World of Tanks – Positioning Basics Intro Guide

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Hope you guys enjoyed this guide and that it’s helpful you, a more detailed guide on the way!


  1. i usually give a dislike to qb and only than i start watching the video;)

  2. Hey anfield really nice informative video except for one thing: maybe
    better not using a spamming HEAT T55A as the example replay? Anfield u r a
    really decent player and i ve been watching ur stream for a year already.
    Nice coaching video but driving a heat spamming t54/t55 is too expensive
    for most players. Consider using tanks with good guns like e50 or amx30
    without spamming gold? Gold rounds can usually boost hundreds of dmg
    averagely which can make a difference.

  3. nice tips, kipidap anfield! ?

  4. Thnx man, anything to help my sorry ass get better is welcome and
    invited…. lowly green here… Bags2247 NA

  5. Look forward to watching the other, always looking for ways to improve my
    game skills. Thanks for posting

  6. No worries about the dislikes. One thing being a like tank driver is be
    patient. Some of my best games in light tanks is having patience. Waiting
    for flanks to open up, spotting weakness in enemy defenses etc. Thank for
    your input much valued. look forward for knowledge.

  7. Just play stat padding medium auto loaders, job done !

  8. When the video is focused entirely positioning and flanks but people just
    bitch about gold ammo :^)

  9. F

  10. i dont get why qbaby has more subs than you. your skill, voice and
    explanation is 10x better imo!
    keep up the good work man!

  11. Wish I could give double likes!

    If there is one thing this game needs, and what makes up 98% of the
    difference between good and bad players, is better knowledge and mindset
    when it comes to map positioning.

    While some maps have key locations, most maps follow the same main rules as
    to where to go – and I really wish more players would learn that.

  12. thx, very heplful.

  13. sekken93 (CrySpy)

    I pressed F and the video started to go in and out of fullscreen :(

  14. loving ur content lately ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

  15. wannabetheminority

    Thank you Anfield

  16. Pretty basic info, but I guess exactly right to beginn with. Looking
    forward to the following videos 🙂

    Thumb up from me to balance the dislikes 😉

    Ah and: mimimi, he shoots gold, he destroys the game, only good because of
    gold ammo, mimimi, I have a no real life so I have to pick on persons, how
    are better then me in my virtual life, mimimi

  17. Gold ammo doesn’t increase skill like Anfield says, but it increases
    average dmg which in turn increases your wn8.
    To sum it all up gold ammo gives you a little amount of extra “fake” wn8

  18. thank you a lot for another interesting video. This is just the type of
    content I can use on my >Road to unicorn< (2200 wn8 done, around 3000 recent, 200 to go ^^) That kind of tactical awareness is one of the few aspects I sometimes really lack in. Suggestion: I would really appreciate to see one or two videos on what to do in those "I'm screwed - tier 6 light on Himmelsdorf in a heavy tier 9 game"-situations. Because sometimes I just feel like I am not able to do anything except from waiting for the enemies to die so I might be able to clean up a bit... Those are my personal struggles and it is really frustrating to realize I messed up and didn't manage to support my team properly or, even worse, wasted my tank. I would love to get some further advice on that. Keep up the great work mate!

  19. Mateusz Wantuła

    I really like your vids man – And yeah, I think those dislikes are quite
    Keep up the great work!

  20. Anfield, which do you think is better? The IS-4 or the IS-7? I have the
    IS-7 but not the its counterpart and I wanted to see wether it was worth
    grinding for it. Just want to know your opinion on both. It would also make
    some pretty nice content to make comparison videos between tanks of similar
    nations or class type. (Probs a B-C 25t vs TVP, or even a AMX 50B vs a T57

  21. You get so much hate but I’m sure you’d much prefer that than be fake like
    QB and say, “Nice shot!” when hit by Arty even though he’s screaming inside

  22. mark lewis (cowsgom00)

    Gold ammo is available to all. Its a tool in the game that does not require
    you to spend RL money to have access to. If you suck you will loose
    credits, if you are good you won’t. Stop using gold ammo as an excuse for
    you sucking and learn to play ffs. Anfield is a great player and it really
    annoys me when I see comments saying “oh you only did well because you
    spammed gold ammo”. Not only is it utter bullshit but its an insult to
    someone who can actually play the game well. If you still think all you
    need to do is spam gold ammo to become a great player save up some credits
    and then test it. I promise you, you will still suck at the same level
    because you never learnt how to play the game you just blamed it on your
    team, gold ammo, mm or rng. Let the hate flow….

  23. Anfield i think youre using way too much gold shells try to shot less pls
    its just pain to watch but everything is good. (Dont see this as a insult
    thats just my opinion)

  24. 11 dislikes? just why?

  25. Position your self behind enemy
    Unzip pants
    Insert gun


  26. How to get good at WoT – play T-54 and spam HEAT like the video shows.

  27. whats up anfield!!! remember me? helbert998. you helped me get my 2nd mark
    on my 62a by me watching you play. thank you

  28. Best tip that he did not say

    use gold ammo most of the time, and u will become a better player :)

  29. I try to remember “go alone, die alone” when starting a battle.

  30. I love u anfield keep up these great vids. I wish i could like more than
    once to counter those dislike 🙁 :(

  31. arthur probsting

    did the stb-1 get raped and did he rage? it would be a typical example of
    moron not reading the minimap

  32. 8 dislikes within 1 minute of being put up, how suspicious. pls no bot

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