…. you have to PAY MUCH for HORRIBLE TANKS??… i’m still wondering why this tech tree was introduced if they knew it was expencive crap…. could anyone tell me why??

  22. Bartosz Wojciechowski

    I heard that on russian servers you can buy even 100% crew with 2 perks. It’s just getting better ?

  23. I agree with everyone here that the tanks are mostly ass but I really enjoy playing the tier 5 even though it’s mediocre

  24. Polish tanks are weak, hopeless. Especially 6 med, OMG 6 med the worst med in the game

  25. “pay” or “quit” : I know people who quits ! WG just stop making those stupid grinds of modules ! When you unlock a tank play enough game to be able to buy it (not all have premium account and credit boosters and even with some premium tanks it takes time to get the credits) You finally got a below average tank (stock T9 tchec med for instance) or even a very bad tank with this 25TP.
    I would rather prefer playing more battle with a good tank to get right away a new good tank.

    To make things worse, if you don’t have gold, playin a bad tank with a 75% crew 🙁 what a pain !!! WG please rememberthat this is a game it HAS TO BE FUN !

    As a conclusion, the polish tech tree is not for me. Please fix it !

    P.S I was writing this comment after the T5, when I hit play and heard the comment for the T6, I remember all the pain I had with the ChiTo (the heavy medium tank like the AMX40 french light)… WG the greed is real !
    P.S.2 if an experienced player like QB get a win rate of 1 out of 6…. definitely disgusting ! WG wake up it’s a nightmare

  26. I am a 50,41% winrate player. I bought the tier 10 polish tank on the common test with improved equipment and a decent crew. After 2 matches:Ok, so no pen on standard rounds, inaccurate gun even with the improved things, bad armor in 70% of the cases. This is just my opinion.

  27. Well ,we in blitz have to spend over 155k xp of free xp to make Centurion 7/1 bearable(20 pounder gun type A,20 pounder gun type B,upgraded turret and 105mm L7B),not including engines and and tracks

  28. Why dosnt 25TP and 40TP have radiooperators like Pudel does? I understand they wanted to make the heavy tank crews the same as 50TP proto, but why meds? Were those radio operators send to Siberia?

  29. Glad i didn’t even planned to go for the polish tree, i will just grind further with tanks i prefer

  30. Martin Bjerg Nielsen

    The moneymashine wargaming

  31. You really got memed on in the stream yesterday.

  32. Vlad_MinecraftPlays

    Guys, chill, don’t worry, there’s absolutely nothing that bad. Do you know why? You get the chance to do a change. A change for the better.
    If you are a self-conscious human being like most of us are, and if you like relaxing after work and having some fun with your friends, then here is your chance.
    Do you wanna know the solution? It’s right under your nose. I’ll let you figure it out youselves 🙂
    But back on topic: my best guess is that WG have realized “oh god, we made this game shitty as hell… might as well make it worse xaxaxaxa.” The state this game is in right now just spells D O O M. It’s beyond repair. Its reputation as one of (if not the) best tank game out there was destroyed in a matter of two years. Two. Fucking. Years. And you know why? It’s because we *supported them.* We kept funding them. We kept buying their OP premiums and spending more and more money on their game to afford full prem consumables loadouts, free XP’ing as soon as a new tree is added, loading full gold ammo, and so on. We kept giving them money.
    You see what people are doing with BF5? Its preorders have hit a new low. They actually had to drill in the Mariana’s trench to move the ocean floor even lower so that they can represent just how bad the preorders are for that game.
    Let us start a #notmyWOT campaign against WG. Just spread the word. Motivate people not to fund WGs craziness anymore. You want this game to be great again? Then get down to business and punch WG right where it hurts the most.

  33. i feel like the whole video is about the 25TP 😛

  34. Another example of these grabbing Russian twats not giving f**k about the players. All they want it more cash to pay for prostitutes lol

  35. It’s not the pay to win that’s so annoying. It’s thats it’s no longer a fun game.

  36. The worst thing you can do with tanks is make the modules crazy expensive. At least when the tank it self is expensive. You might have fun with it, but when you grind for hours on a stock tank that wg purposefully made really bad, that leaves you a bad first impression of the tank and as if the frustration in playing the game isn’t enough. A stock tank will frustrate you to the limits.

  37. This is insane haha cmon tier 5 with 50mm of pen you serious? People that are experienced players will obviously skip this gun with free xp but people that startrd to play this game will have alot of pain in that tech tree WG is really retarded with that move like cmon i was happy about new tech tree but looks like i will have to usr my 130 k free xp and go straight for tier 7 lol

  38. Thanks qb i played the 14TP with tier 2 gun and it was very painfull, but thanks to you i wont make the same mistake on tier 5 i will save some vree xp.

  39. Wyglada na to że doczekaliśmy się 🙂

  40. haha, better to stick with my favourite japans 🙂

  41. What are you going to do against tier 9s with 126 mmm of pen on the stock T34-100

  42. Damn … Skip till tier 8 to have some decent experience? This is like .. British heavyline ..but this time it’s not only tier 6&7 it’s till tier 8..

  43. Look at m103 stock gun that gun on tier 5 polish is great compare to stock gun on m103

  44. Quicky baby please help me!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    i started playing in US server, then after 1 year they combined the server i.e. US central now my pings are so bad that it is so difficult for me to even aim at tanks, then i have started playing in EU server a month ago, and they released new compaign and i want to play it but i cant start it again to grind to tier 10 or get new russains and chinese or other nation tanks to start it again from scratch and also i have some premium vehicles, i just want my US account in EU server.
    Anyone please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  45. Stopped playing @ 25TP after about 2 games lol, and seeing how the 6 is slow and horrible, I quite grinding the line. Till WG buff them, it’s waste of time and frustration.

  46. And that’s what we’ve been waiting for 6 years.

  47. If even QB is giving WG that serious bashing, you know something went wrong…

  48. I have free experience. wont be wasting it on this line.

  49. This line is just a full 65t line…

  50. Pewterschmidt23 Lord

    This whole tech line looks like a giant dumpster fire

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