World of Tanks – Positioning Flank Cooperation

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Source: Anfield


  1. 8 dislikes straight off the bat?

  2. thats 1 to 7 dislikes how many people can be that mad . nice video anfield

  3. WTF is wrong with people. 9 dislikes…

  4. I swear I pushed only because I didn’t know what the video was and thought
    I was just supposed to play with the info I had 😛

    which was that there was only an enemy T62 in the match so I didn’t have to
    worry about TDs. I promise I don’t yolo purples as my go to strat :D

  5. Great Video!

  6. Good points made here, not only for end game players,
    Thank You

  7. 하이네로(HiNero)

    Wish to play with you in NA Server. :)

  8. Hey I have 3k battles played and they’ve almost all been in heavies I love
    heavies but I want to learn how to play mediums and lights effectively how
    to get pretty good damage and spotting down on enemies would you make a
    video on it hopefully it’ll help a lot of people

  9. Thanks for the video Anfield. Good stuff

  10. boom like boom

  11. Good stuff, especially for toons to control the engagements. You should do
    one for Serene Coast, I feel like there is a lot of cross-fire potential
    which I am missing by sticking to the northern route, fighting the ridge.

  12. please do the fisherman’s bay, I hate this map. Show how to play in middle,
    where to pick and where not, please.

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