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– Pz. VII. Today InsightfulPowerPoints is going to make some in his T10 , the Pz. VII.

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  1. 4:34
    The reason why you never use gold with Jagero.
    Because you think 420 pen will be enough, let me tell you. It’s worthless.

  2. Why nerf acc to 37….. its not T 10 worthy

  3. but as he said the Maus have worse pen. So the dpm isnt that important. you loose a load of dpm just from bouncing shots

  4. HighGeneral Blitz

    Isn’t this the same at the Löwe? Poor dpm but decent pen

  5. The gold spam is real

  6. Great game, but he did get lucky hitting almost every shot without aiming.

  7. Type 5 got armour buff
    -> More gold in the face
    Wonderful job, Wargaming
    Are all of those Unicum out there always rich as fuck and spam gold every fucking time they can’t penetrate the enemy ? In my case, i use HE. Because in World of tank instruction for newbie said that “Heavy armour target can be damaged with High Explosive round”
    And then here come wallet cumchick warrior with gold

  8. he couldn’t do this without hes noob rounds

  9. People who moan about premium ammo are just bad at the game.

  10. im gonna take a break from wot a couple months starting now. sick of RNGesus and arties keep shitting my ass, but im still gonna watch QB’s videos

  11. I blocked 8884 dmg in my pz. Love this tank

  12. so obvious tundra mod in this replay, perfectly obvious when he was shoting grille second time.

  13. the sad part is he gets next to nothing for all the damaged blocked a steel wall that is it

  14. Only question is for how long gonna this thing remain the same…pretty much could bet on that its not worth to start grinding from T5-6…’cause 110% it would be nerfed till i could get it… 😛

  15. from someone who uses warpack…hes using the no foliage part of it…Trust me, I know these things.

  16. I’m watching this vid for the third time, idk I just fell in love with the Pz VII as soon as I saw it

  17. power plays provided by fort knox !
    good slogan? 😛

  18. sorry, would u like the tank to have 3k dpm and amazing armor, making it super over powered, and thus making every one hate playing against the op tank

  19. How he didnt hear T54E1 crushing something between building on left from him on 08:10?

  20. Quicky, y no code 4 ps4… ;-;

  21. I’m betting this guy was military.

  22. this dude is a gangster tanker

  23. @Quickybeby im in SEA server how to send you my replay
    ? already tag you in here

  24. QB we expect better replays than watching Unicorns spam gold.

  25. Says: I’m not going to say power play.
    Names the video power play

  26. The last little fight was like 2 fat women trying to get a cheeseburger

  27. This tank has no armor, every game, every tier X pens this tank no matter where they shoot. Even several consecutive shots to mantle penned easily. Another fake armor tank by WG.

  28. Do Phan Long Long

    I have been doing decent with the missions Marathon with only tier 7 in my garage…….

    until today they ask for 2k damage….I can do that but….but 10 times?….. it’s easier for time er 8 and 10 but….but I’m still new and only have 4k games…… ;-;

  29. Great Replay, very enjoyable to watch, GG

  30. CROcoolguy CROguy

    anyone knows when the 9.18 or the 9.17.2 common test will come out?

  31. hey guys, just an unrelated post, does anyone know how to properly play the t5 leopard for Germany, I can’t get the hang of it

  32. Compared to the Maus, this tank gets 70 extra alpha damage in exchange for losing 15% DPM and 25% HP. IMO the Pz VII is a terrible tank right now because you take up a tier 10 heavy slot on your team and the enemy team gets a Maus instead.

  33. I’ve got one! compered to the pre patch VK 45.02 b that i really liked its got week lower plate and strange front turret armor that can be freakishly pend by even lower tier mediums. otherwise is good thank but i thikn it needs better lower plate cos its a total trash on sides and rear. if not that than more speed. gun is great!

  34. 300 dmg a shot with 20 reload at a target with 2500 hp… i dont call that unbalanced.
    And the dpm story, cmon, the Maus has a weaker turret then this guy, so… thats justified, this tank is also way better at peek-a-boom

  35. the literal difference between VK 72 and Panzer VII is the gun, and thats it.

  36. PZ 7 looks awesome at first I was pissed that with my vk45.02b I wasent going to be able to get the maus in time but the PZ looks awesome so I’m excited now ?

  37. plz nerf this thing

  38. Brandon Labrasseur

    speaking of power plays…..
    check out my game from a few hours ago and you might like this one QuickyBaby

  39. QB giving out info and telling “he has to be “carefull about the artillery” and then i look at the map (Block A-6) @2:31 and notice the t49… going for the enemy arty

  40. after fully watching this video i feel sad that i went with the american line first, i miss my t32’s mega-turret armor (cursed M103… smh)

  41. how much gb/mb is it? mine download was 4.04 MB is it real or it error? it say 4243464 Bytes so it real or fake?

  42. I love hearing plebs cry about players using gold even though 90%of the players I have ever met carry at least a few rounds.
    For those of you who have no idea what Hypocrisy is here you go.
    the practice of claiming to have moral standards or beliefs to which one’s own behavior does not conform; pretense.

  43. Anyone who drives a tier 10 and use premium rounds is scum they should remove premium rounds form tier 10s if you havent learned to weak spot them by the time you get a tier 10 then you should not be playing a tier 10 Lately all jagdpanzer E100s are nothing but gold spamming and the same with auto loaders i never get hit by anything else from those tanks even when i drive a tier 8

  44. More like boxplay ? if tou know hockey.

  45. I did meet some of those tanks on battlefield, and i find quite easy to pen that side of the turret that QB tell us about. It is very important that you check TanksGG when a new tank is released to learn about weaknesses and strong points.

  46. Pz. VII is really a monster against those players who dont know where the weak point is

  47. any videos with amx tanks? pls?

  48. If you watch DezGamez his WZ-132A video and look at 6:22 insightfulpowerpoints (T30) kills a skoda t50 xD

  49. Make a video on the churchill gun carrier.

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