World of Tanks – Polish Tier X 60TP Gameplay

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Source: Anfield


  1. Audio for the first 5 minutes or so of this video was muted by twitch, even though there was no copyrighted audio, unless my washing machine counts as copyrighted audio. 10/10.

    rest of it is fine though after about 5:20

  2. 720p squad!

    Oh wait

  3. Sniper view cam is bugged on the 60tp , if your going hull down use 3rd person. Cam is set 10cm below the gun for some unknown reason, making you expose your lfp to snipe.

    • That’s actually the case for a whole mess of tanks right now. Hoping they address this in 1.4 next month.

    • +Zordonzig Yeah bunch of the German tanks & k9 . It’s to be fixed in tomorrow’s micropatch apparently , whether they fix all of them we’ll have to wait and see.

    • I thought that bug was only appearing on tanks with turrets mounted in the back

    • +Luka Miler I feel like the bug is more prominent the farther back the turret is on the tank. I’ve noticed it on a few tanks like the 60TP where the turret is more in the center of the tank as well.

  4. Anfield, am I wrong or does it show your password at the start. You might want to look into that ?

  5. A________I WoT BesT ReplaY

    Nice player ??

  6. Man really pissed i missed an Anfield wot stream

  7. Oh YEAH BOI !!!!!!!!!! Anfield rocking the Polish Heavy!
    still glad to see you make another video….i have enjoyed all your previous ones.

  8. You’re the only person I know who plays tanks in your laundry lol

  9. Aleksandria_Samusenko_1stGTArmy

    Load the skill Anfield!

  10. so tank back full time ? we are trying to get Capt Canada back to wot! he just left armored warfare ! wargaming is trying to push some changes in 2019 … maybe some will improve the experience !

  11. Can you make videos in 1080p? 720p is so dated and bad quality.

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