World of Tanks – Pravda!

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Source: The Mighty Jingles

Pravda, Russia for “Truth” and was also the name of the official Communist Party “newspaper”. If that’s not a contradiction in terms I don’t know what is. A bit like the Soviet attitude towards lend lease tanks like the Churchill III.

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  1. mrcannotfindaname

    This heavy tank is so brutal that it has an ‘auto loader’ with the entire ammo reserve as its magazine drum.

  2. sorry Jingles, but for your own good, check your facts better. You won’t be able to build a realistic picture of human history by reading so-called British historians. Check your facts. The question is more multilayered to be understood via propagandistic cliches that you are repeating without questioning them. Even facts themselves won’t give you the full picture. Still, they are necessary to proceed if you imply learning the history instead of enjoying it as a mature form of fairy tales that is. The problem is, I don’t know a book in English that explains the scientific procedure of historic research. Hopefully, you’ll be able to find it.

  3. Wargaming can stuff like 200 shells iinto the Churchill but when it comes to the british light tanks, they have got to worry about historical accuracy

  4. Pravda is a Czech word. It means “TRUE”

  5. Russian historians have stated that the three best things they got from Lend Lease was 100 Octane Gasoline, Deuce and a half trucks, and believe it or not reliable telephone wire to connect forward observation posts and HQ’s. This tidbit comes from “Dirty Little Secrets of WWII”, by Jim Dunnigan

  6. WoW is like a Toys’r’Us version of Tank warfare. Looks cute 🙂

    • I don’t recall there being any tanks in World of Warcraft, although it has been several years since I’ve touched the game..

  7. jingles, you kindhearted , he wanted all the kills for him! ahhahahaah

  8. I don’t play wot, just some sub bz, but I love jingle’s commentary. Thank you.

  9. And Americans said they the one who beat the Germans, forgetting 80% Wehrmacht is in the Eastern Front facing 13 millions angry Soviets.
    And Brits said they stand alone against the might of Germany for a time, discounting the Canadians, Australians, New Zealander, South Africans, and especially Indians (cough, Bengal Famine, cough).
    And Germans said they lose because they were overwhelmed by enemy’s numbers, totally not because inept military strategy and leadership.

    And so on and so forth.

  10. Luis Fernando Rubin

    4:38 And then the old man just triggered QuickyBaby with that statement.

  11. I think on console you can get this things DPM up to a theoretical 3000 dpm. It also gets preferential matchmaking (not sure if it does on PC)

  12. Isn’t Pravda also the name of a school in GUP?

  13. this battle was painful to watch. The guy has a tank he should KNOW is virtually immune to the frontal fire of 4 enemy tanks, and instead lets his team get shot to pieces before going over. and when he does he sits side ways on for at least 8 seconds before the brain cells click and tell him to angle.

  14. This tank is in the game for so long, it even is historical accurate. XD

  15. Mid tier games are always funny.

  16. The best use of the Pravda wasn’t to read it, but tear off the unprinted margin to roll cigarette filters from.

  17. “Stoneface”. Might be a Terry Pratchett reference (to Cmdr Vimes) …

  18. I’ve been playing world of tanks for so long, I remember when the Churchill III was just called “Churchill.” No Churchill III, no Churchill I, no Churchill VII; there was only “Churchill.”

  19. Jasper van Houdt

    5:14 Well actually Jingles… I think you are overlooking the patch where they buffed british heavies, the Caernarvan can tank pretty well when hulldown, also especially when toptier. As long as the lowerplate is hidden it’s a beast in toptier matchmaking. Same tier and higher: sidescraping the way to go

  20. Enemy be like “You’re trapped here with us !”

    Ace : “No, YOU’RE trapped here with me !”

  21. Youtube engagement comment.

  22. The size of that minimap is SHAMEFUL

  23. Highest base exp I ever got?
    3060exp wIth Churchill III.

  24. I thought Stalin called a the United States a country of machines

  25. Yes, the German tier 3, 3-shot autoloading M8. Well done, Jingles. Please never change.

    My friends and I call an Pz sfl xxx a “Panzer Snuffaluffagus xxx”

  26. i enjoyed the last comment about Stalins Russia more than the game….LMAO. touché Jingles

  27. Emmanuel Ornelas

    Hey jingles did you cut a portion of the narration at 1:20

  28. Churchill III I have good memories of that tank, once on of those open maps early on in the game I decided to set the throttle to full and go straight from our cap to theirs and it was glorious I lived to tell the tale, but didn’t get to cap as the whole team was rappidly dealing with the enemy team as they where to busy shooting me 🙂

  29. Dilophosaur sniper

    its is also the name of the russian team in the anime Girls Und Panzer

  30. With my 100% crew and rammer I have been accused of hacking. This tank has huge shoulders for carrying entire teams to victory.

    • It really doesn’t. I got this with an invite code so I’ve played it quite a bit. It suffers horribly most of the time. What bothers me the most about this is the lack of gun depression for such a small calibre gun in such a large tank/turret. Meaning that your exposed, huge, slow hull is a juicy target to be bombarded by 105mm howitzers, or gets lol-penned and tracked simultaniously by Excelsiors, Pz V/IVs and KV-220s. And that’s before we even start talking about uptiers…

  31. Ace? All I could think from that point on was Rimmer, Rimmer, Rimmer!!!

  32. I like the German M8

  33. Jingles have you considered playing War on The Sea by Killerfish Games? The same devs as Cold Waters? It’s wonderfully simply game with a surprising amount of depth in terms of game mechanics. Honestly seems like it’s right up your alley.

  34. Hmm the facts about Russians and their military ethics don’t seem so old even today.

  35. Enemies potatoed hard. When he went over the hill, the combined firepower of the Matilda and T28 should’ve torn him a new one. KV1 was set up with the 85mm instead of the 57mm. PZV/IV made an ok play at first, but lost a bunch of hp doing it, instead of using his vastly superior armor, and taking out Stoneface. Not that it wasn’t good play, just that the enemies made a lot of noob mistakes in low tiers which is completely normal.

  36. The Book Stalin’s War goes into a lot of detail about what the US and Britain sent to Russia in WWII. Highly recommended.

  37. Guys if you’re ever in a situation against a Churchill III please don’t be those guys. Shot the turret… it’s only 88mm and completely unangled if it’s facing you.

  38. Actually Pravda means Justice

  39. (from the 1980s) “Why does the Soviet Union have two newspapers, Pravda (Truth) and Novosti (News)? Because there are no news in Truth, and no truth in News.”

  40. The 43 were probably taken apart to show the inferiority of the capitalist design process to the obviously superior soviet engineering. And the soviet government wishing to prove the duplicitous nature of the capitalist enemies that they were forced to ally with them stated that they were short changed to show the capitalists were unwilling to actually assist the USSR in their time of triumph and not provide them with the proper tribute that they were surely due! Any design similarities between the Churchill III and subsequent soviet designs can surely be explained by the short lived capitalist spies somehow managing to catch a glimpse of the paper design concepts and their superiors deciding that the designs were far superior than their own and that they must be implemented as quickly (and shoddily) as possible! In fact I would go as far as to say that the exceptional design of the T-35 heavy tank probably provided the inspiration for the entire Churchill line of designs.

    JK, Enjoy the lovely pseudo-propaganda though

  41. Jingles: Says the Churchill III is slow while it’s going nearly 30 km/h.
    Me: Thinking back to the Churchill VII that needed a Turbo just to break 20 km/h.

  42. got to wonder, Jingles, where do you get all the history information? just good google or a well stocked library?

  43. Ah yes, the “M8.”
    We love you, Jingles. Never change.

  44. The Churchill III is such a fun tank to drive.

  45. I remember getting 12 500 xp in one battle in this beast a long time ago, only 5x victory bonus and premium account, nothing else. It was very fun to play, especially if enemies didn’t shoot your turret.

  46. Watching this, allllmost makes me want to play this game again. Almost…….

  47. Jingles you fool! That’s no M8.

  48. Looking at the player name, I suspect that “stone_face” was taken, so he went with a variation.

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